05/11/2018 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 10:1-11:15, John 6:43-71, Psalms 107:1-43, Proverbs 15:1-3

Today is the 11th day of May. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is my honor and pleasure to have these minutes together as we take the next step forward, moving our way through the Scriptures. So, we’ve been reading from 1 Samuel in our Old Testament reading and we are entering the territory that will lead us into a new era with the Israelites as kingship is about to be introduced into their culture. And Samuel plays a pivotal role in that story. So we’ll pick up where we left off yesterday. This week were reading from the New International Version. We’ll read 1 Samuel chapters 10 and 11 today.


Okay. So, we covered a bunch of territory in our reading today. In the Old Testament, we now have a king. Israel has its first king, Saul. So, we have entered a new era and we need to watch as this unfolds. We’re gonna learn a lot about ourselves from King Saul, or for that matter, from many of the kings. But this next patch that we’re gonna move through in the Scriptures, we’re (getting) an intimate look at King Saul and then we’re gonna meet this guy named David. And we’re gonna learn a lot about ourselves from him as well because he’s gonna grow up to be king, too. And they are starkly contrasted, Saul and David. But their stories are deeply intertwined. And one of the first clues that we get about Saul, we see today in his coronation when God is selecting the person to be king from the different tribes and the different family clans. And once Saul is selected, he’s nowhere to be found. He’s hiding. In the New International Version that we’re reading from this week, he’s hiding in the supplies. Other translations have him hiding in the baggage. They essentially mean the same thing. They’re the things that everyone who has come to this coronation have brought. But it gives us the opportunity to consider what baggage exactly it is that we are hiding in and are we able to rise up and be who we are created to be if we’re gonna continue to hide in the baggage?

And then we get into the book of John. And we encounter what some would call the bread of life discourse. I always smile when we come through this territory cause to me, it’s kind of like Jesus vampire monologue, where he tells everybody who’s listening that they can’t have hope in eternal life if they don’t eat his flesh and drink his blood. And we see the people’s reaction. They’re a little freaked out about it, a little agitated about it. A lot of the people who had been following Jesus deserted him after that. So, he’s willing to not grandstand. We see that in Jesus constantly. He’s not trying to build an empire for himself by saying the things that people wanna hear. But it is curious enough for us to go, like what is he talking about? How can we eat his flesh and drink his blood? And are we talking about cannibalism here? Are we talking about…what are we dealing with? But because you’d think that some disturbed person, and there were plenty of disturbed people around Jesus. He set a lot of disturbed people free. But if you think about it in those terms, some disturbed person who would believe that literally would try to kill Jesus and eat him. And you can only imagine how he would defend himself in court and how that would play out on national television if it were in this day and age, right? So, if something like that were spoken in this day and age it would seem bizarre at best, which is how it appeared to the people Jesus was talking to. He was speaking primarily to a Jewish audience who had been taught by the Mosaic law not to drink blood and not to eat meat with blood in it, right? And, so, it’s like Jesus is telling them to do exactly that, only to a human body. So, you can imagine why they’re a little freaked out. But interpreting what Jesus actually means leads us to divergent theological schools of thought. And I have worked tirelessly, really really hard over the years, to not try to tell you what you are supposed to believe and do.  I believe that is the work of the Holy Spirit.  But when we do come to historically divergent things in the faith, we talk about them. So, for many over the centuries, this has referred to the Lord’s table, to the eucharist or communion. And billions of people over thousands of years have held to that idea that in taking the eucharist, the elements become the flesh and blood of Jesus. They go inside and transform us spiritually and make us have eternal life. Other schools of thought equally as old, just as longstanding, have said, essentially, Jesus is not talking about the Lord’s table or communion here. It hasn’t even been instituted yet in the book of John. Jesus hasn’t had his last supper yet. He hasn’t passed the cup or the bread. He is speaking metaphorically about a spiritual reality in the same way with the woman at the well he talked about eternal water flowing from within to eternal life. And in the same passage that we read, Jesus seems to illuminate that by saying, the spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you they are full of the spirit and life. So, this has been wrestled with for a long time, going all the way back to the early church fathers. So, for example, St. Augustin of Hippo was very influential in some of the doctrines that we believe as Christians. Things like original sin, things like the doctrine of the trinity, he had a voice in all of that. Regarding this passage he summed it up by saying Believe and you have eaten. And this is because when we believe in Jesus, we enter into life with Jesus. And the apostle Paul would say it’s no longer me who’s living, it’s Christ who lives in me, which would parallel what Jesus said.  Just as the living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the one who feeds on me will live because of me. So, there’s a couple of ways of looking at this passage. And I think we would pretty much agree that Jesus isn’t inviting us to become cannibals or vampires. Although, this is exactly what the early church got accused of. And what brought a lot of marginalization to early Christians in the societies that they lived in and what brought on persecution.

And then we get to Proverbs. A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. And that would submit that that’s pretty self-explanatory, but pretty deeply penetrating into the ways that we interact. That proverb is worth committing to memory. It’s worth remembering and calling to mind before any conversation is going to take place. Because knowing this verse after the fact, right? After things have already blown up and world war 3 is raging, well, it’s a little late.  But walking into a situation knowing a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.  Knowing that going in changes how you communicate.  So we’ve covered some serious ground today.


And, Father, we invite you into it. It touches on a lot of different things.  It touches us theologically, it touches us practically, it touches us historically. All these things that they keep churning as we continue to move through your Word and you keep touching every part of our lives.  And that’s what we want.  We want all of you, all that you have for us. And in return we give all that we are to you, which is such a lopsided trade. But it’s what we have. We give our hearts, our minds our wills, our bodies, our spirits to you and invite your Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. And we ask expectantly, knowing that you will. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi everyone, it’s Karen in St. Louis. Hey, I just wanted to celebrate with Terry. It was so great to hear you calling him and also hearing all the others who have called in. And we have all been praying for you brother. And I totally agree with what Bob from Michigan said today and loved how we talked about doing the kill and fill. I try to pray for the Holy Spirit to fill me each day before I get out of bed but I never thought about killing that flesh. And, so, I just wanted to say thank you for that. And also, I want to lift up Hopeful. I heard your prayer request for a child and I will be praying for you. And God can do it. My best friend got pregnant when she was 42 years old after many years trying. And, so, I pray that you will just have peace in the waiting. And, oh gosh Brian, once again your commentary on Proverbs 14:30-31. I unplug from social media from time to time and as you all know the desire in my heart for having a husband and a family has never happened. And, so, as the years have gone on, I mean, I’ve celebrated with friends and family who’ve gotten married and had kids but, gosh, I just find it harder and harder. And envy has been an issue that I continually have to write down even had at our Good Friday service at church. We had to give a funeral and pick up flowers for one besetting sin. The one that I picked out was envy. And, so, I would just ask that you would all pray that the peace that surpasses all understanding would just fill my heart, every square inch of it, and that the Lord would take away this desire if it’s not his. But, anyway, thanks again Brian and I love you all. Bye-bye.

Hey, this is Blessed Like Me coming to you with a message of knowing who God is. Now, we all have our own idea who God is but one thing we can all agree on - denomination to denomination, reverend to layman - we can all agree that God is sovereign but sometimes we forget this and sometimes we try to play the position of God. We try to pull the strings that God does. We try to do the things that God does. That’s not the thing that we are to do. God has given us, gave us commandments and things to do. We are to love God with all our heart all our soul all our mind, but we are to know that God is sovereign. And when we know that God is sovereign there are certain things we don’t do, there are certain things we don’t do. And we don’t try to manipulate or try to change things that God has already ordained and put into place. Now, one thing He has placed for us to do is to go. And don’t want us to sit on our hands and be Christians that can’t do anything, but He also wants us to know that God is in control. He is in control. Our God is in control. Somebody needed this today. Somebody needed to know that God is in control. No matter how much you worry. No matter how much you contemplate. No matter how much you try to design and change things, God is in control, and know that your life will go so much easier in your Christian walk with Him. Remember you’re not walking in front of Him you’re walking with Him. And God wants us to be his children. And one thing children do is they know their father, they know their parents. So, He wants us to know Him and to know what He wants from us. Blessed Like Me coming to you from __ knowing God’s sovereignty. God is sovereign. He’s all sovereign. Love you guys. Miss you DAB family. I Love you so much. Thank you, Jill, and Brian for this ministry. Love you guys.

Hey DAB family. This is Jordan from Texas, first time caller. Been listening since the end of Deuteronomy. Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself and let you guys know how blessed I am by this ministry and all of you guys prayers, poems, singing, it’s awesome. I just wanted to encourage a couple people that I’ve heard lately. Terry the truck driver, a lot of people been praying for you and giving you words of encouragement. Just wanted to say, aw man, you mentioned that you feel like God has given up on you and I just want to remind you about Jesus saying, you know, I want you…to His disciples saying…saying, you know, forgive those who sin against you 70×7 times in a day. And, you know, He did mean 490. He meant however many it took. And, so, if He required that of us, how much more is God willing to forgive you then. And, you know, it’s just a big fat lie that He has given up on you. So, be encouraged brother. I hope you are. I’m praying for you. Last person, if I have time here, Hopeful, just listened to yours, May 8th, desperately wanting children and the doctors saying you’re too old, 40, turning this year. I met a woman last year, she’s on her 12th child and she’s 50. So, it’s not too late for you and I just want to encourage you and let you know that I’m praying for you daily. So, all right, love you guys. It’s a blessing. So, have a good day.

Hi Fam. My name is Leah E. This is my second call. My first call was spoke so quickly and nervously I don’t think it was understandable. That was about a year ago. I’m calling today because 14 years ago the Lord found it fitting for me to leave a life of substance abuse and isolation. And over the last six years things got kind of rough. I lost my mother, my father, two close friends and my brother all in separate tragic incidents, incidents most of which I witnessed firsthand. Despite this, I stayed the course of sobriety. And I know now that’s because of prayers that begotten more prayers that begotten more prayers all started by a friend of mine who I love very dearly. Now that friend is struggling with substance abuse and depression and terrible seizures and that often terrify her children. Of course, she’s decided to call herself an atheist. The prayer chain she began reached thousands of people and blessed me with comfort and healing when I needed it the most. Also, another dear friend checked herself into the hospital today to keep from committing suicide. It’s a regular pattern that she can’t break alone. I know what that feels like and I know that God lifted these feelings from me as easily as He did the substance abuse, like peeling a glove off and exposing a clean hand. I know that with all of you out there praying my friend’s illnesses don’t stand a chance. Prayers are miracles and I can’t wait to see the miracles that He puts in place through you all. My friend’s names are Stacey M. and Mayly L. Thank you, family. Also, shout out to Slave of Jesus. Everything you do inspires me man. Thank you, guys. Bye.