5/21/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 29:1-31:13, John 11:55-12:19, Psalm 118:1-18, Proverbs 15:24-26

Today is the 21st day of May, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it is great to be here with you, as we bring to close another week together and do what we do every day, gather around the Global Campfire to take that next step forward and that next step leads us back into the book of first Samuel, that we have been navigating. And that’s pretty dramatic. Saul has well, he’s gone to a medium and conjured Samuel, who is informed him that he basically, has a day to live and that Israel is about to fall in battle to the Philistines. Meanwhile, David who was been running for his life from Saul has essentially defected to the Philistines, he’s kind of pretending to be a Philistine but he has been conscripted into the army and he is expected to fight with the Philistines, as a Philistine against Israel. And so, we have plenty of drama to go around. We’ve been reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week, which is what we do today. First Samuel 29, 30 and 31 and with today’s reading, we will conclude the book of first Samuel.


Father, we thank You for Your word and another day and another week. And as we bring the book of first Samuel to a close and prepare to move forward into second Samuel and so, as we move from Saul’s life and David’s life, we thank You for where we are, we thank You for all that we’ve learned about character and integrity and all that we have learned and observed about the fear of man. Holy Spirit, come into all that we’ve read this week. Call it back into our minds and plant it deep in our hearts as we continue to navigate forward so, that we can recall what we have learned and put it into practice. We thank You for Your word, we thank You for the gift that it is. We love You and we worship You and we pray these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hey everyone, this is Gabe Fee 50 and I’m just calling to pray over Justin, who called in on May 12th, about just having fear and anxiety in his job and brother, I’m in the same boat as you are. I’ve been at my job for about two years now and the beginning stress of it I would have panic attacks in my car each and every day before every shift. And it was really rough. And it’s, this job still gives me fear, I don’t have as many panic attacks but it’s really forced me to just lean on the Lord and trust in Him and trust in His grace and His power, each and every day. And so, I just wanna pray that for you as well, Justin, that you may trust in the Lord with this job. That you are in His hands and if it’s in His will be at this job just be in this season in your life then may He bless you with His mercy and His grace and comfort. And may He provide you with what you need to get through this job. And if it’s His will for you to not work there, then I just pray He may bless with you with clarity and open eyes and ears to see any other opportunities or doors that may open up for you. I hear you man, I know where you’re coming from and it’s tough, it’s hard. But just trust in the Lord and I just pray that He may bless you with all these things and thanks for the call. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Hi Daily Audio Bible family, I sure love and appreciate you all. And this is Rosie, I’m calling from Northern British Columbia. Just listened to Kelly’s prayer request, Kelly from South Carolina. Kelly, I work in the school system too and this has been a year, like no year. I’m just sorry for all you’re going through. And I just wanted to pray for you. So, Lord, I just lift up my sister Kelly to you, I thank you for her heart of love for her family and Lord, for the job that she does. Lord, we just agree that she’s blessed in what she does. Lord, I thank You that in her, feelings of overwhelming and feelings of weakness Lord. We lift her up to find her strength. She finds her perfect strength in her weakness. And Lord, I just bless Kelly with peace in her heart. I bless her with the mind of Christ, whether it be the beautiful thing to think of, the mind of Christ, wow. Clear thinking, peaceful thinking, organizational thinking, just thoughts full of love, thoughts full of trust. So, I just thank you for Kelly and give her the strength to finish out the year well. We just pray Lord, together, we agree Lord, that everything is gonna come into line for Kelly and her family. Your love for her is just gonna bless her and provide for her all that she needs. In your glorious victory in Jesus, thank you, thank you Lord. In Jesus name.

Good morning, Daily Audio Bible community. I don’t have a handle so I’m just gonna go with MC from Fullertin. And I am calling in for prayer requests for, to pray over my anxiety, my work-related anxiety. I want to get a new job and a new career. I’m an older person and I’m in a current job that doesn’t seem suited for my personality type and my skills. And the skills I do have aren’t appreciated and recognized in this job. And lately I have had miscommunication with my boss and she sees me as someone that is a hindrance, I feel. And the communication I was having with her wasn’t against her, it was a barrier that I was experiencing. And I, I don’t under-, I think this a deeper indication of something more prevalent. I need to get a new job basically, and I have a lot of fear around that, I haven’t looked for a job in 15 years. I’m a widow. And I’ve held onto this job so that I could take care of my husband but now that he’s passed, I wanna start anew. I’m just, I’m afraid of change. I just want to do what God wants me to do and I just don’t know what that is anymore. And so, please pray for me.

This is Saved by Grace from California and this prayer is for Kelly from South Carolina. Kelly, I just want to lift you up in prayer. I too am a nurse and I’m a mother of 4 daughters. And I know the struggles that can come as being a parent of daughters and I just want you to know that God is with you. He has never left you; He will never leave you, nor forsake you. And the enemy wants you to think that you are in this all alone but you are not. My prayer for you, is that you would not grow weary in well doing, that through these challenges that God is placing before you, that you show to all the image of Christ that lives and dwells within you. Father God, I just lift up my sister to you, Lord. I plea the blood of Jesus over her and her circumstances. I pray Father that You give her favor in the eyes of everyone that walks through her pathway. I pray for relationships to be healed, restored and renewed between her and her daughters. I pray You give her wisdom and discernment as she speaks those…those words to her children. I pray for financial blessings to be poured upon her, Father God. Open the storehouses of heaven and pour upon her such a blessing, Father, that she will not have room to even hold it. I thank You, Father, that You hear us, that You love us and that You would never leave us, nor for sake us. These things, I pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

05/20/2020 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 26:1-28:25, John 11:1-54, Psalms 117:1-2, Proverbs 15:22-23

Today is the 20th day of May welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian and it is awesome to be here with you today as we gather in the place that we gather, around the Global Campfire. And we come here to do what we do every day, take the next step forward together. And that next step forward for a while now has led us back into the book of first Samuel, which is what we will continue to do today. In yesterday’s reading David spared King Saul’s life because King Saul had come to use the bathroom in a cave that David was hiding in but he spared his life and the king went back in repentance. And, so, let’s see how that plays out. First Samuel chapters 26, 27 and 28 today.


Okay. So, in the Gospel of John, we have the story of the raising of Lazarus today, a very very famous story and the life of Jesus and a really interesting if not peculiar your story until we take a closer look. So, let's…let’s start at the end so…because we…we just read this. So, we know Lazarus rises from the dead after he had been in the tomb for four days but let’s start looking at this after that. So, people from the village and people from the nearby towns and villages are there in the village and they see this happen and according to the gospel of John, many believe in him, as you can imagine. Like if you’re standing there at the tomb and a dead person rises to life you’re probably going to consider something or another, if not outright believe that God has sent this person, at a minimum, and that maybe this is the Messiah, maybe this is God incarnate. But not everybody who saw it believed. Some went back and reported to the Pharisees in Jerusalem what was going on, which caused a counsel to come together where ultimately, they decide that Jesus must die. So, in response to God raising a fellow Hebrew from the dead He must die, because if he doesn’t stop all these signs, then everybody’s going to believe in him and that’s going to destroy life as they know it. Their tenuous relationship with the Romans will be undone and the Romans will squash the Hebrews and outlaw the Hebrew culture, which is exactly the opposite of what they are trying to hold together. Now let’s go back into the story. We know from the Gospels that that Martha and Mary and Lazarus are friends of Jesus and that He sees them and spends time with them. And, so, when Mary and Martha send word to Jesus that their friend Lazarus is sick it takes a minute for that word to get to Jesus because they couldn’t pick up the phone. Like, there were no cell towers around to text anybody anything or post anything to social media, so they had to send word. And Jesus wasn’t exactly nearby, because we already know that the Jewish elite, the religious leaders are plotting to kill Jesus. And we’ve watched Jesus get into skirmishes where people are trying to stone him and it’s happening on a regular basis at this point. And, so, Jesus now has to withdraw away from the Jewish people, away from His own people because there’s all kinds of stuff brewing and He’s not safe to just move around anymore. And, so, word gets to Jesus where He is and He tells His disciples that Lazarus is sick. And they don’t want to leave. Like, you can tell right in the Gospel of John like they’re not excited to go back to Judea. They’re not excited to get back around the Jewish people who want to kill them, but eventually Jesus tells them, let’s go back to Judea again. And they said, and I quote from the Gospel of John, “Rabbi just now the Jews tried to stone You and You’re going there again?” And, so, we get a glimpse into what the holdup is. But ultimately, Jesus tells them he’s going to wake Lazarus up. And they’re like, well if he’s asleep he’s gonna get better and he tells him Lazarus is dead and I’m going back. And, so, one of His disciples, Thomas says, let’s go to that we may die with him, right? So, we can see that they knew and felt they were in danger because people were plotting to kill them. And, so, we can see before and after this event, the raising of Lazarus, people wanted to kill them. But Jesus returns. And by the way, Bethany, where this happens is on the Mount of Olives. It is literally just a couple of miles from Jerusalem. Would’ve been just a couple of miles away from the temple. So, it’s not as if Jesus was visiting some far-flung backwater village where Lazarus lived but He didn’t want to go there because the Jews wanted to kill him. He was going right back into the thick of it. And then the story turns quite personal because He’s on the path walking back to Bethany. Word moves ahead of Him that the Teacher is coming into the village. Martha jumps up and runs to find Him and she sees Him, and she falls down before Him and the words that fall from her lips are so human, so identifiable, so like us. “Jesus, if you had just been here, He wouldn’t have died.” Oh…now were in the story because that’s all of us. How many hundreds if not thousands of times have, we not had that sentiment if not those exact words? If You had just shown up. If You had just been here that wouldn’t have happened. If you would have just been here this wouldn’t be happening to me. And Jesus talks to her about Lazarus rising. And she’s like she knows he’s gonna rise at the last day. And Jesus is speaking to her about believing, believing Him back. In fact, He says, “I am the resurrection and the life, the one who believes in Me, even if he dies, will live.” And it’s as if Martha doesn't…it’s just not quite registering. She’s like, yup…yes Lord, I believe you’re the Messiah. And then after this scene we see Martha going back to her sister Mary and saying that the Teacher’s looking for you. And, so, Mary comes and she runs out to Jesus, and she does the same thing. “If you had just been here, this wouldn’t have happened.” And, so, Jesus is standing there and there are villagers…villagers around and there’s Mary and Martha and they’re weeping bitter tears of suffering and loss and the people around are crying and it is just such a rich human moment of loss, and it’s in that moment that we have the shortest verse in the Bible, “Jesus wept.” Jesus, wept along with them. Which is interesting because He wept along with them even though He knew what was going to happen in like a few minutes. And He asked where Lazarus was laid and they lead Him to the tomb and then He asks for the stone to be rolled away from the tomb, which is like a precursor to the resurrection of Jesus Himself. But He’s asking them…for them to roll away the stone. And Martha comes and she’s like, he…stinks though. Like, Jesus he’s been in there like four days. So, if we roll away the stone he stinks. And the Gospel of John tells us Jesus, sort of state of mind. He was deeply moved in His spirit and troubled. And again, it’s like, what is that all about? He knows what’s about to happen. Even going back to the original Greek here we find that anger is a part of what Jesus is feeling. What is He mad about? What is He troubled over? We get glimpses when He asks for the stone to be rolled away and Martha comes to tell Him that her brother is dead and decaying. And then Jesus says, and I quote, “didn’t I tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?” And, so, maybe that’s part of what’s troubling Jesus. Just didn’t have to be that way, all of the tears and suffering and loss, all of the grief and pain, all of the injustice, all of the ways of mankind. It was never supposed to be like that. And it didn’t have to be that way if they would just believe. He had been on earth moving around the countryside, revealing the kingdom of heaven, healing the brokenhearted, setting the captive free, restoring sight to the blind, opening up deaf ears and speaking of the kingdom, revealing that there is another way to do this human thing, a better way, a way that it was intended to be. All you have to do is believe. And in response so many are conspiring to kill him. And now He is among His friends, saying believe, just believe. So, they roll away the stone and Jesus calls Lazarus forth. And Lazarus appears in the entrance to the cave and the shock and awe of that moment must have been iconic to say the least. In response to Lazarus appearing in the open…opening of the grave alive and still bound up in his grave clothes…well I quote from John, “many of the Jews who came to Mary and saw what he did believed in Him, but some of them went to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus had done.” So, in the face of this we look at Jesus and we who believe, we believe in Jesus, but we look at this scene and go, what else would the Lord have needed to do? Like he had shown and revealed what the power of the kingdom was, to heal what is broken and restore what has been taken and lost. He has told them that the way that they’re living is backward to the way that we were intended and created to live, that there was a better way, a better way, a way we were made. And some believed and others plotted to kill him. So, when you hear this story do you believe? Do you believe? Do you believe it? Because this story encapsulates our own story and the story of our faith. That which has died can live, even though it has died. So, think about it. Like, let’s bring this really near to ourselves. What has died in you? What has died in you because it was beaten to death by life, or it was broken by betrayal or you gave your heart and it didn’t work out and so you lost your heart? Here’s where it gets really personal. Could what has died in you live again even though it has died? What if we began to hear the echoes of Jesus, “and I tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?” The thing is, like our faith doesn’t work without resurrection in it. If Jesus died on a cross and did not rise…I mean, that was the linchpin, that was the thing that completely transformed the apostle, Paul. And we have not gotten into Paul’s letters yet. We will. But Paul or Saul was a Pharisee. He would’ve been in on this kind of conversation if they happened at the same time. Like, he would’ve been there saying, this guy has to die because Paul was persecuting the people who believed until he met the resurrected Christ, which changed everything. The story of our faith is from death to life. What has died can live even though it has a died. And, so, let’s give some thought to the things that have died within us and truly consider, do we believe that even we are moving from death to life?


Lazarus – Sanctus Real

Lord I was dead, buried deep
These weary bones were fast asleep
I heard Your voice calling me
This heart of stone began to beat

Up from my past
Up from the grave
I’ll never be the same
Oh I’ll never be the same

My testimony
From death to life
You fill me up with holy fire
My testimony
Out of the dust
You raise me up like Lazarus
Like Lazarus

You lift my head, open my eyes
It’s like seeing for the first time
Into my lungs You breathe new life
You say my name, I come alive

Up from my past
Up from the grave
I’ll never be the same
Oh I’ll never be the same

My testimony
From death to life
You fill me up with holy fire
My testimony
Out of the dust
You raise me up like Lazarus
Like Lazarus

New heart
New soul
New eyes
I’ve been resurrected
New start
New bones
New life

I’ve been resurrected
I’ve been resurrected
I’ve been resurrected

My testimony
From death to life
You fill me up with holy fire
My testimony
Out of the dust
You raise me up like Lazarus
Like Lazarus

5/19/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 24:1-25:44, John 10:22-42, Psalm 116:1-19, Proverbs 15:20-21

Today is the 19th day of May, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is wonderful to be here with you today, what a joy, we can gather like this, every day around the Global Campfire. No matter what’s going on: up or down. No matter what kind of experiences we are having: high or low. There’s a place for us and the Scriptures are here for us, to inform us and guide and counsel us. And so, it’s wonderful, truly, truly, wonderful to be here with you today, as we take the next step forward, which will lead us back into the book of first Samuel. And we have certainly covered a lot of ground in first Samuel and met some very, very key figures, not the least of which is the prophet Samuel but also Israel’s first King Saul, as well as the shepherd boy who killed the giant became a national hero, David. And then the intertwining of David and Saul’s lives. Saul, is so intimidated and threatened by David. Although, David is doing nothing to be intimidating or threatening. He’s trying to be a loyal servant to the king but the king has determined that David must die and he is gotten very erratic in his attempts to kill David. Samuel has anointed David as the next king, which certainly motivates Saul about his own family and his own dynasty. And so, Saul, basically feels like, he can’t rest, he can’t stop looking over his shoulder until David is not breathing and is no longer a part of his story. So, let’s see where this story leads us today, first Samuel chapters 24 and 25.


Okay so, as we continue our journey through first Samuel, one of the things that with like a little to no fanfare at all, the Bible simply tells us Samuel died. So, that happened today, the prophet Samuel, the final judge of Israel, the judge that would sort of transition the people into the monarchy, into the time of the kings, has died. Meanwhile, King Saul would like David to go ahead and be dead also. And he has heard news the David is hiding in the caves of En-gedi and so he gets 3,000 troops to follow him in pursuit of David, to locate him down at En-gedi. So, basically, En-gedi is still place and it can still be visited until this very day and there’s a beautiful little waterfall there and it’s a serene place, it’s in the middle of the desert. So, it’s freshwater in the desert, which is pretty hard to come by. En-gedi is like, I think 18 miles from Jerusalem. So, Jerusalem is like at a high point in elevation and its terrain and geography and just climate, very, very different than En-gedi, which is an 18-mile walk, pretty much all downhill, to the west of Jerusalem, down to the, basically, to the banks of the Dead Sea. And the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth in elevation; super arid, very much the desert out there. But there are caves all over that region. In fact, it’s not that far from En-gedi that we…we find the caves of say Qumran and Qumran is not in the Bible, but it’s where the Dead Sea Scrolls have been found and discovered and so there are caves all throughout the region. David’s hiding in a cave near En-gedi and we see some remarkable things happen. Every time I read the story, it’s like, it’s like a movie in my mind right. Saul, the king of Israel as 3,000 troops with him who are all men and they’re in the middle of the desert and the king needs to go to the bathroom. And he doesn’t need to just, you know, quickly take a pee, basically. The Bible says like, he needs a little bit of privacy. So, we can probably put two-and-two together, if we want to make a pun of this. And he is, you know, using the cave for some number two business. It just happens to be the same cave that David and some of his men are hiding in. And so, in my mind’s eye, anyway, that’s a pretty awkward situation, that you’re hiding and trying to be really, really quiet in the cave, while the king is doing his business, thinking that he’s alone. And of course, David’s men are like this is a sign from God, you, your enemy has been clearly delivered into your hand. Like, it couldn’t be any better than this or any easier than this. He’ll be dad before any of those 3,000 troops outside of the cave, even have a clue what is going on. It’s just the David won’t kill the king, even though the king wants to kill David, the king is the king. The king is the anointed one of God to lead the people, he’s not going to be the one to kill the King. But he is willing to cut off the edge of his robe and so, once Saul has finished whatever Saul is doing in the cave and leaves the cave, then David eventually gets up and steps over whatever Saul was doing and goes to the mouth of the cave, to call out King Saul, which he does. And it is in that moment, that Saul knows, he should be dead and that his life has been spared and that his life has been spared by someone he is trying to kill. So, if we haven’t started to notice yet and we probably have, but we should be noticing a clear contrast between the character of Saul and his disposition and that of David, who is very different. And first Samuel is leading us to begin to realize this, and if were looking for it, we will see it, continually. David’s character is very different than Saul’s character and we’re starting to notice it, as we read the story. But we also need to know that everybody starting to notice this, everybody’s who’s around David notices David’s character. So, is it a ruse, is he just faking it to try to stay alive? Or does he have deep and true character, like does he really not want Saul dead because he’s God’s anointed, or is this a manipulative move, right, to make himself the victim. Well, the people are figuring this out, just like we’re figuring this out, as we continue down this path in first Samuel. And so, if we haven’t noticed, in the story, the contrast between Saul and David, let’s begin to pay attention, as we continue the journey, because the people are watching and it’s profoundly important of the story that they are watching and we’ll see this develop in the coming days.


And so Father, we thank You for another day, another step forward, another chance to be together around the Global Campfire, another opportunity to see the next chapters in the stories that we are reading right now and we are seeing this contrast, we are seeing what a person who is profoundly afraid of people and deeply enmeshed in their own image, in how people perceive them. But we are also watching deep character in David, who knows that the King wants him dead, but who also knows You and is clinging to You for dear life. And so, we thank You for all that we’ve been able to learn in Saul’s life and David’s life until this point, as we look at our own lives. And we ask that this continue, that You continue to show us where paths lead and that You continue to show us what path we are on and that You continue to pull us forward on the narrow path, one that leads to life. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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That’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Good morning, Daily Audio Bible. I’m calling from Arizona; my name is Vicki. My story is that my husband passed away four years ago, my son passed away 4 and a half. And I am calling today because today is the day that my husband passed away. And you know, I just want to testify that God is good in the midst of everything that you have to walk through, that He will be there to hold your hand and He’ll make a way where there doesn’t seem to be a way. But also, that to testify that I need prayer, that, it’s not always easy and today is not one of my best days and I just really would covet your prayers. I’m just struggling, just struggling. So, it is like, I know God loves me and I know the truth and I’m clinging to the hem of His garment today, just like that woman needed healing. I just pray God would heal me from everything that needs to be healed. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you, thank you. Amen.

Dear DAB family, it’s your sister Ashley from California. When God’s Yellow Flower called a few weeks ago and then recently while she was in the hospital about having the ox in the manger, producing an abundant crop, which Brian had talked about from Proverbs 14:4, it stuck with me. One thing that came to mind was almost every morning, I take out the trash. What a metaphor for my walk. Recently, the trials I had been encountering, seemed to be revealing the trash or crap in my heart. I get so discouraged by it but I remember what Susan said, that crap or trash, needs to be surrendered to God and put your, put the cross on top of that crap. He’s not afraid of getting His hands dirty. He can take the punch of our anger. He asks for our WHOLE heart. So, I’m giving this pep talk to myself, thanking Susan, God’s Precious Yellow Flower and Brian and hopefully encouraging anyone else out there. If you are exhausted, angry and feel like there’s trash that needs to be taken out, Jesus will come and collect. He can heal, He will give you rest, He can make beauty out of the ashes. Just come to Him for help and He will meet you. Susan, God’s Yellow Flower, I am praying for you, for your recovery from your surgery. God Bless you sister, then you for your in sight and wisdom and being such a faithful member of this community. Alright, DAB family, I love you, love your sister Ashley from California.

Hey DAB family, my name is David Robertson from Muphreysborough, Tennessee. I’ve been hanging around the Global Campfire for around the last 13 years. I was so inspired by Brian’s reading today of the book of John of the blind man that had been healed and it really gave me courage and inspiration to reach out to this community, to ask you if you would, please pray for me on battling blindness. I have an incurable eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa or RP and medical science says they can’t help me at all. And my vision is fading fast and before it’s going, going, gone, I’d love to reach out to this community, my tribe, my people, who love God and love the word of God, and ask you if you would kindly pray for me in agreement that Jesus would heal me. I sure do thank you and I promise I’ll get back on here and give a praise report after this happens, this miracle happens. Thank you so much.

Michigan, and if you would, I’d like you to pray with me for Hannah in the UK, who is suffering from anorexia nervosa. I want you to visualize everybody, sliding your hands under this little girl and lifting as I high as you can. We’re going to life her high up to our Lord, and when your arms get tired, others are gonna come round and they’re gonna hold our arms. And we’re gonna lift her up for as long as it takes so no evil can touch her and we’re gonna stand in the gap for her and her family and lift her up. I can’t imagine what their family is going through but we are going to raise this baby up to our Lord and I know He will hear our prayers. So, thank you family for praying with me. And let’s keep Hannah in our prayers and lift each other up as well. I love you all, bye.

Good morning Daily Bible Audio, this is Jesus calling from South Florida. I was listening to the podcast yesterday. I’m calling to pray for a sister that goes by the name of Alex Faith from Canada. My sister, I ask in supplication that I heard that you had prayed for a son who is going through difficult times. You were also praying for your husband. And I want to tell you with an open heart keep praying for your son. I was also, in my teenage years led stray by the ways of this world. Everybody rejected me and __ me and pushing me to my lonesome state. But it was one angel who always prayed for me and those prayers pulled me out of the dark holes and that’s the prayer of a mother. My mother never ceased praying. My mother was always there when everybody __. So, I want to tell you my sister, By the Faith from Canada, continue to pray. Pray over the life of your son, over the life of your husband, that in your home there will be peace, there will be healing in the name of Jesus. And the blood of Christ will cover every corner of your home, protecting you and guarding you. As you step into life and a brand-new day. My sister, Violent Faith from Canada, the Lord is with you. You are righteous women, you’re a mother and your prayers are powerful. So, I pray in this moment that the Holy Spirit would continue to move to everyone in your home that would bring your son to a place of peace. And that it would give your husband the leadership needed to guide his family. All things are possible with God, I am a witness of miracles. And that miracle happened.

05/18/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 22:1-23:29, John 10:1-21, Psalms 115:1-18, Proverbs 15:18-19

Today is the 18th day of May welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian and it is wonderful to be here with you together as we take the next step forward on the journey that we have embarked upon, the one that takes us through this year together, the one that takes us through the Bible together. And, so, let’s dive in. We’ve been working our way through the book of first Samuel, which is what we will continue to do today. And since the arrival of this young man named David who has become a national hero, we have watched king Saul, Israel’s first king become more and more unstable, which is certainly making David’s life incredibly unstable because he has to look…well he has to look in all directions, like he’s gotta stay on guard at all times because Saul has tried to kill him a number of times. So, let’s pick up the story. We’re reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week. First Samuel chapters 22 and 23 today.


Okay. So, as we continue to move through the book of first Samuel, we continue to see the downward slide of Saul and really mental health issues. Like, he’s super paranoid and really kind of unhinged. We read of David. Once he knew that Saul would not stop until he was dead and he knew he was going to become a fugitive and he knew he had to go on the run. So, he went to the priest Ahimelech and got some supplies including the sword of Goliath and then went on the run, fleeing for his life hiding in place to place, wherever he can to stay alive. Eventually Saul, the king finds out that David has visited Ahimelech. And of course, Saul has it in his mind that nobody cares about him. Everybody’s being loyal and conspiring against the king and being loyal to David. And, so, Saul has Ahimelech and his entire household brought before the king. Accusations are made and an entire priestly family is executed. People who had nothing to do with it at all. 85 priests wearing their linen priestly robes are killed, which is…certainly that kind of news is going to spread throughout the land, which only further destabilizes Saul. And, so, we see David hiding places like the cave of the Adullam which is a place or hiding in the caves of En-Gedi which is actually a place near the Dead Sea. So, he’s moving all over the place to stay alive even though Saul the king is obsessed with killing him. And it’s becoming a problem. Saul is deteriorating.

Then when we flip over into the New Testament into the gospel of John, Jesus is talking and He’s talking about shepherding and sheep and being a shepherd and a sheep pen or sheepfold and how anybody who jumps over the wall to be among the sheep that doesn’t come in through the gate is a thief and a robber and that a true shepherd would enter the gate and call to the sheep and the sheep would hear his voice, and they would follow him. And Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd and I know my own and my own know me.” And it’s in our reading today that we come across a very, very quotable, very famous passage of Scripture. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” This very quoted, very famous verse of Scripture comes from a larger context of a conversation that Jesus is having about being the good Shepherd. And that passage that we quote all the time, “the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.” That passage is one of the most concise statements in Scripture about the context of our lives. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” The contrast about what the thief wants and what the Lord wants is pretty clear. Why we would at times find ourselves following after a thief who has come to steal, kill and destroy is a great mystery, but God’s intention toward us, “I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance” gives us clarity on what God’s intention is for us. So, the question then becomes if we are the sheep of his pasture if we are sheep, which voice are we following out of the sheepfold because Jesus said, “my sheep know my voice”.


Father as we do every day, we invite You into all of this. It’s pretty clear that if we are one of Your sheep we should know Your voice and follow You. It’s also pretty clear that we navigate ourselves in places that are clearly not where You’re going and find ourselves in positions that are clearly not godly or Christlike. And, so, at times, there is a disconnect somewhere. And maybe that’s because we’ve stopped paying attention to who we’re listening to. Holy Spirit help us to examine that today. Help us to see that in our lives today and to consider where that sort of erratic back-and-forth will lead us. We’re seeing the extremes of it in King Saul’s life. And, so, we are grateful for these examples that show us what can happen and where roads go. We don’t want to be on that road. We want to be on the narrow path that leads to life, which will never happen if we are not following where You are leading. And, so, Holy Spirit come. We humble ourselves before You. We repent for listening to other voices and following them. May we hear Your voice and know You and follow You. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning DAB family my name is Kelly from South Carolina. I’m a nurse, I my high school teacher. I teach Health Science to high school kids. I am also the high school soccer coach and mother of three daughters and wife and I just really need prayers from y'all. Been a really overwhelming year. I’ve had some pretty significant issues with all of the girls at one point or another just things that really made me doubt myself. Just recently the oldest who’s 23 moved back home and really that is for the best but it’s been a major adjustment. So, everybody is living back at home. She came home with a brand-new puppy that she’s not hardly around to help with because of her job. So, that’s been in a new strain as well. But marriage has been under pressure just because of everything. My husband made a pretty significant job change years back and it really really strapped us financially. It was what he thought he needed to do at the time but without really a plan in place. And I struggle not to be resentful with that because we just can’t even make hands meet most of the time. And all that being said now here facing end of school year which is exciting but also very stressful to get everything wrapped up and just feel like I’m drowning. Can’t hardly keep my head above water and I just really need some prayer. I’ve tried to call in in the past. That wouldn’t work right. I think Satan just got the better of me and I gave up and didn’t even try again because I was frustrated. So, just want you to know I listen every day. I love you all. You bring smiles to my face. You bring tears to my eyes. I consider you family. And I just hope that you’ll pray for me. See you soon or talk to you soon.

You let me see a baby deer that was grazing beside the road
you’ve given me tremendous strength father to help me bear my load
not just me but my parents too
all my relationships have become just like new
buzzards are circling overhead there’s a carcass down below
life and death are always there no matter where you go
the Suns are marvel of bright orange light
it’s getting dark it’s almost night
my music has been turned off but inside I still sing
praises to you father and Jesus Christ our king
still no matter where I go your love for me you always show
insects crickets birds and frogs
sing from fields and hollow logs
jets leave contrails as they fly
and orange sherbet is the color of the sky
there’s a crescent moon but still no stars
and for the last 40 minutes I’ve heard absolutely no cars
it’s getting dark I should go home
but there’s a part of me father that just loves to room
and study your wonders as they unfold
that last ray of sunlight was the greenest purple gold
now that’s a color that Crayola could never design
with all their substantial but much limited mind
who in their manifold awareness always trying to think outside the box
something is stalking me it looks like a fox
forgive me and my father I sometimes detach
I try to think like the world but my thoughts just don’t match
I try to live holly and be a vessel for you
I desire your fellowship in all that I do
my music my garden my writings my life
you’ve even shown me lately how to live above the strife
the things that I’m lacking I can live without
because the Kingdom of God is why life’s really about
I sometimes get lonely but thy will be done
I’m back in my yard now and that bike ride was fun


Hello siblings. Psych! It’s your girl Val in Vegas. I know you guys thought I was someone else initially. I just gotta say shout out, shout out, shout out to everybody. I love peoples greetings how they come on and how they leave. But more importantly in this May 15th I gotta say the number one thing I love about this community, we pray. We pray. We pray for each other. We pray for ourselves. We pray for people we don’t know. But the bottom line is we pray. And you all know what, that’s the most powerful tool that we have. Please keep praying for me. I pray for this community every day. You all mean so much to me. So, let’s pray. Heavenly Father on this day Lord God May 15th, 2022 Lord everybody listening to this whatever they need right now Lord God I need You to rain on them. Give them a blessing Lord. How about a suddenly and immediately Lord. God I just want to thank You for this community and all the prayer warriors Lord. The ones that we hear are the ones that we don’t hear because oh I know there’s some people that are on their knees praying for this community that have never called in. Thank You. Please keep praying. God, we love You. We thank You for the ability to commune and to pray Lord. Oh God thank You for the knowledge of prayer. Thank You, Jesus. Now you all go, and you make it a great day. I love you it’s. It’s Val in Vegas. Until next time.

Hello everyone, I am listening to the Daily Audio Bible on May 15th from Maryland. I just heard some people call in that just really touched me. I heard from Justin who shared about work burnout and anxiety. I heard from Jesus in Florida who’s been calling recently to share encouragement and just pray for people which has been encouraging to hear and also from a guy, Michael in North Carolina who shared that he’s been dwelling in his sinful nature for the past few weeks and doesn’t like that and is seeking a grateful heart. And I really relate with these things. So, just thank you for calling in and asking for prayer and just sharing. And I would just like to pray with you guys now. Lord, thank You for the Daily Audio Bible and thank You for today’s message. Thank You for the opportunity to hear people stories as well. Lift up Justin to You and Michael as well. And You know each of these gentlemen’s respective situations. I just place these situations; I place these people in Your hands and ask that You would guide them right now through what they’re walking through and help them to set their hearts and their minds on You and to walk in the path that You would lead them on. I just pray that You would help them too maybe just live into the relationship You offer us through Jesus and that it would be a blessing to You and to people around them as well. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

I’m calling to pray for Philippians 4:6 who is desperate for God’s love and wants guidance as how to navigate dating and job hunting. Lord heavenly Father I thank You oh God. I thank You oh God for Philippians 4:6 oh God. And I thank You oh  God that she has called and she has requested prayer oh God because You are a God who is concerned about everything that we are concerned about oh God, even the small things. Lord, You have said that we are to cast our cares upon You because You care for us oh God. Oh Lord You have said in Your word the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. God, I pray that You will rest in her during this time. Lord, I pray that she oh Lord will rest in Your love, on Your love oh God and be guided by You and all that she does. Holy Spirit have Your way. Holy Spirit encompass her with Your love oh God even now that she would know that You are there and that You care for her. Oh God I pray that You will give her good success in job hunting. God, I pray that You would lead her to the one job that You have for her. God, I pray that You would open her eyes at the right timing and for the person that You have desired for her life. Oh Lord, You will do it oh God because You were the one who makes everything beautiful in Your time. So, Lord, have Your way. Be upon our sister. Oh God give her a surety and guidance oh God and confirmation through You as she reads Your word and be comforted oh God. Have Your way oh God. May she not be dismayed or discouraged but may she stand firm on Your promises and on Your word in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

5/17/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 20:1-21:15, John 9:1-41, Psalm 113:1-114:8, Proverbs 15:15-17

Today is the 17th day of May, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It is wonderful to be here with you today, as we dive in and take the next step forward together in the Scriptures. And that next step forward is gonna lead us right back to the place where we left off, which happens to be in the Book of first Samuel, where we are watching the intertwining of lives, between King Saul and this new national hero, who is risen up to prominence because he killed the giant. His name is David. David’s presence and actually even his goodness, which has attracted the attention of the people, is very much unsettling Saul who pretty much wants David just out of the picture, just dead. And so, we’ll pick up that story. We’re reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week, first Samuel 20 and 21.


Okay so, in the gospel of John, Jesus has performed another miraculous sign, this one, the healing of a man who had been born blind. So, not who had become blind but who had always been blind since his birth. And so, this man had sort of been begging, just asking for any kind of contributions people give along the way, as he sat in different locations to well, to beg. Jesus comes along and heals this man by spitting in the dirt and making mud and wiping it out of his eyes and telling him to go to the pool of Siloam and washing it off and wash it off. So, the man goes to the pool of Siloam, washes his eyes off and he can see. And so, there are people that knew him as a beggar, going isn’t this the beggar, like were you faking all along, can you see, all of this stuff is going on, but the man is defending, no it’s me, it’s me, I was blind, I can see. I’m not somebody who looks like that guy, I am that guy and I can see. And so, that ends up being brought to the attention to the Pharisees who starts to dismantle the story because the story is not congruent with their understanding, theologically or traditionally. This Sabbath is a day that work isn’t supposed to be done, miracle working is work or healing is work so, they have determined and so, anyone who attempts to do this is breaking the Sabbath and that is something that Jesus does on a regular basis. And so, they’re talking to this guy and questioning and wanting to…wanting to know the whole story and what are the details and how this and how that and then they tell him, basically this guy is a sinner, this occurred on the Sabbath day, that is breaking the law of God, even though it was the religious leaders that interpreted it this way. So, the person who can see now is a bit perplexed, is even a little bit sarcastic in his dialogue, which eventually gets him thrown out of the synagogue but he asks a simple question. How can a sinner do such a miraculous sign? Like, I was born blind and I can see. How could someone that God does not favor, how could this even happen? It doesn’t make any sense. So, the Pharisees are questionings some more specifically, what did He do to you? What were the steps, exactly what did He do to make you see? Because they’re convinced that Jesus is a trickster. And then, maybe thinking that this man is a plant, is actually a disciple of Jesus, who was faking like he was blind and had been able to see all along. So, they call this person’s parents in for questioning. Now, at this point, the blind man, the former blind man is an adult and so his parents don’t want to speak on behalf of their son because they’re afraid of being outcast and thrown out of the synagogue, thrown out of society. And so, they attest to the fact that yes, this is our child, and yes, indeed he was born blind, that is a fact, that is the truth, how it is that he can see at this point is a question you’ll have to ask him. He’s an adult and we don’t know the answer. And so, then they go back to the formerly blind person with an accusation, we know that Jesus is a sinner, they tell him, and the man answers back really brilliantly actually, that’s like, that’s your territory, like you guys are the religious leaders. Whether He’s a sinner or not, I don’t know that I know the answer to that, or can judge that, what I do know though is that I was blind and now I can see. So, the religious leader’s kind of continue on and reaffirm their allegiance to Moses and the Mosaic law. And how they know where Moses came from, but Jesus, they don’t know where Jesus came from. And the man really answers brilliantly again, basically saying, how can you not know where he comes from, he opened my eyes, I have been blind since I was born and now, I can see and you don’t know where this person is from. Insinuating basically, how could He be from anywhere else but God. Who else deserves the glory for this miracle, who should we worship, because this doesn’t happen every day. Eventually, they dismiss the formerly blind person and eventually Jesus runs into him and they have a conversation. And Jesus tells him, I came into this world for judgment, in order that those who do not see will have their eyes open and be able to see and those who do see will not be able to see. And of course, Jesus is referring to spiritual sight or insight, being able to see what God is doing, what is happening and to be able to see his intentions in this world. Jesus is opening the eyes of the people, in some cases, miraculously, physically, opening their eyes, as is in the case of the miracle that we read about today, but also opening up their spiritual sight to be able to see that there is another way to look at this, that there is another way to live fully, appreciative and humbled in the fact, that we are utterly dependent upon God, instead of that we are our own God and we’ll make our own decisions. Of course, there’s still some Pharisees around hearing all this and so there like, you think we’re blind? You think, are you calling us blind? Jesus is like, if you were blind then, then it wouldn’t be a problem, it wouldn’t be sin, but you are claiming that you can see and you can’t see what God is doing right in front of you because it doesn’t fit into your theological framework and it especially doesn’t fit into the traditions that you have established. You lost the plot of the story; you’re missing the point. It’s funny how we can read this in the Gospels and see it so clearly, but when we look in the mirror, we can’t always see our own blindness. And about the time that we think we are seeing, we begin to realize that we still have blind spots. And like the Pharisees, often times we’re falling back onto our traditions, what we have been told we’re supposed to do and believe, not that those things are bad, but we’re falling back onto those things, to give us sight. When there is only One, who can make us see.


And Jesus, we declare that that is You and only You and without You, we are blind, we are wandering around in the dark, feeling among the shadows, trying to find where we’re going. But with You, we can see and we want to see. And so come, Holy Spirit into the places where we have blind spots or blindness in our lives, especially in our relationships and in our interactions with our fellow brothers and sisters and in our hearts and our lives, our spiritual lives, open our eyes so that we can see what’s going on around us and live from that place. We pray this in Your precious name Jesus, in Your name we ask. Amen


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hello DAB, my heart is breaking. Oh my, it’s Friday the 13th, out of all days. Friday the 13th and as I was listening to a lady who called in, she was so over joyed about Owen calling in, cause she was expressing her heart to him. As she was speaking, God finally gave me my DAB name. I’ve been listening for a good while and this year, I promised myself that I would listen every day, all year. And I called in before but I always say, God, it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel right, what’s my name, I used to say, I don’t have a name like everybody else. And as she was talking, God put in my heart. I’m God’s Butterfly. I just wanted to share that cause my heart is overjoyed. And I know exactly what He means when He says that I’m His butterfly. He knows my name. Well hello DAB, I’m God’s Butterfly and I don’t know if I’ll ever call in again. I’ve used other names before, I’ve used my real name, I’ve used other names but I know this is who I am. God’s Butterfly and I love my Father. And I love each and every one of you.

Hello DAB family, this is John from the UK. Just an update about my daughter Hannah, who I’ve asked you to pray for and thank you for those that have. She was admitted to hospital with an eating disorder. She was discharged and then got to the point of being dangerously ill, readmitted and had a feeding tube, that basically saved her life. So, she had 7 weeks, no, that was about 10 weeks on the tube and basically, she…she has just been discharged and now back home. But unfortunately, her anorexia is as strong as ever. So, just asking for your prayers about the next step. It would be lovely to be able to make it work at home. I just pray about this, _ she, doesn’t want to be around she’s in a __ and so we’re able to, she’s joined into that prayer, my wife and I. So that’s a plus. Like I said, she did give her heart to Jesus last summer. So, if you could pray for my daughter Hannah, for the next step, for help recovering from anorexia. Thank you all for your prayers and bless you all. And I love listening to all your prayers and I love listening to the Daily Audio Bible so thank you, Brian and the whole Hardin Family. Bye bye, from John from the UK.

Hi DAB family, this is Lily or God’s Girl from Bakersfield, CA. So, I’ve been asking for prayer for my daughter Logan who has been in labor since Wednesday and so today is Friday night and they’re taking the baby c-section. So, I’m asking for prayer for strength. I’ve had to do life pretty much on my own with my babies because my husband has bi-polar and unfortunately couldn’t handle the stress of life or challenges. And so, although I love him dearly, I’ve had to do life, pretty much on my own in raising of our children. And so, I know through it all I’ve always had God to strengthen me but at this moment I’m just worried and I shouldn’t

Hi, my name is Amy and I’ve been listening for about two years but this my first time calling. I just wanted to share my story. About two years ago in the beginning of 2020, I was learning how to make sour dough bread and just like everyone else, with the pandemic, but then I was listening to Exodus one night and it said that the people took their dough before it was leavened, their kneading bowls being bound up on their cloaks. And I thought, oh my goodness they’re making sour dough back then and for those of you who don’t know, there’s this rhythm to making bread, this old biblical way. You mix, you stretch and fold, there’s a lot of rhythm to it. You save a little bit of dough from the time before you bake and then you start the process over. So, there’s this, it’s very rhythmic. And I hear Brian use that word a lot in our listening to the Bible every day. So, when Jesus says, I’m the bread of life, which we just heard in John, I think He’s also saying, that He wants to be in the rhythm of our daily lives, not just that He’s spiritual food, He wants to be in our everyday. And I think when he had the, we also see this in the Old Testament. God had the Israelites gather manna daily and that was teaching them to look to Him daily because we have this personal, hands-on God. So anyway, Brian and Hardin Family, thank you so much for this rhythm for us getting to listen to your word every day.  

Good morning DAB family, this is Thankful and Still and I’m lifting up God’s Yellow Flower. Today, Lord, I just bring God’s Yellow Flower before you and I pray that You bless her with healing post-surgery. And I pray also that You would help to provide the care that she needs during her healing process as well as her son, while he needs care as well. And I pray that You give them peace and comfort and that they would rely on You during this time and that You would surround them with Your Holy Spirit and Your angels, Lord, in Jesus’ name. And I want to give thanks and praise to the Lord for a very successful court hearing with my ex-husband. And so, I just praise God. Like, the best outcome that could have been, came and issues of the past were, like, I guess you could say that we buried the hatchet and things just went so ideal. And I think both of us had a real sense of peace and I pray that this bringing healing in our family. Especially with our…our children. And even extended family, that there would just be peace after many years of strife and contention. Not always outward but just a mistrust and not knowing people’s intentions. So, I’m just really excited and happy. I’m kind of, it hasn’t sunken in yet because it’s been such a long journey, you know, almost nine years of in-and-out of court and stuff. So, those of you that have court hearings and litigation, just know that God is in the middle of it all. And as hard and as desperate a situation may seem; God knows and He has a bigger plan than we can imagine. So, just go forward step-by-step allow God to hold you and guide you. Have a great day.    

05/16/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 18:5-19:24, John 8:31-59, Psalms 112:1-10, Proverbs 15:12-14

Today is the 16th day of May welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you today as we do what we do and take the next step forward together on our adventure through the Scriptures this year. And we have worked our way all the way into the books of Samuel and the emerging time of the Kings. So, King Saul is Israel’s first king, and he’s the king right now where we’re reading. But another man has emerged and been anointed as King and his name is David. And David’s very presence unsettles and destabilizes Saul. And, so, let’s get into the story and see what unfolds before us today. We’re reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week. First Samuel chapter 18 verse 5 through 19 verse 24.


Okay. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the book of first Samuel because now there is a king, his name is Saul. We know that, and we’ve been watching him, and we’ve seen that he’s not a very stable person because he is a supreme insecurity issue and definitely is afraid of what people think about him. And now his life is intertwined with David who is a really good looking young man, but is a commoner, is a shepherd, wasn't…I mean, he’s like the youngest in his family. There…he wasn’t on any kind of trajectory to bring him into any kind of fame or fortune or notoriety of any sort. It’s just that he killed the giant, Goliath and that does not go unnoticed. He initiated a great victory for Israel. The armies of Israel were present and saw this happen. As the armies returned back to their villages and their homes like the word spreads about what happened. And, so, this lowly shepherd boy, although he has character and integrity and is good-looking and well-built and everything, he’s still a lowly person in his family and he is thrust into the spotlight. Like, he has to learn some things really fast because he’s gone from being sort of like an isolated shepherd, a person who spends a lot of time alone, a lot of time among the animals and now he’s a national hero. And one of the things we should start to observe right from the get go as we get to know David is his posture. He…he is a national hero. He did defeat the giant, Goliath, but he knows that it wasn’t in his own strength, that God allowed him to do this. And, so, he is in no way puffing himself up like he’s the new thing and that he’s gotta maximize on the traction and get as many followers to follow him as he possibly can. And when he issues decrees…and this sounds a whole lot like social media…but when he issues decrease, people listen. Like, he’s not doing that. He’s trying to stay low to the ground and look at his surroundings because all he’s known is like introverted, shepherding, and now he’s gotta navigate things that…he's…he’s coming into contact with people he would’ve never met. And then there’s the song of the women. “Saul has killed his thousands but David is killed is tens of thousands.” That’s not a good sign. That’s not a good sign in Saul’s mind either. And that gets in his mind and starts working in his mind and his mind starts concocting all kinds of scenarios and he starts to spin. And, so, just in what we read today Saul tried to kill David by spearing him while David was playing music. David had to like…in a hand-to-hand combat, close quarter sort of way, escape. And then Saul decided to send David into battle and like…kinda like honor him, but send him into a battle where he would probably be killed so that that would be the end of David and Saul wouldn’t have to worry about David anymore and Saul didn’t lift a hand against him. It was the enemy who killed him. He died in battle. He can be a great remembered hero, but he won’t have a future. But David was successful in everything that he did in his humility, and the people are starting to follow David because they see that he’s not trying to play the politics here, he’s just trying to survive and understand what’s going on and honor God in what he does and honor his king in what he does. And, so, then Saul, after trying to spear David, after trying to send him into battle to get killed decides to bring him even closer and invites him to marry his daughter. And he ends up marrying his daughter, Michal, Michal, the one who loved to David, but even in this there’s trickery, hoping that David will be unsuccessful. And, so, David being a commoner, he doesn’t have a lot of money, he can’t pay the bride price, he can’t enter into royalty, but what the king wants is 100 foreskins from the Philistines. We know what we’re talking about here, right? We’re talking about David and his men going and killing 100 of the enemy and then, you know, taking their manhood as it were, and bringing it back in, I don’t know, a baggie or basket or whatever, something to display to the king that…here…here are your foreskins. And, so, David goes out and…and doubles the price and brings back 200. And, so, David is once again successful instead of being dead. And then Jonathan, David’s friend, dear friend, is pulled into an assassination plot, but Jonathan will go along which further destabilizes Saul. And then Saul tried to kill David with his spear again. And then Saul sends troops to David’s house where his daughter is so that they can get David. And then Michal has to conspire with David to get him…to save his life, which only serves to further destabilize Saul. Now he feels like the walls are falling down around him because nobody’s loyal to him. But everybody’s looking at what he’s doing and sees it as erratic and sinful, wrong, because David’s posture hasn’t been to try to assume the throne or create some sort of military coup to take over or anything like that. He’s trying to stay low to the ground and figure out what he’s doing. He’s trying to be humble and loyal understanding that God is his only hope. Now that…even though he is for the king, the king wants him dead. So, what hope does he have? God. God is his only hope and he knows it. And here’s what’s interesting. Saul, king Saul, and David both know Samuel the prophet and both know God and worship God. Saul is being led into insecurity and paranoia. His jealousy and envy about David and his fear about what he looks like, his fear of his image are pulling him away from God. We’ve watched this since we met him. These things are pulling him away from God. But Saul’s erratic behavior and his insecurities and his paranoia are affecting David and they are pushing him toward God because David understands God is his only hope for survival. And we have all had these kinds of feelings on both sides before. And when we look into the things that David wrote, for example in the Psalms, we see David’s heart cry all of the time - my enemies are coming down upon me, deliver me, you are my only hope, defeat them. So, if we want to boil this down to just the basics, we can see that the attributes that are being displayed in Saul’s life are leading him away from God and the attributes that are present in David’s life are leading him to God. And we can see this in black-and-white in the story and then find this to be a mirror into our own hearts. Probably none of us are trying to pin somebody to the wall with a sword. But my goodness, we have pinned people to the wall with word swords plenty. None of us or most of us aren’t royalty with that kind of authority and so it’s taken out on the inside of us and it comes out in our words or in our malicious behavior’s. But as we can see pretty clear from the life of Saul from the Bible from the book of first Samuel, it’s not going anywhere. It’s not improving things. Saul falling into the darkness and trying to assassinate David isn’t making Saul better. Saul thinks if David’s just dead everything will be better, but it won’t because the problems were inside Saul before he ever made David. David is just the focus of his anger at this point. There is a lot there for us to think about and there is a lot that we can find in Saul inside of us. But thankfully, there’s a lot that we can see in David that is also within us. And, so, this war that sort of wages leads us to our own strength and our own erratic behavior or our complete surrender and understanding that God is our only hope, which is something that the Bible has been teaching us almost from the very beginning.


Father, we thank You for Your word and what it brings up innocent and brings up a lot, especially in stories like this where we have these contrasts because we realize we can be Saul and we can be David in the same day. And that shows us how destabilized perhaps we are in certain areas when certain things flip a trigger, a switch comes on then we immediately go into a certain mode. And maybe if we were able to examine it that mode has never worked well, maybe it’s only ever been destructive. But regardless of our behaviors or our patterns, what we begin to realize is when we try to navigate on our own no matter what phobia or no matter what illness or no matter what thing might be coming against our minds, invariably if we follow those paths, we are being pulled away from You. When we humble ourselves and see ourselves as we really are in our own strength, we are nothing. We are like the smallest member of the smallest clan in the smallest tribe. Like, we are nothing. All that we have is what You have given us, and that gives us a heart of gratitude, and that gives us a heart of trust knowing that You will provide what we need. And that allows us to stay true to You and loyal to You rather than in the erratic nature of trying to navigate things on our own and discern what everybody thinks about everything and how that affects us. Holy Spirit, come into this because this hits us where we live. Help us we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian and I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi DAB family this is Chris from Virginia I’m calling for prayer for God’s Yellow flower as she recovers from colon surgery. Please pray with me Jeremiah 17:14. Heal me O Lord and I will be healed. Save me and I will be saved for you are the one I praise. Father God, we come to You now asking for healing for God’s Yellow flower. Father she’s been there for us over the years praying hard for this family and loving You Father. Father, we ask for complete healing and we pray that this situation bring glory to this __. I thank You Father for __ in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Good morning from beautiful Cincinnati OH it’s Daniel Johnson junior, how are you right now? It’s been quite a month for me. The last four weeks have been ups and downs and a lot of downs but to me I think that getting to a place of surrender has been so helpful, so important. Have had hospital…my mom’s been in a hospital stay. I’ve had reduced capacity for work because of injuries, personal injuries to my foot to my lower back and God’s been working through it all. And I guess I felt inspired to come up with something off the top of my head this morning that I’m going to share with you.

Oh the sweet sweet surrender that which I desperately need
The giving over completely to Your will may I heed
to that sweet sweet surrender it’s what I longed to feel
because to You oh Lord I now must fully kneel
It’s definitely not so easy at first but to do it so I must
Please help me oh Lord with my lack of trust
for in that sweet sweet surrender I truly find my rest
and in that sweet surrender I’m finally my best.

So, God bless you from beautiful Cincinnati OH it’s Daniel Johnson junior your brother here listening to your prayers, longing to be with you in person but knowing that we have that heavenly home waiting for us. Make it…

Good morning this is Donna Longing to be God’s Light in Pennsylvania, and this is a prayer for God’s Yellow Flower who called in this morning to report she’s recovering from surgery, emergency surgery to repair a ruptured colon. So, Father God I lift up God’s yellow flower who has blessed us with her wisdom and faith when she calls in and I ask that You would bless her today, magnify her faith, bless and heal her body completely and quickly, relieve any pain or discomfort. I ask that You would bless those who care for her, bless her family and bless others through her, through her faith and through the Holy Spirit that works in her. I pray all these things in Your precious name. Jesus’ name…

Good morning DAB family. Hi. I’d like to share something and ask for prayer. I have a strong tendency to solve problems, at least try to and I insert myself into family situations and even though I am not asked for help or my opinion. Instead, I need to lay the situations down at the feet of Jesus, pray, and do spiritual warfare. I need to shut up and be still and know that He is God. I ask for prayer you guys. God is for us He’s not against us and He’ll fight our battles for us. He says so in his word. So, as I try to make a life change, I ask for your prayers in Jesus’ name. Amen. Thank you, you guys. Big hugs to all of you.

Hi family this is Melody Faith calling from Canada. I haven’t called for a while but I’m sending a turn SOS to the aid of my DAB family to please pray for my son who’s having some big problems. They’re just too big for me to talk about right now, for my husband who has just been diagnosed with some tumors. I feel kind of overwhelmed but it’s not about me it’s about them and the fact that we need an intervention. We need God to come through. We are just asking that you guys just remember us in prayer. Thank you so much. Love you all.

5/15/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 17:1-18:4, John 8:21-30, Psalm 111:1-10, Proverbs 15:11

Today is the 15th day of May, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It’s great, wonderful to be here with you, as we throw open the door and walk into a brand-new week together, that is just calling us forward. We’ll write the story of our lives on this week, at least for the week of this year and this year of our lives. So, let’s choose wisely, let’s choose wisdom, let’s slow down and realize that she is at every crossroads. And one of the ways we seek wisdom is to immerse ourselves in the Scriptures each day and so let’s do that. We’re working through the Book of first Samuel and through the life of Israel’s first king, and we’ve seen some of the weaknesses that are really debilitating to Samuel and it’s kinda amping up, he’s getting more and more erratic as, well, as his image becomes more important than obeying God. It is leading him into some pretty dark places and it leads us in the same direction. But we have also met this young, good-looking, sturdy boy named David, who has been anointed king by Samuel to replace Saul, which, as you can imagine in Saul’s state, he’s not going to just be like oh good, good, now I can just go back to whatever I was doing before. He’s certainly gonna try to protect his kingdom and his dynasty. And so, it is inevitable that David and Saul are on a collision course. Today, we will see how David rises to prominence from obscurity, first Samuel chapter 17 verse 1 through 18 verse 4, today and we’ll read from the Christian Standard Bible this week.


Father, we thank You for Your word and this brand-new week that we are entering into and all of the things that we are learning and have yet to learn. And as we see the entanglement beginning in Saul’s life between David and Saul, may we find wisdom there, as we watch the story unfold, as we look into it and find situations that we understand, from situations that we’ve been in. We need Your counsel and You’ve given us the counsel of the Scriptures. We thank You for that, lead us into all truth, Holy Spirit, as we devote ourselves to the Scriptures and understanding. Lead us into all truth, we pray in the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hi, this is Victorious Soldier, just calling to pray for some of the DABers. I want to pray for Walking in the Light in Tennessee, she’s going through some challenges with her roof and with her son and with the father, she lost her father in the ministry. I’m gonna pray for my precious sister. I also want to pray for Radio Man, I wanna pray for him and the challenges that he’s going through. I want to pray for David, whose wife had a break down. I wanna pray for him. I also want to pray for the gentleman, who, I think it was his brother who was in the hospital, who was a welder and he’s gonna be in the hospital but I want to also pray for that gentleman. And give life and favor, pray life and favor to the DABers, that God will open doors and break down strong holds in life and in their children and family’s life. Gracious Father, we praise You, Lord we just ask you to touch Your, to touch my sister Walking in the Light, to touch Radio Man and to also touch David and his wife from Budapest. Father, I ask that You touch, I ask that You heal, I ask that You deliver as only You can. You are a God that can do anything but fail. I ask You to have Your way Lord. That You open doors that no man can close and that You close doors that no man can open. Father, You have Your way. You heal and You deliver. You set the captives free. Oh Father, we just ask You to have Your way in the sons light. In the name of Jesus. Oh Lord, You have Your way. Let Your precious will be done and we’ll give You the glory. We ask You to touch Brian also, and tell him thank you for the podcast and give You all the glory and honor and the praise for the victor has been won. In Jesus name. Amen.

Hello family, this is Justin. It’s May 12th and this is the first time I’ve called in. I discovered the podcast and I would just hope you all could pray for me. I’m struggling with some work burnout and anxiety and bitterness. It’s been a rough couple of months, there was a lot of disappointment, a lot of anger. In many ways it pushed me away from God. But now, that I’m coming back, I’m finding that I really, I have a lot of burnout, I’ve got a lot of anxiety and sometimes on edge. Kind of small things that would normally just you know, not lead to issues or getting me to panic, almost. I sometimes wake up at night you know, thinking about work. I’m just praying that you would help me to heal from these anxieties, these stresses, the burnout from anger and all these other things. And that God would either make my job more bearable, a list of these burdens or you know, open the door to something new that would bring life to me and help me to honor and glorify Him. So, I’m not sure if anyone else has been in this situation but I would appreciate your prayers because you know, it’s kind of rough and I thank you for your time and I thank you for your prayers.

Good morning, Daily Bible Audio, my name is Jesus, I’m calling from South Florida. And this morning I would like to pray for as sister who called on yesterday’s podcast May 10th. Her name, she goes by Light in Tennessee. And my sister, I am on my knees now praying, asking God to give you the strength to be strong for what you’re going through. To part the waters and help you remove the mountains that you face in front of you. My sister, I also am an recovering alcoholic. Just like you are being there for your son, the only support I have is my mother. They say a mother’s prayer is the closest we got from the blessings from God. Keep praying for your son. I pray that the Lord restores everything that you lost. With your car, with work, and everything. May you be restored. May the glory of God restore everything, everything that has been put aside from you, my sister. I pray this in the Holy name of Jesus. I myself, am in recovery. And I seek, I seek to be able to bring this light to many. Thank you so much for listening and pray for you, my sister, Light in Tennessee. Keep that light shining. Keep the light shining. Dark don’t know light unless we bring it in. In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, I pray restoration in your life. I pray for recovery, for abundance, that the Lord will sustain you under water, blessings just flow in your life. And that you and your faith continue to be strong. Light in Tennessee, shine, shine, shine as bright as you can. Brian, thank you so much for this Daily Audio, thank you for this podcast. Like you say every day after every podcast is done, I love you. That means …

Hello everyone, my name is Michael in North Carolina. Today, I’m calling on Thursday, May 12th 2022. To ask if ya’ll could please pray for me. For the last couple of weeks, I feel like I have just been dwelling in a sinful nature a lot and I don’t like it when I feel like it when I’ve been dwelling in a sinful nature. And it just feels like I’ve been, kind of rebelling against the Lord. And I just do not like those feelings at all, the dwelling in sin and you know, just like I feel like I’ve abandoned God even though I’ve been trying to tune into the Daily Audio Bible here every day but. Yeah, like I said, if ya’ll could please pray for me on that and also, I feel like sometimes I’ve been taking what the Lord has all the amazing things that God has done in my life for granted. So, if ya’ll could please pray that I just, you know, try to have a grateful heart. I’m just, you know, I really appreciate what you know, God has done and He sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. I’m really happy that you know, we can freely repent and you know, you know, turn back towards you know, focusing on God. And so, yeah, I can’t really think of anything else to say but I love hearing your guy’s prayers and you know, I’m trying to keep you all in prayers too. So, you know, yeah, I really appreciate this community. Thank you Brian, Jill, everyone else in the Daily Audio Bible family, than you God almighty. Peace out.

05/14/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 15:1-16:23, John 8:1-20, Psalms 110:1-7, Proverbs 15:8-10

Today is the 14th day of May welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is great to be here with you as we bring another one of our weeks to a close together. So, congratulations on that. We were looking out over this week just a week ago saying it was all new and how we have lived it and told the story and we just keep moving forward together. And, so, let’s do that. We’re working our way through the book of first Samuel and immersing ourselves in the life and times of Israel’s first king, king Saul. Today first Samuel 15 and 16.


Father, we thank you for your word and another week as we continue this journey and make our way into the center of another month. And we just keep moving day by day and you keep speaking, day by day through the Scriptures, through the guidance of your Holy Spirit, through the fellowship of brothers and sisters around us. We thank you. We thank you for what you have begun to speak to us in the book of first Samuel as we look into Saul’s life and as we watch and be more concerned with his image than with who he actually is or could be. May that be our story Father we pray. May we be image bearers of the most high God, and nothing else. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I will be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi Daily Audio Bible it’s Laura Lee in Boynton Beach I’m calling in to encourage and pray for Jeremiah in Michigan, Giver of Good Gifts. Jeremiah, I totally want to ask the Lord to continue to empower you to walk out that simple step of obedience to reach out after a season of boundaries that needed to be…I come from a lot of abuse, a lot of manipulation, control, greed, all of that. And with my mom having the dementia now that…that unforgiveness tries to raise itself up against the will of God __ nothing to love Him. And that looks different with parents, it looks different with siblings. And I just…Lord, heavenly Father You are able, and You are willing, and You will guide and strengthen each step of what that looks like. We have given up our rights to hold anyone accountable against what they do to us and we’re not responsible for their change but when they see what You’ve done in our lives may it be a great witness of Your great power, Your love, Your mercy and Your strength to do what reconciles, what restores, and what empowers love, which is always sacrificial because Your Son and His sacrifice and Your sacrifice of giving Him to us and the work of the Holy Spirit. All of that on our behalf when we didn’t deserve it, nor could we earn it. So, yes, I pray You bless the meeting with his parents. I pray that his parents have open hearts and open minds and open eyes in Jesus’…

Good morning DAB my name is Jesus I’m calling from South Florida and this morning I am calling on a prayer request for my sister Jones from upstate New York. She called for the prodigal children. I myself and in a waiting time and trusting God that He will bring my daughter back home. The situation at home where my wife and her couldn’t get along and that’s our daughter, that’s our blood daughter and she left…and she left, and she has been out of contact with us for a while. But anyway, sister Jones from upstate New York I am thankful that you called. Happy belated Mother’s Day to all of you. And I want to thank you so much sister Jones for having the heart and patience and trust in the Lord God that he would bring your children home. My children also, my daughter also has two boys and a girl and but she also knows the Lord and was just derailed by the ways of this world, you know. I pray…I pray for all the parents especially mothers who patiently wait on the Lord in the name of their prodigal children back home. And the Lord will give us the trust that we need and help and the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to pray not just for our needs for the parents that are waiting on the return of their children. Dear God oh Holy Spirit you’re the one left behind to guide us. I pray that you’d be the lead that we need, the guidance that we seek. As you hold within us the trust that we need to have in God to know that one way or another whether our children come back, may they just be safe in his presence God. I pray this with my heart wide open and…and thank you sister Jones for upstate New York for bringing your message and may the Lord guide your children back home…

Dear family and friends this is Heather from California. Just wanted to let you know couple things. First, my husband Dike who’s been at the hospital in rehab for a month, he’s coming home tomorrow praise the Lord thank You Lord and thank you for praying for us. And pray for him to be able to get home and be relaxed and help us with the caregiver and, yeah, that the Lord will watch out for Dike because I have a long room with my mom. Praise God her white count has got up. But we do have some issues that are going on with her liver now. The enzymes are pretty high. So, we need prayer on that that the enzymes…that the medicine works so that way she doesn’t have to be off of chemo for too long. And, so, I’m just so thankful to you guys. I can’t even sign you how blessed. Like 13 weeks has been so crazy and it’s gonna be crazy still because…anyways…it’s been crazy because my husband’s gonna be here and I gotta go take care of my mom and thank God for my sister-in-law Becky that she’s gonna help me with my mom because caregivers are very expensive. Oh, my goodness. Thank You Lord for family. I just want to let you guys know that I get up every morning and read with you guys, so I feel like I’m not alone. And I know that God is always there and always with me, and my family and I just want to tell you guys how much I love you. And thanks Brian. You are the best bud. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate your daily “I love you. We’ll see you tomorrow.” Thank you, guys. Love you.

Hi DAB family this is Joanna from this Pacific Northwest, and I am on a sick day today which is actually kind of nice. I’m just sitting at home drinking tea and listening to the DAB. And this morning I was struck by just how beautiful this community is that we’re from all different backgrounds and cultures and political sides and whatnot but we all can come together on our love for Jesus and our pursuit of His word and I just…I love that. So, I just wanted to pray and encourage you all this morning. Jesus thank You so much that Your…Your community is founded on I love for You Lord. Thank You that You have blessed You us beyond what we see in this world, beyond the limits that our culture and our understanding of each other has but Lord Your Spirit comes in unites us. You give us love and peace and joy and gentleness for each other. You give us healing and insight and such tenderness and compassion from You that we can share with each other. So, Jesus I’m just so glad to…so glad follow You, so glad for this community and for my church community. And we just praise You this morning Jesus. I pray this in Your name Lord. Amen.

5/13/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 14:1-52, John 7:31-53, Psalm 109:1-31, Proverbs 15:5-7

Today is the 13th day of May, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian, and it’s wonderful to be here with you today. Just like it’s wonderful to be together any day. Especially, centered around what we’re doing, which is to take the next step forward in the Scriptures, together. And so, truly, wonderful to be with you today, around the Global Campfire. We are working our way through the Book of 1st Samuel. 1st Samuel introduced us to Samuel and his leadership as the final judge of Israel. And then, we were introduced to Israel’s first king, that Samuel anointed, and his name is King Saul. And so, we’ll spend the rest of the time that we have in 1st Samuel reviewing the life of King Saul and some of his interactions with Samuel. And so, let’s pick up the story. We’re reading from the New International Version this week, 1st Samuel chapter 14.


Okay, so again, in the Book of 1st Samuel we are watching Saul and his reign and his style of leadership and once again, we’ve seen that he’s navigated himself into a really awkward position. And we know that Saul has a pretty profound fear of man, we’ve already been able to witness this day-by-day and today is no different. It’s just that the thing that he was trying to avoid, which is to look weak before his men, is the very thing that he navigates himself into. And so, Jonathan, the Prince of Israel, the son of Saul, decides to go check out what’s going on with the Philistines and he believes that the Lord has handed them into the hands of Israel. And so, they have this criteria and there’s a cliff and they climb up this cliff and a battle begins and Jonathan slays a bunch of Philistines, and that begins to cause an up roaring of the Philistine camp. And so, that amps up until the Israelites, including Saul, can hear that there’s commotion in the Philistine camp. And so, something’s going on. And eventually, they realize that they have a military opportunity to defeat the Philistines in this battle. And so, Saul makes all of his troop’s vow not to eat a thing until the enemy has been vanquished. It just turns out that fighting in hand-to-hand combat burns a lot of calories. And so, the men become exhausted and in capable of pressing into this battle further because they don’t have any energy. And eventually they’re so famished that you know, they’re killing livestock and just eating the livestock with the blood still in it, which is obviously against the Mosaic Law. So, Saul’s decision to be like, decisive in his leadership position, actually limits what is possible and what is capable to be done by…by the Army. Meanwhile, Jonathan, who started this skirmish, got the whole thing going, and initiating the victory for Israel, he doesn’t know about this vow. And so, he eats some honey and he is refreshed and restored until he finds out that there was a vow and he wasn’t supposed to eat anything. This ultimately comes down to Saul deciding that somebody in the camp has sinned and must die because they have sinned against the Lord in a way that is worthy of capital punishment. And in the end, the fact that Jonathan had eaten some honey comes out. And now, Saul is in this really awkward position because he has vowed that the sinner was going to die even if it was his own son, which it turned out to be in this case. And so, Saul is going to kill his son, the heir to the throne of Israel in order to remain this decisive leader. It’s just that, the men know that Jonathan brought about the victory, this all began with Jonathan and he didn’t know about the vow. And so, they stand against their king and say “surely as the Lord lives, not a hair on his head will be touched, it was God, through Jonathan, that brough about the victory”. So, Saul, probably was relieved that he didn’t have to watch his be executed but he also, ends up, looking weak, which is something that he’s trying to avoid, even if it would cost him his son. And so, we can see that these issues are pretty deep in Saul’s life and we’re not finished experiencing them. In fact, if we’re paying attention, this mantle of leadership that is on Saul, is beginning to really destabilize him. And it’s not to much of a stretch for us to consider what we would do to avoid humiliation or looking weak. And what kind of insecurities are destabilizing us.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for the story of King Saul. And we thank You for what it surfaces in our own lives as we consider. Certainly, we don’t have the type of decision to make like a king would, but we definitely experience the kinds of insecurities that Saul seems to have. And so, Holy Spirit, come and speak to us in those places. The erratic things that we will go to in order to avoid looking weak. The things that destabilize us to the point that we are constantly pretending to be something different that who we are. You have created us to be who we are. It matters that we are, who we are, in Your Kingdom. Help us to realize that we don’t have to pretend. You’ve invited us into freedom, may we walk in it. And we ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

05/12/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 12:1-13:23, John 7:1-30, Psalms 108:1-13, Proverbs 15:4

Today is May 12th welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you around the Global Campfire. Come on in. Find a place. There’s always room. And we gather here to take the next step forward like we do every day through the Bible, next day forward in life and in this year. And our next step leads us back into the book of first Samuel, where we have met Israel’s first king. His name is Saul, and we will be spending some time now moving through the stories of Saul’s life and there are plenty of things for us to learn along the way. So, let’s dive in. We’re reading from the New International Version this week. First Samuel 12 and 13.


Okay. So, we’re getting to know Israel’s first king, king Saul and I mentioned that there’s a bunch of stuff for us to examine in his life because it becomes a mirror into our own lives. And Saul as the king as a leader has a bit of weakness and that is the fear of man. He is very interested in what people are thinking about him, how things are appearing and that clouds his leadership. And that is not to say that leaders shouldn’t be aware or even concerned with what people that their leading think or feel. Like, that’s important. But Saul is the king. His loyalty is supposed to be to God on behalf of the people. But he’s more concerned with what the people are thinking and saying, then obeying God, which is not going to work out. Like, if there’s anything we’ve learned so far from our time in the Bible is that following those pathways, they don’t end up anywhere good. So, yesterday as Saul is anointed the king of Israel we found that the tribes…the tribe of Benjamin was called forward then the clan then the family and then Saul and Saul’s hiding. In today’s reading Saul’s son Jonathan, the prince of Israel has stirred up some trouble with the Philistines and so there’s going to be a battle and Saul has assembled some troops and they are preparing but Samuel had said wait until I get there for a sacrifice. Saul waits a week, notices that some of his men are beginning to withdraw. Maybe they have a little bit of a gossip session going around. Who knows, but Saul sees that his strength seems to be diminishing as the king while they wait for the prophet Samuel. And, so, Saul decides to offer these sacrifices to God in front of his men to sort of hold things together. About the time that he completes the sacrifice Samuel shows up and is wondering what in the world is going on, because God had commanded Saul to wait for Samuel. And, so, Samuel inquires, like what’s happening and that’s where we see in Saul’s defense. That’s where we see what’s motivating him. So, Saul says, and I quote, “when I saw that the men were scattering and that you did not come at the set time, and that the Philistines were assembling at Mikmash I thought now the Philistines will come down against me and Gilgal and I have not sought the Lord’s favor, so I felt compelled to offer the burnt offering. And, so, Saul basically gives his recipe for disobeying God, right? I mean, he saw that the men were scattering, that Samuel didn’t show up at the time he said, and that the Philistines were assembling at Mikmash and those three things together whipped up into his mind, allowed him to make a decision to disobey the Almighty God who had made him king of Israel. What is the recipe for us? What sets of circumstances would need to happen in order for us to override what we know is right in disobey God? What has to happen to trigger us to start doing things in our own strength again? Probably a lot less than an assembling army of Philistines. We are all guilty, but if we look into Saul’s life, if we see what happens right here we see that it goes nowhere good. Samuel replies to Saul, you have done a foolish thing. You have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you. If you had, He would’ve established your kingdom over Israel for all time, but now your kingdom will not endure. And he goes on to tell him that the Lord is looking for someone pure in heart, someone after God’s own heart, someone who won’t have a recipe for disobedience. And that is what’s going to happen. So, Saul just got anointed in yesterday’s reading as the king and in today’s reading it’s all over. Now, from today’s reading week we learn that Saul was 30 years old we he became the king and he reigned for 42 years. And, so, what Samuel is telling Saul that is going to happen didn’t happen that very day. It took some time to happen, but the idea that Saul would have a dynasty and that his son would sit in his place on the throne as king and then his grandson and then his great-grandson, and so on and so forth, Saul will be the only one of his family to ever be king. And, so, it allows us to just kind of wonder, what if Saul didn’t have that weakness? What if his heart was after God and obeying God above all things? What would this story look like? Which allows us to look at our own story and wonder the same kinds of things and those are worthy of considering. We’ll get to sort of see the answer to that question. It’s gonna take some time, but there’s gonna be another king, and the next king is a very flawed very human person but is a man after God’s own heart. So, not only do we have Saul as a mirror into our own lives and the things that we fear in the things that kind of pull us in all sorts of directions, but we’ll be able to contrast that with the next king. And it’s gonna to take it little bit of time like I said, but his name will be David and we’ll meet him soon and we’ll get to know him long before he ever becomes King.


Father, we thank You. We thank You for where we are in the Scriptures, we thank You for where we are in the yearly and we thank You for Your love and kindness and graciousness and compassion for us as we take this journey. And Holy Spirit as we consider even what we were just talking about today, what three things would need to happen for us to decide that the best move in our lives is to be disobedient to You and willingly do what we know is not right? That’s a hard question. It’s a very situational thing but the answer should be, we would never do anything. It would be the most unsafe thing to do, to openly rebel against You. And yet we’ve done that so many times we wouldn’t even be able to keep track. And thankfully You’re not keeping track either or we would be utterly doomed. But You have loved us and forgiven us and restored us and You continue to restore us, and You continue to sanctify us and set us apart. And, so, as we embrace that process, part of that is to reflect upon our own lives and our own motivations. What are we afraid of that would make us disobey You? Holy Spirit, we invite You into that question as we consider today, and we pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning DABber family this is the Burning Bush that we not be devoured for the glory of our God and king. I’m calling to wish China Jill and all the DABber family moms happy Mother’s Day. I pray to God that you’re having a blessed day, that you’re acknowledging the blessing that God has given to you to be able to birth humans on this planet or to parent humans on this planet. So, God bless you. For those who are estranged from their kids right now, I am praying for you that God will fill that gap in your heart and that God will warm the hearts of your kids towards you. I pray for healing in those relationships. For those of us who have lost our mothers and are struggling how to celebrate this day, I pray for all of you and all of us that God will continue to assure us of His presence and that He’s a parent of all the parentless. But anyway, I just wanted to share that with all my family today. I love you guys. Love you, love you. May God bless and keep you. Amen.

Hey, my DAB family this is big shoes tiny feet from Norway. I just want to thank you for the work you’re doing Harden family and also DABC for doing an amazing job. And it brings me really closer to God and it changes me every day. And also, I just want to shout out to God’s Smile in Cheeky Peter. You guys, you lift my spirit every time. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day I’m having you guys just cheer me up. So, just thank you for calling in and being who you are. Bye.

Mother’s days coming to a close and I hope that all you mothers out there have had a very blessed day, any mother who is not just biological there have been those who have been adopted moms. Some are waiting to be moms, and some are care givers for other children. Whatever kind of a mom you are may the Lord bless you and keep you strong as you continue to care for the children you love. Today I’m asking for prayer for my friend and sister, God’s Yellow Flower. She had to be taken to hospital by ambulance this afternoon and she may have had or in the process of having surgery at this moment. Her daughter and son-in-law are away on a cruise and it’s her son Keith with the fourth stage cancer and her two grandsons that are at home. She may be in hospital anywhere from two to five days. Could you please send a concert prayer up to our heavenly Father for her? This is a difficult moment. And, you know, she will be concerned about Keith and Keith will be concerned about her. But please just pray with me for her.

Father God thank You for this day You have given us. Thank You for the weekend. Thank You for all of the ways in which You have blessed us and all the opportunities we have had to serve. Open our eyes Lord to see what You are doing and how we can help. Help us to be salt and light. Help us to be Your ambassadors and to be a good witness to our communities and our work colleagues and our family. Please be at work in their hearts and minds. Lord, we lift up the care givers to You thinking especially of our brother David and his wife penny and son Zach. Thank You, Lord for their love and desire to help and to care. Please be giving them what they need. Lord, please be giving guidance and wisdom on what to do. We ask You just to be at work in the whole situation. We do pray for healing Lord and for restoration. Please be blessing their marriage and the other caring relationships out there. Please be at work Lord in just giving them what they need and restoring them and guiding them. In Jesus’ holy and precious name. Amen.

Good morning. First, I’d just like to say what a blessing and a gift from God this ministry is to me and how thankful I am to hear the word of God being read to me in this season of life. It’s just bringing great understanding and teaching me to really listen and pay attention. So, I’m so thankful Brian for your gift in this ministry to read the word to us. Thank you. Praying for many of you as I hear your voices and your hearts and believing and standing in agreement as you lift your prayer requests up to us and the praises. Just so thankful I can rejoice when we hear the praises and the testimonies. This morning as I heard the little girl call in about her brother, they had called a while back, and I just thought of the scripture, out of the mouth of babes God has ordained praise. And, so, this morning I stand with this little girl as she’s asking prayer for her brother who it sounds is a prodigal, that he would come home. And I was reminded that the Lord sees her brother and knows exactly where he’s at. And, so, Father, we thank you this morning that you hear the hearts of this little girl and her family, their prayers. You hear them. There’s not one thing that they care about that you don’t care about. And, so, we stand with her and her family today believing for the return of the brother, that his heart will be totally surrendered to you, living for you, and there will be a testimony behind their prodigal life that says you reached into the depths of his darkness and brought him back into the light. And, so, we thank you this morning God for his return in Jesus’ name. Amen.