3/7/2023 DAB Transcript

Numbers 8:1-9:23, Mark 13:14-37, Psalm 50:1-23, Proverbs 10:29-30

Today is the seventh day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian, it is fantastic to be here with you today, as we continue to move our way, step-by-step through the week that we are in, and through the season that we are in, and through the Scriptures, obviously, which is why we gather around the Global Campfire every day. And so, it is a joy to be in your presence today and all of us to be in the presence of the Lord, as we immerse ourselves in the Scriptures. So, let’s dive in, we are working on our way through the Book of Numbers, and we are observing everything get set up. There is a destination in mind here, that these children of Israel are to embark upon, a destiny, a place, it’s called the Promised Land, the Land of Promise. And now they are being equipped, not only for the journey but what things are supposed to look like when they get there. And so, let’s pick up the story today, Numbers chapters eight and nine.


Okay, let’s take a brief look at this Proverb that we just, that we just read. The way of the Lord is a strong hold for the honorable, but destruction awaits evildoers. The righteous will never be shaken, but the wicked will not remain on the earth. We read a Proverb like this and immediately gravitate toward the promise, the way of the Lord is a strong hold for the honorable, the righteous will never be shaken. And so, we hold onto those things, standing firm in them, believing that we are the honorable and righteous one’s, but there is a dark contrast here. The opposite is true, the way of the Lord is the stronghold for the honorable, but the way of the Lord is destruction for evildoers, the wicked will not remain on the earth, which gives us insight into what God is doing. God is putting back together what has been broken. He is restoring what has been destroyed. He is healing humanity from within, bringing humanity back into relationship with Himself. Part of that process is ridding humanity of the things that pull it away from how it was made, pulling humans away from God: deception, wickedness, evil. These things do not stand in the presence of God. God’s righteousness does not permit evil, evil breaks things. Wickedness is an adversary to redemption. So, we can certainly stand on the promises of God and the wisdom in the Proverbs, but we can just apply this to ourselves in our own struggles and trials and think that this is all about us. When actually we have a view of what God is doing, separating us from wickedness and destruction that we might be honorable and righteous. It’s not just about us getting through today and getting what we want out of this week. It’s about God’s work of redemption in the world that we get to participate in and that we get to open ourselves to, that we might be transformed. May we open ourselves fully to the voice of wisdom in our lives today and become more and more aware that what God is after is our wholeness and for us to be whole, that which is wicked, or evil must not be a part of our story. And He will come after these things and walk with us through these things, but sometimes we get ourselves entangled and if we actually want to walk into freedom, it will probably be a process that we engage in, that we stick to, that walk in a straight line out of bondage and into freedom. If we’re aware of what’s going on, then we learn to endure, which the Scriptures, that is such an overarching theme in the Bible. We won’t be able to escape it as we continue forward. So, let’s think about it today because it kinda brings up the posture of Jesus in our lives, we’ve watched Jesus do a lot of things. Most the time He asks, what do you want me to do for you? Do you think I can do this? Do you believe I can do this? Do you want this? It’s almost as if the question is being asked to us. Do you want to be free? Are you willing to trust the process?


And Holy Spirit, we invite You into that. Life can be so confusing that we just know when things are comforting and feel good, and we know when things are, bring anxiety and feel bad. And so, we have that pretty clear, and we fight against things that make us, make us anxious, make us feel bad. We’re supposed to cast these cares on You, but that’s more than just we need to get out of this feeling it’s like we need to cast all of this on You. It’s pulling us away. It’s pulling us around the margins of deception, it’s pulling us into places that we don’t belong, and we certainly can’t navigate without Your Holy Spirit. And so, we’re inviting You, that we might have eyes to see what You are doing in our lives and what You are after, what You are touching, what You are asking us to open ourselves up to You in. We trust You. There is no other hope. We are utterly dependent upon You, and we know this is true. But we functionally live so much of our lives as if were our own sovereign Lord until we get ourselves into trouble. May we walk with You on the narrow path that leads to life, along the paths of wisdom, wherever they may lead, knowing that if we are together walking with You, there is no other safe place to be. So, we open ourselves up to Your work in our lives, making us honorable, making us righteous. We pray, in Jesus name. Amen.


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Prayer and Encouragements:

Hello, my name is Rachell. I’ve been listening to Daily Audio Bible since I was a teenager but never actually stayed committed to the whole year. I always fell off. Never felt interested in trying to hold onto it. Except for these past few weeks, now, in my young adulthood. Trying to get back into it. Trying to remain faithful. And the Lord’s word has been such a comfort for me these past few weeks and what I’ve been going through. And I’ve been listening to the prayers at the end, I never done that before. And I’ve been hearing the prayers of other believers calling in and the words of encouragement. And it’s just been a blessing to hear. And I never really thought about calling in before but today, on the 25th of February, I heard a plea from a mother asking for prayer for her daughter, Tricia. And I know exactly what it’s like in Tricia’s place. I know exactly what it’s like to not want to live anymore. And I also know what it’s like in her mother’s shoes to plead and pray for somebody who doesn’t want to live anymore as well. I pray Lord that You will be with Tricia, to give her peace that she needs. And she will rely on You when she feels like she can’t walk anymore. She knows that You’re carrying her. I pray Father, that when the enemy tells her lies and deceit, she won’t believe it cause she finds her peace in You. I pray that You will put resources and loved ones in her path, God. And that she would just really trust in You, God. I pray that You strengthen her mother, during this time and give her the words that she needs to say to her daughter. Let her know that she is not alone in this, as well. I thank You Lord for all things You do provide. For all the prayers that have been said for Tricia.

Hi, this is Victorious Soldier, just calling to pray for some of the DABers. I want to pray for Bridget from New York City. I want to pray for David Browning of Savannah, Georgia. I want to pray for David Olive Brown. I want to pray for Selena a prayer for the lady from Haiti with the kidnap, a person that was ransomed. I wanna also pray for Soniya in Augusta, Georgia. I wanted to pray for the lady that was pregnant, and she’s got diabetes. I wanna pray for her and that precious little baby. I wanted to pray for the lady whose son came back, I think her name is Daphne, Walking in the Light. I wanna pray for her. I wanna pray for Jessica in Texas. I wanna also pray for, for like I said I wanna pray for Jessica in Texas and I wanna pray for the lady whose husband left her after 31 years. I wanna pray for that marriage, that God be in the midst of it. I wanna pray for the lady from New Jersey. And I wanna pray for Julie and Chris. And I wanted to pray for Neal from Georgia, his wife and the challenges that they’re going through. Gracious Father, we just praise You today. We just ask You to touch those names I called and some of the name I didn’t remember the name, but You know the incident and You know them because of what they’re going through. Father, I just ask You to have Your way. Oh, Father, in the name of Jesus. I just ask You to have Your way. I ask You to heal, I ask You to deliver. I ask You to bring back that spouse that left, that didn’t know, Lord. I ask You to touch that abusive one and deliver them Lord. Convict their heart and let them come and do what is right, Father. In the name of Jesus. Touch that young girl that went back to the way. And touch the one that didn’t want to say what it was about, but Lord, You know all about it. Father, we just ask You to touch. We just ask You to heal. We just ask You to deliver for Your DABers, Lord. They need Your help today, Father. We ask You for life and favor.

Hi, Daily Audio Bible family. My name is David, I’m from Kansas. And I’m calling in to ask for prayer. A little bit about my testimony, I was, my dad’s a pastor, a great pastor. And I had a strong faith growing up and but then after I graduated, I strayed, and I got so far from God, I couldn’t even feel Him anymore. I then came back, God woke me up, changed my life. Since then, I’ve had a brain injury that has left me with many different issues but one of the biggest is I am extremely anxious all the time. I have panic attacks often. Just because of what the possibilities of what this injury can do. I just, I found myself often doubting my faith and I teach the children church at our church. I help with a group we have called Awana’s, and I read my Bible daily, I listen to Daily Audio Bible, which is just been a huge blessing. I find myself understanding more and more of God’s nature. But in my moments of anxiety and weakness I seem to forget all that. And I, I just become very fearful. I just would ask for prayer for that. That I would remember in those times of weakness that God is with me, no matter what. I just wanna say thank you guys for your prayers. All that you guys do as a community. Thank you.

Hello DAB family, this is Sheila. Two really quick prayer requests. I am still looking for a job and I have an interview today. I just pray that God would find me the right job and that His will would be done in my life. I want to serve Him and please Him and I want to enjoy my job, I want to bless so many others. I want God to bless so many others through me. So, please pray for a job for me. And the second thing is really a big prayer request. All my family is Hindu. Only my cousin and I, really, became Christians, a while ago. We both came from a Hindu family and this past weekend we had an opportunity to witness to about 15 of our family members about Jesus and Christianity. Meanwhile, they were attacking us and trying to point out all the wrong things about Christianity and about Jesus and our beliefs. And they’re so prideful about Hinduism and all that they believe in. I just pray that God would bring each one of them to their knees and would humble them and would reveal Himself in a unique personal, supernatural way that God does. My cousin and I are just in prayer for that and there’s often so much persecution and attacks and we just pray that God would fight these battles and would water the seeds I’ve planted. Thank you so much for your prayers.

Good morning, Daily Audio Bible. I’m Tyler from Kentucky. I just wanted to say how encouraging you all are. The last 17 months I’ve been in jail, wrongly accused and innocent of charges. But while I was in there, I lost everything. But through the tablet at the jail that I could purchase, I was able to listen to the Daily Audio Bible, those 17 months. And through that and other sermons and stuff, I was able to grow closer to God. And I can’t say enough how much of a blessing to hear your all’s prayers and I hear Brian read the Bible. It’s took God to break me down to every, to below bare bones, just for me to get right with Him. I asked for you to pray for my marriage. We’ve been separated for about four years. Last week she said that she’s filing for divorce. She’s seeing somebody else and she’s beyond happy. And I don’t believe in divorce, and I will do anything in my power to save this marriage. I just pray and ask God that He do His will and do a miracle in my marriage for His glory. Thank you all. Bye.

Hi, I’m calling to encourage the young lady that said that she’s been dealing with mental challenges for all of her life. She hasn’t been able to keep a job and she’s dealing with anxiety and she’s on disability and she’s trying, you know, the disability is running out. I want to encourage you really quick to continue to do what your doctor says: take your medicine, in addition, take your medicine, go see your therapist, whatever you got to do. In addition to that, make sure you are digging into the word of God. Pull out God’s promises for you that He has secured for you in his death, burial and resurrection. Open your mouth and decree them over life on a daily basis, even if you have to do it by an hourly basis, if you gotta do it by a minute-by-minute basis. Decree these over your life. Continue, I already said continue, see your therapist but continue to see your therapist and make sure you plan. Make a plan to get back to work because you can do it. Declare over your life as often as you need to that I am free. That’ I’m, say it, say it out of your mouth, I’m free, I’m free from fear, I’m free from anxiety. And after you have prayed and sought God and you know, hopefully you have a support system or someone to talk to about anything that you can sit and pray with you. And even if you don’t ask God, God would just provide it for you. Do what you need to do even if you have to be afraid, do it and declare over your life that you are free and You will be declaring over yourself that you have overcome. You have a authority. Don’t be scared of the devil, let the devil be scared of you sister. And I love you and people at the Daily Audio Bible love you and are praying for you.