2/9/2023 DAB Transcript

Exodus 29:1-30:10, Matthew 26:14-46, Psalm 31:19-24, Proverbs 8:14-26

Today is the ninth day of February, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is wonderful to be here with you today. Coming to you today from Eilat, on the shores of the Red Sea. We have gone through our first full day of travel around the land of the Bible. We’re gonna be heading out for day two in a bit. What a joy to be coming to you from Israel, from the land of the Bible. And since we are community around the Global Campfire every day, for the purpose of moving through the Bible. So, let’s dive in, we’ll talk about what we were doing yesterday and what we’re doing, like what’s happening here in Israel at the end. But we’re at the beginning. Let’s dive in and take the next step forward. The next step leads us back into the book of Exodus where we are still with Moses who is receiving from God, the ordinances and statues, the laws that will govern and…and knit together this cohesive people, the children of Israel, who have come out of slavery in Egypt. And at this point God is revealing to Moses the priesthood and its function and how it works and what it represents. And so, let’s dive in, Exodus chapter 29 verse 1 through 30 verse 10 today.


Okay, so, it’s so interesting as we move Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs every day. It’s just so interesting to be in the wilderness with the children of Israel, as the laws are being given and to be out here in the wilderness with the opportunity to just immerse ourselves kind of, in the landscape and contemplate what is happening in the desert, like what is happening in the wilderness.

Then we move into the New Testament, and we are now…we are now in the passion narrative, we are in the last days of Jesus life and watch the story unfold and to be aware that we too will be able to walk in the footsteps that we are hearing about before this journey is over. It’s very meaningful and this is the first time that we are moving through this story this year. And I always point it out when we reach the passion narrative in the Gospels because we have four opportunities to look at this, and this being our first time through this year, may we really, truly immerse ourselves in the story. The story of redemption, the story of salvation. But as we look into the story, we realize that this story includes immeasurable suffering on our behalf. It’s the story of the great lengths God has been willing to go to the rescue us. So, we have moved through Jesus’s Last Supper and that is it. I mean, it’s the Last Supper and so it’s famous but that’s what it is, a last meal, the last meal together with Jesus friends, like they’re all around the table and this is the last time this is gonna happen like this. Everything that happens after this is gonna blow their worlds apart. It’s going to change everything. And it’s not that it’s a hopeless story but this is kind of the last moment that things are normal, at least, as they understand normal to be. Everything in their entire lives are about to change. And we follow Jesus into the garden of Gethsemane and He’s praying and we…we have to notice the humanity in these prayers. Is there any other way to do this, is there any way for this cup to pass but if not, then this is the cup I will drink. But I have walked around the garden of Gethsemane and I mean what is there is very, very, usually very overrun with pilgrims of people who also want to be there, experience it. So, it’s kinda hard to put yourself at night and it’s quiet and it’s dark and just to be there among the ancient olive trees. It’s that this scene and Gethsemane is so sad to me. Jesus, the Lord, who had come to reveal the kingdom of God and show that there is a better way to be a human being, that there is a way that this was all made to work where everybody gets taken care of and the world gets put back together again. And lots of people are listening but all the people with the power wanting to snuff Jesus out and here He is crying out to the Father, do we have to do this, and the answer is, we do, and we will certainly continue forward with the story tomorrow. But may we take it to heart, may we immerse ourselves in it and allow it to be inside of us, transforming us. And so, Jesus, we love you, we thank You here as we chase down Your footsteps and see with our own eyes some of the things that You would have seen, some of the hills and the valleys and the waterways that You would’ve seen. May this come alive to us, whether here or virtually, connected to this me this comes alive to us, may we immerse ourselves in the story of Your last days in Jerusalem and may Your Holy Spirit draw us deeper into the story of salvation. We pray, in Your precious name. Amen.


Alright, so, on our first day of traveling we left the Mediterranean coast and the ancient Philistines city of Ashdod and began to travel kind of southeastwardly. Our first place that we got to get off the bus and kind of visit and see some ancient ruins is the very ancient city of Beersheba. And Beersheba goes all the way back into the book of Genesis in the time of Abraham. So, we’re talking about very ancient ruins. Beersheba is kind of like in a transition zone where things are becoming more and more arid, the further south you go, the more the desert becomes a reality. If you keep going south and you are in the open desert, it’s not a concept it’s the real deal and it’s a barren wilderness. But Beersheba, sits in a transition zone. And so, we’re able to look around at the ruins but also, just imagine how a city like how a city an ancient world without electricity or anything like that can survive and the need for a…a constant source of water and how it was that they provided for that. And it’s not anywhere near open desert but if there were nothing developed anywhere be this vast and empty wilderness space. And so, to think of Hagar and Ishmael being sent away, they were sent into the wilderness of Beersheba where Hagar hears directly from the Lord, and she declares you are the God who sees me. So, in Beersheba were like a literally stepping into the book of Genesis and moving from there. And so, we spent some time there and kinda got ourselves prepared for moving into the wilderness and talked about what the wilderness represents in our lives and that’s a lot of the things that we go through with the children of Israel as they’re on their wilderness journey, are things that we will need to contemplate as well. What is the wilderness represents in our lives. And so, we began it and put our hearts in that space as we were able to experience the wilderness itself. We were able to visit a beautiful overlook, that gave us a glimpse into the wilderness of Zin and it’s a panorama that’s large enough for us to kind of imagine what it might be like for hundreds of thousands of people to be down in the wilderness and how they would have, like you get the sense of the impossibility of the situation, you get the sense that they couldn’t survive on their own and you can see that one of the lessons of the wilderness is they were utterly dependent upon God to survive. And it’s from the wilderness of Zin that the spies were sent to scout out the promised land, the story that we haven’t come to yet in the Bible, but we certainly will. And then we were able to have lunch with actual Bedouin people and enjoy brushing up against that culture, hearing little bit about it, enjoying a meal, enjoy hospitality. And like, it’s in a tent and you’re sitting down on…on these mats and eating as your seated, you’re not at table and you look out the flap of the tent and you see camels and dirt and dust, and you realize I'm…I’m in a totally different kind of place than I’m used to, like this is very different. And just kind of immersing ourselves in the fact that we’re here, we’re in the wilderness, we’re experiencing, like this is a happening. That’s awesome. And then, yeah and then a good-sized chunk of road to move all the way down to the very, very southernmost part of modern-day Israel, which is at the Red Sea. We have a favorite place down there, there’s a Kibbutz, which is kind of communal living, which is a vast understatement but a collection of people together in common for the community and they are dairy farmers and so, there’s like fresh ice cream there and it’s just some of the best that I that I’ve had, maybe it’s just being there, but it, I love the vanilla ice cream there. And so, hopefully, we’ll get to do that again today, but little restroom break, stretch the legs maybe have a little bit of ice cream and then all the way down to the Red Sea and on the banks of the Red Sea as the sun is setting we’re able to really exhale and really appreciate where we are and it’s remarkable to just kind of become aware of, I’m here, literally looking at the border of Egypt, like I am here. I look across the water and that is the country of Jordan, look further south, and that’s Saudi Arabia like I am here. So, after experiencing that, then of course going and checking in and getting settled into our hotel and having dinner and I that was day one, we have come as far south as we can go and we have experienced two of the major bodies of water, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Before this day is over, we will experience the Dead Sea, but we’ll talk about all that tomorrow.

I’m just reminding you that this Saturday, so the 11th we will have made our way, all the way up into the north into the Galilee and that evening, Saturday evening about 7:30 PM, which is gonna be like back in United States that gonna be during the day, so we’re all over the world. And so, every time zone that’s pretty tough just Google local time in Tel Aviv and then make the adjustments to where you are, and you can figure out what time it will be where you are when it’s 715 in Israel. And we are planning to do a Facebook live we do this every time we calm, we all get together as a group. It’s a little bit of a debrief where we just cannot unpack a little bit of all the things, we’ve been experiencing in all of the things we been drinking in because it’s like drinking from a fire hose. And to be seen by friends and family from around the world him for the Daily Audio Bible Global Campfire community come in and be a part like were all in this together, we’re going through this together and we’re able to answer some questions just share some stories, so make some plans for that. That will be a Facebook live at the Daily Audio Bible Facebook page which is Facebook.com/dailyaudiobible that we will look forward to seeing you then.

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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hello, this is Prodigal Princess in Massachusetts. I’ve called previously with reports of how my dad had introduced me to the DAB, while I was in the throws of some serious drug addiction, some hard-core substances. And I was in early in recovery and there were several callers who called in and had encouraged me and I just wanted to thank you for that and thank you for your prayers. And I wanted to report that I’m almost 2 and half months clean and sober off of heroine and pentynyl or any IV drug use. I have been working in the field. I’m going through some things, professionally, some toxic work situations. Things that are out of my control. I’m trying to figure out, you know, what is in my control and what is out of my control and what kind of council I need to receive and how I should act and be pro-active. And unfortunately, as an individual in recovery, it is a population that is often marginalized and mistreated and I’m going through some of that. And I’m just praying for strength and trust in the Lord. And whatever the outcome may be professionally. And I also wanted to give a praise report regarding some educational opportunities that I’ve been able to pursue and request. I need to enroll in one more class and I missed the adjunct deadline because of medical issues and pray that …

Good morning, this is Ms. Van from Virginia. It is February 4th. I’m just calling in to pray for those that are grieving, those who have lost children, loved ones. Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus, that You are a restorer, Oh God, in our brokenness. You said that many are the afflictions of the righteous, but You know how to deliver them from them all. You will deliver from them all God, so we look to You, the deliverer, Oh God, we look to You, the one that we can come and lay all of our cares upon You because You care about us Oh God. In their pain, Oh God, that they feel Oh God, that there will be no more joy, Oh God, that they may not be able to recover from the pain, Oh God. But as You did for me, You are still able and will do for others because You’re not partial. You are the faithful creator, Oh God. Even in our faithlessness, Oh God, You do not change. Oh God, every promise You have made toward us, Oh God, for our healing, Oh God, You are still able and will carry out every word. You’ll watch over it, to perform it concerning those who are hurting. You’re the Lord of our comfort, the Lord of our mercy. Oh God, I pray, Oh God, that You will go out today and restore and bring peace. Turn the mourning into dancing, as You have done for me, Oh God, as You continue to do for me, do for others, Oh God, who are hurting today, who are in despair, who are weary in their well-doing, Oh God. Turn it around all things to work together for the good of those who love You and who are the called, according to Your own purpose, Oh God. Come, Oh God, and let Your presence be felt in their lives this morning. In Jesus name, I pray…

Hi, this encouragement is for Mike in NYC. This is Mike in Hampton Roads and I just wanted to reach back and encourage you brother that yes, forty years young, your kind of at the halfway point and definitely life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it. So, I just pray that your responses will be in a way that helps you make goals and plan your time and do things that will glorify God and align yourself more with Him. Find yourself that family, the community that will help you grow and prosper. I pray in Jesus name.

I look around my mountain home, to see what I can see
And I see a pattern clear as day that Autumns just like me
Fallen leaves leave barren trees.
I need You Lord. I’m on my knees begging You to help me please.  
Because I need relief from this disease. And just like these trees I’m baren too
And I don’t know Lord, just what to do, but I do know the answer lies in You
Because only You can make my life new.
My prayer sincere, my heart is true, without you Lord, I know I’m through
Fall, just like those Autumn leaves, my life was stripped away
Possessions, friends and family too my value, strength and pay
My hopes and dreams impute your schemes with change right before my eyes.
To accommodate my selfish whims, my pockets full of lies.
Just like leaves to from green the gold, to red and then to brown
I was flying high and looking good, but now I’m on the ground
Slowly turning into dust that soon will blow away.
Help me Lord to do Your will and help me as I pray
Help me just like You helped the trees to make it through a storms
The snows, the winds, the bitter cold and all of winters norms
And help me see the springtime again, the rain and golden son
Help me bear good fruit again when that healing time is done.
I love you Lord with all my heart, my body, mind and soul
I surrender my all to You, Let Your will unfold.
blindtony1016@gmail.com Once again I’d like to thank Brian and the Hardin family for this wonderful podcast for God’s Holy Spirit to flow, keep it flowing ya’ll. Okay, bye bye.  

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family, this is Blessed One in AZ. It’s Saturday, February 4th and I’m so blessed, so happy to be loved by God, by Jesus. If I could just ask everyone for prayer for my family. We are, seems like flaming arrows being shot at us. My daughter, her name is Michelle, her family is fractured right now. They’re experiencing separation, mental health issues and suicidal tears. My brother was just recently laid off from a 14-year job. He’s a good man. And my grandson is struggling with mental issues and he’s only 11. I have such faith and such love, and I have God in my heart. They all know God but they don’t KNOW God. If I could just ask for prayers that, for God to come into all of their hearts. For them to start leaning on Him for their solutions. That He always makes things right. And right now when this storm is happening, I look to the Lord for salvation. I know He’s going to take care of this, I just, out of this whole situation, I want them all to know the Lord. I want them to know the Lord. So, please pray for my daughter Michelle, my granddaughter Tatum, my brother Jeff and my grandson Ashton. Please pray that they learn to look to the Lord for their problems. I thank you all for your prayers. I love all. Thank you for being here for me and I’m so blessed to have this community that I can count on. Have a blessed day.