1/22/2023 DAB Transcript

Genesis 44:1-45:28, Matthew 14:13-36, Psalm 18:37-50, Proverbs 4:11-13

Today is the 22nd day of January, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is wonderful, wonderful to greet a brand-new week together and step into it together, as we gather around the Global Campfire and move into this brand-new week. And as we so often pay attention to, it’s a brand-new week, everything that has gone before is in the past, it’s a brand-new week, it’s a reset, it’s a restart. Whatever we failed at last week, we don’t have to fail at this, we can learn we can amass wisdom, we get discernment, we can pay attention. We get a fresh start and so, let’s walk into this brand-new week together with a hope, knowing that nothing has happened yet, it’s all out there in front of us. And what we do will write the story of this week, what we say will write the story of this week. May we navigate this week wisely, using wisdom as the Scriptures are so abundantly making clear to us that we need to do. So, let’s do that. One of the ways we do that is to immerse ourselves daily in the Scriptures and take the next step forward together. And that next step forward together leads us back into the book of Genesis and back into the story of Joseph. We have gotten ourselves very deep in the story of Joseph and so, Joseph is now seeing his brother Benjamin. The other brothers they had to come back they ran out of food and the famine is severe. Joseph is second in command in Egypt, and he gets to see his little brother who he hasn’t gotten to see. Like his whole childhood was taken from Joseph and he had to suffer through slavery and imprisonments before he became a commander, second in command and all of Egypt. So, he never got to grow up with his little brother and now he’s seeing him. He’s got all of the brothers in his house; they’re having a meal. He arranged all the brothers in their birth order, they’re astonished by this, they know something’s up. They believe they’re being judged for what they did to Joseph and it’s at that meal that we pick up the story, Genesis chapters 44 and 45 today and we will read from the Common English Bible this week.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for this brand-new shiny week that we get to walk into together, as a community here around the Global Campfire but together. We’re all sharing the same piece of history. You’ve allowed us to all be here on earth at this time and we thank You. So, as we move into this new week, we invite Your Holy Spirit to come and direct and bring clarity and correction and comfort into our week and into our lives. And these things that are looming out in front of us, the things that get us all knotted up inside and bring anxiety and worry, may we remember how this week started in the Scriptures, with You walking to Your friends on the lake, and they are scared, they are worried and frightened. And You said, be encouraged, it’s me, don’t be afraid. May we carry that, be encouraged, it’s me, don’t be afraid, every moment as we navigate this new week. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Good morning, everybody. Hey, it’s Annette Allison from Oklahoma City. Man, this is gonna be like a weird thing, I actually have a praise report and you’ll see why it’s weird. So, I’ve been helping out with the VA disability claim, and I finally got one. And it took a really long time, so I got kind of discouraged. You know, like one day it just finally all came together. And I’d been kind of putting off getting my ID card and getting signed up for the health stuff. Because I was like hey, you know, I’ll just save that for somebody else, you know. I got, my own health and you know, and insurance and stuff like that. And it was just one day the thought crossed my mind, you just need to get on down there and do that thing. So, I did, and it turned out like here’s my ID card, it was like a wife with one of the guys I work with. And she knew who I was and she’s like telling me all this stuff. And she goes, hey, I’m gonna walk you over here to the health, where you sign up for the health stuff. And I said, I don’t really need that. And no, no, no, come on let’s go. And it was like, it was so cool. And then the person there, he helped me out, got me all signed up and he’s like, hey, let’s get you signed up for your appointment. And I’m like, ah, you know, I’m all good. No, no, no, come on, help me. Let’s just get this done. Everything was just so kind and so nice. It’s like, I didn’t really want to tell them no. Right, so, anyways, I did it and here’s the blessing part. So, I get down there and gotta do all this lab work and hey, we’ll let you know if we find anything funky. Course I wasn’t expecting nothing, you know, I’ve been good. And two days later, I get a phone call and the guy says, hey, this is so and so from the pharmacy. We’re gonna get you hooked up on all your diabetes medicine. Turns out that I have type 2 diabetes and didn’t even know it. I had no idea. It was a shock, but I knew there was something kind of wrong with me, but I didn’t know quite what. I mean besides mentally of course, you know. But it was like, man, they got me hooked up. And I feel so good. I could not believe how sick I actually was until I wasn’t. And I thank God for everything and it just, it was such a God thing, the whole way through. And I just wanna give Him thanks and praise for this blessing because some people might say, well, what a death sentence and I go, uh uh man. I feel, it’s like the biggest blessing of my whole life. So, I just wanna give God thanks and praise for taking care of me and looking out for me. So, I love you guys and you know if you’ve got those symptoms boy, you don’t know what’s wrong go, go and find out. Maybe it might be just like this and turn out so good for you. You know, you never know. So, I love you all. Have a wonderful day. Bye bye.

Hey family, it’s Valiant Val, we just heard our girl Lisa aka Philippians 4:6. I love that verse. Be anxious for nothing. Hey sis, I don’t know if I’ve ever shared my life verse, it’s Philippians 2:14, it says, oh Gosh, do everything without complaining or arguing. Good luck with that family. Let’s gather around this campfire right now. She’s our friend that has terminal cancer. But we know that God is able. Sis, your request is that you can stay in the hospital until your family member or friends come through for a place to stay. So, right now, let’s go before the throne and ask for that. Lord God, right now, we come before You, we lay it all at the cross. God, we shall be anxious for nothing. And in that Lord, we are believing that she can stay in the hospital Lord, until she can get into the care providing situation. And Lord God, there is nothing too hard for You. So, Heavenly Father, if it’s Your will, Lord God, heal our friend. Heal our sister in Christ, Father. Take this cancer from her body, Lord. Let her be a miracle, Lord Jesus. And God, if You see it to be another way and You’re ready to take her to glory, God, let it be as pain-free as possible, Lord. Please, in the name of Jesus. I love you sis. Muah. I’m praying for you.

Hi Daily Audio Bible family. This is Pamela, previously Refined by the Fine from Pennsylvania going by, Living Life Victoriously in Pennsylvania. I am being so encouraged by listening to all the wonderful love and care being shared on the community prayer. And just wanted to call in and encourage all of you as we lift one another up in prayer and encourage one another. I just want to say a brief prayer for us. Father, we come before You in the mighty name of Your son, Yeshua, Jesus Christ. You, Lord, are great and greatly to be praised. We come together boldy before Your throne of grace to find mercy and grace in all of our times of need. I thank You and I praise You for this community of prayer warriors, that we can come together and lift one another up and pray believing. We lift our voice to You and You hear our voices. And we eagerly watch to see Your answers to our prayers. I thank You and I praise You Lord. And I ask all these things in Jesus precious name. Amen.

Good morning, this is John Ransom calling from Budapest. Specifically, for you, Lisa, from the West Coast. You know, struggling with stage 4 cancer. And I was listening very intently to everything you asked for, praying for you. I know you meant for every need you have, not only for this intermittent week but for complete and utter healing. You know, I went through cancer, I went through Lymphoma, an entire year. And chemo and the whole thing. To the extent that the chemo knocked out my immune system and I need two weeks to be in isolation to have my immune system restored, you know, with stem cell therapy, etc. So, I truly know where you are at and I also know how the Lord appears in the middle of that situation. And I, my heart was glad when I heard that you see God in this situation. And nevertheless, I was very, very touched when immediately following your message, another woman called in and prayed for everyone suffering from cancer. And I joined her fervently in that. I want you to know that I’ll be praying for you from this point on as the Holy Spirit nudges me, reminds me. You know, you’re not alone. I had the Lord speak one clear message the day of the diagnoses, He said, I am doing a new thing. And I said, ok, Lord, I trust You will do it. And in the worse chemo, at three o’clock in the morning, He woke me up and I felt Jesus standing to the right of my bed. So, I pray for this intimacy with Him, and I pray for your complete and utter healing in His glorious and precious name. Amen.

Hello, this is Bonnie from Virginia. I was very thrilled to hear a boy who was 15 years old. He didn’t leave his name when he was encouraging other teenagers. And today is Wednesday, January 18th of 2023. I really get excited and very encouraged whenever I hear the children and the teenagers and young adults requesting for prayer and encouraging others. I am promising that I will pray for you, 15-year-old. God’s son, it’s very encouraging to hear that you being in that age, encouraging other teenagers. Life is long and there may be many challenges coming in your life, also. So, I will promise that you will be strong in God’s faith and will keep on encouraging others and be strong in His faith. Remember, we love you and it thills to hear that these teenagers are listening to DAB and making there __ to God. Thank you.