01/15/2023 DAB Transcript

Genesis 31:17-32:12, Matthew 10:24-11:6, Psalms 13:1-6, Proverbs 3:16-18

Today is the 15th day of January welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is great to be here with you today as we greet a brand-new sparkly week. All of it is out there in front of us, all of it is a story to tell, and we will tell the story with the decisions that we make this week. And one of the best decisions that we can make this week is to immerse ourselves in the rhythm of the Scriptures each day and allow them to speak to us and inform our choices. And, so, let’s dive in. This week we will read from the Christian Standard Bible and picking up the story where we left off. We are now with Jacob who is desiring to go back to his homeland. His wives have agreed and they’re trying to figure out a way to do it with as little drama as possible. And, so, that’s where we pick up the story. Genesis chapter 31 verse 17 through 32 verse 12 today.


Father, we thank you for your word and we thank you for bringing us into this brand-new shiny week out in front of us. And as we begin this third week of the brand-new year we thank you for your presence in our lives, your kindness, your guidance, your patience with us. And we pray Holy Spirit that as we move into this week and as we gather around the Global Campfire every day and take the next step forward together that you would lead us into the truth, that you would plant the words from the Scriptures in our lives, that they would challenge us and transform us in the way that we think actually in all of our thoughts and all of our words and in all of our deeds. Come Holy Spirit into all of this, we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Coming soon… In Nicaragua doing missions work and will post when I return.