09/07/2022 DAB Transcript

Song 5:1-8:14, 2 Corinthians 9:1-15, Psalms 51:1-19, Proverbs 22:24-25

Today is the 7th day of September welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you today like it is every day always taking the next step forward together. And our next step for leads us to part two of what we started yesterday, which is the song of Solomon, the song of songs. We will conclude the song of songs today. And it’s our tradition around here and has been for…my goodness…how long…a long, long time that when we get to the song of Solomon my wife Jill joins me and we read through it all together. So, we began that yesterday, and we will conclude today with song of songs chapter 5 through 8.


Okay. So, even as we conclude the song of Solomon and continue our journey through second Corinthians it’s the psalm today, a psalm of repentance. And understanding the back story of this Psalm of repentance is poignant and leads us to consider our own repentance. And, so, as the story goes, because we’ve already moved through the story when we read to the books of Samuel, second Samuel, in particular once David has become the king. Remember first Samuel sort of deals with King Saul. David is in the mix, but he spends a lot of his time trying to stay alive because Saul is trying to kill him. By the time we get to second Samuel, David, becomes the king of all Israel. And the troops are off in battle. David has remained in Jerusalem. He wakes up from a nap. He is out on his front porch overlooking the city, and he looks down and sees a very beautiful woman bathing and he wants her. And, so, he takes her. He is the king. Her name is Bathsheba and David gets her pregnant and she happens to be married and not just married anybody, married to one of the most loyal and capable servants that David has. Bathsheba’s husband’s name was Uriah, Uriah the Hittite. And David does all kinds of things to cover this up, what he has done and this pregnancy. He brings Uriah back from the battles and tries to send him home to his wife where he can take comfort. And if that can happen then this whole thing can probably be covered up. Only David and Bathsheba will know. It’s just that Uriah is a righteous person, a loyal person to death. And, so, in the end try to cover this up David sends Uriah back to the front lines with a note to the general to put him where the fiercest fighting is so that he might die. And he does and Uriah is killed in battle. That is a dark sordid story, a really dark story for a person who is known to be the friend of God, a man after God’s own hearts. But he certainly wasn’t in that posture when he did what he did. And eventually Nathan the prophet comes and confronts David with the story about a little sheep that was part of the poor man’s family, when a rich man came and took that sheep and fed it to unexpected guests. David, here’s the story and is furious about it, about the injustice of it until Nathan spins it around and says, you are that person. And it hits David full square in the mouth, the full weight and scope of what he has done. And David pens this psalm. It cries out, “purify me from sin with hyssop and I will be clean. Wash me and I will be whiter than snow. Let me hear sounds of joy and gladness, let the bones that you of broken dance. Hide your face from my sins and wipe out all that I have done wrong. Create a clean heart in me oh, God, and renew a faithful spirit within me. Do not force me away from your presence and do not take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore the joy of your salvation to me and provide me with a spirit of willing obedience.” Understanding the back story, the inspiration for this song makes it so poignant. And truth be told, there’s probably none of us that have reached these kinds of depths. Very likely none of us have that level of power. David was the king. That’s how he was able to perpetrate what he did, but he did have the power and he used the power for evil. And when he realized it, he realized he had been trying to cover up his sin by sinning even more, He tried to cover up one evil with a greater evil and cover up that evil with a greater evil and it just kept getting worse and now he’s confronted with what he’s done and there is no way to cover it up. The only possible way is to fall in surrender and repentance and beg God to create a clean heart out of the dark blackness that he had created. And, so, this is a beautiful and poignant psalm of repentance that we should be familiar with. And like I said, we probably haven’t reached these depths where we can have the power to do the kinds of things that David did and then even commit basically murder by proxy, murder by battle, putting Uriah in a position where he would surely be killed. We probably don’t have that kind of power. But we have power to create darkness, blackness. We have the power to do what we know is wrong and then take one evil and try to cover it up with a greater evil, only realizing that we are compounding things and creating a cage that we can’t escape. Repentance is the only way forward. Repentance is all throughout the Bible. Repentance gets pounded a lot, maybe even to the point that it becomes noneffective when we hear about it or even cliché, but it is a constant and necessary part of the faith journey. Repenting means to change your mind. Like that is literally what it means, to change your mind and go in a different direction. And, so, when we begin to realize that we’re compounding things we can immediately realize we’re not going in the right direction. Repentance is required. We have to change our mind and go in a different direction. If we don’t become familiar with repentance, then we keep compounding the problems and we will eventually destroy ourselves. And, so, let’s take this opportunity as we move through Psalm 51 to look inside and invite the Holy Spirit. And if we remember this was David’s plea, take not your Holy Spirit from me. And, so, let’s invite this same Holy Spirit within us to reveal to us the things that need to change, the ways in which we need to repent. Psalm 51 shows us a lot of things, including the posture of heart that within David, but it also reveals to us that there’s nothing too horrible that we can’t repent from. There isn’t a dark blackness that cannot receive the light of truth. There’s nothing that can’t be restored if we’re willing to change, if we’re willing to repent. And as we know from reading through second Samuel, David eventually married Bathsheba. The baby that she was carrying, they lost the baby. Later, they had another child. His name was Solomon, and he would grow up to become the king of Israel. God will redeem anything that He touches. Let’s not keep things off limits from his touch. Those things are leading us in a way that we do not want to go.


Holy Spirit, we invite You into that because even as we’re talking about it, as happens so often, little things that are going on in our lives come to mind. And there are a myriad of things going on all over the world and all of our different stories and lives in cultures, but we all know it all bubbles forth, and we can begin to see the ways that we need to change. In fact, not just need to change must change, which is by definition repentance. And, so, we begin that process with this prayer. We repent. We humble ourselves. We are crushed by what we see in the side it is leading us astray further away from You and further into the darkness. We have to turn around. We have to go in a different direction. And we start that with the first step right now. We repent. And we invite You Holy Spirit to continue to shine the light of truth into the dark recesses of our hearts surfacing things that need to go away, things that we need to turn away from. Come Holy Spirit into this. May this be the first day of a new beginning where we walk away from what is torturing us and encaging us and imprisoning us. We pray this in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey People on the Water it’s Shayna from Saskatchewan. I just heard your dad call in saying he just dropped you off at college and I thought that was pretty awesome because we hear from you, but I don’t think we’ve ever heard from your dad. Anyways, I work at a university, so I know what is like. I see every day what new students go through, and we just started up too, so. So, Heavenly Father, I want to lift up to You people on the water. Lord, will You give him peace while he starts this new chapter in his life. Will You be with him, will You guide him and will You stay at the present with him? He’s such a warrior for You, God and I just…I…I don’t ever wanna see that falter. I don’t ever want to hear that he’s too busy for You or too busy to do Your work. So, Lord, I just ask You to bless his school year. And please provide him any provisions that he needs while he is there. In Jesus’ name. Amen. You’re gonna do awesome. Shayna from Saskatchewan.

Good morning, Daily Audio Bible family this is Christine from the NC US calling to lift up a fellow DABber in prayer. I apologize. I’m not 100% sure of your name. I heard your prayer request a few days ago and it hasn’t left me yet and I meant to call in then, but I haven’t. I think your name was Jalen, but I’m not sure. But you said that your psychologist or psychiatrist was retiring and that you were devastated, that you didn’t know how you were going to do life without this person. I just want to lift you up in prayer. Lord, I just pray for this fellow believer. I pray for healing in her heart, mind, and soul God, that she would come to know You and walk with You more closely than ever before. I pray that You would become her hope, that You would become her everything, that You would be the one that she leans on. God, I know that we need help along the way, but You are our only true hope and our only true strength and everything we have comes from You. Sister, I pray for you. I pray that you. I pray that you would allow God to heal you in the areas to where you’re insecure, that you’re afraid, that you feel like you can’t do these things, that you can’t do life. I pray for spiritual eyes and ears to hear and see the work of God in your life, that you would know the strength He has given you to carry on. I pray that you would find fellow believers as friends that would either be more mentors to you or be in the same boat that you are, that you could encourage each other. I pray that God will bring other people in faith…

Hey, DAB family, this is Alexa calling from just outside London, UK. And I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone for all your prayers, because honestly, it is a miracle of God that has happened, that my grandma who was in multiple organ failure and we were told that she only had a couple days left, it is a miracle of God that she is still living. She is still breathing. My mum was able to fly out to Uganda to see her, to be with her and that’s such a blessing to her, you know. I prayed. You guys prayed and we prayed that God would give peace in this situation and that if it wasn’t the Lord’s will for my mom to make it out there on time, that He would give her a piece and as my grandma transitions into glory. But God is good and He’s enabled her to go out there and say her goodbyes, which was really important for her. And, so, I just want to thank God for that. I also want to give praise and thanks because she travelled on some really dangerous roads and it’s rainy season out there and the journey was about 12 hours and there was so much favor. She was given a car for free. Someone else __ the car for her. She was given a driver and she made it up. And even though they arrived at 3am in the morning she made it up and into the village and to the hospital __ and had my grandmother waiting for her. So, I just want to say thank you. I want to give glory to God for what seemed impossible. And I’m grateful. I love you guys.

[singing starts] In the morning when I rise. In the morning when I arise. In the morning when I rise give me Jesus. Give me Jesus. Give me Jesus. You can have all this world. Give me Jesus. When I am alone. Oh, when I am alone. Oh when, I am alone give me Jesus. Give me Jesus. Give me Jesus. You can have all this world just give me Jesus. And when I come to die. Oh, when I come to die. Oh, when I come to die give me Jesus [singing stops].

Hey Daily Audio Bible family, this is Travis from Alberta, Canada. This is for Shayna from Saskatchewan. You were on the podcast today asking for prayer for the guy that’s come into your life, he has to do…to do some time. And you know, I just wanted to get on here and pray for you. I also have a friend that is getting sent in this week. He’s looking at some time. And though I’ve had friends who have gone into…have gone into prison and God has completely changed their lives. And, so, I hope like this is something that God uses just to bring you all closer to Him. So, I’m just going to pray and just know that somebody is out there thinking of you both and praying for you. Heavenly Father I praise You and I love You and I thank You for Shayna. And God, I ask that You would just watch over her and her guy, Lord, that You would be with them as he does his time, God, that You would just meet him in those walls, that You would meet him there, God, and You would draw him closer and closer to You, and that You would also draw Shayna closer and closer to You oh God, that Lord this would be a time of getting closer with You and not running from You. Lord, watch over them. Take care of them. Draw them nearer. Protect them. I pray this all in Jesus’ name. Amen. God bless you.