6/18/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 19:1-21, Acts 12:1-23, Psalm 136:1-26, Proverbs 17:14-15

Today is the 18th day of June, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you today and every day, another step forward is what we’ve come and gathered around this Global Campfire to take, and so let’s take that together. And, of course, that next step takes us back into the book of first Kings, where we are really dealing with King Ahab and his interactions with the prophet Elijah. Some of those interactions have included a mighty show of force from the one true God, who answered by fire on Mount Carmel and which led to the end of 450 prophets of Bale. Ahab’s wife Jezebel is a Bale worshiper and she’s very serious and devout about it. So, she’s going to have to find out eventually about these prophets, let’s pick up the story, first Kings chapter 19.


Father, we thank You for Your word, we are grateful for the gift that it is in our lives in the direction that it brings. Holy Spirit, come and plant what we’ve read, all of the different stories that we are moving through and these amazing things that are happening. And as we continue to read and understand and grow in our understanding, plant it deep in our lives so that as we navigate our days, the Scriptures are there, reminding us of what we know. Lead us by the power of Your Holy Spirit. You are the only true God, and we are watching how You are manifesting Yourself in these situations in the Scriptures and those give us examples for how You are working in our lives. May we recognize and follow Your lead. We ask, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Morning DAB family, this is Brian calling out of Florida. I’ve been listening since April. I think this app is amazing and I’ve been sharing it with a couple of my family members. I think it’s great, everybody should be listening to it. But today, I actually made an account and I wanted to leave a recording and I wanted to ask for prayers of discernment and grace and patience and just wisdom. I’ve been a manager at a construction company for the last eight or nine years and the companies been sold and it’s a great company. I make great money and I’d like to change careers, so, I can have more time with my family and just more good in my life and that’s gonna require me to make a major pay cut and lose my benefits until the foreseeable future. And I feel in my heart that it’s the right decision and everybody that knows about it, is pressuring me to stay with the major company but the stress really gets to me and I never see my family. And I’m just in a really bad spot right now, I feel trapped. I just, I just feel like I’m in a hole and I just need, I just need some kind of wisdom I need prayers. I need something, to just send an answer to me and what I should be doing. I’m just very confused right now. And thank you, thank you.

Hello DABers, this is Steve from Texas. I was listening to Steve, Stephen, Leila and Danny. The, this is June the 14th and he’s battling, he has no custody on the daughter and he has no money. And he hasn’t seen his kids in 4 months. And I’m lifting up Stephen and the Lord’s hand. I pray Lord that you console his heart and give him the shalom that surpasses understanding. I’ve been through what he is going through and understand Lord, the pain and the outpouring of his love over his children, Lord. And I pray Lord, that You maintain that relationship, despite all the hurdles of the court. I pray for Your divine intervention, Lord, in his life. In Jesus Christ name.

Hey DAB family, this is your sister Ashley from California. And I am calling on June 14th and I wanted to call and respond to the brother, who was on at the very end of today’s reading. My heart broke for you brother. I know that for me, during the pandemic and through COVID, my life went from one path to, it went, it felt like it went to a downward spiral. And I’ve released that and I am so sorry, my heart breaks for you with where you’re at right now with your daughters. But as I finish listening to you, there was a, I’m driving to work but I saw this truck that said, real men love Jesus and the license plate said L-Roy. And brother, I just want to remind you, I just want you to know that God see’s you and He hears you and He loves you, He is for you and He, I know it’s hard. I don’t want to throw a bible verse at you to say, just to like, put a band-aid on it and like, and like make it all better and that’s not gonna happen. But if you keep turning to the Lord and you keep honestly crying out and letting Him know how you feel and then turning to Him and turning to His word and coming back to hear Him, He will heal, He will help you. And that will be for your good and His glory. So, I just want to encourage you brother. Take heart, be strong and encouraged, God’s got you. Love your sister Ashley in California.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible. This is Laura in HeverHill. Today’s the 14th day of June. I just heard a gentleman, the father of Stephen, Leila and Emmy. Lord, I hear a broken man. A dad, whose heart is desperate to see his children, to provide for his children. Lord, everything that is going on in the desperation of this family, You know. I pray Father, for protection for the girls, wherever they are. I pray for this father, for his needs to be met. And Lord, I pray Father, I thank You that he’s seeking Your face. I thank You God that he is turning to You. Lord, I just pray Father for amazing grace and mercy and peace and strength and restored joy to this family. Father, please guide and direct his steps and his ___ I pray in Jesus’ name.

Hi, it’s Sparky. I liked to pray for the father of Stephen, Leila and Emmy. Bear with me brother, if I cry with you. It is very heartfelt and there are a lot of us dads that can feel like you sometimes. So, go ahead and pray together. Father God, I ask that You give this man strength. I ask that You reach deep down into his heart, help him to know that those kids love him and adore him for every piece of time in his life that he has spent on them and for them. Father God, I ask that You give strength to this gentleman, I ask that You help him to rise up and be the strongest piece of iron that You have ever laid hands on when it comes to his faith and his strength. He’s been gone a while, Father; he’s walking back and he’s falling on his knees before You. As another father, I am on my knees with him, praying that this situation will sort itself out. Lord, I ask that You give him the peace and the encouragement, the same encouragement that Peter had when he fell short, so many times and he was walking with Jesus. But Jesus still, grabbed him by the hand and said, you haven’t been gone to long, stand up and walk with me. I love you brother. It’s in Jesus name we pray. Amen.