09/15/2021 DAB Transcript

Isaiah 19:1-21:17, Galatians 2:1-16, Psalms 59:1-17, Proverbs 23:13-14

Today is the 15th day of September, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s wonderful to be here with you today as it is every day as we come around the Global Campfire together and take the next step forward in the Scriptures which will lead us back into the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament and into the letter to the Galatians in the New Testament. And we’re just getting going in the letter to the Galatians. But first, we’re reading from the English Standard Version this week. Isaiah 19, 20, and 21.


Okay. So, in our reading from the letter to the Galatians today we were beginning to see the whole scenario be unpacked again, a scenario that we’ve seen before. The issue of the Jew Gentile, the Jewish believer in Jesus and that Gentile believer in Jesus and the incompatibility, at least in the understanding of things that this was and the tensions that arose because of it. Tensions that we’ve talked about before, right? Tensions to the point that the people were taking vows to assassinate Paul. So, pretty…pretty big tensions. So, let’s just at least get the lay of the land, because Paul does a bunch of disclosure about his own personal testimony, his own story in his own writing today. And according to Paul by the time that the letter to the Galatians was being written he had already been 17 years into his faith journey. And what he claimed was that the gospel he received he received from Jesus in person and not anybody else. In fact, he provides details that he only met Cephas or the apostle Peter once and that was 14 years prior. And then he claims that the only other apostle he ever met was Jesus’ brother James. So, the gospel that he received that he is teaching that we are reading from and deriving New Testament theology from, Paul claims was given to him by direct interaction, direct revelation from Jesus. At the same time, the church, the Jewish church, the Jewish believers in Jesus are also growing together as a community of faith. They have convictions. They are beginning to form doctrine and they’re not completely compatible. And, so, we see in the…in the book of Acts the Jerusalem Council which we talked about a number of times, deciding how and what a…a Gentile who wants to come to faith in Jesus, how they need to behave. And it’s…it’s different because they don’t have to stay in the traditional Judaism customs or rituals or holidays. They have to do different things. So, it’s like a couple of different ways to get there depending on your ethnicity. So, we can understand then why there would be a little bit of tension over who gets to be right, and we can see then why certain people traveling around the Roman Empire would visit some of Paul’s churches to at least bring the other side of the story. Of course, Paul thought it was inflammatory and divisive and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it in order to preserve the gospel that he had received by direct revelation from Jesus. Meanwhile the super apostles, as Paul calls them in second Corinthians, they’re kind of like, yeah, but we knew Him. We walked with Him. We saw Him do what He did. We have direct revelation from Jesus as well. And beyond just religious persuasion or faith conviction, Jews and Gentiles, they were not friendly toward each other on the regular, right? Jewish people were separate and separatists and they ended up marginalized because of it, but they also looked at Gentiles, especially Roman Gentiles, like Romans, the people in control of the land, they felt occupied. They felt segregated. Roman citizens had rights and privileges that the…the Jews did not. And, so, the Jews being separatist anyway had healthy or dismissed trust for the…the Gentiles, the Romans because they had power over them. So, opening your heart like that in faith to walk alongside somebody could be really risky. If a whole group of people in power are prejudiced against you and your people, then you kinda stay on guard. That’s true of a couple of thousand years ago. It’s true of a thousand years ago. It’s true today. So, as we look at this and see that it’s kinda convoluted and pretty messy we can go like, Okay. I get…I get it. What’s Paul after here? What’s he so worried about if people decide they want to get circumcised and want to kinda take their faith in that direction and still honor the Lord Jesus and revere him and worship him, but they also want to observe Purim or Yom Kippur? Like, what’s the big deal here? Ironically, the big deal is over freedom. All of the tension is about freedom. Paul’s gospel, the message that he’s preaching is that the Mosaic law was fulfilled in Jesus Christ and there is no need to try to live up to it anymore. You can observe it, but it’s not your way to salvation. It’s not going to make you righteous. Jesus did the job. Through Christ, through faith, through grace we are made righteous, which is the good news. The news that you are free and through faith you can be made righteous before God, and not just righteous but grafted into the family of God so that you might call God Father, Abba pappa, daddy. This is good news. We who are listening right now, we know this is good news. And yet this good news in a number of ways made some of the tenants, some of the core understandings of Judaism obsolete. And, so, that…that’s where we land today in our reading from the letter to the Galatians. We will continue forward tomorrow because now we’ve got the lay of the land. And, so, Paul’s argument about faith, freedom, justification, grace, these things have a backdrop now, a context as we continue to take steps forward tomorrow and the day after and the day after and the day after for all of the days that God will let us keep going.


Father, we pray that that’s many, many, many, many more days and years. We thank You so profoundly for knitting us together as a community around the rhythm of the Scriptures in our lives each day and we thank You for where we are in the year as we encounter these letters from Paul and as we explore what the people were thinking, what they had to wrestle with. Because so often we’re wrestling with doubt and anxiety and all kinds of stuff and we cast it upon You, but we often pick it back up and we have kind of an existential angst underneath it all the time. Are we doing this right? Are we believing this right? Are we on the right path? And it’s so helpful to see that this has been a struggle. Many people from the very beginning and asked these hard questions of their own hearts and looked deep, deep within for where You are leading and guiding and illuminating the truth. So, come Holy Spirit, that is our prayer, that the light of truth would shine deeply into our hearts, revealing what is false so that it might be removed, but also revealing what is true so that we might hold on for dear life. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi everyone, it’s Christy from Kentucky I wanted to welcome our new sister Natalie from Arizona to our DAB family. Natalie it was no coincidence that this was the first app you saw because girl you are on an adventure of a lifetime here. We have been together for a long time, and we welcome you into our family. Look forward to hearing from you a lot. And, so, just wanted to tell you that you we love you sister and we’re glad you’re here. I also wanted to call in today to pray for our sister Lisa. Lisa your phone call broke my heart. And, so, I wanted to call in and pray specifically for you today. Father we love You. We praise You Father, God. We give You all praise and glory Father for waking up this morning. And Lord so many people find themselves in the midst of storms. But Lord Your word tells us that there will be trials in this world. And Father Lisa finds herself today in the midst of a storm where she feels alone. And Father I just pray that You will touch and comfort her Lord Jesus. I pray that she will be still in Your presence Father God, just feel Your love surrounding her. You’ll never leave us You’ll never abandon us. That assure promise. And Father I ask that You touch…heal her body Father. Bring her back to restoration the way she was before January Father before this horrid, horrid virus touched her body. Lord we ask that You annihilate away from her body. Father we ask You to take it from this earth in Your precious name Jesus. We thank You for our sister, Lisa and we pray that she feels the blessing that You have made her to be, not a burden. She is a blessing, and You have her here for this time for a reason. And, so, Lord, I just thank You Father that You are with her…

Hey DAB family this is Jasmine calling from New York now. I just wanted to call in today just to…just to speak on what I've…what’s been going on this week. So, I’ve recently just started my new school year this week, which is on September 8th, and I just knew I felt the Lord telling me that this is like the time where I will be testing my faith and how close I am to Him. And it really has come to pass, and I notice that I’ve been actually like slacking or procrastinating on reading the word and eating God’s word. So, I just wanted to tell you guys for those…I just wanted to pray for those who may be starting a new job or just school in the past coming month week or a couple of days. I just wanted to pray for you guys because it is hard when new things come up in your schedule for your daily life. So, Lord heavenly Father I just pray today that You just help us to refocus ourselves onto You Lord. Help us to not draw near other things but You Lord. I pray that You just comfort us give us peace and give us the courage to follow Your purpose and do Your will and obey You each and every day. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen. Bye.

Good morning family this is Kim from Kentucky and it’s Sunday morning September the 12th and I’m out walking and just been listening to DAB. And wow psalms 56 today. David a man after God’s own heart how he confessed that there was times when he was afraid but he chose to trust God. And yesterday a sister talked about, you know, trusting someone is just you learn that by spending time with them. And we do that day after day as we hear the faithfulness of God. That’s something that I…comes to me quite often. One of the attributes of God is God is faithful. And I remember today because it’s been 23 years since my husband passed away from a brain tumor and moved to heaven. And God has been faithful for 23 years and 365 days and 24 hours a day and 60 minutes out of an hour. And I have had some fears, but I have chosen to turn back to God and put my…all of my trust in him like David in his word. And He has proven himself faithful over and over again. So, wherever you’re at in this moment of time and whatever you’re going to I pray that you reach up to God because I know He will reach down with His faithful hand. He’s good like that. He is so good like that. Be blessed family. I love you all.

Good morning this is Denise from Cali and I’d just like to pray for that last caller. Today is August 12th, 2021, and the caller who prayer…who asked for prayer for his son who he had to commit into an institution for him threatening his brother. Father God I just lift up our brother to You Father, God and Lord I pray for strength, I pray for comfort and peace over him Lord. I pray for his son Father God, that You will restore his mind back to sanity Father God. I pray Lord that…for divine intervention to be in that situation Father God. And carry up Your guardian angels round about him Father God. I just come against these…this spirit of depression in the name of Jesus, this…this spirit of anxiety in the name of Jesus and I ask that it be loosed in Jesus’ name. And I released Father God. Father God I ask Lord that Your peace will be upon him Lord Father God and that You will restore his mind back to sanity and that You will restore this family Father God, the relationships, that You would just heal these…the relationships of the brothers and the father Father God. And I thank You Lord. I thank You that You are our healer, and You love us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hello good morning DAB family my name is Victor here I’m talking from my country Nigeria I’m from Nigeria. Family I just joined the DAB new family. I…you know with the program __ in my country living in my country’s it’s just like __ and I’m still a youth. I found out like…I realized I’ve really __ from my Creator. So, I just have to…I just have to find my __ find my way back to God. That is when I downloaded the DAB family app. __. I just wanted you to know to put me in prayers because I really really have lost my way to God and I’m trying to bring myself back to him and I want children of God to put me in your prayers to be very successful. I tried everything every day of my life __ to make sure I’ve become successful, and I’ve achieved sometime in life. Please children of God __ DAB family and everybody just please put me in your prayers. I want you to put me in prayers. Help me find my way back to God and help me __ so I can know what I’m doing with my life, and I can be a successful person. Thank you DAB family. I really do appreciate. And it’s nice joining the family. Everything above the DAB app and every scripture and daily __ messages. And everything is just in moderation. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much I love you all and I love the author the publisher of this. Thank you.