08/15/2020 DAB Transcript

Nehemiah 9:22-10:39, 1 Corinthians 9:19-10:13, Psalms 34:1-10, Proverbs 21:13

Today is the 15th day of August welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you as we seal another week up and continue to move forward because the only way is forward. And, so, this week, yeah, we live into this week and then it becomes a part of our history and we start over again with a shiny sparkly week that we get to live into. But now we are at the conclusion of the week so let’s take that final step for this week. We’re reading from the English Standard Version this week and we’re back in the book of Nehemiah. Today chapter 9 verse 22 through 10 verse 39. And just by way of reminder we’re in the middle of a prayer, the law has been read to the people, great repentance is happening, a great revival is happening, and we’re in the middle of a prayer.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we are grateful again at the end of another week, we are grateful again that You have brought us this far. We’re still here. The days go by and they add up to weeks and we realize we’re still here, You are still sustaining us, You are still guiding and directing us. We…we would have lost it all, including our minds by now without You, and yet You are here Fathering us, being patient with us, helping us grow and mature. And, so, we acknowledge this as we end another week. You have been faithful, and You have given us what we need, and You have instructed us, and our role is to trust You. And, so, as we release this week, we trust You, and as we look into the new week, we trust You. There is no safer thing to do. There is no safer place to be. Everything else is in our own strength and we are not strong enough. But You are the most-high God our Father and we trust You. And, so, come Holy Spirit well up from within, lead us into all truth, lead us forward in the name of Jesus we ask. Amen.


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The Prayer Wall lives there and a fantastic resource. Day or night no matter where you are in the world somebody’s praying and you can always reach out and you can always participate. If you can’t sleep, go there. Find out what people are asking for prayer for, pray for them. If the burdens of your life are keeping you up, maybe that’s a place to go and offer your story so that others might shoulder the burden along with you. So, that is a fantastic resource in the Community section. Check that out.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey, family this is Dave from Colorado I was wondering if I could ask for some prayers for my nephew Richie. He is right about 40 years old and his girlfriend Tammy, they’ve been together probably like 20 years something like that. She was on a waiting list for several years for kidney, you know, attached to the dialysis machine and not really able to go too far from home, but she finally got the kidney and that was January last year and then, you know, things are looking better. She was able to go to the mountains for the day or go camping, you know, she was just starting to kind of enjoy life. Anyway, yesterday morning God decided to bring her home during her sleep. I guess I suppose it was painless but my nephew he is just devastated and so are her kids so if you could pray for them that would…that would be awesome. I appreciate that. And also, White as Snow, I heard your call last week and it sounds like not only you don’t have to struggle with all those doors anymore but kind of sounds to me like God opened one of them and got you in a little better position. Anyway, I just wanted you to know you’re going to be in my daily prayers now. You know, as a fellow truck driver I know what it’s like out there on the road. Anyway, I guess that’s it for today. I love you all family and I appreciate you all so much. We’ll talk to you later.

Good morning DAB family this is Rebecca from North West Arkansas. I’m calling to pray for Jude from Maryland that has gone to the hospital for COVID symptoms. You called in and you’re going to the hospital and you wanted to pray for other people and I just think that is precious and I just wanted to pray for you. Dear Father we pray right now that You would put Your hands on Jude, and that he would heal her completely, that You would give her Your Holy Spirit and the strength of Your Holy Spirit in her. Help her feel that and help her know that You’re with her. Be with her doctors and nurses. I pray that You would protect all the doctors and nurses that are taking care of COVID patients right now and that You would give them strength, give them what they need physically and help them have the rest they need. Lord I pray that You’ll also be with all the children going back to school and be with their teachers. I pray that You would protect them from this virus and help them to learn in a health and safe environment. Lord thank You so much for DAB and thank You for Brian and his family and all those who participate in making this a wonderful podcast. We love You and we thank You Father and we praise You in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hello Daily Audio…Audio Bible family this is Theo I was led by God to this…to this site and to this Prayer Wall. Thank you, Pastor for everything that you’ve done. I’m new to this, just a few days old to this site, and I absolutely have fallen in love with it. Thank you for the brothers and sisters that have been praying for me since I’ve posted my prayer request on the Prayer Wall. And I’ve attempted to reach out to others that need prayer also. And just continue to pray for me for protection and healing. And I really need it. And I just want to say how much this has changed my life and my walk with Christ. And I just want to say that I appreciate everything that every…everyone is doing just loving and caring for each other. So, I just want to say thank you very much. And as I said in the Prayer Wall, a little bit of love and a lot of prayer goes a very long way and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much. God bless you.

Hi family at Shannon from Texas and I need some prayer today. I know God transcends time. S,o the simplest thing happened this morning and I am losing it because I feel like I’m just losing it because of everything that’s going on. I lost a credit card and I feel like the world falling apart. So, I know that this little thing is pushing me over the edge like this…I am just not doing well. So, I’ve been taking care of a sweet little six-month-old baby boy that screams constantly. I’ve been finding myself just getting angry over prayers that are answered and just hope deferred. So, please pray that I find that card and that I just…just for me overall. Thank you. Love you.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family this is Sunset Cindy in Washington I am a first-time caller. I just started listening to DAB and actually last month, July 17th and I am so thankful that my cousin, shout out to my sweet cousin for suggesting this. She could tell I was struggling with some, you know, loneliness and isolation and things that are happening during this COVID crisis that were in and out it’s so helping me to focus on other things, focus on the things of the Lord and give me an opportunity to hear His word and listen to people all around the world. It is astonishing the connection I feel with all of you. And I just wanted to pray for Valerie who’s also a new listener. I was listening today it’s August 12th. She is calling in to say she’s trying to catch up as I am also trying to catch up. I would love to catch up with all the rest of you. I know I’ve got a long way to go. It’s August and I…I…but I’m almost through January as well. So, I’m just praying for her. And also, Jude I heard you call in about going to the hospital and praying for your COVID symptoms that you would be well and 100% and all of the medical providers that are helping with this crisis. I would also like to have the family pray for my immediate family. I have a family member who’s in…extreme anxiety attacks are happening to his mental…you know it’s just really affecting him mentally…

Hi family this is __ in __ South Africa my message today is for Valerie. Valerie, I heard you call in today on August 12th and I just wanted to say welcome. I always get so excited when I hear a new voice on…on DAB and it’s just, yeah, it’s just amazing to have you as part of the family. So, yeah, 2 and ½ weeks you’re in there, you’re going and I just pray that God would…would sustain you and help you to…to reduce the number of ebbs that you mentioned, ebbs and flows, and increase the number, the amount of flowing daily hours of routine and with purpose. I’ve been listening to DAB for about 10 months. It’s just changed my life in so many ways. It’s just blown me away and just continuing to do so daily. It’s hard work listening and…and concentrating and I’ve been writing notes and trying…I’ve got hundreds of questions because the Bible is a tricky book but it’s just wonderful to…to be able to…to learn daily to be able to enjoy Brian’s incredible teaching and the way…his explanation of Scripture and I just pray for…for enormous joy for you and purpose and focus as you continue on this journey and pray for strength and comfort for you and, yeah, just once again thank you for phoning in. It’s wonderful to hear your voice and I pray that God would bless you richly on this journey. Lots of love. Bye.