08/17/2019 DAB Transcript

Nehemiah 12:27-13:31, 1 Corinthians 11:1-16, Psalms 35:1-16, Proverbs 21:17-18

Today is the 17th day of August. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it’s lovely to be here with you as we end another one of our weeks together. And even as we end this week together we will be concluding another book, the book of Nehemiah today, which will lead us into new territory as we begin the new week together tomorrow. But where here now, this is today, and we’ve been reading from the Good News Translation this week and so that’s what we’ll use to conclude the book of Nehemiah today, chapter 12 verse 27 through 13 verse 31.


Father, we thank you for your word, we thank you for allowing us to spend another week together in it, and as we close this week, close the books on this day, and let the week become a part of history, the only thing that it can do, we look forward to all that you will do as we transition into the new week, but we also, Holy Spirit, ask you to come and help us not get ahead of ourselves. We’re here now and this is the day that you have given us, a day on this earth to enjoy your presence. So, come Holy Spirit plant the Scriptures in our hearts and lead us into all truth as you promised and we ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi, it’s Sherry from Kansas. I was born again, I was almost 28 years old and I didn’t know much about God, but I knew when He came into my life and the night I got water baptized I woke up in the middle of the night talking out loud and I thought, “what…who’s waking me up?” and then I realized it was me and I wrote down what I was saying and it was a poem that the Lord gave me and a lot of these things I didn’t know it because I wasn’t raised in the church. So, I just want to recite that for you. K.

I bore your sins in sorrow I bore your sins in shame
I bore your sins upon the cross I took all the blame
that you might walk with head up your eyes toward the sun
the wounds about my body proclaim that it was done
and in you, lives the victory health prosperity and gain
let all the world look upon you I have not died in vain
You are the light of the world and that light must shine
to let them know everywhere that I have called you mine

When I got to that last line and the Lord said “I have called you mine” I wept because for the first time in my life I felt someone wanted me, that I belonged somewhere. And I just hope if somebody doesn’t know the Lord that they hear this and realize that God is who He says He is in the Bible and that your life will completely and utterly change for wonderful when the Lord comes into it and you’ll know, you’ll know. And dear Rebecca I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and I know that many people are praying for you. And, gosh, I just cried. So, I’m praying for you to and may many, many…

[singing] Jesus I need you every moment I need you. Here now this grateful heart sing out your praise forever [singing ends]. Hey everybody it’s Margo from Australia in Liberia and today I am in need of some prayer and I’m feeling a bit frustrated. So, I’ve got just some health problems going on and I don’t think it’s anything too serious but it is making me feel a bit miserable and I feel like, yeah, frustrated and I feel a bit powerless because the opportunities here for, you know, diagnosis and even treatment…well they’re much more limited than what I’m used to and I’m not really sure what to do. And I don’t know that I’m gonna get an answer and it’s getting to me a bit. I have got a trip planned back to Australia in December. I think I can just wait till then and try to get it sorted well I’m there but in the meantime, it is making me feel a bit awful I am frustrated. So, yeah, could you pray for me because I feel like this could really be an attack of Satan because it’s making it hard for me to keep on doing what I’m doing here which is the Lord’s work. So, yeah, he won’t win, Satan will not win. I would love it if you could pray. All right. Love you all. Bye.

Good morning this is PG from NC, I’m calling to pray for Jessica from Michigan, she called in on August 1 we heard it on August 6th, and I’ve been praying for her daily since then and I felt like today we should all pray for her. So, let’s pray. Lord we thank you for this 19-year-old college student that who for a long time didn’t have a community of faith and today you’ve surrounded her with one as she’s entered into college and Lord she’s also found that in the midst of that there can be doctrinal differences that have really challenged her not only her relationship with them but somehow it’s changed and challenged her relationship with you. And, so Lord today I just pray for her. God I pray that you would strengthen her, God I pray that you would help her in several ways, Lord I pray first off that you would send her mentors, God mentors that have walked in the faith longer than she has, longer than her peers have. God, I pray that you would send her people who can encourage her and speak the truth and help her rightly divide the word. God, I pray that Lord you would help her to not read the Bible as an intellectual work but that she would read it as the relational invitation that you intended it to be. God, I pray that Lord that you would help her to avoid questions that would be created in her mind, Lord the Socratic method that surrounds her and other college students’ questions…science…it questions philosophies and theories and even religion, but God I pray that it would not create questions to her faith. Lord that’s the same thing that occurs in Genesis 3 and I just pray that you would guard over her, watch over her. God I pray that you strengthen her and encourage her. Lord anything that she needs to hear truth from, I pray that you would speak it to her, and I pray this in Christs name. Amen. Blessings everyone have a great day.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible my names’ Alicia and I’m calling today to ask for your prayers. I’m an alcoholic and I’ve tried for years to do this on my own to stop drinking and I prayed but I really need your prayers too that God will take this affliction away from me. Thank you.