07/20/2019 DAB Transcript

2 Chronicles 1:1-3:17, Romans 6:1-23, Psalms 16:1-11, Proverbs 19:20-21

Today’s the 20th…I was gonna say 21st. Sorry. We are at the 20th of day of July. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian it is good to be here with you today as we end another of our weeks together. And we just keep pushing, one day at a time, day by day through all of the Bible which brings us to the fact that we finished the book of first Chronicles yesterday and we will enter the book of second Chronicles today.

Introduction to the book of second Chronicles:

And there’s not a lot to say about second Chronicles that we haven’t already said about first Chronicles because these were one contiguous text at one time other than just like first and second Kings, first Kings ends with the death of David and then second Kings kind of begins with Solomon’s reign. Chronicles is similar. We read of Solomon ascending to the throne yesterday and David’s charged to him about building the temple of God and David passed into history. So, with second Chronicles we begin with King Solomon’s reign. We’ve been reading from the New Living Translation this week, which is what we’ll do today. Second Chronicles chapters 1, 2, and 3.


Father, we thank You for Your word, we thank You for another week together in Your word, and as we continue to move forward through the book of Romans we are seeing the good news of the gospel laid out in plain text and we thank You for this, and we ask Holy Spirit that we not just move through this and be like, “yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know” because we don’t know. The implications of what You’ve done for us are earth shifting, they are monumental colossal changes that are supposed to colossally irreversibly change us. And, so, if we kind of look in the mirror and say, “yeah, I’m kind of struggling with all of the old sin. I am still a slave to that”, well, then we are not living the good news of the gospel and all of the benefits and all of the blessings that come with it. So, help us Holy Spirit to get our minds off of all the chaos and responsibility and obligation and all of the things that are going on in our personal lives, all the things that are going on in our world and to get our hearts and minds focused on You so that we walk through this world with You in it but not of it. Come Holy Spirit we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi Daily Audio Bible family, this is Diane Wyan and I wanted to call in today to pray for the woman who called in but did not leave a name, but she had left her job and was living with a man who is sexually abusing her, and she did not feel she had any way out. I prayed a long time to Jesus sister to try to find the right words to help you but I just felt like they couldn’t find any that I thought did justice. Ironically, my husband who is not a Christian, told me a story that I think might be the Holy Spirit just trying to relay a message to you. My husband told me that he had read an archaeology article about a big stone cross in Europe that sits in the middle of the forest. He said that the article is saying that there used to be stone crosses everywhere around Europe in the middle of the most unlikely places and that these crosses were placed there to help people who are lost, in danger in some way or another, and that the crosses were pointing the direction to help, to good Samaritans, to the people of the church. Sister, right now I think you’re in the middle of the deep dark forest and you’re in a lot of trouble but there’s a big stone cross pointing the direction toward safety and goodness for you. Run toward that cross, sister. Surely, there has to be a Christian organization near you that can provide you with help and get you to safety. Don’t give up sister. I love you. I ask that the Lord guide you and protect you and that he send a sheltering angel to embrace you safety and to take your hand and guide you to peace.

Yes, this is my first time calling. My grandson Chase, who’s 21, through no fault of his own over the years has had many, many problems in his life. So much so beginning with his mom leaving his dad when he was little when little boys needed their dads to many other problems. He’s 21 years old now, he’s never finished high school, he doesn’t have his driver’s license and partly due to him being somewhat on the on the autism spectrum he’s unable to be in social situations to hold the job for very long. He and I were very close when he was little boy and his mom because of issues of her own has kept him and his siblings from contact with me a lot over the years. I have seen him but not very often and this summer he’ll be coming to visit with his dad and then he’s staying an extra five days alone with his grandfather and I. I pray, please pray that during that time my husband and I will either be a part of a miracle for him or not harm him anymore with anything that we try to say or do. Don’t let the words of our mouths be anything but from God. Please pray for that, that we can encourage him and support him and help him see that he is a worthwhile God’s child and keep us from saying or doing anything that would mess that up. I’ve prayed for him since he was a tiny, tiny baby and he needs a miracle in his life and I love him so much. Thank you for your prayers. Goodbye.

Yes, hi Brian, hello everybody out there. I just…I was calling because I’m a in great need of prayer. I have been listening to Daily Audio Bible for some time off and on since I actually went to…I’m a part of the International House of Prayer and…in Kansas City. I just…right now I’m going through an extremely hard time. I had fallen away from the Lord for about five or more years…five and a half years in my marriage. I don’t know how it happened to be honest with you…just kind of slow progression…went through a lot of trauma in my life in the past and I thought I was completely healed when I got married and just went through a time where I just I’d lost a lot of myself about three years ago or about two…two and a half years ago both my parents died about seven months apart from each other. After that my wife had left me with my children. I had sought the Lord, tried to get back with the Lord at that time. My wife came back. It had been about now about a year and a half and almost a year and a half and then about three weeks ago about two and half weeks ago actually she left me again. This time saying it’s going to be for good and she took my kids to Iowa to her parents. I actually had no idea it was going to happen. I thought things were getting better. It actually just came out of nowhere. Her parents came here on vacation to celebrate my youngest…well actually he’s my two-year-old. We actually have another…another child on the way. My wife’s pregnant actually with a baby girl. So we have actually three children if you will and it was the two-year-old’s birthday and not long after I had that I had no idea that they…

Hi DABbers, this is Candy from Northern California, haven’t called a long time but oh my goodness. The post from the woman who has been battered, oh my goodness, I just heard it. I am so moved. Please, please plug into a church. Find a support group. There are support groups in churches that can help you and there are kind people who will likely find you a place. Please reach out, plug into your Christian community. And for the father who lost a baby, oh my goodness. So many of us are so, so sorry for your loss as you know I had years as a NICU nurse and unfortunately, I have been up close and personal with this kind of grief. For you also, please, reach out to support groups who have been where you are now trotting when you’re ready that is. You know, only faith can make sense of these kinds of tragedies. And friends, personally, I, you know, I am almost embarrassed to ask it but I, I have an opportunity coming up. I’m being considered for kind of missions…a very godly business opportunity. It would be a dream come true for me and if it happens, I’ll let you know but in the meantime I’m just asking that you pray for this opportunity to bless…to bless other people in a special way. Thank you, Daily Audio Bible friends. Thank you, Brian and all the crew…