04/14/2018 DAB Transcript

Joshua 9:3-10:43, Luke 16:19-17:10, Psalms 83:1-18, Proverbs 13:4

Today is the 14th day of April. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is a pleasure to be here with you today as we prepare to close down and release another week. And it’s a pleasure to come to you from the mountains of north Georgia where the More Gathering is taking place as we speak. And it’s the weirdest things because we’ve been here a day and ½, right? But it feels like a week has gone by. It’s just…a lot gets packed into these days. So, we’re getting ready for another full day today. But before we can do anything as a community we need take this next step forward as we continue to move through the Scriptures this year. And that will, of course, take us back into the book of Joshua where we be camping out for a while. And Israel has gone into the Promised Land. So, we are in the Promised Land and a couple of bottles have been fought and won, but it certainly got the attention of everybody around. And, so, now we have we have a lot of kings in a lot of the territory banding together as allies to push out these people who have invaded her land. And that’s where we find ourselves today. We’re reading from the Good News translation this week, which, of course, ends today. Joshua chapter 9 verse 3 through 10 verse 43 today.


We thank You Father for Your word. We thank You for another week that we’ve been able to spend together in community journeying through the Scriptures. And we thank You for all that You have spoken to us this week. And we look with anticipation to all that is yet to come before us as we continue to make this journey this year through the entirety of the Scriptures. We thank You for this gift that draws us together and aims us in a common direction and that pulls us toward You. And Father, even as we’re here at the More Gathering, we thank You for all that You are doing in and among us on top of this mountain. And we thank You for what You will speak today. And we thank You for all that is in store. And we ask for Your Holy Spirit’s presence hovering over all of it. Thank You God, for Your kindness and in for Your never-ending patience and willingness to be involved in our lives. It blows our minds because it is beyond our comprehension. And yet Your love is true and personal and inviting. And we accept the invitation to collaborate in this world in Your work as we reflect Your glory upon the earth. Come, Holy Spirit, and make that true for each one of us. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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Of course, the More Gathering is going on and you know, like I said at the beginning it feels like we’ve been here a week, but we’ve got today. And this is our last full day and then we’ve got a ½ a day tomorrow. And just like that, it comes and goes but a lot is deposited into our lives at these events. So, as a community we continue to hold a canopy of prayer up over all of it as we’ve been doing. You have no idea. If you’re here on this mountaintop, you know. You can feel the presence of this community around the whole thing. If you’re not here I am just telling you, your prayers are felt. This is not a joke. This is not just cute little thing. It’s not a metaphor. It’s real. We feel your prayers and it matters. So, thank you for continuing to pray over all that is happening here on the mountain. And we’re very grateful.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey Daily Audio Bible family. This is Kristi in New York. I just listened to the calls at the end of the April 4th broadcast. And Sophie from Oregon you just, you know, tugged at my heart. And I feel for you. And, so, I’m going to leave some prayer with our Daily Audio Bible family. So, pray with me for our sister Sophie. Heavenly Father, we lift up to You our tired and weary sister, Sophie. And she says that she’s broken Lord. She feels broken. And in those places that she feels broken Lord we ask for You to fill in the cracks, to glue her back together, to find her missing pieces, and to sew them back on, and to make her into Your masterpiece, imperfect, beautiful, wonderful masterpiece. We ask for You to make Yourself known to her so that she can feel Your presence and hear Your voice and know that it’s You, know that You care, and know that You are doing something about her situation, that You gave her this life, You gave her her situation and her rest and You didn’t just leave her there. You don’t leave any of us there. You support us through it and You guarantee us that there will be hard times, but You also tell us that there will be wonderful times. There will be a year of Jubilee and there will be a dry year. And we just have to look to You. It doesn’t make it easy and happy, but it makes us stronger. And, so, in that time we need to fill in the gap for our sister Lord. Amen. Kristi in New York. Bye.

Good morning all you Daily Audio Bible community. It is quarter to 6 in the morning on Monday, April the, oh, I think it’s the 9th ? I was listening, I’m trying to catch up, so I was listening to April 5th and, oh, Brian read the Deuteronomy 28 with the curses and the blessings and then Luke, when Jesus said, if your eye is clean then everything is clean. So, what do you see? What do you see? And, so, I am so grateful and thankful for, that I went back and caught April the 5th. And I’m so happy that I can put a little checkmark when I read it. And I saw that I hadn’t read April 5th, so I did. So, I say shalom, shalom. Nothing is missing and nothing is broken. And Lord I am going to see clean and clear. I’m going to see as You see, think his You think, speak as you speak - blessings only and not cursing. I’m praying again for the lady that has a daughter on drugs and bipolar for what good advice was given to her, to watch her mouth. And I’m going to watch my mouth too. Oh, that we would learn to speak only good and…

Hey what’s up everybody it’s Miguel from Santa Rosa. I just wanted to call and tell you a little about this last week and the word that the Lord showed me. Just a little bit of context. I run my life in a Sprint. I have my 40 hour a week job. On top of that, I have everything that we do as a church, where we have midweek prayer one evening, we’ve got midweek men’s group that I go to, that’s another evening, I am in a mentoring relationship with a college student, I am preparing worship sets for church. On top of that, my home life, I’ve got my wife and three kids, age 4…almost 4…and twin two-year-old’s. I live life as a sprint. On the eve of Easter my wife and I had a sit down and just talked about just how burned out we were. Just missing a lot of marks with each other lately. And we had a good talk. And we said, you know, we’re going to have a booster week, is what I’m going it, where we just take a break from everything and just focus on the family. And that’s what we did. So, we said no to everything extracurricular. I took a vacation day. And it was really good. In the midst of this, I heard the word from the Lord in the later part of Luke 10. Mary and Martha, where Mary was at the feet of Jesus and Martha was so stressed out and anxious. And I saw that. And I saw the word that Jesus gave her, just, I see your anxiety, I see your worry. I just invite you to be at my feet. I invite you to be in my presence. That was such a good word that Brian had in the commentary and it really spoke to me. It continues to speak with me today. All that being said, I ended up coming to Sunday. It was a good Sunday at church. I got the sit at the feet of Jesus even though I did have to play on our worship set last-minute. That’s a whole another story. But praise God that He is the one that invites us into His presence to see what He has for us. Amen.

My name is Eileen. Me and my mom listen to the Daily Audio Bible. Me and my baby brother have issues about reading, walking, and talking. I’d like to ask for all y’all prayers. Thank you.

Hi. This is Melody from Canada and I just heard Shiloh’s husband from Ontario Canada. Sorry I can’t remember your name, call in for his wife. And I want to pray for you. Father, I pray for Shiloh and her husband. God, I pray that Shiloh will see Your glory, that the scales will fall from her eyes and that You will bring her into your kingdom, that Your will will be done in her life and that You will give her husband peace and that You will help him to draw a really close to you in this time. God, thank You for bringing light into his darkness. Amen. I also want to ask for prayer. My husband __ are planning on going to __ in New York in about two weeks. And I still have a bit of pregnancy nausea and I’m just hoping that it won’t interfere with our trip and we’ll be able to have a good holiday. I was in the hospital again for the last two days getting IV treatments. So, it’s still kind of up and down. I’m feeling really good now. But we’re really just hoping for good holiday and we’ll bless my relatives there who don’t know Christ and some of our friends. So, thank you for your prayers for that. Bye.