02/19/2018 DAB Transcript

Leviticus 7:28-9:6, Mark 3:31-4:25, Psalms 37:12-28, Proverbs 10:5

Today is the 19th day of February. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you today. So, by the time you hear this, I will have landed in Tel Aviv, but because of the big time difference and all of the logistics, I’m recording here in the United States in the rolling hills of Tennessee just before getting on the planes so that there can be no possibility of disruption in our daily rhythm of moving forward step by step through the Bible. And then tomorrow, I’ll be recording from the land of the Bible. So, 19th of February. Let’s take that next step forward. And this week we’re reading from the God’s Word Translation. Today, Leviticus chapter 7 verse 28 through 9 verse 6.


Father, we thank You for Your word. We thank You for each day’s rhythm that brings us back to Your word. We circle out and we circle back and every day You counsel and nurture and father us through Your word and we’re thankful. And even as we prepare to spend the next couple weeks in the land of the Bible, we invite You to lead our steps. Make the terrain and the geography where all these events happened come alive to us. And may it make our understanding and love for the scriptures grow even that much more exponentially. And may we grow deeper and more intimate with Your word and with Your Holy Spirit. Come Jesus, we pray. In Your mighty and precious, the most beautiful of names. Name of Jesus. Amen.


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So, literally, it’s weird for me to be sitting here talking forward. But since I’ve done this enough times, how I’m feeling right now, literally, as you’re listening to this, probably is jet-lagged. And probably pretty severe and probably upside down in my days and nights, which can be a bit disconcerting. It goes away, of course. But it takes a few days. So, I will have landed in Tel Aviv and I’ll be spending the next day, in part, just trying to get a little bit of a running start on jet-lag because once we start the pilgrimage, it’s pretty well non-stop. And just doing technology checks, setting up everything. We do a lot of filming while we’re in Israel, as well as the technology required for the Daily Audio Bible because that never stops.

And then, so tomorrow evening is when we all get together for the first time, share our, kind of, opening dinner and just get to know each other. And then we’ll be off. So, your prayers, even as I’ve mentioned for the last week, are coveted and are needed. Your intercession over all of the different facets of moving around the land of the Bible. Jet-lag is one of those things, just fatigue and tiredness, which, you know, can lead to health challenges, so health, fatigue, jet-lag, technology, transportation, all of these things. As a community, we’re in this together. And, so, your prayers over all of us who are in the land of the Bible. And, as I’ve said, we’ll make this as interactive as possible.  We’ve always worked really hard to stay connected to the virtual side of things, the virtual community. So, we’ll be posting photos to our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can find those at dailyaudiobible.com by clicking the Community tab and it will give you all the links or you can just search for Daily Audio Bible on Facebook or Instagram and you’ll find it. So, we’ll be posting pictures and videos and stuff like that, probably beginning tomorrow, but, for sure, beginning on the 21st when we actually begin. So, you can follow along that way and see visuals and then, of course, once we get going, I’ll be sharing where we’ve gone, what we’re doing, what it feels like God is speaking to us through this pilgrimage and we’ll have a wonderful time. Thank you for your prayers.

Also want to mention the More Gathering for women that is coming up in April, early April, as the new life of springtime springs forth, this is just a lovely time, lovely location. And if you’re looking for more, than that’s what’s being explored at the More Gathering for women. So, you can find out all about that at moregathering.com. And if you’re looking for a sisterhood of people that are following the rhythm of the Bible just like we do every day here at Daily Audio Bible, but are also looking for more, just reaching, longing, knowing that there’s got to be more, then this is probably for you. And if that quickens something in you, then certainly check it out. moregathering.com. And we’ll look forward to seeing you in April.

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And, as always, if you have a prayer request or comment, 877-942-4253 is the number to dial.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey Daily Audio Bible this is Rebecca from Michigan. February 9, 2018 at 2:05AM a little baby girl was born named Athena Jade. And that’s my new granddaughter. So, yes God has really blessed me when I just don’t feel like I really deserve it and in situations that shouldn’t happen, but it’s amazing what God’s ashes He turns into a more beautiful thing, just takes your ashes and makes them beauty. So, God can always use what you think is not worth anything and turn it into gold. So, I’m praying that God will give me a full-time job somewhere. And I was thinking about going back to school but I’m 52 years old and all I need is my student loan paid off besides a couple of other items and I’m debt-free, but I thought about going back to school because, like the college, that I need to more general studies and one major and with the major I’m not sure what I should go into. So, maybe, I’m looking for a place to live too and I’ve seen God do favors for me lately. So it’s just really awesome how God just works on my behalf. So, don’t quit praying because it does say in the Bible ___ without praying. So, I know God is listening here. He’s listening to all your prayers and He cares about you. And it might not seem like it at the moment but he does cares about all of us and…

Hi this is Wayfaring Wanderer from Western Canada calling in. Brian, I heard your kind of sermon at the end of the February 9th Daily Audio Bible and it just really struck home to me. I was married many years, 39 years, and I wandered and it broke my family up so much. My grown children, my grandchildren, it separated all of us. My eldest daughter took her own life. Divorced after three years myself. And went the way of repentance, asked for forgiveness, actually married the man that I had left my husband for and he and I are married, but now my first husband was diagnosed with cancer and it is splitting our family apart with he and his girlfriend who are not following the way of the Lord. I’m broken, I’m crushed. And I feel many times so alone and so isolated, but I know that God is with me. I’m asking you fellow believers out there, please pray for our children, pray for our families, my family is completely distraught by all of this. The day I told them that his new family is with his girlfriend and the children…his…our children, are not his family anymore and my own son and his wife and grandchildren came back to be in the same business with us and now everybody is gone. Thank you. I covet your prayers. And I thank you for being so faithful. God bless you all.

Hi there. This is Deborah in Michigan. I’ve called before but it’s taken me this long to call you again. Thursday, I was in a car with my granddaughters and I was the driver and I was sitting still and it was on the expressway and I was rear ended full speed by a semi and I really need your prayers. By the grace of God my girls were just fine, not a scratch on the, but I have a broken sternum, several broken ribs, a brain bleed, a concussion, and several vertebrae in my neck are broken. And as I lay here in my hospital bed it has been very difficult for me to talk to the Lord and I don’t know why because he’s been so gracious to me, but that’s why am reaching out to my family here the Daily Audio Bible. If you could just pray for me, pray for my healing. I should be getting out tomorrow, but I’m grateful for all of you, especially Brian and Jill. Please pray for me and thank you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Yeah. This is Tony, Blind Tony. I went to the doctors yesterday and got all my test results analyzed and I’m happy to report that there is no cancer in my bones and there’s no metastases anywhere my body. Once again, God’s grace and mercy has shown itself great in my life and I want to thank my Daily Audio Bible family for my prayers for healing and comfort and encouragement. You know, Minnie Riperton wrote a song many years back called ‘Loving You is Easy because You’re Beautiful’ and I can definitely say that about you all, loving you is easy because you’re beautiful. Thank you once again. You know, I want to make it clear though that my views on God’s grace and mercy are not contingent on my test results. You know? If my test results came out with me having cancer everywhere in my body, God’s grace and mercy would still be great and good. I want that to be clear. Anyway, but I am grateful and very, very thankful that His mercy is so great. I took the first injection of hormone treatment to reduce the PSA levels and I go back in four months and get another one and hopefully that’ll take everything back to a point where we can just be on an observation type situation. Anyway, continue to open your minds and your hearts up to the Holy Spirit and allow the Holy Spirit to use you as a willing, open vessel for God’s glory. And I’m sure that the measure that you measure out will be measured back to you.

Hi. This is Joey from Missouri. It is 8:09 AM here on B E A - utiful Tuesday morning, February the 13th. I just wanted to talk about men. I think, though, we need to be courageous men. It’s time to stand up for each other and stand up for our families. We just need to be the spiritual leaders of our households, I think. It’s just so important because if we’re not then our family falls and then…we need to totally be focusing on you Lord because I just pray for all the men out there and the husbands and the young men who will one day become husbands and dads, fathers. God just be with them God, be with them. And just…I pray that if they don’t know You I pray that they would continue to…if they don’t know You God I just pray that they would know You…that if they do know You…I just pray they continue to know You and be strengthened by Your word God. And that’s my prayer today Lord God. So, I just thank you for all these things in Jesus’ name amen. Love you all so much. Love you Brian. Love you all. Okay. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

Yes. This is Shane calling from Illinois. I just want to thank you all at the Daily Audio Bible family for giving me the opportunity to hear you daily and to pray for you guys as you put out your prayer requests. My prayer request is that I can get away from the demons and things that I work with and try to find me another job that’ll take less stress on me. About a year ago I was diagnosed with a torn aorta and I made it through it and I’m struggling with my blood pressure on a daily basis, which they cannot find a reason to get it under control. But I keep my faith in the Lord because I know the Lord will take me when it’s my time. And He puts me in a place for a reason and He keeps me there and He’ll let me go when it is time for me to go. So, I am not afraid and I’m just definitely keeping my faith. I want pray for all those out there having troubles and struggling with daily lives and in job situations. My job to happens us to pay a lot of money but, like I said, I’m around a lot of demons, a lot of really bad people, and they are always trying to take you down with them. Thank God for my wife and my family as they fight with me to get through these days on a day to day basis. I’d like to thank you all at the Daily Audio Bible family for praying for me and keeping me in mind. Thank you very much.