01/28/2018 DAB Transcript

Exodus 5:22-7:24, Matthew 18:23-19:12, Psalms 23:1-6, Proverbs 5:22-23

Today is the 28th day of January. Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is great to be here with you on the threshold of a shiny, new week. But, before we reach the end of this week, we will find ourselves through the first month of the year and into the second. So, good job. We are well on our way. This week we will read from the English Standard Version. Moses has gone back to Egypt and things have only got dramatically worse. He’s had a meeting with Pharaoh and asked for the people to be let go so that they could go worship God. And Pharaoh, instead, has said no, I won’t let you go and has made their work significantly harder. So, things have only gotten worse. Exodus chapter 5 verse 22 through 7:24 today.


Father, we thank You for Your word. And as we enter this new week, we invite You fully. Nothing is off limits to You now. You are speaking to us. We can feel transformation happening inside of us. We open ourselves to You fully. We thank You for the words of comfort found in the Psalm today. They give us a picture of what it might look like to live with childlike faith in Your kingdom. And yet we also acknowledge from the book of Exodus that walking with You, resting in You, being comforted and cared for by You doesn’t necessarily mean that things on the exterior are going to get easier. Sometimes they get harder before they get easier. It is just that when we lose ourselves in You, knowing that You are fathering us, knowing that You know who we are and are watching over us and that we are in fellowship and intimacy with You, changes the way everything looks. We are in Your care, no matter what we are walking through. And whatever we are walking through, we are most certainly not alone. Come, Holy Spirit, plant these truths in our lives today. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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And, yea so just a few days from now by midweek we will be heading into a new month and that’s like I was saying at the beginning just how fast a month can go. So we’re kinda clipping along. And I’m glad. I’m glad we’re in this together. I’m glad we’re on this journey together.

I’m glad that we get to explore the Bible the way that we do and uncover all of its nuances and contexts and some historical background and just begin to watch it unfold before us and so thankful that were on this journey together.

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That’s it for today. I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you right here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Father God, thank you for this new day and the opportunities You have set before us and what You have in store for us today. Father God, I want to lift up the churches in Germany to You today and Your people in Germany, especially folks in city of Frankfurt. We pray for Oliver, especially, as he’s in that city. We pray that You surround him, that by Your influence that You’d be guiding him back to You and that he be able to see You for who You are and see Your work and see You glorified there and You’d be in his heart and just help out Lord. Dear Lord, thank You so much for Frankfurt and Your people there. I pray Your blessing on that city. And may Your people be shining light in that place, be blessing Your churches Lord, be inspiring them to show Your love in the city of Frankfurt. Father God, I also want to lift up close relationships today, be they with good, close friends or with family or whatever Lord. I just pray especially for our spouses, our husbands and our wives Lord. Father God, please be blessing our close relationships. Please be blessing our marriages. Help us to be a shining light in those as well Lord. Help us to be loving, help us to be understanding. Father God, thank You for our spouse, be that a husband or wife. Thank you for that partnership that has been built for however long. And I can’t say enough Lord, please be blessing them Lord because it is difficult, and there are hard times, and I pray Lord that You’d be supporting them in the hard times, that you’d help each other look to the other and help each other. In Jesus name. Amen. This is Beloved by Him in Gloucester in the UK and it is Wednesday this week. Bye.

Hey DAB family. This is Matthew E. In Springfield Missouri. It’s been like a year since I called and I thought I’d call in and confess why. I have, for as long as I can remember, had a heavy spirit of pleasing and self-judgment and I just want to confess that and call that out because it’s just driven me away from this amazing family because, with the spirit of self-judgment you compare yourselves with others and you never good enough. And I’ve seen myself so often as, how can I possibly call myself a part of the DAB family? I’m not an amazing prayer warrior, I don’t give big gifts to the family, I don’t buy every book or purchase coffee and that kind of thing, and I don’t get through the DAB every week and every day. So, how can I call myself part of the family? And I just want to call that out is a lie of Satan. And I want to tell anybody else who feels that way the call it out as a lie. It’s just the spirit of self-judgment of pleasing-ness judgment and you don’t need it and I don’t need it and it’s destroying my relationship with so many around me. So, I want to rename myself to Judged Only by Jesus. Just like what Paul said when he says, ‘it matters very little if I’m judged by you or anybody else. I don’t even judge myself. It is the Lord who judges me.’ And I just want to claim that and I want to live out of that because of think that’s where I need to be in order to function out of love of Jesus, instead of out of pleasing and self-judgment. So, I just hope that helps someone. God bless you all. I love this family so much. Bye.

Hey Daily Audio Bible family. My name is Jason from Southern California. First-time caller. I guess I’ve been listening all and all for the last couple years, but this year of them praying for discipline in my life, that I’d be more committed to reading God’s word and prayer and just reaching out to others in evangelism and just all these different things. And, so, yeah, I’ve been listening every day so far this year and I’m really excited about what God’s showing me through the Daily Audio Bible and the new app. I guess the reason why I called, I just wanted to say that the new app is just fantastic. I updated it today and it’s just so much smoother now, it’s not crashing anymore, and I’m just grateful for that because I was really sad would it was messing up and I couldn’t really listen very well and I had to keep restarting it and all these things. But, anyway, I guess my prayer request today is, I finished seminary not to long ago with my Masters and I’m just praying for direction, that God would open a door and ministry if that’s something that He wants me to do right now, or the possibility of planting a church in Southern California has come up and I have a meeting today about that, and just trying to discern God’s will and what my next step is in life. So, yeah, excited about what God has in store and grateful and thankful for your prayers. And just have a great day.

Hi fellow DABbers. This is Dennis in Arizona. I’m a first-time caller and I just had a chance to listen to Jaden L. from New York, an 11-year-old who just really kind of blew me away with his faith in the fact that he’s been listening to this for a couple of years now. And I just want to pray for Jaden and his family, his mom, his stepdad, his grandma, and I want to pray for him. I want to encourage him to continue to stay focused. This is my third time going through this with a break of about a year to two years in between and that year to two years just wasn’t the same. So, Jaden, if you hear this I just want to ask you Lord to please intervene in this person’s life Lord. Please help in all the situations that are going on and I thank you so much for all the knowledge and the faith that this kid is showing. Please be with his grandma. Thank you for his grandmother encouraging him to do this with her. I pray for the stepdad in the situation, whatever that might be, that Your will will permeate, take over. I pray for the mom and for everything that she’s going through Lord. Just please, please I want to lift them up. Thank You so much for this community. Thank You for providing this and I pray Lord that this will continue to go on. In Jesus’ name.

Good morning DAB family. This is Jim from Southern New Hampshire. I just want to call and with a prayer request. Yesterday, my wife and I were invited by God to embark on a new journey that will definitely grow our faith. My wife was diagnosed with cancer yesterday, but God is good. Immediately, He laid on my heart the hymn, ‘Tis so Sweet to Follow Jesus.’ And I now claim that as my cancer hymn during this time. I ask you to pray for my wife, her name is Kim, and pray for us as we start this journey. I pray that You give us wisdom, give doctors wisdom, and that at the end of the day her cancer will be completely eradicated, her body healed, and we can just glorify God with those good results, but no matter what that we glorify God with what we do, what we say, witnessing to new people that we are going to meet in the days ahead. I thank you so much family. I’ve been involved with DAB for probably six months now and just seeing it firsthand, hearing it firsthand, with people calling in with prayer requests and the faithful responses of the family just touches my heart almost every single day. I love you all. Have a great and blessed day. Bye-bye.