The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Sunday September 17, 2017 (NIV)

Isaiah 25:1-28:13

A Prayer of Thanks to God

25 You, Lord, are my God!
I will praise you
for doing the wonderful things
you had planned and promised
since ancient times.
You have destroyed the fortress
of our enemies,
leaving their city in ruins.
Nothing in that foreign city
will ever be rebuilt.
Now strong and cruel nations
will fear and honor you.

You have been a place of safety
for the poor and needy
in times of trouble.
Brutal enemies pounded us
like a heavy rain
or the heat of the sun at noon,
but you were our shelter.
Those wild foreigners struck
like scorching desert heat.
But you were like a cloud,
protecting us from the sun.
You kept our enemies from singing
songs of victory.

The Lord Has Saved Us

On this mountain
the Lord All-Powerful
will prepare
for all nations
a feast of the finest foods.
Choice wines and the best meats
will be served.
Here the Lord will strip away
the burial clothes
that cover the nations.
The Lord All-Powerful
will destroy the power of death
and wipe away all tears.
No longer will his people
be insulted everywhere.
The Lord has spoken!

At that time, people will say,
“The Lord has saved us!
Let’s celebrate.
We waited and hoped—
now our God is here.”
10 The powerful arm of the Lord
will protect this mountain.

The Moabites will be put down
and trampled on like straw
in a pit of manure.
11 They will struggle to get out,
but God will humiliate them
no matter how hard they try.[a]
12 The walls of their fortresses
will be knocked down
and scattered in the dirt.

A Song of Victory

26 The time is coming
when the people of Judah
will sing this song:
“Our city[b] is protected.
The Lord is our fortress,
and he gives us victory.
Open the city gates
for a law-abiding nation
that is faithful to God.
The Lord gives perfect peace
to those whose faith is firm.
So always trust the Lord
because he is forever
our mighty rock.[c]
God has put down our enemies
in their mountain city[d]
and rubbed it in the dirt.
Now the poor and abused
stomp all over that city.”

The Lord Can Be Trusted

Our Lord, you always do right,
and you make the path smooth
for those who obey you.
You are the one we trust
to bring about justice;
above all else we want
your name to be honored.
Throughout the night,
my heart searches for you,
because your decisions
show everyone on this earth
how to live right.

10 Even when the wicked
are treated with mercy
in this land of justice,
they do wrong and are blind
to your glory, our Lord.
11 Your hand is raised and ready
to punish them,
but they don’t see it.
Put them to shame!
Show how much you care for us
and throw them into the fire
intended for your enemies.

12 You will give us peace, Lord,
because everything we have done
was by your power.
13 Others have ruled over us
besides you, our Lord God,
but we obey only you.
14 Those enemies are now dead
and can never live again.
You have punished them—
they are destroyed,
completely forgotten.
15 Our nation has grown
because of you, our Lord.
We have more land than before,
and you are honored.

The Lord Gives Life to the Dead

16 When you punished our people,
they turned and prayed
to you, our Lord.[e]
17 Because of what you did to us,
we suffered like a woman
about to give birth.
18 But instead of having a child,
our terrible pain
produced only wind.
We have won no victories,
and we have no descendants
to take over the earth.

19 Your people will rise to life!
Tell them to leave their graves
and celebrate with shouts.
You refresh the earth
like morning dew;
you give life to the dead.

20 Go inside and lock the doors,
my people.
Hide there for a little while,
until the Lord
is no longer angry.

The Earth and the Sea Will Be Punished

21 The Lord will come out
to punish everyone on earth
for their sins.
And when he does,
those who did violent crimes
will be known and punished.
27 On that day, Leviathan,[f]
the sea monster,
will squirm and try to escape,
but the Lord will kill him
with a cruel, sharp sword.

Protection and Forgiveness

The Lord said:

At that time you must sing
about a fruitful[g] vineyard.
I, the Lord, will protect it
and always keep it watered.
I will guard it day and night
to keep it from harm.
I am no longer angry.
But if it produces thorns,
I will go to war against it
and burn it to the ground.
Yet if the vineyard depends
on me for protection,
it will become my friend
and be at peace with me.

Someday Israel will take root
like a vine.
It will blossom and bear fruit
that covers the earth.

I, the Lord, didn’t punish and kill
the people of Israel
as fiercely as I punished
and killed their enemies.
I carefully measured out
Israel’s punishment[h]
and sent the scorching heat
to chase them far away.

There’s only one way
that Israel’s sin and guilt
can be completely forgiven:
They must crush the stones
of every pagan altar
and place of worship.

The Lord Will Bring His People Together

10 Fortress cities are left
like a desert
where no one lives.
Cattle walk through the ruins,
stripping the trees bare.
11 When broken branches
fall to the ground,
women pick them up
to feed the fire.
But these people are so stupid
that the God who created them
will show them no mercy.

12 The time is coming when the Lord will shake the land between the Euphrates River and the border of Egypt, and one by one he will bring all of his people together. 13 A loud trumpet will be heard. Then the people of Israel who were dragged away to Assyria and Egypt will return to worship the Lord on his holy mountain in Jerusalem.

Samaria Will Be Punished

28 The city of Samaria
above a fertile valley
is in for trouble!
Its leaders are drunkards,
who stuff themselves
with food and wine.
But they will be like flowers
that dry up and wilt.
Only the Lord is strong
and powerful!
His mighty hand
will strike them down
with the force of a hailstorm
or a mighty whirlwind
or an overwhelming flood.

Every drunkard in Ephraim[i]
takes pride in Samaria,
but it will be crushed.
Samaria above a fertile valley
will quickly lose its glory.
It will be gobbled down
like the first ripe fig
at harvest season.

When this time comes,
the Lord All-Powerful
will be a glorious crown
for his people who survive.
He will see that justice rules
and that his people
are able
to defend their cities.

Corrupt Leaders Will Be Punished

Priests and prophets stumble
because they are drunk.
Their minds are too confused
to receive God’s messages
or give honest decisions.
Their tables are covered,
completely covered,
with their stinking vomit.

You drunken leaders
are like babies!
How can you possibly understand
or teach the Lord’s message?
10 You don’t even listen—
all you hear is senseless sound
after senseless sound.[j]

11 So, the Lord will speak
to his people
in strange sounds
and foreign languages.[k]
12 He promised you
perfect peace and rest,
but you refused to listen.
13 Now his message to you
will be senseless sound
after senseless sound.[l]
Then you will fall backwards,
injured and trapped.


  1. 25.11 no matter. . . try: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  2. 26.1 city: Probably Jerusalem.
  3. 26.4 mighty rock: See the note at 17.10.
  4. 26.5 our enemies. . . city: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  5. 26.16 Lord: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 16.
  6. 27.1 Leviathan: God’s victory over this monster sometimes stands for God’s power over all creation and sometimes for his defeat of his enemies, especially Egypt.
  7. 27.2 fruitful: Some Hebrew manuscripts have “lovely.”
  8. 27.8 I. . . punishment: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  9. 28.3 Ephraim: The northern kingdom of Israel; Samaria was its capital.
  10. 28.10 sound: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verses 9,10.
  11. 28.11 in. . . foreign languages: This probably refers to the language of the Assyrians.
  12. 28.13 Now. . . sound: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

Galatians 3:10-22

10 Anyone who tries to please God by obeying the Law is under a curse. The Scriptures say, “Everyone who doesn’t obey everything in the Law is under a curse.” 11 No one can please God by obeying the Law. The Scriptures also say, “The people God accepts because of their faith will live.”[a]

12 The Law isn’t based on faith. It promises life only to people who obey its commands. 13 But Christ rescued us from the Law’s curse, when he became a curse in our place. This is because the Scriptures say that anyone who is nailed to a tree is under a curse. 14 And because of what Jesus Christ has done, the blessing that was promised to Abraham was taken to the Gentiles. This happened so that by faith we would be given the promised Holy Spirit.

The Law and the Promise

15 My friends, I will use an everyday example to explain what I mean. Once someone agrees to something, no one else can change or cancel the agreement.[b] 16 That is how it is with the promises God made to Abraham and his descendant.[c] The promises were not made to many descendants, but only to one, and that one is Christ. 17 What I am saying is that the Law cannot change or cancel God’s promise that was made 430 years before the Law was given. 18 If we have to obey the Law in order to receive God’s blessings, those blessings don’t really come to us because of God’s promise. But God was kind to Abraham and made him a promise.

19 What is the use of the Law? It was given later to show that we sin. But it was only supposed to last until the coming of that descendant[d] who was given the promise. In fact, angels gave the Law to Moses, and he gave it to the people. 20 There is only one God, and the Law did not come directly from him.

Slaves and Children

21 Does the Law disagree with God’s promises? No, it doesn’t! If any law could give life to us, we could become acceptable to God by obeying that law. 22 But the Scriptures say that sin controls everyone, so that God’s promises will be for anyone who has faith in Jesus Christ.


  1. 3.11 The people God accepts because of their faith will live: Or “The people God accepts will live because of their faith.”
  2. 3.15 Once someone. . . cancel the agreement: Or “Once a person makes out a will, no one can change or cancel it.”
  3. 3.16 descendant: The Greek text has “seed,” which may mean one or many descendants. In this verse Paul says it means Christ.
  4. 3.19 that descendant: Jesus.

Psalm 61

(A psalm by David for the music leader. Use with stringed instruments.)

Under the Protection of God

61 Please listen, God,
and answer my prayer!
I feel hopeless,
and I cry out to you
from a faraway land.

Lead me to the mighty rock[a]
high above me.
You are a strong tower,
where I am safe
from my enemies.

Let me live with you forever
and find protection
under your wings, my God.
You heard my promises,
and you have blessed me,
just as you bless everyone
who worships you.

Let the king have a long
and healthy life.
May he always rule
with you, God, at his side;
may your love and loyalty
watch over him.

I will sing your praises
and will always
keep my promises.


  1. 61.2 mighty rock: See the note at 18.2.

Proverbs 23:17-18


17 Don’t be jealous of sinners,
but always honor the Lord.
18 Then you will truly have hope
for the future.