The Daily Audio Bible Reading for Tuesday May 2, 2017 (NIV)

Judges 15-16

Samson’s Revenge

15 Later on, during the wheat harvest,(A) Samson took a young goat as a gift and visited his wife. “I want to go to my wife in her room,” he said. But her father would not let him enter.

“I was sure you hated her,” her father said, “so I gave her to one of the men who accompanied you. Isn’t her younger sister more beautiful than she is? Why not take her instead?”

Samson said to them, “This time I won’t be responsible(B) when I harm the Philistines.” So he went out and caught 300 foxes.(C) He took torches, turned the foxes tail-to-tail, and put a torch between each pair of tails. Then he ignited the torches and released the foxes into the standing grain of the Philistines. He burned up the piles of grain and the standing grain as well as the vineyards and olive groves.(D)

Then the Philistines asked, “Who did this?”

They were told, “It was Samson, the Timnite’s son-in-law, because he has taken Samson’s wife and given her to another man.” So the Philistines went to her and her father and burned them to death.

Then Samson told them, “Because you did this, I swear that I won’t rest until I have taken vengeance on you.” He tore them limb from limb[a] with a great slaughter, and he went down and stayed in the cave at the rock of Etam.

The Philistines went up, camped in Judah, and raided Lehi. 10 So the men of Judah said, “Why have you attacked us?”

They replied, “We have come to arrest Samson and pay him back for what he did to us.”

11 Then 3,000 men of Judah went to the cave at the rock of Etam, and they asked Samson, “Don’t you realize that the Philistines rule over us?(E) What have you done to us?”

“I have done to them what they did to me,” he answered.[b]

12 They said to him, “We’ve come to arrest you and hand you over to the Philistines.”

Then Samson told them, “Swear to me that you yourselves won’t kill me.”

13 “No,” they said,[c] “we won’t kill you, but we will tie you up securely and hand you over to them.” So they tied him up with two new ropes(F) and led him away from the rock.

14 When he came to Lehi, the Philistines came to meet him shouting. The Spirit of the Lord took control of[d] him, and the ropes that were on his arms became like burnt flax and his bonds fell off his wrists. 15 He found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, reached out his hand, took it, and killed 1,000 men with it. 16 Then Samson said:

With the jawbone of a donkey
I have piled them in a heap.
With the jawbone of a donkey
I have killed 1,000 men.

17 When he finished speaking, he threw away the jawbone and named that place Ramath-lehi.[e] 18 He became very thirsty and called out to the Lord: “You have accomplished this great victory through[f] Your servant. Must I now die of thirst and fall into the hands of the uncircumcised?” 19 So God split a hollow place in the ground at Lehi, and water came out of it. After Samson drank, his strength returned, and he revived.(G) That is why he named it En-hakkore,[g] which is in Lehi to this day. 20 And he judged Israel 20 years in the days of the Philistines.

Samson and Delilah

16 Samson went to Gaza,(H) where he saw a prostitute and went to bed with her. When the Gazites heard that Samson was there, they surrounded the place and waited in ambush for him all that night at the city gate. While they were waiting quietly,[h] they said, “Let us wait until dawn; then we will kill him.” But Samson stayed in bed until midnight when he got up, took hold of the doors of the city gate along with the two gateposts, and pulled them out, bar and all. He put them on his shoulders and took them to the top of the mountain overlooking Hebron.

Some time later, he fell in love with a woman named Delilah, who lived in the Sorek Valley. The Philistine leaders(I) went to her and said, “Persuade him to tell you[i] where his great strength comes from, so we can overpower him, tie him up, and make him helpless. Each of us will then give you 1,100 pieces of silver.”

So Delilah said to Samson, “Please tell me, where does your great strength come from? How could someone tie you up and make you helpless?”

Samson told her, “If they tie me up with seven fresh bowstrings that have not been dried, I will become weak and be like any other man.”

The Philistine leaders brought her seven fresh bowstrings that had not been dried, and she tied him up with them. While the men in ambush were waiting in her room, she called out to him, “Samson, the Philistines are here!”[j] But he snapped the bowstrings as a strand of yarn snaps when it touches fire. The secret of his strength remained unknown.

10 Then Delilah said to Samson, “You have mocked me and told me lies! Won’t you please tell me how you can be tied up?”

11 He told her, “If they tie me up with new ropes that have never been used,(J) I will become weak and be like any other man.”

12 Delilah took new ropes, tied him up with them, and shouted, “Samson, the Philistines are here!”[k] But while the men in ambush were waiting in her room, he snapped the ropes off his arms like a thread.

13 Then Delilah said to Samson, “You have mocked me all along and told me lies! Tell me how you can be tied up.”

He told her, “If you weave the seven braids on my head with the web of a loom—”[l]

14 She fastened the braids with a pin and called to him, “Samson, the Philistines are here!”[m] He awoke from his sleep and pulled out the pin, with the loom and the web.

15 “How can you say, ‘I love you,’”(K) she told him, “when your heart is not with me? This is the third time you have mocked me and not told me what makes your strength so great!”

16 Because she nagged him day after day and pleaded with him until she wore him out,[n] 17 he told her the whole truth and said to her, “My hair has never been cut,[o] because I am a Nazirite(L) to God from birth. If I am shaved, my strength will leave me, and I will become weak and be like any other man.”

18 When Delilah realized that he had told her the whole truth, she sent this message to the Philistine leaders: “Come one more time, for he has told me the whole truth.” The Philistine leaders came to her and brought the money with them.

19 Then she let him fall asleep on her lap and called a man to shave off the seven braids on his head. In this way, she made him helpless,[p] and his strength left him. 20 Then she cried, “Samson, the Philistines are here!”[q] When he awoke from his sleep, he said, “I will escape as I did before and shake myself free.” But he did not know that the Lord had left him.(M)

Samson’s Defeat and Death

21 The Philistines seized him and gouged out his eyes. They brought him down to Gaza and bound him with bronze shackles, and he was forced to grind grain in the prison. 22 But his hair began to grow back after it had been shaved.

23 Now the Philistine leaders gathered together to offer a great sacrifice to their god Dagon.(N) They rejoiced and said:

Our god has handed over
our enemy Samson to us.

24 When the people saw him, they praised their god(O) and said:

Our god has handed over to us
our enemy who destroyed our land
and who multiplied our dead.

25 When they were drunk,[r] they said, “Bring Samson here to entertain us.” So they brought Samson from prison, and he entertained them. They had him stand between the pillars.

26 Samson said to the young man who was leading him by the hand, “Lead me where I can feel the pillars supporting the temple, so I can lean against them.” 27 The temple was full of men and women; all the leaders of the Philistines were there, and about 3,000 men and women were on the roof watching Samson entertain them. 28 He called out to the Lord: “Lord God, please remember me.(P) Strengthen me, God, just once more. With one act of vengeance, let me pay back the Philistines for my two eyes.” 29 Samson took hold of the two middle pillars supporting the temple and leaned against them, one on his right hand and the other on his left. 30 Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines.” He pushed with all his might, and the temple fell on the leaders and all the people in it. And the dead he killed at his death were more than those he had killed in his life.

31 Then his brothers and his father’s family came down, carried him back, and buried him between Zorah and Eshtaol in the tomb of his father Manoah. So he judged Israel 20 years.


  1. Judges 15:8 Lit He struck them hip on thigh
  2. Judges 15:11 Lit answered them
  3. Judges 15:13 Lit said to him
  4. Judges 15:14 Lit Lord rushed on
  5. Judges 15:17 = High Place of the Jawbone
  6. Judges 15:18 Lit through the hand of
  7. Judges 15:19 = Spring of the One Who Cried Out
  8. Judges 16:2 Lit quietly all night
  9. Judges 16:5 Lit him and see
  10. Judges 16:9 Lit are on you
  11. Judges 16:12 Lit are on you
  12. Judges 16:13 LXX reads loom and fasten [them] with a pin into the wall and I will become weak and be like any other man.” 14 And while he was sleeping, Delilah wove the seven braids on his head into the loom.
  13. Judges 16:14 Lit are on you
  14. Judges 16:16 Lit him and he became short to death
  15. Judges 16:17 Lit A razor has not gone up on my head
  16. Judges 16:19 LXX reads way he began to weaken
  17. Judges 16:20 Lit are on you
  18. Judges 16:25 Or When they were feeling good

John 2

The First Sign: Turning Water into Wine

On the third day a wedding took place in Cana(A) of Galilee.(B) Jesus’ mother(C) was there, and Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding as well. When the wine ran out, Jesus’ mother told Him, “They don’t have any wine.”

“What has this concern of yours to do with Me,[a](D) woman?”(E) Jesus asked. “My hour[b] has not yet come.”

“Do whatever He tells you,” His mother told the servants.

Now six stone water jars had been set there for Jewish purification.(F) Each contained 20 or 30 gallons.[c]

“Fill the jars with water,” Jesus told them. So they filled them to the brim. Then He said to them, “Now draw some out and take it to the chief servant.”[d] And they did.

When the chief servant tasted the water (after it had become wine), he did not know where it came from—though the servants who had drawn the water knew. He called the groom 10 and told him, “Everyone sets out the fine wine first, then, after people have drunk freely, the inferior. But you have kept the fine wine until now.”

11 Jesus performed this first sign[e] in Cana(G) of Galilee.(H) He displayed(I) His glory,(J) and His disciples believed in Him.

12 After this, He went down to Capernaum,(K) together with His mother, His brothers,(L) and His disciples, and they stayed there only a few days.

Cleansing the Temple Complex

13 The Jewish Passover(M) was near, so Jesus went up to Jerusalem.(N) 14 In the temple complex(O) He found people selling oxen, sheep, and doves, and He also found the money changers sitting there. 15 After making a whip out of cords,(P) He drove everyone out of the temple complex with their sheep(Q) and oxen. He also poured out the money changers’ coins and overturned the tables. 16 He told those who were selling doves, “Get these things out of here! Stop turning My Father’s(R) house(S) into a marketplace!”[f](T)

17 And His disciples remembered that it is written: Zeal(U) for Your house will consume(V) Me.(W)[g]

18 So the Jews replied to Him, “What sign of authority will You show us for doing these things?”

19 Jesus answered, “Destroy this sanctuary,(X) and I will raise it up in three days.”(Y)

20 Therefore the Jews said, “This sanctuary took 46 years to build, and will You raise it up in three days?”(Z)

21 But He was speaking about the sanctuary of His body.(AA) 22 So when He was raised from the dead,(AB) His disciples remembered that He had said this.(AC) And they believed the Scripture(AD) and the statement Jesus had made.

23 While He was in Jerusalem(AE) at the Passover Festival,(AF) many trusted in His name(AG) when they saw the signs He was doing. 24 Jesus, however, would not entrust Himself to them, since He knew them all 25 and because He did not need anyone to testify about man; for He Himself knew what was in man.(AH)


  1. John 2:4 Or You and I see things differently; lit What to Me and to you; Mt 8:29; Mk 1:24; 5:7; Lk 8:28
  2. John 2:4 The time of His sacrificial death and exaltation; Jn 7:30; 8:20; 12:23,27; 13:1; 17:1
  3. John 2:6 Lit 2 or 3 measures
  4. John 2:8 Lit ruler of the table; perhaps master of the feast, or headwaiter
  5. John 2:11 Lit this beginning of the signs; Jn 4:54; 20:30. Seven miraculous signs occur in John’s Gospel and are so noted in the headings.
  6. John 2:16 Lit a house of business
  7. John 2:17 Ps 69:9

Psalm 103

Psalm 103

The Forgiving God


My soul, praise Yahweh,
and all that is within me, praise His holy name.(A)
My soul, praise the Lord,
and do not forget all His benefits.(B)

He forgives all your sin;(C)
He heals all your diseases.(D)
He redeems your life from the Pit;(E)
He crowns you with faithful love and compassion.(F)
He satisfies you[a] with goodness;(G)
your youth is renewed like the eagle.(H)

The Lord executes acts of righteousness
and justice for all the oppressed.(I)
He revealed His ways to Moses,(J)
His deeds to the people of Israel.(K)
The Lord is compassionate and gracious,
slow to anger and rich in faithful love.(L)
He will not always accuse us
or be angry forever.(M)
10 He has not dealt with us as our sins deserve
or repaid us according to our offenses.(N)

11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
so great is His faithful love
toward those who fear Him.(O)
12 As far as the east is from the west,
so far has He removed
our transgressions from us.(P)
13 As a father has compassion on his children,
so the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.(Q)
14 For He knows what we are made of,
remembering that we are dust.(R)

15 As for man, his days are like grass—
he blooms like a flower of the field;(S)
16 when the wind passes over it, it vanishes,
and its place is no longer known.[b](T)
17 But from eternity to eternity
the Lord’s faithful love is toward those who fear Him,
and His righteousness toward the grandchildren(U)
18 of those who keep His covenant,
who remember to observe His precepts.(V)
19 The Lord has established His throne in heaven,
and His kingdom rules over all.(W)

20 Praise the Lord,
all His angels of great strength,
who do His word,
obedient to His command.(X)
21 Praise the Lord, all His armies,
His servants who do His will.(Y)
22 Praise the Lord, all His works
in all the places where He rules.(Z)
My soul, praise Yahweh!


  1. Psalm 103:5 Lit satisfies your ornament; Hb obscure
  2. Psalm 103:16 Lit place no longer knows it

Proverbs 14:17-19

17 A quick-tempered man acts foolishly,
and a man who schemes is hated.(A)

18 The inexperienced inherit foolishness,
but the sensible are crowned with knowledge.

19 The evil bow before those who are good,
the wicked, at the gates of the righteous.

Cross references:

  1. 14:17 : Pr 12:2; 24:8