12/27/2016 DAB Transcript

Zechariah 10:1-11:17 ~ Revelation 18:1-24 ~ Psalm 146:1-10 ~ Proverbs 30:33

Today is December 27th.  Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible.  I’m Brian. It is great to be here with you.   So five days, friends.  Five days remain in this year, and so let us continue to focus and continue the journey that helps us finish well this year because, at least I’ve found over the years, you don’t really begin something well if you haven’t finished what you were doing well.  So may we finish this year well.  And we will.

So let’s dive into the scriptures for today.  We’re in the book of Zechariah chapter 10, verse 1 through 11 verse 17 today we’re reading from The Voice translation this week.  


Father, as we are in the final days of this year, this year where we’ve considered what it looks like to be healthy from the scriptures, we take this proverb to heart.  There is cause and effect to our actions in life.  Yes, if we press down milk or whip it up, it will make butter.  Yes, if we press or smash our noses it will bleed. And yes, if we whip up anger, it will make trouble.  And so we take that and ask you, by the power of your Holy Spirit, to plant it in our hearts deep so that this truth may come up and yield a crop that is the fruit of the Spirit.  May we no longer be foolish with our words or our actions, knowing that there is cause and there is effect to everything.  Come Holy Spirit, we pray in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.  


Www.DailyAudioBible.com is the website.  It’s home base.  It’s where you find out what is going on around here and what’s going on around here is all of the work involved in changing over the year.  So just a little bit of a head’s up.  When we get to the end of the year and things switch over, it switches over, so we will have remaining the final week of December for those of you who are just catching up a little bit, but if you’re like way behind, then the year will switch over.  We have to switch to so many moving parts to set up a new year.  So it will be switching over.  The entire year of all of the years of the Daily Audio Bible, you can find them in the Shop at www.DailyAudioBible.com, but come January 1st, we’ll be switching into…well, it will be a turn of the page.  It’s a reset.  It’s a brand new year out in front of us.  Looking forward to that.  But just kind of giving you a little head’s up.  This happens every year, has happened every year.  It’s that the process of all that has to happen with so many different servers and everything.  So head’s up.

If you want to partner with the Daily Audio Bible here in the final days of this year 2016 and have that charitable contribution receipt for the year 2016, then thank you.  Thank you humbly.  Thank you deeply for helping us move into the new year strongly and finishing this one well. There is a link on the home page. If you are using the app, you can push the More button in the lower right-hand corner or the mailing address is P.O. Box 1996, Spring Hill, TN 37174.

And we’ve also been talking about the More Gathering that will happen this April, the More Gathering for Women which is our annual women’s conference. We have advanced pricing for that through the end of the year, so a few more days on that as well.  I’m just kind of keeping that to your attention.  If you want to check it out, you can find out more at www.DailyAudioBible.com.  

And, as always, if you have a prayer request or comment, (877) 942-4253 is the number to dial.  

And that is it for today.  I’m Brian. I love you.  I will be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

Community Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Good morning, this is Kathy calling from __________, TX.  I have a 26-year-old son who has undergone seven brain surgeries.  He has two shunts.  He was born with Chiari malformation.  We had no idea that he had this but until five years ago.  He keeps going into tachycardia at night.  It happened again last night.  I asked God for Brian, that’s his name, Brian, and raised him for the glory of God.  My God reigns, but I’m asking for everyone that hears this message to please lift Brian J. up to our Heavenly Father and ask God to please heal my son once and for all of this horrible, noncurable disease, noncurable in the sight of man, but God can do anything.  I love the Daily Audio Bible.  I listen to it every day faithfully.  My first time calling in because I’m a desperate mom, but I know there are a lot of people out there hurting.  Thank you and God bless each and every one of you.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  

Hi, I’m Teri from Colorado.  I’m a first-time caller.  I’ve been listening to Daily Audio Bible since January.  My prayer is the same as so many of us.  My son is struggling with drug addiction.  He was in the army, went to Afghanistan and now suffers with PTSD. He started self-medicating just to function and thankfully now he realizes that he can’t do this on his own. He has been trying to get into a treatment center in Cheyanne but of course there is much paperwork and red tape. He doesn’t push as hard to get in as he should and it is out of our hands.  Please pray he can get in and get the help he needs.  Also please pray for the right people in his life to lead him back to God.  My sister put him on the prayer wall and I can see that people are praying and I am so thankful for your prayers.  I realize as long as he is still alive, we have hope.  I will continue to pray for each one of you and especially for your children that have drug addiction.  It is so close to my heart.  Thank you.

Hi DAB family.  It’s Lana calling from Canada.  I hope you remember me.  I’m the girl that called in not too long ago.  I lost my mother three months ago and I’m really having a hard, hard time dealing with this, especially…well, every day, but especially with Christmas coming up.  How she loved Christmas so and I miss her dearly.  Also I had some pains in my stomach and they found something that they are doing further checking on, on my pancreas, so please pray for me.  I just want my joy and my peace back.  Sorry for sobbing, but anyway Merry Christmas to all of you.  Thank you. Bye.  

This is Pastor Chris from Nebraska.  Just wanted to call and encourage some of you who are calling and the theme has been generally that I’m not able to experience joy this Christmas because of an estranged relationship or circumstances that have gone awry.  I would just like to encourage you that this season and what we’re celebrating at Christmastime is Jesus.  He is the focus.  So I don’t think that while Paul was in jail he was saying I’ll have joy and I’ll only have a good time if you deliver me, but he said in the midst of his circumstances, in the midst of being in jail, that he was able to have joy and worship there.  And that is what separated him from the rest of the world, that despite the circumstances, and I’m not minimizing the challenge, I’m not minimizing the circumstances.  There is real pain and real suffering and you’re not meant to bear it alone.  This is great that we have a community, but your joy if you’re following Jesus isn’t directly connected to the circumstances of your life and whether or not he gives you what you want.  He is worthy of your worship regardless of the answers that he gives in your life.  And so I would pray that you would turn your eyes and look to the one who is worthy. Lift your eyes up to the hills. Where does your help come from? Your help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth who is worthy of your worship and…

Today is December 20th.  This is Sheila calling from Texas and the Lord has led me to pray for our leader, Brian Hardin, so please join me in praying for this wonderful man of God. Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, I bring Brian and his entire family to your throne of grace.  Father, I’ve not seen such faithfulness before apart from you.  I’ve not seen a man who has dedicated his life every day to read the word of God. This man has traveled to different cities in the U.S., different parts of Europe.  He’s gone to Israel.  He’s not weary, Lord.  He is a wonderful man.  Father, he has gone through so much this year, so Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray your blood over him.  I come against any work the enemy has sent against the Hardin family right now, in the mighty name of Jesus.  I plead your blood.  O God, bless the work of his hands.  Bless his wife.  Bless his children.  Father, his footsteps, let whatever he touches be blessed from now on, O Father, until the day you call him home.  This is a faithful servant.  From the day I began listening to DAB, my life has been so much anointed and so blessed, Father.  I owe it all to you and of course to Brian.  This ministry is awesome, Father, and I’m so grateful, Lord.  I pray for other DAB members, Lord.  Please bless them.  Let them look to you, O Jesus.  You’re the author and the perfecter of our faith, God.  We look unto you, Jesus, as the year comes to an end, Father.  Thank you for having been faithful to us.  Thank you for this servant of God that you gave us, O God.  Bless him once again, O God.  Bless him, Lord.  Bless us, O Lord.  Let us do your will every day of our lives.  We’ve gone through so much this year, but we’re grateful.  Thank you, Jesus.  In your name we pray.  Amen.  

Hi DAB family.  This is His Light in Tennessee.  I just wanted to call and say Merry, Merry Christmas to everybody.  I hope and pray that the Lord will give you a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and just make it a joyous time and a happy time for all of you. I’m praying for those that don’t really have close family or friends near them, that the Lord would put someone in your path to just make that time special for you.  I also would like to please ask you all to continue to pray for my sister Jeannie and my sister Linda.  Jeannie used to live with me.  She is still living in the same city as I am; however, there is still a lot of bitterness, resentment and forgiveness that she needs to work through, so please pray that the Lord will work on her heart and for Linda, she came to church with me on Sunday. Yay!  I was hoping and praying she was going to surrender to the Lord that day. She did not but I’m not giving up on her.  So please pray for her.  I know that there are a few of you that have called up and asked for prayers for your family members that are not saved yet, and I am praying for every one of you.  Again, Merry, Merry Christmas to everybody.  I love you.  His Light in Tennessee.  Bye-bye.