07/31/2022 DAB Transcript

2 Chronicles 29:1-36, Romans 14:1-23, Psalms 24:1-10, Proverbs 20:12

Today is the 31st day of July welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is great to be here with you today as we take the next step forward together. And of course, this is the last day of the month of July, the seventh month of the year. And, so, well done. Seven months we’ve been together, and this last step will conclude this month and then we’ll just start a new month. That’s what we do, just keep going forward day by day step-by-step. But it’s good to be here with you at the end of this month of July. We are ending a month and starting a brand-new shiny sparkly week. And, so, something ends, and something begins, and we keep moving forward. This week we will read from the New International Version. We will also conclude the book of second Chronicles this week. We will also conclude Paul’s letter to the Romans this week. So, a lot of endings and a lot of new beginnings happening in the next week as we get settled into the new month of August. But here we are, last day of July. Let’s take the next step forward together. And that leads us back into second Chronicles. Today, second Chronicles chapter 29.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we…we are grateful. We appreciate. We sit here and appreciate that You have brought us to the final day of the seventh month of the year, that You have brought us this far. And there is plenty far to go, but You will bring us through. And, so, we are grateful in this moment of time. And as we move forward into this week and into a new month and ending books, and beginning new books, Holy Spirit come and lead us into all truth. This is a continual prayer. This is our desire. This is what we need, that You would lead and guide our steps and that You would illuminate in the Scriptures what we need to know to live this life according to Your purpose and according to Your will. Align our will with Your will so that we might be of one mind, collaborating, and putting things back together again. Come Holy Spirit we pray into all of this and we ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hello DAB family Will Beverlin here from Strasburg Virginia. I’ve been listening for I think probably almost 10 years now. Multiple times calling in, multiple prayer requests have come in. My stepson was killed two years ago in an accident and called in for that. But there’s a gentleman on the 26th who called in about losing his friend to alcohol addiction. Well, I am in sympathy with you because I have just lost my father to the same thing just this past Sunday and he had taken several falls. He was 69 years old and for decades I had been trying to influence him to put down the alcohol and embrace his family. Last couple of years he went to a lake house he owns and isolated himself and just…where there was no accountability and essentially, he…he self-medicated himself to death, if you could put it that way. So, please prayers for the family. Going down right now to finish making the final arrangements for his final disposition if you will and from there, we’ll do memorial services and things like that for friends and family as they’re able to attend. So, please pray for the wisdom and strength of me that I can be a shining light for the gospel amongst my family and that…for traveling mercies and all the like. I thank you guys very much. I love this community. I am very faithful listening every day. So, thank you very much for everything. Goodbye.

Hi DAB family it’s Testimony in Progress in Northern Queens in the UK calling. I just…I just dropped off my stepdaughter at her friends and I just feel like I need to ask for prayers for her. Her name is Tia and she’s 22 years old and she’s suffering from fear of being on her own like, really bad. She’s always on the phone and she’s always on the FaceTime. She even sleeps with FaceTime with someone. She can’t just be on her own. And I was…and I was…probably because God’s knocking on her door now because I’ve been praying for her for years now. But she’s just…she’s just scared of being on her own. She always needs someone around. And I just think…I just think it’s really damaging her because she’s suffering now mentally and like she can’t work properly. She always has to call in sick because she’s struggling with mental health issues. And I just…I just really don’t want her to suffer like that. Can you please pray for her? Thank you.

Hello DAB family this is Jared from Ohio. I’ve been trying to figure out whether or not to call in but I mean things are going really good for me, but I’ve got some craziness going on too and I’m super excited to hear from Jonathan in Denver and don't…don’t give up because it sounds like you moving in the right direction. I’ve been praying for you for a while now even since the middle of last year. But I got a lot of transition going on in my life right now. So, if you would pray for me and my family and my church. We are looking for a new pastor because God has called our senior minister to a…to a new ministry and I know he’s going to do great things. So, but it’s a…it’s a hard transition for me. And just about 5 minutes ago there’s been an explosion on the other side of work. And, so, I wanted you guys to pray for that situation. And I don’t even know what all is going on with it but…but I know you guys are so generous in the prayers and just the ability to to love on people and to…and to share your concern and to share God’s love with people. So, I just appreciate that about this community, and I thank you so much. And Travis you’ve been on my heart too. Just I…I…I see her passion. I hear your love and wanting to do things in God’s way and I'm…and I’m praying that that you can accomplish that. So, I know I’m rambling about 5,000,000 different things but I…I appreciate this and just the opportunity to be able to call.

Hi Brian, this is Cory in Green Bay Wisconsin and I wanted to thank you for…for 10 years of your podcast, I’ve been listening to it. I started listening to it when I was living in Scottsdale about 10 years ago and I was going through a painful opiate painkiller addiction and I was brought into rehab and I came across your podcast. And after about eight or nine months I decided to become a Christian and I got baptized in Scottsdale. And I actually met you. You were out in that area about 10 years ago when I met you and your family. It was very pleasant. Now I’m living in a Green Bay and I’m having another very difficult time. I lost my job and I’m a little concerned, a little bit nervous but I feel confident every day when I…I listen to your podcast and the community of prayer that you offer for everybody. And I want to thank you and I want to ask your community to pray for me and help me get through this…this current crisis I have here. Thank you Daily.