10/19/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 31:27-32:44, 1 Timothy 3:1-16, Psalms 88:1-18, Proverbs 25:20-22

Today is the 19th day of October welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is a pleasure and joy to be here with you today for the next step forward together around the Global Campfire that we share. And that the next step forward will lead us back into the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament and into the letter, the first letter…well…the letter to Timothy known as first Timothy in the New Testament. And, so, let’s dive in. Jeremiah chapter 33 and 34 today.


Father, we thank You. We thank You for Your word. We often when…when…when we become grateful and we consider the gift and we start thinking of all the different facets and all of the different nuances of the Scriptures that have touched our lives just in the recent weeks, but throughout this year, we’re far enough into this year now that we’re beginning to see that things change when we commit ourselves to each day immersing ourselves and interacting with the Scriptures. And, so, it’s very evident that though we might not be able to explain it things are shifting. The motivations of our hearts are shifting. Our countenance is shifting. The things that drive us are changing. You are transforming us. This is called sanctification. It’s a process but we are in process and each day as we meditate upon the Scriptures takes us a little bit further, transforms us a little bit more. And, so, we open ourselves to You Holy Spirit to continue this transformation within us by Your power, the power of the Spirit of the living God, but also through the gift and the Council of the Bible. So, come Holy Spirit and continue to lead us into all truth. Lead us forward, deeper into Jesus we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey this is Blessed to Serve, and I am calling on October 15th after hearing a young lady who moved across the country with her family, her two children and her husband hoping and praying that that would be a…the answer as far as helping them to have a better life and…and she’s struggling with the fact that it’s not gotten easier. And I just want to say that, you know, I definitely am praying for you. And I can relate in that a lot of my life, I’m older, but a lot of my life I had that same feeling of…of, you know, “where are you God” at times.  And I just want to tell you to just please, please, please, please spend, you know, just more time in God’s word and just keep crying out to Him in the day, in the morning, and night and just ask Him. And we’re going to pray with you. I am, for him to reveal to you how wonderful He is, how solid He is, how strong He is and how He has never left your side. He’ll never leave us or forsake us and He loves you and we all love you too. We thank you so much for sharing that. I just could feel your hurt. Be blessed…

Father God thank you so much for the Daily Audio Bible, for Brian, Jill, and their family and everyone who allows God to use their talents to bring your word to the world basically at this point. This family is growing and getting deeper roots by the year. I’ve been listening for about 12 years and the girl that called in this morning prompted me to be a first-time caller. You did not leave your name, but you were talking about moving across the country to better your life. And I would just like to say God loves you sweetheart. He is never…you’re never alone. He is always by your side. So, if I could talk to my younger self who did not know God at the time and had a moment with her, I would say take His hand Anne let Him lead you. Just be calm and try to have some peace. And look from the outside looking in. Look at all you do. You can find some gift in there that is something to be grateful for every single day. And you can start nurturing that ability and you’ll be able to let God help you see the beauty in your life and not only the pain. And I’m so sorry that you’re having to go through whatever you’re going through. I would like to lift up Victoria Soldier from the loss of her brother. I lost my brother when I was 17 and I’m so sorry sweetheart. It’s a terrible thing to go through. Asia, I’m praying for a miracle for you. And thank you Cindy for calling in about your brother and we’ll continue to pray for him. And I never thought I’d actually call in but God bless you all.

Hello, Daily DABbers this is Esther from Georgia. This is my first time calling in and I just have to say I’m just loving this Daily Audio Bible. I’ve been doing it for a couple of months. My daughter told me about it and I just love it. My heart goes out to so many of you that are struggling and having issues in your lives. And sometimes you just feel like where is God. But I do want to lift up Laura from Georgia whose son is Christopher Nettles. The lady that moved across country, you never gave your name, to get a better life with your family and things didn’t turn out right. Denise whose daughter Candace is having a Job experience and Kathy in Kentucky who’s very lonely and needs to supplement her income. I just pray in the name of Jesus that God will lift up every one of your prayer requests and your heart’s desire for your children and for your families, that God is still on the throne, and never will He leave you, never will He forsake you. It may feel like it but he’s there and I pray God would give you the touch that you need. Kathy, I pray God will send you someone that will be a friend to you, that will help you through these days and that will guide you on the things you need to do to supplement your income. I pray all this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Hi this is Tammy from the Adirondacks it’s October 15th and I’m calling to give encouragement to the young woman who called in that moved her family across country and to Asia, I think you said your name was, from Chicago. You’re not alone. Both of you young girls, you’re not alone. God is with you. He will never leave you and He will never forsake you. And I know those moments. I know those moments too well when it feels like He’s not there. He is there and it’s the patience that we have to endure as Christians to…to get through these trials and…and these seasons that we go through. But lean into Him, press into Him, know you’re not alone. You have me and you have an entire DAB family community that are praying for you both all of the world. You are you’re never alone. God is always with you. He says in His word trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. So, I pray that you two will find comfort in His arms and know that I love you, that you are so loved, and that the days will get better. It’s hard but they will get better one day at a time. Love you both. Bye. God bless.

Hello, my DAB family this is Jamie in New Jersey standing on the word of God. Pray with me. Dear Father in heaven thank You for this day. We praise You for who You made us to be, where You have placed us, and the people You have surrounded us with. We pray that we learn to soak in Your steadfast love and mercies each day. Father today we remind ourselves that everyone who calls themselves a Christian is in essence a teacher of the faith because we represent You to the outside world. What we say and do is a testimony to our faith and beliefs to honor Your great love and passion for all mankind. Let us represent Jesus well to all our family and friends. Lord we want to be a testimony of Your ability to transform a life yet some of us failed to acknowledge where we were when You came to rescue us. We don’t want others to see our scars. There’s not a single one of us who doesn’t have some scars on our souls from the things we’ve been through in the past. It’s just life. But these are scars and not open wounds. These scars on our souls they are part of who we are. They attest to what we have been through, and these scars will speak of the healing You have given us. Father You love us scars and all. These scars are beautiful and Your site. These scars on our soul show that we belong to Jesus. Help us to not hide our past but rather use it as a testimony of Your love, compassion, grace and mercy. May we draw others into Your loving arms. Thank You for all that You will do for our lives today. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. Thank you, my brothers and sisters for praying along with me. I hold each of you in my hearts. May God bless you.

Hey family this is Mike from New York City. Rather odd happening tonight. I’m working as a medic on a film set and we were shooting in New Jersey and this one guy I had been talking to, you know, the past three weeks, cool guy, we were just chatting about jobs and…and different places we’ve traveled. And I was sharing with him one story about crashing on a bike and how God saved me from falling off a cliff. And he got really hostile, like really hostile like against God. So, he must have some kind of hurt there. And then I shared with him just some testimony and some stories and he got really hostile and pretty much said I’m an idiot and I can’t have science or medical aptness and have faith as well. And he just kind of insulted me but other than, you know, that he really does not believe in God and has something against him. So, I’m going to ask you to pray. His name is Mark. Yeah…and he…he does film he does processing and a lot of back end work. But he has a hurt against God. I don’t know where, I don’t know if he’ll talk to me anymore. But just pray that God softens his heart, and he can use me as His vessel. And that I don’t mess it up. Thank you. Bye-bye.

10/18/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 31:27-32:44, I Timothy 3:1-16, Psalm 88:1-18, Proverbs 25:20-22

Today is the 18th day of October, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is great to be here with you today. As we move forward, take the next step through the Scriptures, which is an everyday activity around here, around the Global Campfire. We will be continuing our journey through the book of Jeremiah; today, Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 27 through 32 verse 44.


Okay, so in our reading in I Timothy today we encounter criteria that Paul was putting in place for those in church leadership and he discusses two different functions. The role of the overseer or what we would now call Pastor and the office of the diaconate or deacons and their representations throughout the different denominations in the Christian faith are varied. Certainly, especially with deacons. So, I mean, pretty much no matter what church you go to, even if you were to go to a nondenominational church, it’s pretty likely that this reference, as well as a couple of other references in the pastoral epistles, are used as criteria for determining whether or not a person has the correct gift mix to do the task because it’s not an easy task. Like a pastor has to watch over the spiritual well-being and health of the community that they’ve been put in charge of before God on behalf of the Lord Jesus. So, we’re in a culture now that you can look really cool and you can look really cool and you can be really cool and you can be a pastor but and that’s fine, but behind it all, if that pastor it isn’t in the position, simply to be seen than it is a very, very difficult job. It is the job of a shepherd and so I Timothy lays out some criteria is to be examined and so let’s examine those because maybe you feel a call, maybe you’re a seminary student, or maybe you feel a call toward ministry in some kind of capacity. This is how you would self-gauge, like this is how you would begin a discernment process within your own heart. Understanding what you’re going to need to be able to fulfill that role, but also just for those of us who are a part of a faith community, it’s good to know what the Bible expects of our spiritual leaders. And so, according to I Timothy chapter 3, a pastor must be a man whose life is above reproach. He must be faithful to his wife. He needs to have self-control and have wisdom and live in wisdom. Have a good reputation. He needs to be hospitable. He needs to be able to teach. He can’t be a violent or over the top with wine or drink. He needs to be gentle, not quarrelsome and not be over obsessed with money. He needs to be able to manage and lead his family well and have children who respect and are obedient because they respect him. And he mustn’t be a brand-new believer because he might become proud and that’s easy enough, and then the devil could cause him to fall. And people outside the church need to have respect and speak well so that he won’t be disgraced and fall into a trap. And so, a pastor’s ultimate job is to shepherd the people and care for their spiritual health or well-being. The deacons, the office of the diaconate was given and we saw that formed the book of Acts when there was a problem with food distribution. So, the deacons are to care for the needs of people’s lives, of their physical lives and to care for the community itself. So, a Deacon is to assist the overseer or the pastor in caring for the people. And there were some criteria given for that office and those criteria are: a Deacon must be well respected and have integrity, they can’t be heavy drinkers, they can’t be dishonest with money, they have to be committed to the mystery of the faith, and they must be able to live with clear consciences, their wives to be respected and can’t be gossips or slanderers, they, the deacon needs to exercise self-control and be faithful in what they do and what their assigned to do, the deacon has to be faithful to his wife, he has to manage his households and take care of his family. And so, if you’ve ever wondered, like how do, you know, how do people get into ministry. There are any number of pathways, but at some point, those seeking ordained ministry are highly likely to encounter these particular passages in the pastoral epistles and they are highly likely to be used, in part, at least as a template for assessing a person’s life and their calling. And so, let’s pray for our spiritual leaders.


And Jesus, it is no small task to be called in the direction of lowering one’s self down below and low in service to be a servant leader, a caretaker of Your people. A stand-in on Your behalf. The physical representation of Your ministry in this world. It is no small thing. It is a worthy thing. It is a necessary thing, but it is no small thing. And so, we pray for those in spiritual leadership. We pray for our pastors and our deacons throughout the earth. It is an extraordinarily rewarding thing, but an extraordinarily challenging thing to fulfill this call and so we pray Holy Spirit that You would blow throughout the earth a refreshing wind into the souls of those who have been navigating some of the strangest times certainly of our lifetime, but some of the strangest times and just trying to figure out how to lead and care for and find new ways of doing those things while facing some really, really significant challenges in the world. So, we ask Holy Spirit for Your help, that You would strengthen our pastors, that You would strengthen the deacons throughout the earth, that You would encourage them and that You would use us to be encouraging vessels that we might give words of encouragement as well. Give them strength, give them honor and nobility and stamina, help them to fight cynicism and fatigue, we ask in your precious name, for the sake of your body in this world. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Good morning this is Darren from College Station and I am calling in regards to a lady who didn’t leave her name, but it aired on today’s podcast, the 15th of September. It was the first prayer requests played. Basically, she said that she was, had moved across country and made a lot of sacrifices, things have gone from difficult to remaining difficult. She said she was losing faith. I just wanted to encourage you that we all go through this. I’ve gone through different seasons in my life where things have gone from difficult to worse and it seemed like there was no point to having faith but that’s just a lie from the enemy. You need to recognize it as a lie from the enemy and denounce that lie and hold onto the truth that we find in Scripture and that will give you the strength to make it through. God doesn’t promise that things will get easy, but He promises to give us the strength to make it through. So, the only thing we can do is hold onto the truths that have been given to us but if we accept the lies from the enemy, then, then our faith will be weakened and I know I have done that in the past and I’m sure I’ll do it again in the future, but hopefully I can remind you and remind myself to rely on the truths that are in Scripture and to rely on the truths that we get from the Holy Spirit. Love you sis, chow.

Good morning, this is my first-time calling in. I’m gonna stay anonymous. I’m just coming this morning for prayer. I’ve been struggling with depression for the past, I want to say maybe six months, and it’s been getting worse every day. I have a loving family; 6 beautiful children and a husband that love me but inside I feel so empty and so alone. I feel like no one is there for me knowing that my family is but, it’s just been really hard on me lately to stay focused on my, in my ministry and…and as being a mother as well and a wife, it’s just been really hard for me. And I just come to ask for prayer that God may intervene in my life and strengthen me when I feel weak and to give me that strength that I need when the enemy is coming against my mind and telling me things that are not true. I know that there’s a praying church and I’m just asking for prayer. That you may just lift me up. Thank you and God bless.

Good morning, everyone, it’s Val in Vegas. Oh my gosh I love you DAB family. Hey, it’s the 15th of the month, your reporter here in Vegas, checking in, just calling to say I love you guys. All is well; it’s almost 30 days since my procedure and I feel amazing. I’ve seen my surgeon three times since then. She says that I’m healing perfectly, and I just wanted to say thank you guys or everyone because I don’t know, just I don’t know crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, the devil. But I know the best thing always is to do is to share with your family so that they can pray for you and be specific right. Leave names guys, so that we can lift those people up. And so, let’s lift people up right now. Lord God, thank You for this amazing community. Lord, they are demolitions. O, I love everyone here at the DAB. God Lord, please bless Brian and Jill and China and little E Lord, O God Lord. Just give them the energy and strength that they need to continue to read the word to us and to share enlightenment with us Lord. O Gosh I love this community. Lord God, we pray right now for anyone that might be having any mental health issues. Lord, we know as the holidays come that people feel more burdened Lord and maybe more alone. And God, I gotta say, sometimes I feel like that myself. I pray for us that Your peace You bequeath to us Lord and that we have peace that passes all understanding and God most importantly just use us Lord. Use use to bring more people to the kingdom in your mighty name Jesus. Amen. You guys go out make a great weekend. I love you.

Hey, this is Mary calling from Virginia. And I wanted to call in and lift up a lady who called in asking for prayer. She moved across the country and she was just feeling defeated and discouraged. So Lord, I just pray for her this morning as she has just shared that she’s struggling, that her faith is struggling, that she’s struggling to see how Your working. Father, I pray that You would show her in a tangible way, how You’ve been holding her all along and that You’ve been walking with her through the struggles since she was a child. And God, I pray that You would renew the hope of her salvation. Lord, Your word says in Psalms 34:19 that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them from all. So, God, may you be her deliverer. May You show her just in fresh and new ways that You are faithful. That You have never left her, never will You forsake her. Encourage her today, Lord. I pray against the enemy that would try to lie and discourage and make her feel defeated. Father, I pray that she would know that she’s victorious in You and that she is an overcomer by the blood of the lamb and the word of her testimony. And Lord, that You brought her this far as a testimony to Your goodness. Remind her that You’re her Abba Father, I pray in Jesus name. Amen. Be encouraged today.

This is Kathy from Kentucky. I called in a prayer request a couple weeks ago for a new job because I need extra money cause I’m lonely, board and broke. Well, yesterday I got a new job working in a shopping center for alcoholic addicts and homeless people. And I am very happy and today I listened and somebody was praying for me. I can’t remember your name but thank you. And I just wanted to give that praise report. I’ll post it on the DAB friends Facebook page. Thank you for praying for me. I’m, that’s it, thank you.

Good morning, Daily Audio Bible friends and family. I’ve never left a message before; this is Christy from Arizona. But I was so moved by the girl who left a message just today it was released. Moving across the country and sacrificing so much to do so and just your heart sweet daughter, your precious heart. I too, understand everything that you said. It just completely resonated with me and I want you to know that I reached that point about a year ago. That I will never forget just sitting outside in the cold, shaking, crying saying God, I can’t, I don’t get it, I don’t understand. Where are you? Why did you even create me? Why on earth am I even here? This doesn’t make any sense. So, everything you said, everything you shared just moved my heart to tell you and encourage you. There is hope. He is light and He is with you. And you’re about to have a breakthrough. I promise. He’s coming for you. He’s coming for you. His Spirit desires your heart more than anything in the world. He knows you. He sees you. He loves you. And you will have breakthrough. Just look for Him. Listen to His voice. Stay in His word. Keep catching up with your Daily Audio Bible. Keep getting your face in the word so that your heart can be open to it and He will move. And I can tell you I’m in a completely different place today because of Him and you will be too. Love you.

10/17/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 30:1-31:26, 1 Timothy 2:1-15, Psalms 87:1-7, Proverbs 25:18-19

Today is the 17th day of October welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is fantastic to be here with you today as we greet a brand-new week. And in this brand-new week we will do what we do and pick up the story from where we left off yesterday and continue forward. This week we’ll read from the Amplified Bible. Today, Jeremiah chapter 30, verse 1 through 31 verse 26.


Father, we thank you for your word. We thank you for this brand-new beginning to a brand-new week, a shiny sparkly one, one that we’re walking into, one that will be made up of the decisions that we make. And we know this and we remind ourselves of this most every week because it reminds us that if we don’t slow down and walk with you than we’re gonna end up in a ditch somewhere. But we can slow down and walk with you and…and deal with everything that comes our way correctly. And, so, come Holy Spirit. That’s our desire. We want to finish this week better than how it is right now as we start it instead of making chaos and come here one week from now in the ditch. So, come Holy Spirit and help us in thought, word, and deed to acknowledge you in all things. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi this is Ben Scangialosi and I’ve been listening to Daily Audio Bible for…this…I’m on my second year. And I love this. I love this family. I love the whole thing. And…and as I get close to God and listen to His word, I’m amazed that…that we can call Him Father, the whole Creator of the universe, the Creator of everything, that we actually we can call Him Papa, Father. And it’s changed my life. It’s changed my life. I get close to Him. Get to Him every day and the Holy Spirit works to my life. And when I wake up every day I…I want to be a reflection of His love to other people and make people joyful. And just polish my mirror every single day and pray for strength and guidance and be sensitive to His will, not what I desire but his will. And I encourage, I pray, and I challenge this family too share this. Share this to anyone, anyone because that’s our job. That’s what He wants. He wants His family back home, His kids. And share it. Just…that’s what I…that’s what I do every day just try to share to somebody. Just say, listen put 20 minutes, 30 minutes aside in your day and just listen to this. It will change everything. It will change your life. It will change your soul. It will change the way you think, the way you live, the way you love God…

Hello Daily Audio Bible this is Matthew from the United Kingdom. I just feel I should pray for Victoria Soldier. I’ve been praying for her in the background, but I feel she should hear this. Victoria Soldier I am with your spirit and I’m praying for you and the God of comfort will grant you the comfort that you need at this time, that you are mourning and grieving at the death of your brother. Just to let you know that we care for you, and we are praying for you. I don’t call in regularly, but I feel I should call in just to let you know how much we love you Victoria Soldier. Thank you, Brian and family for this wonderful podcast. I have been so blessed and I can’t do without the Daily Audio Bible. And our brother John in Sudan. Just to let you know that we are praying for you. I want to give a shout Biola and Maryland. Where have you been? I hope all is well and we are also praying for you. May the Lord bless you all. May the Lord uphold you. May the Lord turn His countenance towards you all. Be blessed. This is Matthew from the UK. Bye for now. Matthew.

Good morning, everyone this is Ivy. It’s been a while since I’ve called in for prayer requests and just to let you know how things are going. It’s been still rough. But I just wanted first of all to give a big thank you to just John. Thank you for your encouraging words about finding God outdoors especially, but we know he’s everywhere. Ironically, I’m going to be going on a camping trip again this weekend alone and I appreciate your sharing how you found Him alone. And I just am so grateful for your encouraging words. Just to catch a glimpse is what caught my attention. My brother is an artist and he’s been still struggling with the loss of his son who committed suicide almost two years ago this November. He’s getting back into his painting, and I swear that the paintings he’s been doing lately might be just a glimpse of God for him. He shared with me that he’s wanting to get back into ministry and I’m just grateful that God is in the midst of all this trouble that he’s gone through, is bringing him back. So, I praise you Lord for what you’re doing in his life and in my life and I continue to ask for prayer for myself since I feel like I’m still grieving and probably will be for the loss of my husband. It’ll be two years this April. I love you guys. Bye.

Hi this is Karen from California. I’m calling to pray for the young lady who called in about moving from across the country and she just feels like things are just getting worse and she just wants to give up her faith. And I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. I’ve gone through the same struggles maybe not exactly the same things but the situation where I just wanted to give up my faith and I just didn’t know what to do and I was hopeless. And it came to the point where I just asked God, you know, I I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t do this anymore. And I just completely gave everything to Him. And I said Lord I…I’m desperate…I’m desperate before You. Like, I need You to guide me. I need You to take control of my life because we can’t, we can’t do it. You know, we can’t take control of everything. Only God can. And just have…just continue having that small faith that you have. Just crown yourself in it. Take one step at a time and know that God loves you and He is there for you even though you can’t feel Him, even though you can’t understand what's…why things are happening. But He is there for you. Lord heavenly Father I ask You Lord that You take this young lady Father God, that You help her Father in her struggles Lord that You guide her Father God, that the Holy Spirit can put love peace and kindness in her life Father God and that he give her the strength that she needs. In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask You Father. Everyone else that’s struggling with the same situation Father, that You can lift them up Father…

10/16/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 28:1-29:32, I Timothy 1:1-20, Psalm 86:1-17, Proverbs 25:17

Today is the 16th day of October, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is wonderful to be here with you today as we do what we do every day take another step forward in the Scriptures on the journey that we are on this year through the entire Bible, through an entire year. So, let’s pick up where we left off. We’re in the book of Jeremiah, we’ve been reading from the New Living Translation this week, which is what we’ll do today, Jeremiah chapter 28 and 29.

Introduction to I Timothy:

Okay, so we certainly have some stuff to talk about there but we’re moving into our New Testament portion of our reading today. Which brings us to some brand-new territory. Another letter, another Pauline letter, this one is known as first Timothy, this is a part of a collection of letters in the New Testament, known as the Pastoral letters or the Pastoral epistles, which is a letter and these…these pastoral the pastoral letters first and second Timothy and Titus, these are different kinds of letters because they’re not letters specifically written to a congregation, to a church in a region or a city, with the specific intention that it would be read aloud to the congregation like…like the pastor or priest or president, they called the pastors in some churches back then, they would stand in front of the congregation and read the letter as if Paul were doing the speaking, as if he were there in spirit. We even see him in spirit and some of the letters, that was the idea that these are the words from Paul there being read by another voice, but in spirit. This is what Paul has to say. These Pastoral epistles are little bit different in that their personal letters. Now, the very fact that we still have them would give us an indication that they were read and passed around the churches, but they were intended to be to two people, Timothy and Titus. And it’s also worth noting that these, among biblical scholars, are some of these letters, these pastoral epistles are debated about whether Paul wrote them himself, or whether they were written in his name, not to deceive people, but to carry on the tradition, and some of that comes from other things that we’ve talked about before, it…it seems to some biblical scholars that some of the development in the church governance policies outlined here, may have been formed later than in Paul’s life and so there’s a question about whether these letters continue on the tradition of Paul but maybe weren’t actually written by Paul. Of course, nobody knows that, we don’t have any of the originals. So, there are plenty of scholars and plenty of believers who were just hold to the tradition that these are letters from Paul, written to two of his sons in the faith who had become pastors themselves to help them in the role of a pastor or priest, a leader of the congregation, but to also give them authority, like the authority of a letter from the apostle Paul, that’s going to carry some weight in the credibility for Timothy and Titus. So, we’ll get to Titus soon enough, but we have these letters to Timothy first and so just understanding who Timothy is. I guess, for starters, we have to understand that we’ve already heard this name before, we’ve already seen Paul sending Timothy to other churches in other letters. And via the evidence that we have in the Bible. Timothy really was a son in the faith and really did grow up in the shadow of the apostle Paul’s ministry and gospel. We first met Timothy in the book of Acts, the book of Acts tells us that his mother’s name was Eunice and that he had a grandmother and her name was Lois and they were early believers in the city of Lystra which is modern-day Turkey now. Paul introduced the faith in Lystra which we read about the book of Acts, but Timothy and family were part of the hearers who became disciples of Paul and believers in Jesus. And so, Paul mentored Timothy, raised him up as a spiritual father and calls him as much. And then Timothy traveled a lot with Paul, like we were just saying a second ago, we’ve seen Timothy’s name before, we see Timothy mentioned in six of Paul’s other letters and it seems like Timothy’s kind of the first go-to person to send people in, to send somebody in when he himself, Paul, can’t travel and so we see him serving the churches. So, from reading this letter, we understand that Paul is actually coming to the end of his ministry and he’s nearing actually the end of his life. Timothy’s now pastor of the church in Ephesus, and so first Timothy was written from father to son right, spiritual father to son to give guidance and counsel and it’s full of love. It’s a personal letter and so let’s dive in I Timothy chapter 1.


Okay, so I know we already talked about I Timothy and kinda moving into that territory and so not to like have so much talking today but there’s, it’s just hard to pass by this particular passage in Jeremiah because it’s one of the most famous passages in the Scriptures, and is probably one of the most memorized and quoted verses in all of the Bible throughout the world and it’s one of the places since it’s such a popular verse that we all know it. It’s one of the places that we really get an up close and personal look at why context is important as we move our way through the Bible. So, like altogether, let’s quote Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” And that is very good news, those are good words, they’re comforting and so super easy to understand why we would say them to ourselves or why we would say them to a friend who is discouraged or why they would be preached from a pulpit. It’s a verse in the Bible, it’s important, but it brings an enormous amount of comfort and encouragement. But out of its context, it’s a very promising verse but it’s an even bigger deal than maybe we ever realize when we’re just passing it around as words of encouragement. So, we…we have to understand that Jerusalem has been conquered but the Babylonians have defeated and conquered Jerusalem. They have been in the process of deporting people to the different territories in Babylon. The Hebrews have essentially watched their homeland and the lives that they knew deteriorate and vanish before their very eyes. Some families have been broken apart and sent to different regions, people have died and are no longer a part of the story. Family members are gone and nobody knows where they’ve gone and so will they ever be found; will they ever be seen again. And those people who have been displaced from their families have to find a whole new life. Things are pretty upside down. Jeremiah is in Jerusalem. He’s witnessing the deportation, he’s witnessing the tumult right, the disruption of it all. Meanwhile, there are people in exile in Babylon who are trying to find some kind of new normal and there are prophets in Babylon who are telling everybody just endure, this is going to be over within a couple of years and we’ll all be going home. Which is a super, super-duper encouraging prophecy that happened to be a false prophecy not from God at all. So, Jeremiah is in Jerusalem, and he writes a letter to the exiles in Babylon and it’s in that letter that the famous verse, Jeremiah 29:11 happens. It’s a sentence in a letter. It’s not a stand-alone thought, it can be a standalone thought, but it’s out of context with…with the letter that it is included in. And so, let’s go back to the letter because that will give us context for the verse. In the letter, Jeremiah, and he’s speaking to people who have been deported from their homeland right, we…that’s context. The people receiving this letter have been deported from their homeland and are trying, in whatever way to figure out what the new normal, and what life can be, while they grieve and lament and long and yearn to go home where they lived, where they were raised, where they were raising their families. Jeremiah says and I quote, “build homes and plan to stay, plant gardens and eat the food they produce, marry and have children, then find spouses for them so that you may have many grandchildren. Multiply, do not dwindle away and work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.” Right, so if you receive this letter, then it doesn’t sound like this is going to be over in a couple of years, like the prophets were saying. In fact, quoting from the letter, “This is what the Lord says, you will be in Babylon for 70 years. But then I will come and do for you all the good things I have promised, and I will bring you home again, for I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” Okay in context, it’s a different story and it flies in the face of what the exiled prophets are saying about this being over quick. What the Lord was saying is you’re going to be there for a generation right, you’re going to be there for a while. So, if you’re trying to hunker down thinking this is gonna be over in two years and you’re just gonna do whatever it takes to survive, that would be a mistake. You need to plant roots. And this is a hard message for these people. This is not the message they want to receive, in fact they are trying to do everything they can to reject it and to reject Jeremiah for giving it, but in fact it is exactly what did happen. So, what the real message in this letter and the real message in context around this verse is a little different than the way that we quote it because we quote it to be comforting as if this is going to be like the prophets in exile. This is going to be a quick fix. When what God was saying is, I have sent you somewhere for a reason, you were warned for decades. You’re going to be there for a while. It’s not going to be a quick fix. It wasn’t a quick thing that got you into the mess that would allow the Babylonians to destroy you. It’s going to take a minute, it’s gonna take a generation, so you need to settle down and you need to settle in and you need to multiply. You need to try to thrive. You need to expand and not disintegrate. You need to plan on getting married and then you need to plan on finding spouses for the children that you have, this going to take a minute and you need to thrive. You need to grow, you need to increase and not decrease and so you’re gonna have to get on board with the program, you’re going to have to pray for the city that you’re in because that cities welfare is very, very much going to be tied to your own welfare. You’re gonna have to get with the program and you have permission to do well. You have permission to excel, you have permission to thrive. You may not want to be where you are. It’s going to take some time but you have permission to do well where you are while you’re waiting for the plans that I have for you to come to fruition. That is different and perhaps even more deeply comforting to our souls for those of us who are enduring and waiting for change that doesn’t seem like it will ever come. We can rest in the fact that it will because there are plans, but we can also have permission to do well right now, we can thrive as best as we can, right here right now where we are, while we’re waiting. And so, that gives us a little bit of a picture of context and why it’s often really, really important surrounding very, very quoted passages of Scripture because the message is even deeper than we thought and the hope is even greater. Certainly, we all want a quick fix. Who doesn’t want the quick fix? We all, just, what if we could just snap our fingers and make all of the things that we want to be moved out of our lives, out of our lives and just insert all of the good things. We’d do it, we want, but life doesn’t work that way and we know it. Everything moves in seasons. Everything takes time to develop. It’s a gift, actually, because we always have the chance to look at where were going and decide to repent to change our minds, to move in another direction before we hit the brick wall. And if anything, Jeremiah shows us this. There was plenty of time to change course, they didn’t change course, they were conquered and taken into exile. God has not forgotten or abandoned them, but they’re going to have to live out what they made for themselves, but rather than just feeling defeated and completely destroyed, they have been given permission to do well and so have we.


And so, Father, we invite You into that, those of us who are waiting. Lots of us are waiting for something to change, something in us, something in somebody we love, something in a situation that we have to deal with constantly, whether in community or at work. There’s always opportunity for us to endure, which is, much as we hate it, a good thing. But as we cry out to you and wait, we grow weary in our well doing and You’re giving us permission to strengthen ourselves, to smile again. Maybe we’re not right where we want to be and things aren’t how we would like them to be but this is a process and we are given permission to smile in it, to thrive in it, to follow you through it because you have plans. And so, come Holy Spirit and help us to do just that. We begin by relaxing not on a couch. We just, in our spirit, exhale all of the anxiety and stress that we’re just carrying around, looking for something to change. We can exhale and open our hands to You. Understanding that we’re following you, not the other way around. We’ve been impatient with You because You’re not moving quick enough, as if You’re following us. Instead, we open our hands and smile again in our souls, knowing that You have plans, it’s gonna be fine. We just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. And we have permission to do well at it. Holy Spirit come into this we pray because we need it so bad. We need this to sink in so badly. So, help us we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Prayer and Encouragements:

Good morning, it’s the morning of October 12th. This is Lawrence from California. I want to leave this message for Kathy from Kentucky. Kathy, you called in on October 8th and I’m praying for you. Your message was so straightforward, so open, so honest, it went right to my heart. So, I’m asking the Lord that you get that job, that your money worries will be eased, that you’ll be able to get out of the house and not be lonely at times. And I hope very much that the Lord gives you the comfort of knowing that he lives in your house with you. And also, for myself, I want to wish you all the best, this is Lawrence from California, thank you everybody.

Good morning DAB family, God Bless you all. It’s been such a long time since I’ve called in. It’s just been a really rough few weeks for me. And, you know, it’s just been really rough. And, the weariness of my soul, but I’m hanging in there, hanging in there, I’m still listening. And I’m just trusting in God. You know, certain things still has not changed but God has given me the strength to just, just stay close to Him, clinging to Him and trusting in Him. And so, with that being said I’m calling in for Trent from Rockville, yes, you know, I thank God that the Lord put this person in your path, you know, as you were working in construction supervisor years ago. And how you asked him, what do you have to lose by going to church with your wife, praise You Jesus. Amen. You know, and now you believe he is still going to church today as a result of him going then. Thank You Lord, thank You. Victorious Soldier, I’m so sorry for your loss of your brother and know that you are being prayed for and the rest of my family. You know, life hits us and sometimes it knocks us down and the problem is not that we get knocked down, the problem is when we don’t get back up. So, I got knocked down really, really bad and my children are you know, separated from each other and from me. God, I am trusting God and as much as that has hurt me I am trusting in Him. And I want to ask everyone of us to trust in Him in our darkest moments because He’s there, He doesn’t leave us. I love you, Esther.

Hi, DAB family. This is Aussie Bear from Australia. I discovered this app two weeks ago today. And, it has been a life-changing. I love it, I tune in every day. Because I’m in Australia, we’re a day ahead so, I listen to Brian’s talk in the morning the day after he uploads it. And I listen to Jill and the Chronological Bible on the evening of the day it’s uploaded. So, that’s become my routine. And so, like it’s currently October 13th and it’s just after 6am. And, I’ve just finished listening to yesterday’s podcast and I just am blown away, I’m blown away by the reading each day. And I’m blown away by Brian and Jill’s messages that follow each reading. And then I’m blown away by the prayer. We all know that there is such power in prayer and it just hugs my heart to hear the love that comes out through all these voices around the world. And, already just after two weeks I feel apart of it. And I’m running out of time but quickly I just wanted to say I love, at the end of Brian’s messages each day, the I love you. I don’t hear I love you very often so that means everything. Cya.

Hi, everyone it’s Kristy from Kentucky. I wanted to call and let our sister Victorious Solider know how much that we love you and we are asking the Lord to wrap His arms around you and to comfort you in a way that only He can do. You are such a woman of excellence, such an example, we love you so much sister. Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your faith, thank you for the strength that you show in Christ, it blesses each of us. Also, I wanted to let Byron know that I’m praying. Byron for your wife. There’s so many of you, just want you to know that I’m praying for you as I listen along. I’m praying with every request I hear. And also, I wanted to ask if you would please pray for our precious Annette from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I was so privileged to get a voice chat with her today and she scared. And Father, please, Father please, just touch and heal our Annette. Lord, Your beautiful daughter. Father, we just ask in Your precious name, heal her we pray in Your name. We love You, we love You Lord. Alright everyone, I just wanted to call because my heart was just saddened when I saw her. You know, it’s just hard and she’s just very sad. Please pray for that joy to be quickly infused back into our friend, along with God’s healing. I love you guys; I pray each of you are having a most blessed and lovely day today.

Hi guys, hey family, this is Janice calling from Phoenix area, Arizona. And I just wanted to say that I listen every day, I write you down in my book and I pray, pray, pray for you. Now, I’m asking you if you would help me pray for my best friend, I call her Smitty. We’ve known each other for 50 years and I brought her to the Lord. Smitty’s son Michael is in the grip of drugs. Michael has a family. Michael is trying to get cleaned. Michael is angry and he’s running from the Lord but, let’s just pray that God’s hand from heaven will follow him and eventually soften the man’s heart. So, Smitty and Michael are in California. Thank you all so very much. I love you so much, I can’t even stand it. If you don’t have it, The God of Your Story, that book is so fun to keep on track.

I’m calling with a prayer of encouragement. I just want to say, to whoever needs it, just stay strong in the Lord. And rejoice in your suffering and find that joy. The Lord is there with you and He will lift you up. Surrender yourself to the will of God. The only way that you can save your life is by losing it. So, whatever you’re going through, just fall into the Lord. Now, is the time to lean in. Now, is the time to acknowledge that you do not have the answers, that you cannot mark your steps but just give it up to God and let Him help you and let Him work for you. He wants to help you but He wants to be invited in. So, please, whoever needs to hear this, if anyone needs to hear this, I just would, you know, pray over you, the courage to find joy in your suffering and to lean into the Lord, that you would let the Lord your God, help you. I call upon Jesus and I pray in His name. Amen.

10/15/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 26:1-27:22, 2 Thessalonians 3:1-18, Psalms 85:1-13, Proverbs 25:16

Today is October 15th welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is wonderful to be here with you today. I guess pretty close to the center, right? Center of another of our months together as we continue our journey through the Scriptures this year. And we’ll pick up where we left off. That’s what we do every day. We’re in the book of Jeremiah and we’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. Jeremiah, chapters 26 and 27 today.


Okay, so we are continuing to journey through the book of Jeremiah, who is a biblical prophet prophesying from Jerusalem during the takeover of the Babylonian empire and the exile of the people to Babylon. Like tomorrow…in tomorrow’s reading we’re going to finally reach the famous…the…one of the most famous verses in the Bible, Jeremiah 29:11, right? “I know the plans that I have for you.” So, I’m just saying, have you been watching this whole story of Jeremiah? Are we watching this story even in today’s reading that leads up to that? Have we been hearing Jeremiah offer warning after warning pleading with the people to repent, to change their mind, to go in a different direction to return to God? So, for starters, they could have done that, right? And then they didn’t have to be in exile. They could have done what the Lord invited them to do, repent, return, come home, come back, remember how you got here in the first place, but they didn’t. And, so, in today’s reading, if…if we get the picture of what’s happening here, we’ll see just how hard it would’ve been for Jeremiah to do and it would also make sense why a mob formed with the intention to kill him. Jeremiah has been prophesying repentance for decades, a couple of decades now and they…I mean he began when things were peaceful and prosperous and now there’s a war but he’s…same message. And it seems like nobody’s listening. And, so, God tells Jeremiah to go to the temple. So, the holiest place within the holiest city. He’s to go there and say, and I’m quoting…I’m quoting from Jeremiah, “if you will not listen to me and obey my word I have given you, and if you will not listen to my servants the prophets, for I sent them again and again to warn you, but you would not listen to them then I will destroy this temple as I destroyed Shiloh the place with the tabernacle was located and I will make Jerusalem an object of cursing in every nation on earth.” You have to imagine a prophet…it’s like how do we modernize the context here? This is a prophet going to the most important place in a nation, so a nation’s capital, an important place to give a prophecy that…a prophecy to surrender, a prophecy that foretells the destruction of this important building or place. In this case we’re talking about the temple of God in the holy city of Jerusalem. So, in terms of biblical importance, there’s no more important place in the Bible and this in terms of a structure, a building. Jeremiah foretells that one possible outcome is going to be the destruction of the temple. Did…did Jesus not the same thing? Did He not get in the same trouble? Because you don’t speak against the Lord’s temple. That had been determined to be blasphemy or blasphemous. Ironically, Jeremiah prophesied…prophesied the destruction of the Temple and the temple was destroyed. Jesus talked about the destruction of the temple which happened to be the second Temple. It was rebuilt later, and it was also again destroyed. And, so, in Jerusalem there is no temple, there’s just a platform where it used to be, at least at this point and it is a highly contentious piece of real estate. Now we could be like, “what an awful thing the Lord asked Jeremiah to do. He’s set up to fail. How you go into the holy city into the holy site and…and talk about destruction without somebody getting’ mad?” So, it’s like God asked Jeremiah to do something that’s going to get him killed. Why, what’s the point? Well, we find the point right before God tells Jeremiah what to say, which is what we…we just read about the destruction of the temple. The verse before that God tells Jeremiah this. “Perhaps they will listen and turn from their evil ways, then I will change my mind about the disaster I am ready to pour out on them because of their sins.” So, in effect Jeremiah going into the holiest site in the holiest city and talking about its destruction was to tell the people about the outcome that was going to happen if they continue on the paths that they are walking, but there’s an alternative outcome. And if they would repent then He would change His mind about what’s gonna happen. In the end as we read, a mob formed with the intention of killing Jeremiah and there was a debate and in the end Jeremiah was spared and then he was invited to put a yoke on his neck and fasten it, sort of bind himself and go over to where a summit was happening in Jerusalem with King Zedekiah, the king of…of Judah in Jerusalem. But there were ambassadors from other countries there in Jerusalem from Edom, Moab, Ammon, Tyre, and Sidon. And Jeremiah was to speak in…in complete contradiction to what the other prophets were saying and he was to prophesy to all of them to surrender to Babylon instead of insisting on dying and to tell them that the other prophets were liars. So, yeah…Jeremiah had to step into a bunch of controversial stuff that is…who wants to do what he was asked to do? But he was the lone voice. He was the voice speaking for God offering a way out of destruction. And as it turns out nobody listened. And, so, exile did come. And we will continue that story tomorrow and encounter this famous passage, Jeremiah 29:11 in its context.


Father, we thank You for Your word. Each and every day there are new things for us to explore and mine and plant and cultivate and water and nurture. There’s no shortage of wisdom available to us that applies directly to the motives of our own hearts and our own thoughts and our own words. And, so, we are grateful. We are also grateful for these stories, these examples that show us what it actually looks like to live a life of faith. We can look at Jeremiah and when we begin to understand the context of the things that he’s facing and the kinds of stuff that he has do, we can understand, “okay, this person has to be willing to die. This person is completely sold out to this message whether he likes the job or not. He is obedient.” And, so, often when contrast that to our own lives we’re just looking for the easiest path to anything. And, so, Holy Spirit come. Help us to rewire the way we think things should go, that we might walk with You understanding that in any circumstance we can still walk in freedom, freedom that cannot be taken from us, identity that cannot be taken from us. Even if we are to be killed it can’t be taken from us. And that is our intimacy and relationship and trust in You. And, so, we want to hear these words. When people are invited to repent and change their mind in…in response to repentance You will also change the trajectory? Like, that we can collaborate and create a different outcome, that that is even possible and that that’s outlined over and over in the Scriptures, thank You for that because it’s time to make some changes. Holy Spirit lead us into the awareness of what needs to change and the confidence and self-control and ability to make the change as we surrender to You, and repent. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hello everyone in the Daily Audio Bible it’s been quite a few months since I called in last. My family and my husband and two small children and I moved across the country several months ago and it was in hopes of bettering our situation. And since we’ve gotten here things have just been extremely hard and our situation has gotten worse and worse. And it’s been really hard for me to find the motivation I guess to call in and I’m about 3 months or so behind on the readings and trying to catch up has been hard. My faith is really really struggling. I feel like my whole life I’ve just been kind of surviving through each hard season just waiting for things to get better even since my childhood. I just thought like hey if I could grow up then I…then I can make a better life. And I grew up and life just kept getting harder or it changed but stayed hard. And all the sacrifices we made to move across the country don’t even feel worth it anymore because things didn’t get better over here. And they’ve been getting worse and I’m just so exhausted. I’m just so exhausted of trying to survive through each season and I’ve been asking God for help for so long and it just doesn’t feel like He’s there. It doesn’t feel like He wants to help me. And I’m really struggling to hold on to my faith anymore and I’m honestly really struggling to find the point in my life anymore. And I just feel really defeated in every aspect like everything is against me and it’s really hard. So, I guess if you could pray for me and hope that I could see the course…

Good morning Daily Audio Bible community, To be a Blessing in California wanting to lift up Victoria Soldier. So, sorry for your loss. For Jesse and the challenges, you’re facing with your ADHD. As well As for Kathy from Kentucky. And the woman who called who’s at the last step of leaving her husband or resolving issues I should say around the domestic abuse and needing to find a place. I’m praying for you all. Praying for others as well. Just wanting you to know God is our refuge, He is our strong tower, that the righteous go in and they are protected. He keeps us He comforts us He upholds us. He blesses us, He looks upon us with tender love and He brings people into our lives. So, dear God I pray for everyone who is a part of this community. I pray especially for the ones that I mentioned and others who are in like circumstances. Dear God, will you please by Your Spirit draw into their lives, help them in making decisions, help them in being strong and receiving Your faith. And dear God that you would give them the hope and the courage and the strength that they need to move forward in all the activities you have before them. Love you much, folks. God bless you richly. To be a Blessing in California.

Hi, giving all praise glory and honor to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ who is the head of my life. This is Walking in the Wilderness in Georgia; Laura and I’m calling…I’m calling in to request prayer. I have a heavy heart this morning because my oldest who’s 34 who will shortly be 35 in a couple days is just so lost. And the only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that he has given his life to Christ many many years ago, raised in the church. He knows the Lord, but drugs and whatever chemical hormone imbalance in his brain is allowing him to walk a path that’s just not…that’s just not…it’s just conducive. And I have a granddaughter who’s 5, she just recently lost her mother at the age of 26. And my son, I thought this would be his bottom to get up and get his life right so that he can be the father to my granddaughter that he should be, that God has called him to be. And he’s just lost. He’s in and out of jail. He’s lost all of his friends because he’s burned bridges by stealing from them to, I guess continue his habits or whatever. And, so, I’m just asking for prayer for Christopher Nettles. I wasn’t going to say his name out loud, but you know what, I have to boldly…I have to boldly give him over to the Lord and I know that there is power in numbers. I’ve been lifting your children up and I pray that you lift my child up. Thank you, my DAB family. God bless. Peace.

Hello DAB family this is Sunset Cindy I’m calling October 10th and I wanted to give a praise report. Yesterday October 9th my prayer for my brother dairy Gary David aired. He’s homeless, drug addicted, we didn’t know where he was. Well, he called me this morning a day after you all prayed for him. Of course Jesus is in charge of his rescue. So, I’m very hopeful and very thankful. He’s still homeless. He said he's…he’s found a tent and a little propane heater, and he described his situation to me, and I said it’s going to get cold. We’re in the Pacific Northwest. And I said it’s going to get very wet and cold. And I told him that my DAB family was praying for him all over the world and he said thank you. And, so, I want to thank you and I want to praise and thank the Lord Jesus. He never takes His hands off his children. Love you. Bye.

Good morning, everybody it’s Susan from Canada God’s Yellow Flower calling, and I just heard James from the UK asking for prayer. So, let’s pray. Lord God James and his family are struggling. And I just pray your blessings upon them dear God. James’ plate is full to overflowing and he’s feeling very overwhelmed, and I pray dear God that You would just bring about peace and joy in his life. He has family concerns with his parents and his kids, and his wife. And I pray that You would be in the center of it all drawing them all together in Your love. I pray dear God that You would supply the strength and the wisdom that each and every one of them needs to overcome this difficult time. Be with them God in a very special way. Strengthen their faith and their love for You and each other in Jesus’ name I pray….

Hi this is Asia from Chicago. I know I haven’t called in in a while but I’m really struggling right now really, really, really, broke. So, yeah if you could just pray for a miracle. I just really…I know that God’s gonna provide for me but waiting on that is so hard and my anxiety is like crippling right now. So yeah, whoever hears this please pray for me. This is Asia from Chicago. Thank you, guys.

10/14/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 23:21-25:38, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17, Psalm 84:1-12, Proverbs 25:15

Today is the 14th day of October, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is wonderful to be here with you today doing what we do every day, one foot in front of the other right, and then we lean forward into that step and then we take it, the next step forward together. And that next step will be a continuation in the book of Jeremiah and the second letter to the Thessalonians. And of course, our next step forward in the Psalms and Proverbs as well, but we gotta begin with Jeremiah so, we’re reading from the New Living Translation this week, Jeremiah chapter 23 verse 21 through 25 verse 38.


Okay so, in our reading from the Psalms today, chapter 84, we get, just an incredible unique picture that’s almost obsessive in its longing for God, like there’s this craving, this reaching, this yearning that comes out of the poetry. And it’s not like these sentiments or this passionate deep rooted heartfelt desire isn’t in other places in the Bible, it’s just in Psalm 84, it’s just really apparent. Like, listen to these words. I long yes, I faint with the longing to enter the courts of the Lord with my whole being, body and soul. I will shout joyfully to the living God. There are portions of Scripture that we come to and move through every single year that always, always stop me in my tracks, are like signposts along the way that I’m used to seeing and this is one of them because we can get worked up in a powerfully passionate way or in a raging sort of way, we get ourselves worked up emotionally, really intensely, about something, but that intense sense of yearning or longing for an accomplishment or a person or whatever, it’s rarely associated with God. In fact, we can be obsessive and have a craving or a yearning and give that to somebody else and withhold it from God, which may not be idolatry, but it’s kind of moving in that direction. And if it’s moving in the direction even a little bit, well then, it’s not good and it’s not the right path. So, this Psalm is written by the descendants of Cora and what are they getting at here. I mean, we read the words to this song to be accompanied by a stringed instrument, we don’t necessarily see them being instructive. Like listen to these words, how lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord of Heaven’s armies. I long yes, I faint with longing to enter the courts of the Lord with my whole being, body and soul. I will shout joyfully to the living God. Even the sparrow finds a home and the swallow builds her nest and raises her young at a place near your altar. O Lord of Heaven’s armies, my King and my God, what joy for those who can live in your house, always singing your praises. What would we call that? Like how are they getting into that place where they’re so given over. We would call these words worship. And, we’re just gonna have to acknowledge that worship indeed may be the music that you like and that you keep playing over and over, singing along with. Worship may be what you do on Sundays when you go to church and depending on which church you go to, what that looks like may be very different than…than many other places. Worship is different for lots of people so, we might consider worship to be how loud can I get, how sweaty and horse can I become in a song service. Worship can also be how completely still can I become, so that all the stuff that races through my head is calmed, is still, I am at peace. Like, the Bible says like a weaned child at his mother’s breast. How still can I become that I might wait upon the Lord, that I might become aware of his presence. And so, that can be styles of going about something, but these words here in this Psalm are describing a state of heart, unified and rooted in the body, right. I long yes, I faint with longing to enter the courts of the Lord with my whole being, body and soul. I will shout joyfully to the living God. So, this is like a completely engaged activity where we long and yearn and crave nothing else. Nothing else can give us life, nothing else can fill the emptiness. Nothing else can make empty the clutter and it’s not so much the style or the method it’s the heart, completely, deeply, passionately craving what God gives us. So, these descendants of Cora writing…writing this end up concluding that after you’ve experienced that there’s no going back. Everything else diminishes in the way that the words are written to express this are these: a single day in your courts is better than a thousand days anywhere else. I would rather be a gatekeeper in the house of my God than live the good life in the homes of the wicked. So, they’re saying I’d rather, if I could just be in that place, I would be a worker, I’ll clean the toilets. I don’t, just to be there is better than being anywhere else, to be in the presence of God is better than to be anywhere else doing anything else. Ironically, and the irony isn’t lost on me, I feel the irony every time I come to this passage. Ironically for all the loud, for all the jumping, for all of that, it’s really hard to see this kind of deep, completely obsessive yearning for God. And yet, we all know that being aware of God’s presence in and among us, becoming aware of that thing that never goes away and is always available, that sometimes we have to whip ourselves into a frenzy to even pay attention to, it’s always available. This is why the good news is the good news, that we can be in God’s presence without fear, as children calling him Poppa or Abba or Daddy or Father. This has been made available and we get so distracted right, with the blinking lights and the cardboard packaging and the bright colors of our culture, distracting us from something so profoundly good that words cannot describe it. So, as we continue to navigate our day, lets remember this. Let’s become aware of the presence of God. And let’s remember, let’s recall those times where we’ve had that longing and let’s follow that longing and give ourselves completely so that one day in the presence of God is better than the thousand anywhere else.


So Holy Spirit, we invite You into that, You can lead us deeper. Whether that means we get louder, whether that means we get quieter makes no difference, lead us deeper into our relationship with Jesus. Lead us into all truth, be a lamp for our feet and a light to our path through the Scriptures. And lead us on a path that gets us so lost in Your presence that we wouldn’t be able to find our way back if we wanted to, but we don’t want to. May we be more and more aware of Your presence. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hey, this is PG from NC, I want to give a few shout outs and maybe a prayer or two. God’s Smile, and Peter, thank you for coming on and inspiring all of us, just listening to the two of you, you are so full of joy in the midst of physical challenges and difficulties, and you inspire us to do likewise. Victorious Soldier, we love you we care for you. We are praying for you and your family as you experience grief. Thanks again for inspiring us to, in the midst of our own losses, always remembering to pray for others in the process. Thank you for doing that. Tony Narrator, brother, thank you so much for praying for your mum and I we’re gonna pray that…that she will come to know Christ and that in the midst of her challenges, you see a gospel opportunity. Again, thank you for inspiring us. And to Mark the Teacher, thank you for openly providing us the opportunity to pray for your brother who’s lost in the Outback. So, let’s pray very quickly. Lord, today we pray for these needs, God we pray for Mark the Teacher’s brother-in-law. God, I pray that he will be found safe and sound. It’s not uncommon for him to go out, but we pray that he’ll be found. Lord, for Tony, God I pray that his mom would receive the gospel and hear the love of Christ in the midst of her circumstances. Lord, we pray for comfort for Victorious Soldier and her family. And God, we pray and contend for the miraculous in God’s Smiles life and we continue to do that and we pray this in Christ name, Amen. Thanks DAB family for praying along with me today. God bless.

Hello my Daily Audio Bible family this is Lib calling from the UK. I’m calling to please request for prayers for my friend. She’s my friend, Ada, who lost her dad suddenly, yesterday, Thursday, the 7th of October. She’s shattered. She’s heart broken and I am so far away and I honestly wish I could be there in this next second. With all that’s going on, it’s not possible. But I know that if each one of us embrace her in prayers and lift her up and her family. She was very close to her dad. So, when I spoke to her, she was completely, she’s completely shattered. And my hearts really goes out to her. And it’s so sad. So, please I ask anyone who can please pray for Ada and ask the Lord to console her, consoler her mom and her siblings. And, I don’t know, just lift her up in prayers everyone if you can. I am so grateful for all your prayers each time and how we pray for each other and how you are always there, someone is always there to pray. And, may the Lord bless each and every one of us. Bless each and every one of you, anyone who’s, a big thank you, for that. May God bless you all. And have a wonderful day.

Good morning, Daily Audio Bible peeps, this is Just John. And I’m calling today to be an encouragement. Sometimes I have trouble finding God. And thankfully I’ve been blessed with a camper and I’ve camped about 21 nights this year. And I’ve found him in so many ways, especially when I went alone. This morning I made a point to be out there in the park nearby and be there during the dawn, before the sunrise. I went for a short walk and especially looking to the East, where the sun was on its way up and the clouds were there and the beauty was indescribable. It was so easy to find God there. So, when you’re looking for God, do whatever you have to, to find Him. It’s so easy to find him outdoors especially before the sun rises and before the sun sets. And if you have time, wait for the sun to come up and wait for the sun to go down. But it was so beautiful. And I felt myself calling out to the Lord that I would eagerly trying to catch a glimpse of Him. So, that’s my message today for you. Look for Him, He can be found, it’s not hard.

Good morning DABers, this is Blessed One is AZ calling in with a praise report. I just want to mark today as 12 years, to the date, that I no longer am doing methamphetamines. I am free thanks to God’s love and support and I could not have done it without the love and support of my God and His many blessings and many favors. I’d like to give a shout out to my sister Sherrie also, who is walking this same walk with me. Thank You Lord Jesus for saving our life. Thank You O Lord Jesus for the Daily Audio Bible. Every morning I start my day with the Daily Audio Bible. Anyone out there who may be suffering from addiction, please just look to the Lord. Look to the Lord for your refuge. He will bring you out of the dark just as He did me. Thank you so much, Brian and Jill. I love you; I love the Daily Audio Bible and I hope everyone has a blessed day.

Hi, this is Verline from Alberta. I was listening to the podcast for today October 8th and heard a call from Jesse. He’s saying he’s not okay, and God I just want to pray for him right now. Lord, I just thank You for You, who You are. And, none of us are okay. Some of us look like it and maybe we’re okay in You but without You we’re not okay. And so, I just pray for Jesse. I pray that he will find the doctors wisdom in helping him but also, he will be able to find his peace in You and You will heal him physically and spiritually. And I just thank You for that God and I just want to lift him up to You tonight. In Jesus name, Amen.

Hello, my wonderful DAB family. This is Rosie also known as Great to be Free in Jesus. I’m calling in today with a prayer request. I just found out last night that one of my brothers is in the hospital with COVID or the flu and they don’t think he’s gonna make it. But we serve a God that has the last word. And I’m asking you to pray for him for healing. He’s a minister, he has been most of his life. And I don’t remember if I told you his name but it’s Vernon. And I would really appreciate all of your prayers for healing and I’m still praying for all of you, whether I call in or not, I’m still praying. And, I love you, my wonderful DAB family. Bye.

10/13/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 22:1-23:20, 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12, Psalms 83:1-18, Proverbs 25:11-14

Today is the 13th day of October welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is fantastic to be here with you today, a joy to come around the Global Campfire together and continue moving day by day step-by-step week by week month by month on our journey through the Bible this year. Today will lead us back into the book of Jeremiah, which we’ve been working our way through. When we get to the New Testament, we will arrive at the doorstep to another letter known as second Thessalonians, and we’ll talk about that when we get there. But first, we’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. Jeremiah chapter 22 verse 1 through 23 verse 20.

Introduction to first Thessalonians:

Okay. So, as we mentioned at the beginning today we are moving into new territory…new territory now that we’ve reached the New Testament. We read first Thessalonians and so this is second Thessalonians. So, a letter to the same church in Thessalonica, the same church that…that emerged and evolved very rapidly under intense pressure and an intense persecution and Paul didn’t get to spend the kinda time that he wanted to spend with them. And, so, we saw that in the first letter that was written. Now we’re at the second letter. And it's…it’s safe to mention because it’s easy to know that this…this letter’s been debated for a very very long time among biblical scholars generally because there are…there are some nuances that aren’t in Paul’s other letters, some theological nuances. The tone is a little bit different. So, some people look and go, “well…this seems like it would be later.” There are other letters like this that are attributed to Paul that feel this way. Not because they don’t agree with what Paul’s theology is or that they’re not like they couldn’t have been written by Paul, but because it seems like development in the church is in the letters in a way that wasn’t maybe in Paul’s lifetime. And, so, there’s this speculation. Of course, none of us here were there. So, all of these things are speculation and there’s an awful lot to speculate about in the Bible. But one thing we can say about second Thessalonians, regardless of any kind of debate, it’s a fairy very ancient letter. The early church fathers affirmed the letter, quoted the letter in their own writings. So, this has been part of the story for a very long time. So, assuming that Paul wrote this letter in his lifetime, then what we’re seeing is Paul’s desire to clarify things that he didn’t have time to clarify and answer questions that…that are coming to him from the church and to offer correction when correction is needed, whether that be interpersonal correction in the church or whether there’s like incorrect doctrine happening. And that is the case in second Thessalonians. For example, Paul’s teachings in his letters, like it’s not like an ambiguous thing. The early church believed that the arrival of Jesus’s, His return was imminent, literally imminent, literally like in their lifetimes any day, any second. And, so, that would make certain people then, go “well…I’m gonna stop life as I have previously known it and wait because I’m ready, this could happen at any time.” And, so, what that would lead to is a people would stop working, quit their jobs, stop providing for themselves, stop being a contributor into the community, kind of lean on everybody else and live idly, which then led to boredom, which then led to gossip and meddling in other people’s business. And, so, Paul in this letter kinda lays it out, like, “yeah. You can’t leech off each other. That’s not how this works. If you don’t work, then I guess you don’t want to eat.” And another thing we’ll find this letter is…ahh…when you think about this, these are baby Christians in Thessalonica, and they didn’t have a lot of time to be poured into. And, so, they have what they have and they’re trying into live into their faith in they’re trying to be ready and waiting for Jesus’ arrival. And they get word, like communication comes in through the church that it already happened. Jesus came and they missed it, which is a horrible thing to say to a baby congregation of baby Christians. Like, “you missed it…ugh.” And, so, Paul, of course sets the record straight, that he didn’t say that he wouldn’t say that, it’s not true. And he really wants to encourage them. Again, he didn’t have a whole lot of time with them. They were persecuted from the get-go. They are still being persecuted and marginalized. They aren’t particularly wealthy enough to really defend themselves in any kind of social way. They don’t have a lot. They just have a lot a love and a lot of hope in Jesus. And, so, he loves them and wants to encourage them and encourage them to take the long view - Justice is belongs to God and God sees those who are faithful to Him. And justice in the end will prevail. And, so, we get this glimpse again. These letters really give us…since they’re like letters written to specific churches about specific things, we get this glimpse into what’s going on in the early church. And second Thessalonians gives us a view of baby Christians under fire trying to be faithful. And, so, we begin. Second Thessalonians chapter 1.


Father, we thank You. We thank You for the Scriptures. We thank You for this tangible gift that we can actually hold in our hands if we so choose. We thank You that no matter how murky or cloudy things get, we have a tangible gift. Even if technology fails, we have a tangible gift. We thank You for this technology that binds us together and has allowed us to be together every single day for these…well…almost 16 straight years. Thank You. Thank You for the Scriptures and the way that they speak into our lives in all the different nuances and complexions. Thank You for this letter, this second letter to the Thessalonians. Come Holy Spirit and speak to us. Thank You for this book of Jeremiah that we are working our way through. Come Holy Spirit and speak to us. Guide and direct our steps. Transform us. Change us we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today on Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning DAB family this is Denise Saved by Grace in California asking for prayer for my daughter Candace. She’s been having a…a really…I would say almost a Job type experience - losing a job, having to relocate, having to find a home, another job, just purchased a vehicle, and two weeks later someone hit the vehicle. And she’s just…just want to pray that God would just…strengthen her hope and let her…this test be her testimony and this mess she’s in become her message. Most gracious God, we thank You Father God for our circumstances. When Paul said count it all joy we don’t count the joy that the circumstances is that we’re in but we count the joy Father God knowing that You are there with us in each circumstance as I lift up my daughter and ask God that You would strengthen her…her heart and strengthen her hope. Give her a song of praise in her mouth even the midst of this. I pray for favor and every person that comes across her pathway Father that You would open doors that no man can shut and shut the doors Father God that You…that are not according to Your purpose and Your plan. And I come against the enemy in the name of Jesus, and I cancel all his assignments he has planned against her. And I pray the blood of Jesus over her. I thank You Father that this will be a wonderful mighty testimony of Your grace, Your mercy, and Your goodness over her life and that this will…

Hey loyal listeners this is Royal from the city of trees it’s the evening of October 7th and wow, today’s context from Colossians and Brian your insight was just so incredibly good. I just really needed to hear that. And you mentioned something at the end about throwing a log on the campfire and God gave me the idea of a acronym for that today so I don’t forget it. So, L is for love. Speak loving words of encouragement to others in the community. O is for obey what the Holy Spirit puts on our hearts when He prompts us to pray and when He prompts us to call in. And G is for gratitude to give back to this community and to this resource that has been such a huge blessing. So, here’s the log on the campfire as we pray. Loving Father lift up God’s Smile and cheeky Peter to You. Thank You so much for their chipper call. It was such a blessing to hear their song and their voices and their laughter. Just continue to bless them Lord. God, I lift up the mothers who are just…have heavy hearts for their sons, for Joel, Camille, and for Carolyn and Jeshua who’s in grad school. God I just ask that You would just left the darkness that’s over them. And Father I want to ask for You to give the warmest most peaceful hug to our dear sister Victoria Soldier to gather all Your children…

Howdy DAB family this message goes out to Jesse. I just listened to today’s podcast, the 8th of September and Jesse had called in. He said it was a new Christian. He said he called in a month ago or so about his fiancé and his father and that he was just struggling. And I just wanted to encourage him and let you know Jesse that all…all of us go through this, we all go through struggles. We all go through hard times but the beauty of it is Christ draws us nearer to Him through those struggles. So, continue what you’re doing. You said you're…you’re reading and you’re praying. So, keep up with that. If you haven’t found it, I definitely recommend the Daily Prayer. That’ll help. But just wanted to encourage you and let you know that we’re thinking about you Jesse. Love you bro.

Hi this is Kent from Washington, and I was really touched this morning when I heard Jesse’s call. And, so, I’m calling to pray for Jesse. Jesse said he was a new Christian and struggling with family issues and temptation and ADHD. So, God I pray that You will put Your hands on Jesse right now. Help him Father to continue strong in his new faith in You. Father help him to surround himself with a family of believers as well as the DAB that he can have people that he can talk to and that can encourage him. Father just help him to know that You are with him, and that Jesus is in his heart and that through You he can overcome anything. You give…give him strength Father. We thank You in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible this is Free and Forgiven in Florida. And first I wanted to say I’ve been listening for years and love this community. You all are such a blessing. Yesterday…well today’s October the 8th …yesterday I heard God’s Smile and Peter call in and you had me laughing and weeping at the same time, just such a joyful, joyful 2 minutes. Thank you for that. Jesse, you called in. You’re a new Christian. Welcome brother. I hear your struggles. I would encourage you to read Paul’s words in Ephesians 6:10-18. Put on the armor of God. We must wear the armor every day to fight against the evil one. And then the beautiful woman calling in encouraging us to stay close to the word of God and to read the word of God daily. It was perfect. That’s just what we all need to be reminded of. Thank you so much. I love you all. I’m praying with you every day. I spend every morning very early having my coffee and my breakfast and starting my day with you. Thank you so much Brian and Jill and your family and the team. You guys are changing the world. You’ve certainly changed my world. Again, Jesse we’re with you, praying for you, praying for your strength, praying for your healing, praying that you would draw closer to the Lord through His word…

Hello DAB family this is Vivian from Colorado. I’m a first-time listener I started January 1st suggestion of…from a from a peer on Facebook and I have to say that the Daily Audio Bible has changed my life. I’ve been a Christian for a long time. God’s been faithful for a long time, but I think He knew that I needed to start the DAB to Bible January 1st to really change my relationship with Him and draw closer than I’ve ever been. I meant to call in sooner. But my husband passed away July 18th after a short illness. He had been ill a long time and we had a very long and complicated situation, but this was unexpected at the same time. So, our son just turned 18 and he’s navigating that. But I just have to give a praise and shout out to God because He set me up to be in a place of peace. He gave me time with my husband, both in the last day, all day. I didn’t know that he was going to be gone midnight that night. And we were able to talk. We were able to able to talk about a lot of things and just spend time together and it’s a blessing that I didn’t know I needed. And God is so faithful. I’m so grateful and I’m grateful for the Daily Audio Bible. And I just thank you Brian and your family and everyone. And…and thank You Lord that You are such a blessing that You bless us 24/7. Amen.

10/12/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 19:1-21:14, I Thessalonians 5:4-28, Psalm 82:1-8, Proverbs 25:9-10

Today is the 12th day of October, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible, I’m Brian, it is wonderful to be here with you today, doing what we do every day, taking the next step forward together and our next step will lead us back into the book of Jeremiah. We’re reading from the New Living Translation this week, Jeremiah chapter 19, 20, and 21.


Okay, so we concluded Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians, today, I Thessalonians. Which means that II Thessalonians is coming and we’ll begin that tomorrow. But as is generally, typical, there’s like lists of characteristics, things that get listed out that Paul’s summing things up with the need to be remembered. We talked about that we finished Colossians a few days ago. We looked at those lists and there's…there’s a list in I Thessalonians as well and it's…it’s a good one. And so, we’re obviously gonna review it. That’s what we’re supposed to do, that’s what the original receivers of this letter, they would’ve read this out loud in the congregations and they would’ve heard these lists. And maybe not characterize them as a list of behaviors or stuff to live into, but things to pay attention to. And so, we can do the same thing. We can go well, alright, hear give me the list and let me find out what I need to change, how I’m failing, and we can certainly read and go yeah, we got some work to do in this area. But what Paul is describing is what is supposed to be our normal way of things, what normal in the kingdom is supposed to look like. And so, we can review this and realize we’ve got some work to do. Or, you know, look at how we’re failing or we can also read this and understand this is what I am to be becoming. This is where my life is going. This is where I’m aiming and ultimately this is what sanctification will work out in me. This is how normal is supposed to look, this is what I am becoming. And so, let’s take a look. This is basically I Thessalonians chapter 5, then we begin with verse 12 and work our way through verse 22. This is where we find these characteristics. Honor those who are your leaders in the Lord’s work. They work hard among you and give you spiritual guidance. Maybe I should have named that number one. Number two: live peacefully with each other. Number three: warn those who are lazy, encourage those who are timid, take tender care of those who are weak. Number four: be patient with everyone. Number five: see that no one pays back evil for evil. Number six: always try to do good to each other and to all people. Number seven: always be joyful. Number eight: never stop praying. Number nine: be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. Number 10: do not stifle the Holy Spirit. Number 11: do not scoff at prophecies, but test everything that is said, hold on to what is good. And number 12: stay away from every kind of evil. And so, again we look at his list and go okay this is my list. This is my to do list, the you know, this is what I’m going to try by brute force, live myself into, and that, so that means self-discipline is a necessary part, having self-control is a necessary part of our faith journey. But we can also look at this list and I imagine that we all agree on these characteristics, like we’re all trying to move in this direction. So, to look at this list and go this is what normal is for a believer, helps us understand where we are headed in this life of faith as we surrender to the Lordship of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


And so, Jesus, we ask for your help Holy Spirit. We need You in this. We read these things and realize that we’re failing in a lot of them and heap condemnation upon ourselves and self-loathing and hatred that we’re never going to measure up and then we realize we can never do this on our own without You. And so, we need You and the point isn’t to condemn us it’s to encourage us that there is a better life waiting for us. Available to us now, like now. So come, Holy Spirit, into this as we consider these things today. The places that are a leading edge of work for us, places that we need to more deeply surrender to You. Things we need to slow down on, things that we need to press into. Come, Holy Spirit, into all of this, leading us and guiding us. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


dailyaudiobible.com is home base, that is the website, that’s where you find out what’s going on around here and it’s always good to stay connected in any way that we can as we take the journey together. So, check out things like the Community section. In the Community section are different links to the different social media channels that we participate in, but also the Community section is home of the Prayer Wall. One of the most beautiful things that we do together as a community is love one another and pray for one another, and so the Prayer Wall is available, always, always, for either one, for asking for prayer or praying for one another, so, be familiar with that.

If you want to partner with the Daily Audio Bible, you can do that at dailyaudiobible.com, there’s a link on the homepage. If you’re using the app, you can press the Give button in the upper right-hand corner or the mailing address is P.O. Box 1996 Springhill, Tennessee 37174.

And as always if you have a prayer request or encouragement, you can hit the Hotline button in the app or you can dial 877-942-4253.

And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Good morning family this is Trent from Rockville. I’m just gonna call in and give you a little story. I worked as a supervisor in construction years ago. Had a guy that was in the company, couldn’t get along with any supervisor, wanted to fight, and was pretty rough. They put him with me and I started talking to him about God. And, he said “Well my wife has been begging me to go to church.” And I looked at him and I said “what do you have to lose?” “Well, I don’t really want to go.” And I said, “well, what do you have to lose, really? To go spend one hour for your wife after all she does for you.” He went. On that Monday he came in, he said “it wasn’t so bad” he said, “I kind of really enjoyed it.” And, then he turned his life around and started going to church and as far as I know he still goes to church today. So, my prayer is that at least one of us, or everyone try to reach out and touch someone that doesn’t know God. And try to bring them closer to God. And I pray for all those that don’t know God, to please come to God. If we all come to God this would be the greatest world there ever was to live in. So, that’s my prayer and I ask for prayer for it too. And, I just want all ya’ll to know that I love you.

Good morning DAB family it’s the 7th of October at 9:15 AM this is Sarah from London. I hope you all are having a lovely, blessed week. Just praying that God is meeting each and every one of your needs. And I am just calling to say that I’m so, so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother Victorious Soldier. When I heard that my heart just really broke. It just shows the kind of person that you are even in the midst of your loss, a big loss as this, you still call in to pray for others. It just shows your heart and may God continue to send blessings your way. Cause you are such a woman of faith and I admire that. I’m just praying for God’s comfort upon you and your family during this very difficult time. May God be the strength of your heart. Just to let you know that I’m praying and I’m thinking of you and the family. I love you and I love you all DAB family.

Hey DAB fam, it’s Refined by the Fire in Ohio. Oh Brian, man, this passage in your commentary today for October 7th, oooh, just slices. You know I think we have all made a dish – whether we followed the recipe or tried to make it up, that went completely sideways and ended up in the trash and we ordered pizza or whatever happened. So, to compare that to our spiritual recipe and what are we choosing to whip up for the day and as much as I would love to say “Oh my gosh, I get up every morning and you know, I put on my armor and I grab those ingredients of the Spirit and I am ready to go.” The truth is that is not how that rules on a regular basis and instead I dig in the trash and I pullout those things that I shouldn’t be clinging to, and they seem so easy just to sprinkle over top of things and I just thank you for your words today. Thank you for the reading today and just gosh for just allowing the Spirit to do its work and I will be taking that with me through today and hopefully further but I do just thank you just for continuing to speak so. Love you guys all have a great day.

Hi this is Victorious Solider just calling to pray for some of the DABers. I want to pray for our precious Tony, it’s so good to hear from you Tony. I’m sorry to hear about your mom and the COVID. And we’ll pray for her that God will give her the victory. I want to also pray for Ransom Soul and her physical condition. She says her health is declining and her and her son and daughter is going through depression. I want to pray for them also. I want to pray for Susan from Canada and wanted to pray for Moreen, that she’s having some medical issues. I want to pray also for Bonnie who’s going through some challenges and Susan whose going through some challenges. Gracious Father, we come before You today, we just praise You, we just ask You to forgive us for any sin that we may have committed that is not pleasing in Your sight. Lord, we need You like a flower need rain. We ask You to touch those souls, Lord and those who are going through this Coronavirus Lord. We ask You to touch ‘em and we ask You to heal, we ask You to deliver, we ask You to give them life and save them Father. In the name of Jesus. We ask You to have Your way in the life of the DABers and Your people, You have Your way. In the name of Jesus, Lord, You have Your way. We thank You for the victory, we thank You that You’re an awesome God. We thank You that You’re a mighty God. We thank You that You’re a Holy God, that no other God is greater than You. And we thank that You’re a God that answers prayers and we thank You for the prayer. We thank You for the victory, we thank You for those coming out of the hospital being healed. We thank You Lord for the victory in the name of Jesus. And Lord, we give You the glory.

Hi, this is Bonnie from Virginia. I wanted to thank Susan who prayed for me and for Mark in Australia. Thank you so much for your prayer. And I also wanted to request you to continue praying for me because my both children are not following God, now a days. My daughter is married to a Hindu guy and she has stopped going to church. My son, has moved out and is living with his girlfriend and he’s also not following God or going to church. I raised them in Christian faith and along with the Christian surroundings or people but I don’t know what I missed. It really hurts because I always followed God. I was an orphan and grew up in an orphanage home so I used to feel that God is only the one that I have in my life and I walked in His path every day in my sorrow or happiness. And I tried to do the same thing for my children to lead them to trust in God, but I don’t know. Maybe, it’s the surroundings that they are now is diverting them from God. So, I would really, really, want to request you all to pray for me. I love listening to Daily Audio Bible. The minute I open my eyes I will just start listening to

10/11/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 16:16-18:23, 1 Thessalonians 4:1-5:3, Psalms 81:1-16, Proverbs 25:6-8

Today is the 11th day of October welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian and it is wonderful to be here with you today, today and every day around the Global Campfire together taking the next step forward together. And, so, as we dive into this workweek, we pick up where we left off each and every day, will lead us into Jeremiah. We’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. Jeremiah chapter 16 verse 16 through 18 verse 23 today.


Okay. Let’s talk for a minute about God’s plan since God wanted to talk about his plan today in the Scriptures that we read in the book of Jeremiah. So, let’s talk about God’s plan. And its unlikely that nobody in the sound of my voice has ever heard that phrase, that term, “God’s plan” before. We think God has a plan and we start considering that plan in different sets of circumstances. For example, if things are going bad, poorly for us, we’re challenged, we’re being pressed or having to endure, or things have just gotten crazy in the world than often we’ll blame God’s plan. We’ll just be like, “well, it’s beyond me, but God has a plan. I don’t understand it, we don't…but it will all make sense someday, because God is sovereign and He has a plan.” And on one level that can be a comforting thing to consider. Like, “okay this is beyond the scope of what I can comprehend or understand. I’m upside down. I…like I feel like I’m spinning in a tornado. I don’t even know where up is, but God has a plan.” That can become a comforting thought. A lot of the time, though it’s more of an excuse. We can look at the messes that we make, try to take several steps away from what we’ve done because maybe we’ve part…we’ve just been participating with other human beings in creating havoc in some sort of way and we’ll just try to distance ourselves and then It’s God’s fault because God has a plan. The things we don’t understand, the things that happen, the messes that are made in this world, whether like locally or in our homes or globally. It’s not my fault, right? It’s not our fault. It’s God’s fault because God has a plan, and this must be His plan. So…so, God’s to blame for it all. So, we can get our minds around those kinds of scenarios and how we would say things about God’s plan. Here’s what God said today about his plan in Jeremiah. And by the way Jeremiah contains the most famous verse in all of the Bible about God’s plans once we get to chapter 29 and we’ll talk about that then. But He’s already talking about plans here in the 18th chapter. So, here's…here’s the Lord speaking. “If I announce that a certain nation or kingdom is to be uprooted, torn down and destroyed but then that nation renounces its evil ways I will not destroy it as I had planned. And if I announce that I will plant and build up a certain nation or kingdom but then that nation turns to evil and refuses to obey me I will not bless it as I said I would.” So, it’s safe to say God has a plan. It’s safe throughout Scripture to consider that perfect plan to be the restoration of humanity. But what we see in God’s words as spoken to the prophet Jeremiah, our choices matter in that plan. We have a role to play as ourselves as individual people, but as the human race. And we have seen many times in the Scripture where God relents. We saw that beginning with Abraham. God responds to a contrite spirit. God responds to a broken heart. God responds when we humble ourselves under His mighty hand and that, at least as we see in Jeremiah today can change God’s plan, that He adjusts based on the actions and motives of His people, that He has allowed our decisions and our choices, our humility or our pride and arrogance to lead where it’s going to lead. And that’s kind of a big deal. It…it’s kind of a biblical concept that runs through the Scriptures. We would know it as sowing and reaping, right? So, you sow weeds, and you reap weeds If you sow corn then you’re going to reap corn if you have a harvest. So, if you’re gonna sow bitterness you’re going to reap bitterness. If you’re gonna sow arrogance then you’re going to reap arrogance. If you’re gonna sow gossip you’re gonna reap gossip. And we could go on and on and on. You’re going to reap what you sow. It’s a natural law put in place by God. You don’t plant grass seed and get turnups. You get what you plant and cultivate. God’s ultimate plan is to redeem humanity, and we are the redeemed already. And still we’re confused about sowing and reaping. And, so, we sow garbage and reap garbage and go “well, it’s God’s plan. And, so, let’s put that in our cup and stir it around and consider the fact that we have a role to play in our own lives and we have a role to play in the story of God and He has allowed us to be here at all. And we are supposed to be a part of the plan of redemption.


Holy Spirit come help this is sink into our lives. Help us to see the ways that we’ve blamed you for things you didn’t do and we’ve accused you of things you were not involved in. And we’ve labeled our plan. Your plan sometimes when things don’t work out right so that we can pass the blame, take some side steps. We are a peculiar people. We are like sheep who have gone astray. We can be so stiff necked. We see all these examples in the Scriptures. We see that this is a human condition because it’s been going on for thousands of years, and yet we want your patience and your kindness continuing to respond toward us, always ready to reach out your strong arm of redemption on our behalf if we aren’t bound and determined to rebel against you. And, so, come Holy Spirit help us just to see our lives and the state that our lives are in because of the way that we make decisions and help us to know that every choice leads somewhere. And if we will continue to consistently habitually slow down and make wisdom a voice in our lives and wise decisions the norm, we will be in your plan having so much fun. Come Holy Spirit. Help us to realize this. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen


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and that’s it for today. I’m Brian. I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey, Tony the Narrator this is Tiffany from New Mexico, and I heard your prayer request this morning for your mom who has COVID. And I just wanted to let you know that my mom also just had her second bout with COVID and thankfully she’s doing better now but it was really scary. So, I can only imagine…or I can imagine how you’re feeling because I was just in that same place worried about my mom. And I know that you would never in a million years wish something like this on your mom, but I am so grateful and encouraged to hear that you’re using this time to show her love and take care of her as Jesus would and be a witness through it all. How wonderful that she has such a great son to take care of her and…and share Jesus with her. So, I wanted you to know that you are 100% right and that we will all be praying for her, and she will have hundreds or thousands of people kneeling on her behalf. And just give her a big hug from us and…and let her know that she’s loved. Take care everybody. Bye.

Hey, my adorable DAB family this is Kingdom Seeker Daniel. Family, just want to pray for a couple of our DABbers. So, let’s all pray. Dear Jesus, I come lifting up our beloved sister Victoria Soldier who has lost a brother on this side. Where heaven has gained him, she has suffered a great loss. We ask God that you would send comfort and strength to her and her family. Lord will you cause Victoria Soldier to know that it’s OK for her not to be OK. Even though she is known as a soldier, in this particular season Lord it’s OK for her to show weakness because in her weakness that’s when she’s made strong because of You. So, father I pray that You would help our beloved sister to lean into You as well as to lean into her DAB and DABC family because we’ve got her. She’s had us for so long for so many. Now it’s our turn. So, God would you rally to her aid and let her know that she is OK to let it all go and let you carry her and let us carry her. We love you sis. We got you. In Jesus’ name. And then for my dear brother Tony the Narrator. Lord be with his mom as she’s battling COVID and a cold and we’re praying for complete turn around and healing of both her body and her soul. Thank you for the opportunity for Tony to minister Your word. Do a complete work of healing in her life in Jesus’ name. Amen. Love you family.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family this Alfio calling from Central Valley CA. I hope each one of you is doing great. I want to pray and remember those of our brothers and sisters who are struggling with mental health. I know the days where sometimes a lot of us struggle and don’t want to share because of cultural differences for whatever the case it may be. It’s OK to be anxious. It’s OK to be depressed. It’s not OK to stay down there. It’s OK to seek help. It’s OK to take medications. It’s OK to seek counseling. It’s OK to seek supportive services. Please feel free to seek all these resources for your good, your own good. And in the Bible, we see a lot of characters who were struggling with anxiety and depression. God is a God of healing. God is a God of a good mind. No matter the case, I pray that you may recover anyone who’s struggling at this moment, especially during this time of the pandemic. And I also wanted to pray for my sister of Victoria Soldier. You called in yesterday or a couple of days ago for the loss of your brother. I remember you in my prayers and I pray that your brother’s soul may rest in peace. And even those who are struggling with the loss of their loved ones, may God be with you. May God sustain you and may God grant you peace that surpasses all understanding. Love you family.

DABbers this is Kira Contrite Spirit and this message is for Kansas from Oregon and also anyone else who’s dealing with someone who has a meth problem, methamphetamine. I was…I did meth for about 12 years. And, so, I encountered another…theft is common and stealing and lying and deception. And I repent from my…all my experience involved in that kind of stuff, and I repent for your daughters ex’s stealing of the computers and I pray that, you know, she’ll get back…maybe if he doesn’t give those back she’ll just get an abundance of what she needs. And I pray for the children, the child involved in that situation and…yeah…I repent for his sins too, that he…that God would draw him your ex’s, your daughters ex’s to Him and that also that…that he would know that Jesus is Lord and that he would turn away from his wrongdoing for the…for his sake…for God’s sake, for the sake of his child and for your daughter. And I pray for the whole situation, and everyone involved that…that all of you guys including you Candace will find peace in this situation and for everyone else involved and these hard-core addictions, especially meth, alcohol too. It just…it’s a scourge in…in the world. And we need to have the peace of Christ and pray for everyone at all times without ceasing in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hi DAB family it’s James here from the UK. It’s been a long time since I’ve called in and I’ve been out of touch if I’m honest with the DAB. I would really appreciate your prayers. Some people will know a little bit about my situation from previous prayer requests, but yeah things have got really tough and I think ultimately my wife and myself are at…are in a situation now where we’re really trying to work out what we can do to reconcile things. It’s a super stressful situation and there’s three children involved, three teenage kids. I’m trying to support my mom who is dealing with my father. He’s got dementia and doesn’t really know who I am anymore. And it’s just all taking its toll, moving here to support them and trying to stand in the gap has just left us in a very bleak situation. So, it’s challenged. Our faith is depleted, our faith. It’s…it’s put us in for a real tailspin and it’s made us really question the strength of our marriage and what we do next. So, prayer is very much appreciated.

10/10/2021 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 14:11-16:15, 1 Thessalonians 2:9-3:13, Psalm 80:1-19, Proverbs 25:1-5

Today is the 10th day of October, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian it is great to be here with you today. As we turn the page and step through the threshold into a new shiny sparkly week out in front of us. And we always try to remember, every time we start a new week together, that it’s out in front of us and we can be intentional about it. It’s a fresh start and we can always make the next right decision. One of those next right decisions is to allow the Scriptures to continue to speak to us each and every day. So, let’s dive in. This week we will read from the New Living Translation and of course we’ll be picking up where we left off in the book of Jeremiah today chapter 14 verse 11 through 16 verse 15.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for this brand-new week that will escort us into the center of this month and every time we think of these things, it’s hard not to think of Your faithfulness, that each and every day You continue to speak to us in the Scriptures, each and every day You continue to transform us by challenging us in the ways that we live and behave, our thoughts, words and deeds. The things that we have done and the things that we have left undone. So come, Holy Spirit, continue to lead us, continue to lead us deeper into Jesus, continue to lead us into all truth. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hi DAB phono, I Brian, just heard your message today, October the 5th. So, want to tell you, we appreciate you so much. Everything you do, little glitches, big glitches, whatever. I so appreciate having that word every day, it’s been such an encouragement and help through these difficult times. And that Psalms 77 today. Boy that was gutsy. Really enjoyed hearing the truth, the honesty that gutsiness of someone’s heart cry and then the remembering of God’s faithfulness He’s always been faithful. He always will be faithful, He can’t be untrue to Himself that’s who He is, I so love it. And I’m simply so encouraged today, thank you. I appreciate you’ve had a bit of a rough time with sorting out the internet glitches and it’s possibly that we’d just miss it so much that if someone’s reacted it’s because we miss it so much, we love it so much. Hey, but anyway my name is Kate I’m from New Zealand and I appreciate so much. Thank you for being there for us. Thank you for bringing it to us. Thank you for drawing our attention through the Holy Spirit to the things we need to hear and want to hear and love to hear so we can walk better with our God, so we can walk closer, so we can encourage each other and strengthen each other in this walk together. Thank you.

Hi Daily Audio Bible family, this is Carrie Thompson from Lancaster, Ohio. And this is the first time that I have called in. I’ve listened to you and you’re such a wonderful, caring, loving, compassionate family. And I have recently purchased a Google Nest and can listen to Audio Bible, and so, I just ask it to play the Daily Audio Bible and here you came up. I have fell right in love and listen to you, well, I was listening to you every day and then I kind of fell away. And I’m back now. And then, took me a while to figure it out but I finally found the app and I just now finally figured out how to do this recording. Well, I only have about 48 more seconds so, let me end with a quick prayer. Thank You dear Lord for leading me to Daily Audio Bible and their family. I just pray for everyone who calls in for all their needs. Lord, You said You would provide and we believe You and trust You and just thank You for the opportunity to allow me to join and be apart of it. And Lord, we just love You and bless You and praise You in the name of Jesus. Amen. [singing] Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved …

Hey, DAB family, Rene Las Sove here. I have got an urgent prayer request and you guys have been so good, so, so, so many times you’ve prayed for this person and I’m gonna ask you to pray once again because as this airs this person is probably very likely just had a whole bottle of vodka and is just not functioning well and man, I just, this is my daughter, we’re talking about my daughter and I need prayer for her. It’s just getting to a point where it’s critical. She’s gonna have organs soon that just aren’t gonna function anymore. It’s a very critical time because she is also been on different medications and because of some insurance reasons. She lives overseas and the doctors are taking her off of these medications and so I think she may even be self-medicating more than usual. Please, please pray, Satan got a real strong hold on her. She has a good friend who is helping her but, and that’s wonderful and he is a Christian man, which is wonderful. But she needs prayers from thousands of people. I asked this, I ask you to pray for her in the name of Jesus, thank you so much family. Bye.

Hey Daily Audio Bible family, I’m gonna call myself the 99th. I’ve strayed and I’ve wondered but our Good Shephard Jesus always brought me back. And He’ll do the same for you my brothers and sisters. And for your lovely mama too Tony the Narrator because He is good. And for all of us who have strayed and struggled and gone away from the Lord for a while and we’ve drug ourself back He will wash us off and clean us and cleanse us from all of our sins and unrighteousness if we’re truly sorry for it. And He will put us up on our feet and start all over again because He promised He would never leave us or forsake us. And when Jesus promises something, he doesn’t take it back like a lot, maybe a lot of our friends and family members have done that but He never will. And we’re on a fast track right now going home to heaven. So, hang in there brothers and sisters, it’s gonna be worth the wait. I promise you. I promise you that sounds kind of funny but I can honestly say I promise you that cause we’ll all be sitting at that campfire together in heaven. And I think we all kind of feel that to, I’m kind of hoping we do. And if you don’t, if you’re sitting on the fence, please come on down and drink in what Jesus has for you, brothers and sisters I love you all very much. This is the 99th signing off. Have a great rest of your day. Bye.