03/29/2020 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 11:1-12:32, Luke 8:22-39, Psalms 70:1-5, Proverbs 12:4

Today is the 29th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m  Brian it’s great to be here with you at the beginning of a week where we just consider that it’s all out in front of us and step through the threshold together and see that it’s brand-new, it’s waiting to be lived into, its shiny and sparkly, and the choices that we make and the paths that we walked down they’re gonna tell the story of…of this week. And, so, let’s approach it with full hearts and an openness to God’s leading in our lives. So, we gotta a new week. So, we’ll read from the New International Version this week and we’re gonna be continuing our journey through Deuteronomy and Luke. And just by way of reminder, I hope it’s not over reminding but Deuteronomy is…these are the final things that Moses has to say. So, it is reviewing the story that we’ve read, but he’s speaking it to a generation of people that are about to attempt to go into the Promise Land. And, so, it is a review, but it gives us a really good chance to review a lot of territory that’s very detailed. Deuteronomy helps us kind of pull that together as we prepare to move into a new era in the Bible. So, today we’ll read Deuteronomy chapters 11 and 12.


Father, we thank You for bringing us into this brand-new week and as we enter this week, we enter it with a rhythm of life, allowing Your word to speak into our hearts each and every day. And, so, even as we’re here at this…at this little threshold with his new week, You know, that’s just something that we recognize every week, it’s still true, it’s out in front of us and we don’t dare want to take a step forward without taking a step forward with You. We’ve learned far too well what our own way looks like and yet we confess that everything will sweep in upon us in this week and we will be busy about our own way without even realizing it, but we’re here now and we’re out in front of it and we’re inviting Your Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. And…and…and that’s never not happening. Wisdom is never not at every crossroads, either. What we need we have we’re just often not paying attention at all. And, so, come Holy Spirit, quicken us, that we might slow down enough to know that before we make any decision which should consult You. Come Holy Spirit into this week we ask in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


dailyaudiobible.com is the website and that is indeed home base for a virtual community like ours. So, that’s where you go to find out what’s going on around here.

That’s where the Prayer Wall lives and that is always happening. That’s we’re get different links of different connection points on social media, etc. Those…that can all be found in the Community section.

But also something really unique is going on around here, something we’ve never ever been able to do before, but just really overjoyed to be able to do it in the time that we’re kind of going through, this disruption that is happening throughout the world and, you know, causing all kinds of interesting things to be said and done each day. And we began kind of the middle of…middle of last week and we’ll kinda go through this week until we’ve concluded. But, my book, Sneezing Jesus, we’re releasing this as an… releasing the audio addition one chapter a day. And this is a gift. This is a gift from NAV Press who published this book. It’s a gift from the Daily Audio Bible. This was the fertile soil from which it was written, but this is the gift of good news. It’s a portrait of Jesus life. It’s an exploration of Jesus humanity and what that means to our humanity. It’s a clear and concise telling of why the good news is good news and it’s an exploration of the fact that the good news spread like a virus and good news can spread like a virus just like darkness, just like viruses that can hurt you. And, so, today we are up to the chapter called Between a Place and a Hard Rock. And this explores the story of Jesus walking away from the sea of Galilee, 15 miles. So, like walking 15 miles north to the city of Caesarea Philippi which is a pagan Gentile city. And this is the place where Jesus asked perhaps the most important question that can ever be asked in life, “who do you say that I am?” So, that chapter is available now. It just shows up along with the Daily Audio Bible each day. It’s a separate program but it shows up in the feed and you can click on it and listen to it and move through the book together as we do…do this in community. So, be sure to take advantage of that. It's…it’s a joy, it’s a joy, honestly to give this to you, especially now.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi DAB family it’s Carla Jean in Las Vegas I am calling to pray for all of us during this pandemic. In particular I am a couple of days behind, but I just heard Asia praying and feeling isolated and judged. And I’m just so sorry sister that you’re going through this and I’m just praying that hearts and minds will open and just be kind to one another. I read Peter’s request on Facebook to pray for God’s Smile who’s in such tremendous pain. And it hurts my heart to know that you are in pain sister and please know that I’m praying for you very deeply. Sierra, I’ve heard you, I heard your mission trip is postponed and that you’re feeling abandoned by your grandpa. And I’m just praying that God will work on his heart, that he will come to know the Lord first and foremost and to find reconciliation with you and I am praying that the Lord will open up a place for you to be and that while you are in the hallway you are praising Him in the hallway. Jerry from Duluth, I hear you brother. My kids also have mental health issues. And my son woke me in the middle of the night last week and was suicidal. Brother, you are not alone. I’m praying for your kids. Please pray for my kids too. I love you all so much. And thank you Brian for being the pioneer to online and virtual community. We so need you and I’m so glad that I’ve been part of this community for years so that right now I don’t feel as alone as I would without you. I love you all so much. God bless you. Bye.

Hey DAB family, first and foremost I want you to know that I’m praying for the whole world. I know these are some scary times, but we rely on the Lord and His promises. We should not fear, we should not live in fear for He is a great God. Would you please pray for my sister-in-law that is been called to go to New York? She’s a doctor, she was…she’s in the military reserve and they were just activated, which means that they will go and serve and help all the sick in the midst of everything that’s happening in New York. Please pray for them. She has a little boy, he’s less than a year old. So, he’s going to be at home left. Would you please lift her husband up as he will be home as well playing the role of a single dad? They don’t have a timeframe. Her name is Natalie, her husband’s Kenny their son is Caleb. I also have another request. My sister-in-law Michelle is a nurse. She is an RN in California in LA for Kaiser and I’m sure you’ve heard in the news they are completely under resourced. Please pray for them. Pray for a hedge of protection over all health care, all the nurses and doctors, janitors, I mean everyone that is just making sure that the hospitals are running to care and love everybody. This is Stephanie from California. Thank you so much. Love the DAB family. And thank you so much for lifting us with prayer. Love you guys. Stay strong. Share the gospel, especially during this time. Stay positive. Love you guys.

Daily Audio Bible this is Jane Ruth from Nebraska and I wanted to say something else. I know that I’m not supposed to submit twice. But Brian, on my belly button birthday March 22nd, you talked about Luke 15 and you talked about the…the guys…letting the guy come down through the mat…through the roof on the mat. And you made reference…you know sometimes all these parables kind of run together for me…but the thing that Jesus said was, “your sins are forgiven.” And when you said the words, you know, we can say that to somebody else, that your sins are forgiven, I thought, “that’s heresy.” But wait, in the Lord’s prayer, and you said this, we are to forgive other people’s sins as He forgives our…forgives our sins. And the thought that went through my mind was, “Jane where have you been all this time. You’ve been saying those words over and over again.” And it was like He sets the captive free and I felt like finally, finally I could forgive all these people that I’ve been carrying around on my…on my back like this albatross. And I felt like finally Jesus saves because I have been set free. It was the most incredible awareness that I don’t have to carry these people around anymore. Thank you so much.

This is Violet from Indiana I’m calling in response to Nick’s request for prayer. Nick helps in public transportation. Drives a bus I think he said. I want to know Nick I’m praying for you and adding to that prayer all of the DAB family who work in service to the public where they are daily exposed to people who are often acting in a much less-than-perfect way. I pray that God will protect you and help you through this time so that you will not become ill. But I also pray that the Holy Spirit will fill your hearts with the spirit of forgiveness as so many of us are so less-than-perfect and we display behavior that is not loving, not kind, not patient, not considerate and that you service workers can be filled with forgiveness as our Lord forgives us, forgiving us for our imperfections that we display that just add to the burden of the work that you are so graciously serving for us. So, I will keep you in my prayers Nick. And all of those DAB family who are giving service, I thank you and I thank God for the gift of you in our lives. Amen.

Good day Daily Audio Bible family my name is Oscar I’m calling in from the United Arab Emirates where I live and work. I’m a first-time caller but have been a listener for about a year now and I’m really grateful for the family I have here in the Daily Audio Bible. Thank you, Brian…Brian Hardin and family for all that you do and for letting God use you in such mighty ways. I’m calling in today because I just listened to the first part of the book Sneezing Jesus and I can’t describe what a blessing…what an encounter it has been. I think one word to describe this is Emmanuelle, God with us. I mean like the book mentions as much as we like to focus on the divinity of Christ which, of course, cannot be denied, the human side of him, the humanity of Christ makes Him so…so relatable. And the fact that…that God wouldn’t…wouldn’t give up, the fact that God doesn’t give up on humanity. In fact, I find that…through this book I find that God actually affirms our humanity. And it’s a real miracle to see how he brings forth these treasures from our earthen vessels. And I can’t imagine…can’t describe. Sorry, if my thoughts are a bit jumbled. It’s because I’m still reeling from the __ of this book. It’s something that I never realized I needed at this very point in time. And I just want to say, thank you so much for making this available. I’m totally going out there to buy the book myself. Thank

03/28/2020 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 9:1-10:22, Luke 8:4-21, Psalms 69:19-36, Proverbs 12:2-3

Today is the 28th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian and it is a joy and an honor to be here with you today as we take this…well…final step of the week. And I’m glad, I’m grateful that we can take this next step together. So, we’ve been working our way through the book of Deuteronomy which is we’ll continue to do. And we’ve been reading from the New Living Translation this week. Today Deuteronomy chapters 9 and 10.


Father, we thank You for another week and we thank for…we thank You every time we come to the end of another week because we’re thankful and our hearts are grateful. And even though there’s plenty of things to challenge us, You’ve given us the gift of life and You’ve given us the ability to reveal Your kingdom in this world and participate. And, so, we are grateful, and we heed the word of the proverb today - wickedness never brings stability but the godly have deep roots. And yet, even as Jesus, as we approach this story of the soil again, we pray that by the leading of Your Holy Spirit we will be good soil for deep roots. So, come Holy Spirit, show us the path of wisdom, show us the narrow path that leads to life, we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


dailyaudiobible.com is the website, its home base, its where you find out what’s going on around here. There’s usually something going on around here.

Check out the Community section. That’s where the Prayer Wall is and that is always underway, like that is always happening as well as the different links to different social media channels like DAB Women. If you’re a woman and you’re not connected this is a great time to get connected there, but the different social media channels that we are participating on. So, check that out.

And…well…since the middle of the week we’ve been doing something really special, releasing kind of in serial form like once a day, day by day we’re releasing a chapter a day of this book called Sneezing Jesus. Once this kind of outbreak started happening, once the world started paying attention, once it started freaking out, all the stuff that’s going on, I began thinking about this book because…because it’s poignant, the times that we’re in because it just shows in its conclusion how the gospel spread like a virus. And, so, we’re working real hard to not spread things but we have an alternative view that we really have an opportunity to spread light and life and the good news. And, so, Sneezing Jesus was…was my attempt to draw with words…what I say in the prologue of the book is, the Word became flesh and this is how I try to make the flesh become word, like how I try to portray this Jesus that I’ve fallen in love with out of the Gospels and bring the good news. And, so, that’s what we’ve trying to do to offer light and good news, and encouragement free. And I called my…my book publisher, NAV Press who published this book a few years ago, asked them if we can do this and they were like really on board with it. And, so, I am so so grateful to be able to offer this to you and you can have this encouragement in your hands in your ears each day as…as we go through one chapter a day. And, so, today’s chapter is called “Go Away” and it’s an exploration of Jesus among the Gadarene people. And Jesus, ultimately the story that we immerse ourselves into in this chapter is Jesus throwing a legion of demons into a herd of swine and just the implications of that. And, so, that is today’s chapter and it just shows up with your Daily Audio Bible every day. And, so, indeed partake, enjoy, be encouraged in this time. There’s no shortage of bad news out there. This is the good news.

If you want to partner with the Daily Audio Bible, you can do that at dailyaudiobible.com. There is a link on the homepage. I am profoundly grateful, deeply deeply grateful for your partnership all of these years. If you are using the Daily Audio Bible app you can press the Give button in the upper right-hand corner or, if you prefer, the mailing address is PO Box 1996. Spring Hill Tennessee 37174.

And, as always, if you have a prayer request or encouragement, you can hit the Hotline button in the app, or you can dial 877-942-4253.

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hello, my sisters and brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ this is Candace from Oregon. I would like to pray for a couple of missionaries beginning with Margo from Australia. So, please join me in this prayer. Lord thank You that Margo and her husband are in good health and not afraid of their own confrontation with the coronavirus personally, but they have some real concerns about what will happen to the whole infrastructure around them. Lord, I pray that You’d be very near to the children in their malnutrition clinic. I pray that You’d put a hedge of protection around all the people that they came so far to love on and to bring Your love. And I pray that Your love would serve as an incredible force of goodness surrounding the entire experience for every person involved. And I lift up my dear, dear Tina Barstool who is in Uganda. She had only recently gone to the mission field there, a sustainability project. Please Lord, their concern is that normal food deliveries will continue so that there won’t be any stealing and I just ask You God to cover, cover, cover, cover everyone concerning this and honor this desire that she came so far, her and others, to bring Your goodness, Your love, Your redemption. May it be only increased by what’s going on.

Hi fellow DABbers this is Rosanna from __ I’m calling to encourage all of the parents out there during this time of quarantine in our homes. I have three children and I’m single parent and they are all young children. And what I want to encourage you is that God has given us this time to powerfully influence our children for the gospel. We are gonna shoot our children out as arrows into the world and I encourage you to see this as an opportunity to poor scripture and godly influence into them. And, of course, I need prayers for patience and guidance and wisdom as I try to teach my children at home and guide them and discipline them and love them. So, I encourage everyone around the world to take this opportunity and see it as an opportunity to pour into your children. I hope you are doing well, and I pray for you and I am so grateful for this, for this ministry. Bye.

Family, I’m in desperate need of prayer for my two teenage daughters. I’ve got a 13-year-old who is deeply suicidal right now and indignantly telling me that I have no right to insist that she stay alive when she’s in this much pain. And her 16-year-old older sister has also really been struggling with depression and wild panic attacks and just really dark thinking and I don’t know exactly what’s coming against our family but it feels like warfare and I just need lots of warriors to pray for us. Thank you.

Hi, my name is Lexi and I just want to pray for my grandma especially. And that would be like a star on my prayer list and I wanna pray for my family.

Hey Daily Audio Bible friends it’s been a long time. I just recently…I just want to thank God for everything because I just recently got back into the faith. So, I am just praying asking maybe if you guys would pray with me on this journey, not necessarily for me because we’re all together and we’re altogether in this. And I just hope that wherever you are right now, you can do it and if he did it you can do it too. So, thank you so much for listening to this and you have a wonderful day.

This is Protected by His Wings calling from Virginia. I’m just calling to pray for some folks today. Dear heavenly Father I bring these people before you today, specifically Prodigal and Christina with a bumpy dog, Lee from Chicago, Pink Paint, Angel in California, SG a woman who’s struggling with mental health issues, Alex a man who helped a DABber with her car on the side of the road, a flat tire and a disabled veteran’s wife. Dear heavenly Father I bring these people before You today, You know their concerns, breakthroughs, healing, needing breakthroughs, things falling apart in their lives, they’re asking for prayer Lord whether its fighting cancer, fighting divorces, bankruptcies, depression. Lord You know their issues Lord I bring these people before You Lord and I pray for them often and ask that You reach each and every one of these people individually in a way that they know, that today they know and feel Your loving arms wrapped around them, that they know that You are there with them walking beside them if not carrying them during the this time through the…through the valley of the shadow of death. And though they know they fear no evil Lord they know that You are with them. I pray Your hand of blessing, graciousness and peace that goes beyond all understanding upon each and every one of these people today. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. Brian thank you for this wonderful podcast and China, thank you as well. I’m a double DABber. Love you all. Bye.

03/27/2020 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 7:1-8:20, Luke 7:36-8:3, Psalms 69:1-18, Proverbs 12:1

Today is the 27th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you today as we as we begin to close down another of our weeks together and move ourselves into the weekend. What a joy to take this journey with you. So, let’s get on that journey. We’re moving our way in the Old Testament through the book of Deuteronomy, the final book of the Torah, the final three discourses of Moses to the children of Israel before he leaves them and this new generation that has emerged. Well we’ll see if they make it to the Promise Land. Right now, Moses is saying everything that he feels that can’t be left unsaid. So, we’re reading from the New Living Translation. Deuteronomy 7 and 8.


Okay. I mean we could just take that proverb and say, “that’s enough.” Put that in your cup and steep it and let it sit all day. “To learn you must love discipline.” Not self-discipline or the discipline that life brings or the discipline of the Lord as a Father. It’s stupid to hate correction.” So, yeah, we could stop there, but the book of Deuteronomy is basically telling us the story of our lives today.

Moses is telling the children of Israel their story where they came from who God is what their identity is and where they’re going but all we have to do is just look at that story and understand, yeah that's…that’s kind of my story too. So, Moses is telling the people, “it’s not anything you did. You’re not rock star people. It’s not that you were somehow in some way special. The Lord did not set His heart on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other nations. You were the smallest. Rather, it was simply that the Lord loves you and was keeping the oath he had sworn to your ancestors.  And that’s why you have this opportunity for a land of promise.” That’s every one of us my friends. So, why do we so often think God owes us? We’ve been behaving really, really well. We’ve watched our tongues. We’ve been kind. He owes us. He doesn’t owe us anything. He loves us, which is very different. And then he tells them, when they go into the land, they have got to defeat these pagan nations. They’ve got to utterly defeat these pagan nations. And we can go like, that’s such violence…and now we’re gonna go into all this war and I don’t like war and I don’t like violence and any of this stuff. Why’s He…why is this happening?” As we will see in the Scriptures, the fullness of time has come for these people. They are being judged. They have had every opportunity, and there are things that God will say as we go through this process where He’s like, “they’re doing things that had never…like they’re doing evil had never even occurred to me.” That’s what God is saying. Like, “they’re inventing ways of evil that I…I can’t even imagine.” And some of those evils were the sacrifice of their children alive in the fire to their gods and the absolute brutality of the tribalism. I mean, it’s hard to understand the loss of humanity and the loss of the value of life in ways that have completely degenerated. God will tell us as we continue this journey like, “you think I want people to die? Like, is that what you think? “We…we go through these portions of Scripture and that’s what we think but then God comes out of the Bible and says, “is that what you think? You think that’s what I want? That’s not what I want. I want everyone to return to me.” But some aren’t going to. The choice has been made. Judgment has come. Then Moses encourages the people to not be afraid to not be intimidated. Yes, in fact, they will be going into a land where they are vastly outmaneuvered and outgunned and out-peopled but he’s just reminding them, “how has your story ever been different. Like, this is your story. It doesn’t matter the circumstances that you’re going into. You’re not doing anything. God is going before you. All you have to do is believe that.” Ahh…this is like…this is our story. And then he tells them. “this isn’t gonna happen in one day. Like, this is a process. Little by little I will give this to you because if you took it all out once you would not…you haven’t grown enough to grow into this. Like things will go wild. You’re not ready for all of this. It will be a process, little by little.” You see, this is our life. And then he gives them the most dire of the warnings. “When all this is done, when the stress is over and all is settled and you are living in bounty, that is your most dangerous time because it’s at that point that you will start maybe thinking, I did this. Look how awesome I am. I navigated all this. I navigated into this prosperity. I did this.” And Moses is just telling them, “no you didn’t and don’t ever forget that. When you forget that your heart is turning away. Don’t forget your story. You came out of the wilderness. You saw God move. He brought you into the desert. You had no food. He fed you. You had no water. He kept you alive. You got here somehow but you didn’t do it.” And, so, we kind of leave our reading today and I’ll just quote Moses here because he’s saying it is clear as possible. “Remember the Lord your God, He is the one who gives you power to be successful in order to fulfill the covenant He confirmed to your ancestors with an oath. But I assure you of this, if you ever forget the Lord your God, and follow other gods worshiping and bowing down to them, you will certainly be destroyed.”


So, Father we take that seriously. We take that to heart, and we bring back to mind right now the proverb, “to learn You must love discipline. It is stupid to hate correction.” Forgive us Father for the ways we’ve…we’ve taken Your glory and said we did this and all of the story that Moses is telling, so much mimics the pathways of our lives, we find ourselves there and we acknowledge that the most dangerous time isn’t in the battle. The most dangerous time is when blessings are heaped upon us. And unfortunately, we will see exactly how that road goes as we continue the path of the Scripture. But come holy spirit we want to choose the narrow path that leads to life, not the wide one that leads to destruction. So, come and lead us into all truth. How have we been interpreting our journey? What have we claimed the glory for that You did on our behalf? What have we blamed You for that You had nothing to do with? Come Holy Spirit and lead us into all truth we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


dailyaudiobible.com is the website, its home base, its where you find out what’s going on around here. There’s usually something or another going on around here.

There is something going on around here right now. As you may have noticed, there’s like an additional program showing up every day along with the Daily Audio Bible in your feed in your app. And, so, you probably already kinda know what’s happening. But if you’re just kind of just noticing, we’ve been releasing one chapter per day for the last couple of days and we’ll continue this into you to the end of the book, but the book Sneezing Jesus, which is a book that I wrote a few years ago, but is really appropriate for the times that we are facing and that we are going through and the unrest that we’re seeing and just…yeah all the different fraying that…that is noticeable in our culture as we try to sort this all out. Sneezing Jesus is an exploration of Jesus humanity. It is a portrait of Jesus as told by the Gospels. It is “the” good news, but it is also an exploration of the fact that Jesus was a human being and went through all of the things that we go through and what that would’ve looked like with the conclusion that…that the gospel, the good news, that Jesus told us go into all the world and spread, spread like a virus from person-to-person from family to family, from community to community racing all over the world as it continues to do today. So, we can get obsessed and freaked out about something that could go around the world and infect us and hurt us or we can take an alternative view that this is an opportunity right now for life to infect the world. And this is a gift. This is a gift from NAV Press who published this book, a gift from the Daily Audio Bible. It’s free to listen to, which is a joy. And, so, the chapter that…well we’ve been releasing one chapter per day. So, the chapter that’s releasing today is called “weep” and it’s an exploration of our emotions and the way we try to suppress them and the way that we kind of frown on ourselves. Like we lose control if we gotta cry about something or whatever. It feels like we’re just apologizing for…for our emotions and to look at how Jesus handled these things. So, check that out in your…in your Daily Audio Bible feed, in the Daily Audio Bible app, in the web player, wherever you are listening to the Daily Audio Bible. And may you find deep, deep, deep encouragement as we do this chapter a day moving through…through Sneezing Jesus as we’re moving through the times that we’re moving through.

If you want to partner with the Daily Audio Bible, you can do that dailyaudiobible.com. There is a link. It lives on the homepage. I thank you with all of my heart. The Global Campfire doesn’t burn if…if we don’t throw logs on together. And, so, thank you for your partnership. If you’re using the Daily Audio Bible app, you can press the Give button in the upper right-hand corner or, if you prefer, the mailing address is PO Box 1996 Spring Gill Tennessee 37174.

And, as always, if you have a prayer request or encouragement, you can hit that Hotline button. It’s in the app. It’s always there. You can always press. You’re never alone. That’s one of the beautiful things that we have always been for each other as a community, that although we may be separated by distance and now we maybe even separated by, you know, different sicknesses and illnesses that are possible, we’re never alone no matter what we’re going. We can come in around the Global Campfire and be together. So, you can hit that Hotline, or you can dial 877-942-4253,

And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi, it’s Jennifer from Ohio and I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to the women who called in and prayed for me. Denise, when I heard your prayer and your empathy last week as it relates to my mom and what I’m experiencing right now it just…I mean I was just so overwhelmed. It…it was in a good way…I felt elevated like you ministered to my spirit, it lifted my soul, you just spoke right to my heart and also deeply, deeply appreciative in that moment and I was just thanking God. It was just what I needed for that day. And then a few days later I was listening, I don’t remember what day it was, but I was listening and then I heard Rachel. You know, like and I said God you really do love me. You know, you…you sent these two beautiful women to pray for me in the moment in the space that I needed it…that I needed the most. And I was just so taken aback, and I was so grateful in that moment too to be connected and to be a part of this community. You know, I haven’t been a part of my physical church for over a year now, my previous physical church for over a year now just because of, you know, some things that happened but I have been a faithful listener of the Daily Audio Bible, you know, for several years now. And, so, it was…just to be known in that way, to be heard, it was it was just everything that I needed, and it is everything that I need every day. And, so, I’m just grateful and I’m just thankful and I just appreciate you both. Love you family.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family my name Adai. I’m calling from the United States and I just wanted to call in and respond to Asia Chicago. Asia, I stopped to recording as I was listening because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget to respond and…and that other things didn’t take my attention away. I heard your call about how you’re dealing with kind of the…you’re…you’re encountering the spirit of racism and seeing racism in and around you as an Asian American. And girl, I’m black American. My parents are also immigrants from __ Africa and I just want to share that I’ve been through this. This is…your describing exactly how I felt after the last election with watching KKK marches in the state where I lived and things like that. Girl, I understand we are at and to a degree and I’m praying for you. It’s not easy. It’s really scary sometimes when you’ve encountered this, where in a place you felt safe for so long. But so many of us love you for exactly who you are. We love you because of your heritage not in spite of it and the Lord loves you because of your heritage not in spite of it. And this time will pass and I pray in Jesus’ name that our country will be stronger, that our communities will be stronger and that we’ll be able to continue soon to support each other in…in the fight against racism in whatever form it takes girl. So, I’m here for you, I’m praying for you and your call really resonated with me. I also want to shout out all the medical professionals. My sister is a doctor, my mom is a nurse and they are on the front lines of this fight. God I just pray that You’d be with them and all the other medical writers. And I also want to shout out to all the single people who are social distancing and self-isolating alone. God sees you. I know is not easy. For those of you who are with your families I know that’s a challenge but it’s really hard to be single and at home alone. So, I’m praying for all of you like myself. Thank you and have a good one.

Hello DABber family this is Walta the Burning Bush that will not be devoured for the glory of our God and King. If I sound out of breath, Harold this one’s for you. I’m spending this time of isolation trying to get back into running. So anyway, I digress. I think Sharon Kansas called in about her friend Denise. And you said she’s been fighting. Well I just want to give you some good news. And they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength and shall mount up like with wings like eagles. And when you said that she’s been fighting, I just saw her at the point where she needs to stop fighting and…and wait on the Lord and allow her wings to be guided by the winds, by the Holy Spirit. I’m praying for peace over her now. She is indeed a warrior. I can tell. And, so, tell her I said that. I love her, that I said a prayer for her when you said that. Also, a sister called in and I’m so sorry, I was trying to run…I’m so out of shape guys. I was trying to run. And, so, I didn’t get her name, but she is half Caucasian half Chinese and she was talking about just going through dealing with racism and during this time. And sister I am praying for you. You are loved, you’re beautiful, you’re God’s creature and I’m praying for God to give you wisdom to deal with people that do stuff like that and I pray that God will show you how that there is purpose in your pain that you’re dealing with right now. I love you guys. Talk to you later. Love you. Bye.

Daily Audio Bible family I’m __ out of Ohio I just want to request prayers for everyone who is affected by the quarantine from the coronavirus and their living paycheck to paycheck and don’t really have any emergency funds to get food, you know for their family or household children. So, I ask that you guys keep them in mind, those who actually lost their job and who is affected by the current situation that we are actually in. I ask that you pray for them and that God carries them through this. And let’s just keep them in mind. I came across a young gentleman at Walmart and he just had so many questions. He’s young, still in high school. So, I would like to request prayers for him as well – sweet, sweet little boy. I like to lift him up, can’t remember his name. Also, I’m still able to work. I’m blessed. I thank God for that opportunity for work because it is, you know, hard to come by these days. So, I wanted to express my gratitude and I ask that you guys pray for me as well. God knows what I am in need of. And I’m praying for those who are lonely by themselves right now and I ask that God…God be a comforter. I love you guys. You guys stay safe. Brian, thank you always for this wonderful podcast. Everyone stay encouraged. Take care.

Asia from Chicago this is Cheryl also in Illinois but I’m in Elgin. I heard your call on the March 23rd podcast and I am so saddened to hear of what you and your precious family have been experiencing along with others in the Asian community. I just want to pray for you. Father in the name of Jesus I thsnk You right now Lord for Asia from Chicago. She’s such a blessing to this community. I know that I have been very touched by her calls and inspired by the things that she has shared in the past and…and things she’s pray over. So, I lift her up before Your throne of grace right now, she and her family Lord and all those in the community that she has been concerned for and just saddened and angered by seeing the hatefulness of racism propagated by the evil one. So, Lord I pray You would come Holy Spirit. Place a hedge of protection around them Lord and I pray that You….that You would bring people along the way who could show the best of being the light in the world Lord, that could lift her spirits, that she would see situations even in this time of social distancing be it on social media or other outlets Lord God that would lift her spirits. I pray that You would eradicate every bit of fear in Jesus’ name. Yes, Lord just lift her up, strengthen her and I pray that her heart would be encouraged in this time. In Jesus’ name. Take courage my dear sister. My ethnicity may be Caucasian, but I definitely have a global heart and I love You very much. God bless You and Your family. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hi this is Melody from Canada calling. I wanted to call in and encourage Asia who called in yesterday, March 23rd and who is saying just the discrimination against Chinese people. My husband is from Shanghai and we have a beautiful half Chinese daughter named Elaina. And we are so proud of her heritage. And I just want to pray encouragement for you and for all the Asians that are experiencing discrimination and fear and __. And yeah, I pray for blessing and peace and strength in their identity as per the body of Christ and I pray for an end to this prejudice and discrimination and for people to come together in unity. Bless you Asia. We love you.

03/26/2020 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 5:1-6:25, Luke 7:11-35, Psalms 68:19-35, Proverbs 11:29-31

Today is the 26th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is great to be here with you moving…moving rapidly toward the end of another month, but I’m super excited that we can spend today and everyday step-by-step one day at a time. One step forward each and every day leads us on this journey and what a journey it has been so far. And man, what a journey it’s going to be. There’s so much out in front of us to see. So, I’m excited that we can be here together around the Global Campfire taking the next step forward. We’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. Deuteronomy 5 and 6 today. And as I’ve mentioned a couple times, Deuteronomy’s three discourses, the final words of Moses and we read the first one, we concluded it and began the second talk today. And, so, that’s where we’re picking up. Deuteronomy 5 and 6.


Okay. Let’s look at what Jesus was talking about today in the gospel of Luke but let’s start at the end of what He was saying and just kind of work our way backwards and look at this. The final thing that Jesus spoke in our reading today is this, “but wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it.” And we’ve spent time on our journey this year talking about wisdom, wisdom from the book of Proverbs, this voice, the feminine voice that tells us that she’s a companion of God and was there from the…from the very beginning of creation and was delighted at all God had made. And we’ve also explored Jesus and some of the different ways that He was known. Like, He’s our Savior, like we look at him a certain way because we have an understanding of Him, but as He was just coming into His ministry and moving around the countryside, how did people look at Him? They looked at Him as a prophet, which we saw in our reading today, like a major prophet as well as John. Like, God was speaking to them again. But He was also known as a wisdom teacher. And we talked about that and it’s borne out in the way that He uses parables to sort of get around the façade of things, like to strip away the mask of a thing so that what’s really happening can be revealed. So, what’s happening today is Jesus is talking specifically about wisdom. “Wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it.” In other words, if you’re gonna walk the path of wisdom then that’s gonna be borne out in your life. You’re gonna become wise, which would change the way you do things. Why did Jesus make that statement though? Working backwards, He was commenting on the generation that was around Him. “How do I describe this generation? How do I describe the state of the world that I am in? They’re like children playing a game in the public square. They complain to their friends. We played wedding songs you didn’t dance, we played funeral songs you didn’t weep. John comes and he doesn’t eat bread or drink wine and then you’d call him demon possessed. I come and I feast, and I drink, and you say I’m a glutton and a drunkard and a friend of tax collectors and sinners. But wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those who follow it.” Jesus is in effect making the commentary on the generation saying, “you are never satisfied.” John comes looking like a prophet of old. He’s the right clothes. Like the whole nine. He looks the part. You think he might be a prophet but then you’re not happy with that because he’s crazy and you call him demon possessed. So, then I come looking much more normal and you kinda…you’re not happy either with that. God’s coming to you and you’re missing it because you’re never happy with what you have. That’s kinda Jesus commentary on the generation of His time, but…but how different, how different is this time? Like we have an incredible amount of technology and knowledge and awareness and the ability to move about the earth and transport our…like we can do things that they…they wouldn’t have been able to get their minds around. But is it any different? We’re never satisfied. But why was He saying all that? Working backwards, it was because John’s disciples came to Him, sent by John asking Jesus if He’s the one or not. That’s why He comments on the generation and that’s why He speaks of wisdom because He’s basically like what kind of a question are you asking me? Am I the one or should you be looking for someone else? “Don’t you…like are you unclear about what’s happening here? The blind see, the lame walk, those with leprosy are cured. The deaf hear, the dead are raised to life and the good news is being preached to the poor.” So, basically, it’s like, what else do you need to know? This is exactly what the prophets said would happen. This is exactly what’s being fulfilled. What kind of question is it? Are you the one or should we be looking for someone else? They wanted somebody to come along and defeat the Roman empire by a mighty act of God. Instead, God came and said there’s a way to be in this world no matter what is going on, no matter how oppressed you might feel. There is a whole world within you. It’s called the kingdom of God. That’s where it is and when it’s within you. It can’t help but spill out of you, but you’re never satisfied. You got it backwards. Your hearing the wedding song but you’re not dancing. You’re questioning everything, even though it’s right in front of your face, but wisdom is shown to be right by the lives of those follow it.


So, Jesus we invite You into that. It…it's…it’s at times when You can see it, You can see that the heart of man is kind of an unchanging thing and that we’re just wearing different clothes now, but our dissatisfaction and our unrest is the same. And, so, You may say of the generation that we are living in now the same things that You would…that You spoke of the generation when You were ministering here. One of the things that You continually…continually reveal in the Gospels is that it’s all right here if You have eyes to see. Like, it’s all here. What we need to move about the world and navigate in collaboration and confident with You, we have it. We just keep thinking that we don’t, but we do, and wisdom shows that path to us. And we acknowledge once again that she’s at every crossroads. And so often we are just blowing through every choice just dissatisfied in everything, that we’re missing that You are indeed at work in us. It is a slow process. It’s called sanctification. It’s a process and the process isn’t really gonna build up anything without a solid foundation. And so often we’re trying to put the roof on without the foundation of our lives. So, come Holy Spirit. We hear Your words as if they were spoken to John, like “look at what I’m doing in the world. Look at what You are seeing. If you’ll have eyes to see you can see that this is going on and it has always been going on. So, come Holy Spirit and give us eyes to see and ears to hear. And I don’t know how many times we’ve asked for that. And I don’t how many times we will ask that. We’ll keep asking, we’ll keep knocking, we’ll keep seeking. Give us eyes to see this kingdom within and among us we pray in Your mighty and holy name. Amen.


dailyaudiobible.com is the website, its home base, it is indeed where you find out what’s going on around here.

And it's…I mean what’s going on around here in the world can be scary but what’s going on around here around the Global Campfire, this is exciting because for the next little…little over a week there’s an additional program along with the Daily Audio Bible. So, the Daily Audio Bible is here nonstop every day, seven days a week, but as a gift from my…my publisher NAV Press, as a gift from myself, as a gift from the Daily Audio Bible from which all of this sprang we are releasing the book Sneezing Jesus free, the audio edition of the book free one chapter a day as we go through this time because there is plenty of overwhelming scary news. This is the good news. It’s an exploration of Jesus life and the awareness that this kingdom, the good news that…that we take for granted, it…it spread like a virus. It spreads from person to person. So, it’s poignant for these times. So, we started yesterday and kinda went through the prologue, the premise of everything and the chapter called Advent, this beginning story of why Jesus came and how Jesus came. Today we’re releasing a chapter called Backward, which in many ways uses the Sermon on the Mount as a backdrop for what Jesus was sharing, like this…this idea of eyes to see and ears to hear that we’ve been talking about all year because Jesus says it all of the time is ultimately an invitation to open your eyes and realize that your living almost backward to how you are created. Like the whole world is almost backward to the way it was intended to be. So, that is available, right along with your feed, right where you get the Daily Audio Bible, right in the Daily Audio Bible app. It’s there for your encouragement. And I…I have found encouragement. I mean, it’s been a while since I wrote that book, so it’s been a while since I read the book but when you write a book you read that book like 150 times. So, it’s been, you know, some time has passed since then. And, so, to reacquaint myself with these themes and these messages, especially now, as even encouraged…I’ve encouraged myself…not because of the way I wrote things, but because of what was said. And we’re making it available, giving it to you that you might find encouragement in this time. So, take advantage of that. And my prayers are that God would ignite the…I mean this book was published…we talked about it like the sneeze heard around the world. And man is that appropriate for now? So, check that out.

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And that is it for today. I’m Brian and I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

This message is for Travis. Travis my name is Qu Annie Cotton. I’m actually calling into our DAB family in regards to your son Brady. I understand that Brady is dealing with some seizures. I want to let you know that as a mom of a son that is now nine but from the years of 1 to 4 our son had been dealing with several different stages or different types of seizures and no one could pinpoint or tell us why our son was dealing with those seizures. Our son was in and out of the hospital weeks at a time to the point where the hospital knew us and who we were, but they took very good care of my son when he was in the hospital. Travis, I want to let you know that God is a healer. Our son has been seizure free for the past five years. He has not been on medication. He has not had any signs of any seizures in any of those seizures that he’s dealt with and it’s only by the grace of God. So, Travis I just want to let you know that God is able, God can heal, God is amazing. God is so amazing for the things that He can do. If you hear in the background, that’s my son. He’s on his game. But I just want to tell you right now to trust God. Continue to keep praying, continue to keep trusting God. And when the doctors want to continue to keep medicating Brady or putting him on different medications, ask questions, even get a second opinion because that’s what we did as well. So, Travis I want to let you know that my family will be praying and continuously praying for your family as well as Brady’s family…as for well as Brady, that God would heal him, that God would definitely touch his body, and that God will deliver him, set free of this this…this…this disease. We’re praying for you. We love you. God bless.

I’m calling in response to Asia who called in on the March 22nd Sunday edition. Asia, I love you sister. I feel so bad hearing you talk about feeling scared or upset about people looking at you because your Asian during this coronavirus. I don’t understand the racism going around right now. I don’t see Asian people as being the reason for this virus. I think that’s just ignorant. We were in McDonald’s a week ago and there was one lady up at the counter as I was passing by getting my husband drunk and she was Asian decent of some kind and she was talking on her phone and she wasn’t talking English but you know I just wanted to give her a big hug and I was afraid to do so because, one she was already on the phone, and two I thought I’d scare her. But I just inside my heart I just wanted to give her a big hug because I know that there is bad things going around right now with everybody and this virus. And I had already seen online that there are many young Asian men who’ve been beat up over this. And I just feel for everybody who is Asian regardless whether Chinese or Vietnamese or Taiwanese or Japanese, whatever. There’s no need for this. So, please hang in there and know that we have your back. We love you sister and I hope first off that this virus is soon gone. We all need to pray. All of us Christians need to stand together. And my time is almost up, and I just wanted to call and let you know I love you. This is Kiki in Arizona otherwise known as Lola Marie. Bye.

Hello this is Duncan from Fredericksburg Texas and I just feel like praying. Abba Father right now there is a lot of blame going around. I hear the major media blaming the president. I hear people blaming others because they’re…they are Asian – Chinese, Korean, whatever. I hear others blaming the virus on this and that. And yet blaming does not solve anything Jesus, it only creates more anger and panic. And then I hear the news and I get sick of all of that negative news and I have decided I am not going to hear but one maybe newscast a day until there is hope on the horizon and a breakthrough. And that’s what we’re praying for the Lord, a breakthrough. And am praying for Lord that people will quiet down and stop blaming and start trusting in You. Lord Jesus I am totally of blind, I’m a widower right now and I deal with being in my own apartment, but I thank You for a church family Father. And yet I pray also Lord that this…that there will come when we can handshake and a hug again because this healing power in the hug and a handshake. Lord Jesus I thank You for online church, I thank You Lord for people who give …get groceries for us. And Lord but there’s also the impact that is…that all of this has had his work. I’m a musician. I’m a pianist and I play at various local places and their closed and nursing homes won’t let me in and they’re…they’re off limits. Father, we need work. And Father I just come to You. Yes, You meet our needs and I thank You for that, but Lord I am praying Lord for this scourge to be lifted only so that people can have their lives back again. And for others to come to trust You Jesus. I come to You now. Thank You, Lord. In Your precious name. And we kneel in it heavily Jesus.

DAB family this is Linda from Ontario Canada. I am a first-time caller, but my husband Andrew and I have been listening since 2006 after being introduced by a good friend’s. Shout out to Rob and Kiersten. All your voices old and new are precious. Brian, thank you. No one reads the Bible like you do and your commentaries and insights are ever so helpful. Family my sweet love Andrew went home on September 30th. It’s been almost 6 months now that my heart has been morning. And I must say dear Jesus is victorious over death. My family friends and community have been covering me with prayer and support and it’s been incredibly overwhelming how our father’s hand has been holding me up. He is so faithful. Family, you too have been instrumental in his love. You’ve supported me without even knowing I’m here. I listen every day multiple times some days as I fall asleep or can’t sleep or wake up through the early hours. My family is always there with encouragement and hope. Thank you, Jesus. I’ve been hiding in the sidelines but there is a mission ahead. I’m not a widow of a warrior. And warriors are on the frontline. Dabbers Jesus has already one, but we need to join collectively as warriors must. We need to fight for the things that touch each of us individually but most importantly now we need to come together and fight for our nonbelieving family members, friends, neighbors, countries, nations, governments the entire world. Let’s join together this worldwide community and pray for all eyes to see and hearts it will turn to Jesus. Second Chronicles 7:14 if my people who are called by My name would humble themselves, pray and seek My face, turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven will forgive their sins and heal their land. Thank You, Jesus. My DABber family I love you. Brenda from Ontario Canada.

Hey, DABbers this is Gavin from __ Canada. Today is Saturday, March the 21st I want you guys to pray for my brother especially and the rest of our family. My sister-in-law passed away this morning very unexpectedly. We have no idea what happened. She was only 27 years old. My brother…I’m a firm believer ion praying for others my name. My brother Derik is now left the single father of three. He has a six-year-old named Elvis who is really going to need prayer with this. He has a two-year-old named Clarissa and a one-year-old named Elvis…I’m sorry one-year-old named Zekia. It is a very hard time for them. My brother feels very empty right now and he’s told our pastor that he feels hopeless and feels like he’s just doing lip service to his son. He’s afraid that that’s gonna trickle down. And he really is afraid that it’s not going away. So, praying that the Lord will give the family comfort and he…my brother will speak these words that he knows to be true with conviction and just not feel they are lip service. Thank you very much DABbers. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Blessed are You oh Lord our God King of the universe who forms light and creates darkness who makes peace and creates all things. Father You are sovereign, and we praise You and we bless You and we thank You for the blessings that You give us Lord. We thank You that Your sovereignty also includes Your grace, Your mercy, Your love, Your peace, Your hope Lord God. Father these are just interesting times to say the least. Lord I just want to lift up all of our shepherds that You have given us. Lord may You continue to bless them as they lead us, as they…as they protect us Lord, as a shepherd does as they protect us from the wolves oh Lord our God by giving us Your word. Father we thank You for Your teachers. We thank You for those You have set in government, for no man is in government that You haven’t put their Lord and we just pray that You give them supernatural wisdom during this time oh Lord my God. Father, I lift up of those who are suffering in this time. I think of a caller who said that she was Asian Lord. Forgive us for the behaviors that we exhibit to our fellow man. Father I just lift up all those who are struggling with mental illness at this time. Father give us clarity and remind us that fear in You is the beginning of all wisdom Lord. And remind…thank You for reminding us that fearing You is knowing and resting that You are loving, kind, and merciful. Father, we just….

03/25/2020 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 4:1-49, Luke 6:39-7:10, Psalms 68:1-18, Proverbs 11:28

Today is the 25th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is wonderful to be here with you today on hump day as we move through the center of the week. And I can’t think of a better place to be than around the Global Campfire letting God’s word speak into our day in the remaining days of this week. So, we’re reading from the New Living Translation this week and we’ve begun our final book of the Pentateuch, the book of Deuteronomy which is the final discourses of Moses before he…he turns the reins over to the next generation and he receives and becomes a part of history. So, today Deuteronomy chapter 4.


Okay. Couple things to point out today. One from the book…well…a couple things from the book of Deuteronomy. First, we concluded today the first discourse of Moses and then we began his second discourse, and there are three of them in this book. So, this first discourse that we’ve been on the last couple of days is Moses retelling the story of who the…who the Hebrew people are, who they are and where they came from and where they’ve been. So, he’s recounting the story of the last generation. Now we’re kind of turning the corner and he’s reminding them of the laws, and we’ll get into that as the days come ahead. But one thing Moses says as he’s concluding this today is, “the Lord your God is a devouring fire. He is a jealous God.” And this is one of first places we see this stated so explicitly. So, what does that mean, “he is jealous God?” What is it in your life that would make you jealous? The typical scenario for jealousy in the human experience, although it can come in a number…a number of ways, the typical way is that we are in a committed relationship with somebody and we’re moving along in the confidence of that relationship only to kinda get this nagging sense that all is not…is not well, that maybe they’ve got something going on on the side in some sort of way so there’s this nagging feeling that as time goes by it blossoms and blooms into this tree that overshadows everything. And, so, from that a lot of different emotions can materialize like anger and rage or insecurity or hopelessness or whatever. It flows out of that sense that the one we were committed to, the one we were perhaps even in covenant with is flirting around the edges of another lover. That’s what Moses is talking about when he’s talking about God. He’s telling the people, “when you get to where you’re going, you’re going to be tempted in all kinds of ways to turn to false gods and worship them. Don’t forget what that will do to the Lord your God, the most-high God. There is no other.” So, often we interpret God’s jealousy a like He’s vengeful, that He’s just erratic and vengeful. He’s jealous for you when you flirt around the edges of another lover that would take you from His heart. I actually find a lot of comfort in that. I used to think of God as just jealous and angry and vengeful, but I find a lot of comfort that He would be jealous for me. And, so, what is the response then? What? How do we respond? We…we stay faithful. That’s what you do in a covenantal relationship. And, so, let’s think on that today. Where are we turning for life that isn’t God, and are we giving our hearts in worship to that person or thing?

We flip over into the gospel of Luke and Jesus is continuing to work through this Sermon on the Mount and He says some pretty explicit things today about what it looks like to follow the path that He is…that He is laying out for humanity. We were talking a little bit about forgiveness yesterday and Jesus is kind of like moving into judgment and the way that we judge one another. And, so, that’s when He’s like, “why are you so worried about that little speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log of your own eye? That you seem to…you’re so blind you don’t even know you’ve got a log in your eye. So, how can you possibly think about getting the speck out of your brother’s eye, your friend’s eye until you get the log out of your own? You’re just being a hypocrite.” This is when we nitpick at everybody else and we don’t pay attention to the huge issues that we have. And to just simplify it down to the essential core here, Jesus is saying, “that won’t work”. That like…and we should know that. We should know that. We…we’ve tried…like it doesn’t work. And Jesus is just saying, “it never will. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit. A bad tree can’t produce good fruit. Figs don’t come from thorn bushes grapes don’t come from bramble bushes. If you want to be a fruitful person, if you want good fruit in your life, not only for yourself but for a harvest for those all around you, a good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart. And the opposite is true. An evil person produces evil from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.” So, Jesus is like, “it is what it is. It’s not what you pretend it to be. Curate all you want. You’re whitewashing a tomb if that’s what you’re doing. Good produces good out of the treasury of good.” And He gives it a barometer because He’s like, “what you say is what’s coming up out of your heart.” So, let’s listen to what we say today because Jesus is basically said, “if you’ll like listen to what you’re saying you’ll know where your heart is.” So, we don’t really have an excuse to like…I don’t know how good or bad, I don’t know where I am on the continuum. All we gotta do is listen to ourselves to figure out where things are. But as Jesus points out we’re too busy listening to everybody else. We’re too busy being judge-y against everybody else and ignoring the issues in our own lives. But there is a treasury within our heart, and we can fill that treasury with whatever we treasure, but if we want to produce good things then we have to fill our hearts with good. And then He takes it further. “Like all of this that we’re talking about, the good, the fruitfulness, this comes because of a good solid foundation.” So, Jesus is like, “let me show you what it’s like when someone comes to me, listens to my teaching and then follows it”, right? So, somebody who gets it, who has eyes to see. Not somebody who just heard the words but somebody who understood the words and it quickened their heart and they began to walk this way, to obey the way of Jesus. Jesus says, “that person is like a person who digs deep foundation and lays it on the solid rock” so that when the stuff of life comes and it will, “when the floodwaters rise and break against that house”, and we all experience that in our lives, “that house stands firm because it was well built. So, we can consider that God is jealous for us, that He loves deeply and it’s heartbreaking that we chase after other lovers. That is foolishness. But we can take the way of Jesus and understand this is foundational. And maybe I’ve got a lot of walls up and my foundation is built on sand and I need to go back now and I need to lay a solid foundation over time building this faith into something that cannot be shaken instead of continually judging everybody around me for what they’re doing wrong while ignoring all of my own issues and being so mad at God every time the floodwaters come and wash away my life. Maybe it’s not God’s. Maybe we built on sand. And this is exactly what happens over and over and over when we keep doing that. Maybe it’s time for a new foundation.


Holy Spirit we invite You into that, all of the things that we have been exploring in the Scriptures today. There’s a number of things for us to think about, Your jealous love for us and that we can break Your heart as the Scriptures will completely show us as we continue the journey, that You love us enough to be vulnerable in the relationship that when we cheat, as it were, when we chase false promises for life and give our hearts in worship to it, that is heartbreaking, makes You jealous and that makes us understand a lot. Forgive us as we contemplate this today. But also, we need to contemplate our foundations because if our faith is not built on the solid rock, like if we’re just built on sand, no wonder things keep bowling us over, no wonder we keep getting washed away. And we have to apologize again and repent for blaming You for this. It’s time to methodically, slowly, with love and care and the leading of Your Holy Spirit build a solid foundation. Come Holy Spirit and show us where to start. And we ask this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


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Special announcement today because somethings going on around here, because something’s going on all over the world. And I thinks it’s safe to say we’ve kinda reached this point where we’re like, “okay how long is this going to be going on all over the world? like what are the implications here?” And ever since…ever since I noticed, kind of this was actually a thing, this is actually picking up steam and this is a thing and…and that what we’ve watched over last couple weeks it kinda become a thing that’s really, really changed a lot of the ways that we think and move about and how do we navigate all this. And I’ve just thought a lot about the book Sneezing Jesus, a book that I wrote a few years ago because…because the premise is that the kingdom of God began and spread like a virus, person-to-person to person-to-person to person to families, to communities, and it continues until this day to work that way. And, so earlier this week I contacted my book publisher and just asked, “listen is there any way that we could give this away like for a little while, like while all this is going on and while we’re refilling our time with all kinds of activities but things are different right now? Is there a way that we could use this to be kind of an ongoing gift of encouragement as we move through the next little bit?” And they agreed with that because we need all the encouragement we can get right now. So, what we’re gonna do here for the next about week and half, I think…have to add them…but I think there’s 10 chapters in Sneezing Jesus. We’re gonna release one chapter per day and it’s just gonna show up in the Daily Audio Bible as an additional program. So, the Daily Audio Bible’s never…I mean…the Daily Audio Bible is the Daily Audio Bible and as long as there is breath the word will be spoken, but in an attempt to serve this community and in an attempt to very specifically offer words of encouragement that are actionable, like they can actually be used. Sneezing Jesus is…I wrote that book to be a portrait of Jesus, like the Jesus that I have fallen in love, to use the Gospels and go into those stories and explore the fact Jesus was one of us, was a human being because we focus on the divinity of Jesus, which we should almost exclusively, but a lot of the times we ignore the fact that He was a human being walking around and His humanity was not purposeless. His humanity shows us how we’re supposed to live and be in this world. So, it’s a beautiful portrait of Jesus, but it’s a beautiful explanation of why the gospel is good news, concluding with the fact that it spread like a virus all over the world and we are all sneezing something. And what if we were Sneezing Jesus? What if that was the contagion that was going around and infecting everyone? So, the first installment, we’re gonna kind of release this as a serial, a chapter a day for the next week and a half, just something more, something else for us to immerse ourselves in that is good news. In fact, it’s the good news. So, you’ll see like the first installment showing up today and the next installment will show up tomorrow. This is a gift, a gift of hope, a gift that can be given, a gift that can be received, a gift that is free and I won’t be able to keep this on the feed indefinitely forever and ever and ever. Amen. But for now, this is the gift of the good news and the first installment is available now. And my prayer is that it will meet you where you are and compel you forward. So, of course. Check that out and may it bring you faith, hope and love.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi this is Rachel from Pennsylvania. Hi this is Ben from Pennsylvania too. And we wanted to pray and thank God for everything. Dear God, thank you for this day. Thank you for the whole world, the whole world and the sunshine and the rain and what else Ben? The animals, trees, the tress, breath…and the trees. Thank you for the trampoline to jump on and the tickles (laughing) and the giggles (laughing) and our whole family and all of our friends. And we pray that God will put a hedge of protection over all of our friends and family and our DAB community. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen. Amen.

Hey, my beautiful DAB family this is Kingdom Seeker Daniel from Chicago. To my dear precious sister Val from Vegas. Oh my dear, I am so sorry that you are in this very difficult place. My heart breaks for you and I…I couldn’t help but think about a portion of Psalm 23 where David said, “he maketh me to lie down in green pastures.” And suddenly I know it doesn’t probably look like or feel like you’re in a green pasture right now, but you know Val, sometimes God has to make us lie down in places that only He knows where He’ll be able to reach us and get our attention to say what He’s trying to say. And one of the things I do believe, I was just kind of sensing that listening to you the Lord is trying to say to you Val, He is trying to tell you how madly, passionately, and completely He is in love with you. He loves you with an everlasting love. His love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out and He’ll never stop loving you. Don’t you dare think for one second that God is angry with you. He is not angry at you. That’s a lie from the pit of hell. And, so, I pray that you would rest in the Father’s love, lean back in Him and let Him love you from a place of wholeness. I’m praying for your healing.

[singing starts] Oh the day the Lord you have given me alight with your Majesty and grace. Oh, this day I wait to hear your voice to calm all the noise in me. Joy of my heart my Prince of peace you build my confidence, courage and strength. I hide beneath your wings our secret place where I feel safe and my soul rests. Oh, this day Lord please light up my heart with the flame of your word to warm the world so cold and dark. Emotions like stormy waves Jesus my Savior makes us settle like sheep. Wherever He guides I’ll follow His voice burning bright with the confidence of His love and tell the story of His grace in my life bringing others to sit beside the Global Campfire [singing stops]. Gracious heavenly Father Lord Jesus I just praise and thank You for the opportunity to hear Your word every day to stand beside each…each of the beautiful people Father God You’ve called and chosen to listen to Your words and…and to be encouraged and feel the love. And I just praise You and thank You God for that. Bless the DAB Father God and bless the Hardin family in Jesus’ name. Treasured Possession.

Father I thank you for all that you’ve done
for your sweet Holy Spirit and the gift of your son
who gave up his life and died on a tree
so that those who were estranged could come back to thee
and know that you hear them each time that they pray
and know you’re attentive to all that they say
I was one of those people and I feel so ashamed
that for me your son was erroneously blamed
and though I do love you Jesus you first loved me
you’re the Holy Spirit and the father all three
surrounding me, anointing me and lifting me up
cleansing my insides while filling my cup
I just want to thank you for all that you’ve done
your sweet Holy Spirit and the gift of your son

blindtony1016@gmail.com. I’d like to give a shout out to His Little Cherry and also like to give a shout out to Slave of Jesus and Mark Crede. Know you all are daily on my prayer list and I pray God’s blessings continuously fall upon you. And once again Brian and the Hardin family, thank you for this wonderful podcast for God’s Holy Spirit flow. Keep it flowing y’all. All right. Bye-bye.

Alright, hey guys my name is Nick. If you could pray for me and my family and a bunch of people, I’m around that would be great. I’m a city bus driver so I’m right in the thick of it. I’m having a really hard time keeping my cool. I get mad at people and frustrated at people like gettion’ all close and coughing all over without covering her mouth and I’m struggling…I’m having a real hard time not loving them as I should. So, if you guys could pray for me and those around me that would be great. I love you guys. I’m praying for you all and talk to you later.

Hello, my name is Jane I’m ringing from the UK and about three or four weeks ago I asked…requested prayer for my son who I haven’t heard from for over two years. And today it’s Sunday the 22nd of March which in England is Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day. I can’t believe it, that he has just phoned to wish me a happy Mother’s Day as if nothing was wrong at all. Just want to praise God and thank You Lord for this connection again with my son Tom. I love him dearly and I’ve prayed constantly, and I thank You that You are a God who answers prayers. I thank You for everything that You do for us and I pray Lord that in this time of great need You will provide comfort and peace for all those who worried about the virus going about. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind. And God bless you all.

03/24/2020 DAB Transcript

Deuteronomy 2:1-3:29, Luke 6:12-38, Psalms 67:1-7, Proverbs 11:27

Today is the 24th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is a joy to be here with you around the Global Campfire where it’s always nice and cozy and where God’s word is allowed to speak into our lives. It is a joy to be here with you today. So, yesterday we started the final book of the Torah or the Pentateuch, which is the book of Deuteronomy. And, so, that’s where we’ll camping out for a little while. And as we mentioned about Deuteronomy, these are the final discourses, the final things Moses has to say to the children of Israel before he becomes a part of their history. And they move on forward without him. These are the things that he wanted to say. And, so, some of this is a review but it’s being said to a new generation on the precipice of crossing into the Promise Land. And, so, we’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. Deuteronomy chapter 2 and 3.


Okay. So, in the Gospel of Luke today we…we revisited what’s known as the Sermon on the Mount and we went to that at length when we went through in the Gospel of Matthew. The gospel of Luke has a retelling of this, a little shorter one. But again, when it…when we listened to Jesus words at the Sermon on the Mount it’s like He is describing something that ignites something in our hearts, but it seems that He’s describing a way of being in this world that’s really almost the opposite of the way that it seems that the world works, which is somewhat His point. “God blesses you who are poor, for the kingdom of God is yours.” And like, we’re not trying to be poor, usually in our life. “God blesses you who are hungry now, you will be satisfied. We’re not usually going for that. “God blesses you who are weak now. In due time you’ll laugh.” We don’t usually go for that…like that’s not we’re waking up in the morning with the agenda to do, like how…how much can I weep today? Conversely, He says, “what sorrow awaits you who are rich”, which is the objective, is to accumulate. Like, that’s the way of the world, and it keeps providing us products and services to buy to make us feel like we’re getting somewhere. And Jesus says, “you have your only happiness now if you do that. What sorrow awaits you who are fat and prosperous now. A time of awful hunger awaits you. What sorrow awaits you who laugh now”, right, so on and so forth. Essentially, Jesus is kind of describing the wheel of humanity, like the way that things keep repeating themselves. So, on the one hand, Jesus is talking to the people who are at the bottom, the poor, the hungry, those who weep, those who are like at the bottom of the Ferris wheel, as it were. They are in a good position because they can get off the wheel. Their entanglements have been stripped away. They can have eyes to see. They can see there’s a completely different way of being here, you don’t have to play all those games. But those who have, right, those who have things that they need to hoard and protect, those who have arranged for a life that now they’ve gotta try to figure out a way to keep it and not let it slip through their hands. it’s not gonna…it’s not gonna bring the satisfaction that we were looking for. It’ll just keep spinning. Those who are at the top now, some day will be at the bottom. It just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning. Jesus is modeling a way of being here that is true to how we were created to be and it’s almost opposite of the way that we…we live, the way that we think things are. So, if we did live into this, what would our lives then look like? I mean, what can we expect? Because we often have like a quid pro quo kind of mentality. “If I sacrifice. If I do this. If I am faithful, then God is bound to be nice to me. He’s bound to give me what I want.” What can we actually expect though? And Jesus says, “what blessings await you when people hate you and exclude you and mock you and curse you as evil because you follow the Son of Man. When that happens be happy. Leap for joy. A great reward awaits you in heaven. And if you are willing to listen, I say love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who hurt you, someone slaps you on the cheek, offer the other cheek, if someone demands your coat offer your shirt. Give to anyone who asks. When things are taken away from you don’t try to get them back. Do to others as you would like them to do to you. Love your enemies, do good to them, lend them without expecting to be repaid. Then your reward from heaven will be very great and you will truly be acting as children of the most-high for He is kind to those who are unthankful and wicked. You must be compassionate just as your father is compassionate. Do not judge others and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others. It’ll all come back against you. Forgive others and you will be forgiven. Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full. This is such a different way of living, of being in this world because it’s one that isn’t tethered to this world. If all of your investment of all of your life is to accumulate things you can experience for the short period of time that you have health and stamina to build it up, that’s all there is. What Jesus is saying is there’s kind of a currency that flows through the kingdom of God that reveals no one is lacking in anything, there’s nothing to hoard. And if you want to operate in God’s kingdom, then you’ll have to be sort of like an open water source. We talked about the Dead Sea, I don’t remember, like month ago or whatever about how there’s no outflow and how it is dead. But how the Sea of Galilee, billions of gallons of water running through their and it hasn’t run dry. That’s how the kingdom of God works, at least as described by Jesus. And we can see that the things, the treasures that we’re laying up for ourselves, they can be earthly but that’s all there is. But if we’re storing up treasures in heaven…if we’re living from the inside out with the objective of not how much we can get while we’re here, but how much we can give…and I’m just talking about money…I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about our hearts, our lives, the weight of who we are in this world. The fact that we are here as a child of the most-high. What are we doing with that? The odd thing about the kingdom of God according Jesus is that when you are wide open like that, when you’ll give anything, you’ll lack nothing. So, once again we have some things to think about as we go into our day about how it is that we are participating, how it is that we are in God’s kingdom, like how that is actually lived out in our lives, in our postures, in our motives, in our heart


Jesus, we invite you into all of that. We wouldn’t be here if this wasn’t the desire, if it wasn’t a desire to know and understand your will and your ways in our lives and to be nourished from within by the word of God. And, so, we want to be actively participating in your kingdom on this earth and revealing it. And we’re gonna have to have eyes to see so we get glimpses. And we want to be fully awake. And this is our prayer. Wake us up to see what’s really going on here. We are so tethered to our physical senses that so often it feels like whatever is happening to us in our bodies around us in circumstance, this is all there is. And you’re simply telling us if that’s how you’re going to look at it, then you are exactly right, that’s all there is, but if you open your eyes there’s so much more. Open our eyes God. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In Jesus name we ask. Amen.


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So, like at dailyaudiobible.com in the Community section is the Prayer Wall and that’s always happening. And this is a fantastic time to turn outward and pray for one another. And, so, be sure to check that out and in the Community section or the other kind of social media channels that we…we are on. So, there’s no…no reason to get completely isolated. Let’s stay connected in this time. It’s warm, it’s safe here around the Global Campfire.

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03/23/2020 DAB Transcript

Numbers 36:1 - Deuteronomy 1:46, Luke 5:29-6:11, Psalms 66:1-20, Proverbs 11:24-26

Today is the 23rd day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is awesome to be here with you today as we kinda dive into our work week. Today we’re going to conclude the book of Numbers in the Old Testament and move our way into the next book, which is the final book of the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy. So, let’s dive in and cover that ground. We’ll talk about Deuteronomy when we get there, but let’s conclude the book of Numbers. Numbers chapter 36.

Introduction to the book of Deuteronomy:

Okay. So, that concludes the book of Numbers which brings us to the final book of the Torah or the Pentateuch, Deuteronomy. As we get into this book over the coming days, we may get a sense, “like didn’t we read this? Haven’t we already covered this territory?” And the answer would be, “yes, we actually have.” But there’s a reason that we’re revisiting this territory and we understand the reason that has gravity and actually allows us to pay more deeper attention. The book of Deuteronomy is basically three final discourses, three final announcements to the children of Israel from Moses and these are his final words. And, so, we’ve been with Moses for a long time now. These are the final words of Moses. This is the last thing that he wants to be set before he becomes a part of history. So, Moses is older now and as we…we know he won’t be crossing over the Jordan into the Promise Land with the children of Israel. Joshua has been appointed to take that mantle and lead them forward. So, these are Moses’s last words. And, so, he’s gathered the people together to say these final…like to leave nothing unsaid that he needed to say because this isn’t just a long goodbye. And we’ll see what he’s saying is intended to remind these people of who they are and how they got here, like where they came from and to remind them where they’re going and to warn them about the pitfalls that they’ll face when they get there. So, if we take that approach to the book of Deuteronomy we’ll be in the proper context. If we know that we’ve traveled…like if…we’ve been a part of this story. We’ve been with the children of Israel in the wilderness and all of the trials that they faced. Now they’re poised and ready. A new generation has emerged and this prophet Moses, the one who came and delivered them out of Egypt with the mighty hand of God behind them, he’s about to leave them. This is what he has to say.


So, in the gospel of Luke today we see a series of interactions that Jesus had along the path of His ministry and now He…He has the religious leaders following Him around and kind of asking Him about everything, but not in a good way, like they’re critiquing everything that He does because He’s in so many ways flying in the face of tradition. And, so, in each of these interactions today He’s explaining things about the kingdom of God for those who have eyes to see. So, our first interaction is Jesus is at the home of a tax collector. He’s a guest and His disciples are talking to the religious leaders who are asking, “why do you eat and drink with such scum?” Jesus answers, “healthy people don’t need a doctor. Sick people need a doctor. I didn’t come to those who think they’re righteous. I came to those who know they’re not. They know they’re sinners and need to repent”, right? The juxtaposition is apparent there. The people in charge of caring for the souls of God’s people, feel superior and look down on anyone that’s not with them. And Jesus is like, “I’m not even interested in that. I’m interested in the people who know deeply, desperately their need for God.” The funny thing is that the religious leaders, they think they’re doing all that they’re doing on behalf of God. So, we see…we see the contrast here so clearly and it can still be seen in the world today. And then some people come and ask about John the Baptist and the Pharisees, like the disciples that follow them around and they…they…they live this very austere life, they’re fasting all the time crying out to God for change. And, so, they’re asking Jesus, “why don't…why don’t you…like why don’t you guys do this?” And Jesus is like, “yeah, when you go to a wedding feast you don’t fast, you celebrate. And what’s happening here is celebration, the kingdom of God is at hand. They’ll have time to fast because of what’s going to come.” The next thing we see is Jesus giving an illustration of…of the times. “No one tears a piece of cloth from a new garment and uses it to patch an old one because then the new garment would be ruined, and the new patch wouldn’t even match the old one. Nobody puts new wine into old wineskins. The new wine would burst the wineskins spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine must be stored in new wineskins.” So, what is He saying here? “I’m not here to patch up the old way. A new thing is being done. The rituals will not save you, the Spirit underneath them will.” And He concludes that example by saying, “no one who drinks the old wine seems to want the new wine. The old is just fine they say.” So, the message underneath it all, from Jesus to the Pharisees seems to be, “God couldn’t do a new thing among you even if you wanted to. You won’t let Him.” And in other interactions He says that explicitly. He tells them, “you’ve locked the kingdom…you locked the door to the kingdom of heaven and you won’t go in and you won’t let anybody else in either.” And then we have a couple of Sabbath day interactions. They’re walking through a field. They grab some heads of grain. They rub them together and they eat them. And the pharisees are complaining, “why are you breaking the law by harvesting grain on the Sabbath?” In this case Jesus simply goes back to the Scriptures that they know and shows them other occurrences in the Bible where this happened. And His point is that they’re missing the point. Like, this letter of the law, this ritualistic tradition without the Spirit underneath it that created these laws, without God below it is nothing, empty ritual. And He declares Himself Lord over the Sabbath. Then there’s another Sabbath day and a man has a deformed hand and everybody’s watching to see if Jesus is going to make a move on the Sabbath. Like, that’s literally what they’re waiting to see, is this guy gonna heal somebody on the Sabbath? Not like, “is this guy gonna heal somebody? Like, is the power of God going to descend upon us and grace us here?” No, they’re watching to see whether He’s gonna break the rules. And, so, again, He exposes the whole thing. “Does the law permit good deeds on the Sabbath or is it a day for doing evil? Is this a day to save life or to destroy it? Honestly, we can read these things and go like, “dahhh! Like He’s just…He’s just speaking it clearly. How are they not seeing it?” But they’re not. The people are seeing it clearly. The religious people, the religious leaders are not. These kinds of interactions happen so often in Jesus ministry that we realize that part of what Jesus is doing in His ministry is exposing the falseness of what had become of their faith. So, He asked the question, “is it a good thing or a bad thing to do good, to bring life on the Sabbath?” And then the Scriptures say He looked around at them one by one. So, He looked everybody in the eye after asking that question. And then He healed the man. And the last verse of our reading, which kinda concludes this series of interactions, “at this the enemies of Jesus were wild with rage and began to discuss what to do with him.” That is their reaction to what Jesus ministry is doing. The light came into the darkness and the darkness didn’t comprehend it. The fundamental issue going on in all of these interactions is Jesus is trying to announce that the kingdom of heaven is here and among and within, it’s happening, it’s going on. A new thing is being done in the world and the religious leaders in this case are doing everything possible to oppose it. We can see that in the Scriptures. We can believe that. We can enter into that story and go, “Jesus is a master at this. He always knows what’s going on. He always knows what to say.” And, so, we can read that and go, “I’m glad I’m following Jesus” until we personalize, until we bring these stories close to home and then they have questions for ourselves because we are often asking God to do a new thing. We are often collectively worshiping and asking God to pour out new wine, to restore us, to make us new again, to make all things new again. But what if He does. Do we take that new thing and try to pour it back into old wineskins that will burst because of it? Do we see God doing this new thing in our hearts and we see it and we get a pair of scissors and we cut off a square of it so that we can use that new thing as a patch for the old? Are we buried in our traditions? Are we cemented in our doctrine? Like, are we trapped so that God couldn’t do a new thing in us even if He desired to because we’re closed off even while asking Him to do a new thing? And those are some things to consider from what we’re seen come out of the gospel of Luke today.


Jesus, we invite You into that. There is no doubt that each and every one of us want You to do a new thing, not only on the earth but in our hearts but so often when You begin to move and it wasn’t as prescribed, it wasn’t how we intended it, it wasn’t how we wanted it, You’re moving us in a different way somehow inside, then we start to question whether or not it could be You. We go back and try to filter it back through everything that was old. Make us aware. We’re asking for the eyes to see. We’re asking for the ears to hear. We’re not asking that we might be deceived into something. We’re asking that we might see what You’re doing in the world and get on board with it whatever it is, wherever it is, whatever we see, wherever You lead, to know and have this confident relationship, this deep intimacy, this conversation that never ends with You, so that where You lead we follow no matter what gets said. But the only path we want to walk is the narrow path that leads to life. And we love You. We have given our hearts to You and we’re sorry. We are sorry for the ways that we take it back. We are sorry for the areas that we have not surrendered yet. This is a process and Your Holy Spirit is leading us. All we want is to walk into the truth into complete freedom. And, so come Holy Spirit You promised You would lead us into all truth. This is our desire. Lead us into all truth no matter what we think about…no matter what we judge it, how we judge it. Whatever You are doing that is where we want to be. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi Daily Audio Bible this is Sierra from Orlando Florida. I called on March 4th and I kind of just discovered your app and I was praying for my upcoming missions trip. Due to the coronavirus outbreak and panic and all that stuff my…my missionary school got postponed at least a month. And also, my grandpa who not only isn’t a believer but hates God and hates that part of me who I’ve been living with just kicked me out of his house because…because of all my coming and going to help people or help my church and serve at the soup kitchen and things outside of the house. He was paranoid that I was going to bring the virus into the house. And, so, right now I’m living with a church member for a few weeks until April 7th, but the earliest my mission’s thing will start will be May 4th. So, I have like a whole month where I have to try figure out where in the live. So, I’m trying to walk in the Lord and I’m incredibly grateful and He’s been providing for me in terms of finding this house for a few weeks but I feel kind of hurt like just in general because my grandpa and I really want to listen to and obey the Lord’s calling in my life. So, if you guys could just pray for me for guidance and peace in this time, but just in general to show me the way forward whether I should be doing the missions trip in a month or if there’s another opportunity God wants to show me. Thank you so much.

Father God thank You so much for the Daily Audio Bible. Thank You, Lord that it is an online community. Thank You, Lord that we can still meet together as we have always done online through the podcast, through our phone calls, through Facebook, and over social media and however else. Thank You, Lord that this hasn’t changed. Father God, as our routines have changed where now…we’re probably having to work from home or work differently than we did before or we’re actually having to care and school our children throughout the day, whatever it is. Just life has changed drastically. Help us to find You in all of this Lord. Help us to put You at the center. Help us to fix our eyes on You and find You in everything of our lives. Father God give us wisdom and give us courage and patience as we deal with these new measures that are in place to protect ourselves and to protect each other. Please Lord, be giving wisdom to our leaders. Please Lord be giving strength and energy and resources to our healthcare staff and our medical staff and all of those people in front-line jobs because we can’t just stop Lord and there’s jobs that still need to happen. And us Lord that You’d be at work and You be our provider throughout all this. And I thank You Lord that we can rest in You, we can trust in You and we can cast all our anxieties about the situation on You. Give us hope Lord. Thank You for the hope that You give us. In Jesus holy and precious name. Amen. All right guys is Michaela from Gloucester. I hope you have a blessed day wherever you are. Bye.

Good morning friends this is Jen in SoCal a.k.a. Prayer Warrior Princess. Father with suffering you bring fellowship with Christ, You bring wisdom and maturity, You bring cleansing and holiness peace and quiet. With suffering You bring contentment and stillness. With suffering You bring freedom. You give us empathy for others when we suffer. You bring us comfort. You awaken us. You bring revival. After the suffering You bring joy and laughter in the morning. With suffering You bring us perspective, eyes to see and ears to hear. You bring us strength and stamina and perseverance and holiness. Father, have thine own way Lord. Have thine own way. Mold us and make us. Have thine own way in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This is Speak for You from Columbus Ohio a 12-year listener and a first-time collar. I’d like to first thank Brian for being obedient to God’s calling in making a digital community all those years ago and a __ community that’s built on His word. As we deal with this coronavirus and many of us now are turning to the digital world to do church, Brian has led the way that God was preparing us as Brian was obedient. And, so, now I would ask that you would pray for pastors, pray for pastors as we try to lead our people in this digital world, in a world where we’re not permitted to come together as community in the physical buildings and in physical space. Pray for us as we figure out what to do with Easter. How do we celebrate in a way that’s different than we’ve ever celebrated before? And I would ask that you would give a…pray for wisdom as we lead our people to love our neighbors and as we care for our people boldly. I would also ask that you would join me as I begin to fast and pray on Good Friday and that maybe the Christian church, the whole church of Jesus would come together on that day to fast and pray and ask God for restoration, for forgiveness, mercy and for healing and that this virus could be eliminated because of the power of God and He could get the glory. And finally, I want to thank Blind Tony. Thank you for your poetry. Thank you for how it lifts us up and finally thank you DAB family.

Hey this is Jared calling from Duluth Minnesota. I’d like to ask prayer specifically about the coronavirus but more particularly to pray for those who are suffering with mental health issues as the stress and anxiety of this is pretty overwhelming. As I’ve shared before I am bipolar, and I have two kids that are bipolar and a week ago we got a call in the middle of the night at…my daughter said she had a gun and that she’s going to commit suicide and had written a note. We called 911 and the police got there before we did, and she was arrested for public intoxication and is holding us responsible for calling 911 or calling the police on her. And, so, the situation has kinda been strained. And my son is…we haven’t spoke to him in the last four months or so because he has believed a lie that we’ve rejected him some way and somehow house. And, so, the mental health issues are really, really difficult for those who struggle with anxiety and depression and bipolar disorder. Pray that they would have peace during this time of unusual stress. Thank you so much. God bless. Bye.

Hi everyone, its Lisa the Encourager I have been calling in lately and trying to pray for all of our children, all the Daily Audio Bible children and I want to continue to do that tonight; however, I want to focus on praying for Yolanda’s son Al today and I want to focus on him because the Lord really laid something on my heart. I’m a little bit behind in listening and the passage that Brian read tonight really stood out to me. And that was the part about Jesus being blindfolded and then struck by the soldiers. And they were mocking Him and saying, “now tell us who struck you. Tell us who struck you.”. And I…you know…so many things happened to Jesus when He was crucified…before He was crucified on the cross and I never really thought about this exact moment and how Jesus’ heart must’ve been just tearing up inside. So, and it was a form of bullying of course. And, so, I just wanted to encourage you Yolanda in knowing that Al is in such incredible company with Jesus and that he, when he’s a little bit dismayed about his friends and people perhaps not being friendly to him, if somehow you can encourage him know in what wonderful company he’s in with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And just maybe that would help warm his heart in knowing that Jesus was put in the same position. And I’m gonna pray for sweet Al. Dear Lord, thank You so much for giving me this on my heart…laying this on my heart to share with everyone, this horrific thing that You had to go through prior to being crucified and how that must’ve just broke Your heart Lord. It broke my heart. And I’m just praying for Al Lord, that he’s encouraged through this and no that he…and You love him so much God and that You are there for him through everything …

Hey Daily Audio Bible family this is Asia from Chicago. I’m calling to ask for prayer. I’m in a pretty…I’m pretty down right now. This whole coronavirus has been really impacting me for more than just the social distancing and watching people suffering and afraid. But as you all know my is Asia and I am Chinese. My dad is Caucasian, and my mom is an immigrant from Taiwan. And I’m Chinese and my heart is just very heavy right now at the racism that I’ve watched that I’ve encountered firsthand, violence, fear, hatred. I’m sitting outside just in the darkness by myself looking at the trees and feeling the wind and I feel the comfort of God, but I also feel the weight of darkness. And I’m very proud to be Chinese. I know that God is going to use this, but please pray for me. Pray for my other brothers and sisters that are Asian. We are under one of BS right now honestly, a lot of crap simply because of how we look and where were from. And I fear…I fear…and I’m trying not to fear. I’m trying to have faith but please pray for me. Pray for us. This is Asia from Chicago. I love you all. Thank you.

03/22/2020 DAB Transcript

Numbers 33:40-35:34, Luke 5:12-28, Psalms 65:1-13, Proverbs 11:23

Today is the 22nd day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you at this threshold that we step through every week into a brand-new week. And just reminding us each week, this is this is something that we have to live into and it’s before us and this is a fresh start. And, so, we’ll dive in. We’ll pick up, of course, the journey where we left it off yesterday, but we’re in a new week and we’ll read from the New Living Translation this week. Today numbers chapter 33 verse 40 through 35 verse 34. And we’re almost at the end of our journey and numbers. We will conclude this book tomorrow. But this is today. So, Numbers chapter 33.


Okay. We have an interesting story happening in the book of Luke. It’s a famous story. It’s kind of a Sunday school story because it’s dramatic. And some friends have brought their friend who’s paralyzed, they brought him on a sleeping mat to Jesus but they can’t get to them so they climb up on the roof and kind of carve a hole in the roof and lower him down before Jesus. Super dramatic. But something really interesting happens because Jesus doesn’t say like, “do you want to be made well or be healed?” He says, “your sins are forgiven”. Why is He saying that? Which only makes the religious leaders freak out. Like, “that’s blasphemy. Only God can forgive sins.” So, Jesus responds to that and He’s like, “what’s easier to say, that your sins are forgiven or stand up and walk?” And we can look at that and go like, I’m not sure which would be easier to say. They seem like completely different things.” But in this case, they’re not. In this first century Hebrew spiritual worldview, in other words, the world Jesus lived in, if a person was chronically ill or deformed in some way, then it was because of some sin somewhere. So, for that person to be healed than their sins were forgiven, and they would go before the priest to verify this and offer the sacrifice and be pronounced clean or healed. So, with that before us than Jesus has been moving all over the place, forgiving sins. So, in so many ways Jesus is saying to the religious leaders, “are we going to split hairs on this too. Like I’m moving around the countryside doing this. What’s easier to say, your sins are forgiven or get up and walk?” And then He unites the two issues, “so that you can see that the Son of Man has the power and authority to forgive sins. Young man get up and walk.” And then the man did. But it brings up something interesting to consider. Jesus continually refers to Himself as the Son of Man or the Human One and we are…I mean the goal of our faith is to become Christ like. And the Bible tells us that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us. So, can we forgive sins too. Do we bristle up at that thought? Like, do we bristle up like a Pharisee like this exactly like they did around Jesus at that thought? Can we forgive sins? Of course, we can. We must. We have no power to make ourselves or anyone else righteous before God, but we certainly can forgive those who sin against us. Isn’t that what we pray in the Lord’s prayer, “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”, who sin against us. Of course, we can forgive. Jesus said, “if you forgive, you will be forgiven. If you don’t then you won’t.” Forgiveness flows through God’s kingdom like water. It sets the captives free and often that captive is us. Forgiveness brings healing to our soul and our lives, our hearts and our bodies as we see demonstrated in this story today. Forgiveness and mercy flow from the heart of God into our lives and then we in turn turn that out into the world. Forgiveness is where the actions add in God’s kingdom. Forgiveness brings freedom. This is why we can see Jesus exasperated at times with the religious leaders because they don’t get…they don’t see it. For them it’s in obeying the rituals, it’s about obeying the religion, but they’ve lost the Spirit of the law as we’ve talked about so many times. What Jesus is revealing is there is a way, way better story going on here. There is way way more authority and power than you can imagine. All things are possible for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. And Jesus, in effect, is merging these two issues. Can I heal you or can I forgive your sins, since it’s seen as one and the same in this worldview uniting them? For us reading this, we can see how pervasive the theme of forgiveness is in the Gospels is


Father, we love You and we thank You for Your forgiveness in our lives. Your mercy and grace abounds beyond anything we could ever comprehend or deserve. There’s no question about that. And we certainly acknowledge that forgiveness is an irreplaceable part of Your kingdom and something that we must participate in every day. And we acknowledge we can’t walk around forgiving people and making them righteous before You, that’s not the point. The point is You have forgiven us so much. You have been merciful so much that the only response is to turn that out into the world and forgive as we have been forgiven, forgiving those who have sinned and trespassed against us, knowing that the burden upon us, the damage that we do is astounding sometimes. And yet You still forgive us. So, come Holy Spirit we pray. And show us again the places that we need to revisit, the things we need to let go of, whether that’s an entanglement because somebody cut us off on the road and so now we’re following them too close to teach them a lesson instead of just forgiving it and letting it go or whether it’s something far, far more deeper with tremendous amounts of wounding. It all starts somewhere, and it starts with this posture, this openness to forgiveness, to forgive and to be forgiven. Come Holy Spirit and let us see that this is where freedom lies. This is how Your kingdom works. Come in Jesus in we pray. In Your name we ask. Amen.


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And interesting times that we’re in as we great this new week. But no matter what the week may bring in terms of further isolation from each other, this is a safe place. Around this Global Campfire it’s always been that. So, no matter how…no matter how we are led into further disconnection we don’t really have to change anything about the rhythm of our life around the Global Campfire. This is gonna be a safe place and it’s gonna be a different place, it’s gona be a place that we know that we can go and exhale and be safe. And, so let’s continue to pray into that and continue this rhythm forward as God continues to speak to us through His word. And let’s stay connected with each other.

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And that is it for today other than to tell you I love you and I do and hang in there, we’re gonna get through this and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

This is the day our Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. This is Dawn from Maryland and I’m calling for prayer. I had been blessed in the last few years to be surrounded by people, some ministers and being shown a different way of __ and prayer and also to church. I discovered the Daily Audio Bible probably within the last five / six months and I have been __. I wanted to ask for prayer and strength because my husband had divorced me and had taken everything from me - the house, the children and he advised that I did this because I was, you know, like not mentally stable. I had devoted my life to him and to my children and, you know, even…even before that I devoted my life to God. And I taught them about the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pray for me and ask God to release me from this depressive state that I have been in. I am in need of a lot of prayer. I can’t even find any friends. My family, you know, my family has abandoned me. My mother has not answered her phone. My sister has been calling but she’s going through her own issues too. And please keep my family in prayer. Also pray for my sisters, my two sisters that I have and my mother and also too for my two children. Thank you in the name of Jesus Christ. God loves you.

Hi DAB family this is CS from SC. We’ve been told that the best thing to do for this coronavirus is to self-quarantine, stay out of the public. So, I would like to ask prayers for all those that can’t self-quarantine, all those that can’t stay at home because of their job, all those that are the hospitals and doctor’s offices. We think of the doctors and nurses but I would also like to think about those that are the housekeeping staff, the people at the desk, the clerks, the people at the grocery stores and convenience stores, the people at the hotels that are doing housekeeping and working the desk and just all these thousands and thousands of jobs of people that don’t have the opportunity to stay home like some others do. So, Lord I just ask that You have a hand the protection over these…all these people that don’t have the opportunity to just stay at home where it’s a little bit safer, where it’s a little bit calmer, and that You’ll calm their souls, calm their nerves, that they’re not infected with this disease that only because of where they work or what they’re responsible for. Lord I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

Good morning DAB family this is March 18th, and this is Teresa from Birmingham. I am calling for prayer request for all of our professors out there, our teachers that are trying to figure out the best way to help the students and how to navigate in this world where the coronavirus is ruling everything. All my students are…are being held at home and college students being told they can’t go back to the dorms and just overwhelmingness. Social distance…distancing can make you just feel alone. I pray for the students. I pray for calm. I pray for peace. I ask in Jesus precious name that as our teachers and our professors figure out how to put their lessons online and help their students the best way they know how, the Holy Spirit just watches over and protects them. I pray this prayer in Jesus’ precious name. Thank you DAB family for being there. Thank you, prayer warriors. We need you and I am just thankful to God. Thank you.

Hello family this is Lisa from San Jose. I really need your prayers. I just dropped my husband back up at the hospital because he’s having complications with his feeding tube. He’s probably down to 112 pounds now which he’s normally a robust 200 if not 180. So, please pray for me and him. They wouldn’t even let me in the hospital because of the COVIDS, you know. And, so, now I’m just at home waiting to kind of see what will happen. I’m confident though with all these prayers God has been holding him together and I thank you so much. And I do want to pray for the man who called in on I believe it was the March 7th prayer community line. He’s been on my heart a lot that’s in dark depression. I’ve been there brother and I understand that you’ve had this all your life, very dark and you’re just wondering where God is. He’s there. He’s there in the darkness. Please don’t forget it and hold onto Him with all your might. And, you know, it’s these darkness…these dark times that make us really cling to Jesus. And as somebody recently said, lean into Jesus. Oh…thank you family. We praise you, praise you Jesus. Okay, I’ll let you all know how Craig is doing. Thanks.

Good morning DAB family this is Janel in China. It is March 19th 9:24 in the morning and I just want to pray. I want to let everyone know that I am praying for you all while you are having to isolate yourselves for the coronavirus just like we did here in China. And honestly, we’re still doing that. I’m still working from home. I want to ask the Holy Spirit to give everyone who is listening the peace that only He can give. Have an awesome day everyone.

03/21/2020 DAB Transcript

Numbers 32:1-33:39, Luke 4:31-5:11, Psalms 64:1-10, Proverbs 11:22

Today’s the 21st day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is great to be here with you as…as we end another week. Ahhhh…you guys…like we’re gonna be out of March before long, but I…let’s note…let’s not even think about it. It’s great to be here with you today as we take this next step forward in the Scriptures. And we are continuing a lengthy journey through the book of Numbers. And, so we will continue that journey today before getting into the book of Luke. Numbers chapter 32 verse 1 through 33 verse 39.


Alright. Let’s talk about fishermen today. Our reading has Jesus moving around the Sea of Galilee to the villages that are basically on the northwest shore and a lot is happening. He is speaking with authority. He has eyes to see and He’s inviting His hearers to open their eyes and see the kingdom that is among them, that is within them. So, people are hearing His words, hanging on His words but then kind of going back to their homes and villages and talking about His words. So, this is beginning to spread around the Sea of Galilee, to the point that He can’t really get anywhere. Like people are crowding Him wherever He goes. So, like, if He’s even on His way to the next village He could get stopped in some field somewhere where the people are just gathering around this message. It’s actually a beautiful thing. Truly, the kingdom of God is being revealed in the Galilee and Jesus is the flashpoint. It really doesn’t start going sideways until the scribes and the Pharisees and the teachers of the law start showing up to protect the people, find out what’s going on around here. But here in this moment we have Jesus moving freely about and people are flocking like a magnet. And on one such occasion He’s kinda being crowded down to the shore and if they keep going there gonna push Him into the water. He’s down on the shore, people are gathered all around Him, He has nowhere to go, He sees a couple of boats, He climbs into Simon’s boat and then He teaches the crowd. It’s a beautiful moment. And then once He’s done teaching each He…He…He could go back to the shore and get back into the crowd but He invites the boat to go out deeper and there’s such a rich metaphor in that because that’s how God works with us. And, so they row out a little and Jesus is like, you know, “let the nest down.” And Simon is a professional fisherman. Like he’s there with James and John and they’re a team and this is what they do for a living. And they’ve been out all evening. At the same time this is like…this is the Rabbi everyone’s talking about and He’s in the boat. And the people are on the shore…like you gotta a obey and so he does and there’s so many fish, right? There’s so many fish these other boats gotta come. And it's…they’re full, they’re sinking, and they get back to shore and it’s such an overwhelming blessing of God. Just for the use of the boat for a little while. It’s like such a windfall. Maybe they can pay off the boat now. I mean, maybe they can get some new nets now. What goodness, such goodness of God. So, Simon, he…he…he…he gets it. Like, there’s things he may not get. We may see Peter saying things from time to time before he thinks about them, but he gets it. He knows he’s in the presence of something far different than anything he’s ever been around, and this is holy and he’s not and he knows it. And, so he…he confesses it. “Just leave me…leave me…leave me alone…I don’t deserve to be anywhere near you. I’m a sinner.” And that is an appropriate response to God when …when we realize like the damage that we’ve done, the darkness we’ve perpetrated like when we come face-to-face with…with our own lives and the ways that we’ve navigated and we come face-to-face with holiness, that’s a proper response. God’s response in the person of Jesus wasn’t like, “Yup, you’re right, you need to get away from me I’m holy. Be far from me and never return until you wander and find holiness on your own.” His response was what He responds to everyone who has this realization that they are woefully separated from God and there is a God and He is inviting us back when we realize that. Jesus invited him to become a fisher of people. He didn’t send Peter to seminary. He didn’t teach him how to do theological battles. He just said, “come on, let’s do this. You are skilled at a craft. You are a fisherman. Let me show you how to harness what you know and apply it into people’s lives. Let’s do this.” And James and John are there too. They’ve been a part of the whole thing. There’s these two boats full of flapping fish that represent a financial windfall. And the most riveting thing about this story is that they just left them flapping there in the boats on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. They left it all there and followed Jesus on the spot. We don’t know what happened to the fish after that. Probably a great blessing for the villages around the countryside. But for us, we can very easily put ourselves in this position because the question then becomes, what am I looking for here? Am I looking for the windfall? Am I following God because I believe he will supernaturally bless me, or would I leave blessing behind have God?


Holy Spirit we invite You into that question. It’s not that You don’t bless us. We are so blessed and it’s not that You don’t provide and it’s not even that You don’t provide windfalls at times. It’s about why. It's…it’s about what’s underneath it all. This is how we get eyes to see and ears to hear, by actually looking within ourselves and seeing what is driving us. What is our hearts motive because that sets the trajectory? And we find that when our motives are mixed, we experience the dissonance of that and the anxiety that it brings. And yet, what we’re seeing is if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we can see what’s really going on, what’s driving it. And this begins with us. So come Holy Spirit, are we looking for a boat full of fish or are we in the presence of holiness and nothing can compare. Come Holy Spirit into that as we navigate this day. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey everybody it’s Margo and Liberia. I am not even sure what I want to ask for. I am just so confused and kind of stressed right now. I know everybody is. I am, you know, not alone in this. This virus, for those of us living overseas, it’s very hard to know how to deal with it and what’s the best options for our, you know, the people that we’re surveying and also ourselves. And I feel fear coming in, not that I’m afraid of the virus. My husband and I are quite healthy, but the fact that if this country shuts down and transport options shut down, you know, if something serious, an accident or something does happen for me or my husband then our options are limited and maybe we can’t get medevacked out which I know I’m privileged to even have that option that so many don’t but I’ve got all these thoughts going around my head and yet at the same time I desperately would have…I don’t want to be evacuated out of here because, you know, this could be the time they need me most. We’re trying to make preparations at the hospital and it’s just totally overwhelming. All the children are, you know, at our malnutrition clinic could potentially be completely defenseless. It is just the most horrific situation for a country like Liberia. So, I know everyone’s praying about this but maybe just remember us here in Liberia in your prayers. And I…I just…I’m disappointed because I want to trust God and, you know, the fear comes in and it’s just so confusing. I will trust God, but we all need prayer. So, yeah, thanks for praying. Love you guys. Bye.

Hi, DABbers this is…this Victoria Soldier haven’t been around in a little while. Been praying for you all here. I want to pray for Joe the Protector. I heard you Joe and my heart is out to you. You’re protecting us and the devil is trying to unprotect your daughter but he’s a liar and I rebuke him in the name of Jesus and bind him and cast him out of that life. Lord, you touch that young woman, you bless her and let her know she is what God says she is and not what the devil says she is. Lord we rebuke it in the name of Jesus. Lord we just ask you to encourage Joe, you to strengthen him every day, Lord in the name of Jesus. Lord I want to touch…ask you to touch a Burning Bush and I say hi to Burning Bush and to Candace And, also to Brandon about the young babies committing suicide. Lord that the devil is trying to steal our babies and I’m with you. I’m praying with you and I’m in agreement with you and all the DABbers of the mind of our young people, that God will control their mind and let them know who they are, let them know who to go to when things get rough and let them know that…that God is able to change anything, that God is the answer to whatever the question is. Gracious Father will lift You up in the name of Jesus. We lift You up with the challenges. Oh…my precious sister that her husband that she’s in the hospital and her husband died. I think her name is Denise. I…I’m praying for you also my sister in what…in you’re going through. You said three years it’s been since you…since your husband has died, and I wanted to just encourage you to Lord to strengthen her. Lord you strengthen those who lost parents, who lost loved ones. You strengthen those lord that…that are having the…

Hello, I’m Duncan from Fredericksburg Texas. I am a senior citizen. The most important thing, I am a committed follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. I happen to be totally blind. I’m almost 74. My wife Sharon died back in October, so I’ve been widower now over five months. God has definitely worked on me and with me and has supplied my needs and I’m learning new skills, so I’m…but I want to encourage all of us during this time Brian would call it of a disruption. And it has affected all of us and will affect all of us. And my only prayer is that, wouldn’t it be wonderful if when Easter Sunday happens things can begin to turn around for the better, like a resurrection. This is the Lenten season and I am praying for you all and for myself, that not only will our needs be supplied but that we can walk through this. Let’s invite God to lead on and walk us through. Let’s ask for His mercy on the people of this earth and especially on those so that others will come to know Him. Let’s lean on each other even if we can’t even hug or handshake which I still do as people allow me too, but there is going to be more isolation and I know that one way or another I’ll get through it. God bless you. Be encouraged. He is our refuge and strength.

Good morning Daily audible family. My name is Laura I’m calling from Georgia and today is March the 17th and I just listened to today’s message. Brian you are such a blessing and you are anointed beyond… Your words was what I needed. I have it, but it was more reassurance, that through dark times we are supposed to be who we are called to be, which we are called to be God’s people, His chosen. We’re supposed to walk in love, walk in hope, walk in belief, that through anything that’s happening in this world God has us. He has us. And that’s been my comfort and that’s been my peace and I pray that for everyone through this time. Love on each other. Don’t walk in panic. Don’t walk in fear. The reality is we all are leaving this earth by one way or another. How do you want to leave? What mark do you want to leave? God bless you all. I love my DAB family and I’m truly thankful for you. Continued blessings to everyone. Peace.

Hey Daily Audio Bible family this is Stephanie from Bangalore and I’m calling on the 17th of March. Just wanted to give you an update. I had called in January and was upset about the fact that it seemed like my husband and I would likely never get pregnant do to my age and some other things. Well, it turned out that I was pregnant actually at that point, although far too early to have known. And when I called back on the 25th of February that’s what I was…was saying. But we lost the baby and I miscarried a little over a week ago on the 9th of March. And, so, you can imagine we’re going through a lot of grief right now. I know I’m not alone in the grief of miscarriage and that helps but it’s still hard. And, of course, I’m in India with very different cultural attitudes towards miscarriage. And, so, that’s also hard. And, of course, in the middle of all of this, this whole pandemic thing has started here as well. And, so, it’s…it’s making me feel even more isolated. And again, I know I’m not alone in that as much at that sounds funny, isolated and alone. But just please be praying for us, that God would give us wisdom and peace and that if it’s His will He would give us more children.

03/20/2020 DAB Transcript

Numbers 30:1-31:54, Luke 4:1-30, Psalms 63:1-11, Proverbs 11:20-21

Today’s the 20th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you. It’s an honor it’s a joy. What it joy that we get together like this for a few minutes and focus our hearts attention on the Scriptures, focus our hearts affection on God and just allow the word to speak to us. What a joy. So, we’re continuing to move through the book of Numbers and the book of Luke in the New Testament. Today we will read Numbers chapter 30 and 31.


Okay. So, there’s a really, really huge, huge lesson for us to learn from the gospel of Luke today and it really encompasses the…the entire reading, even though it seems like we encountered a couple of stories of like Jesus being tempted in the wilderness and then Jesus being way back up in the Galilee in Nazareth announcing His ministry. They connect because of the way Jesus conducts Himself, the way that He operates, the way that He sees and does. He’s teaching us a lesson. So, for starters we find Jesus in the wilderness, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed. It’s been like right in front of his from the beginning, but have you noticed how much time we have spent in the wilderness in the Bible so far? It’s an irreplaceable backdrop to the stories that the Scriptures are telling us. And what the Scriptures are showing us in those stories is that the wilderness brings utter dependence on God, which brings transformation and it also brings a lot of thrashing around and complaining and moaning and groaning. I suppose we could just stop right there because that’s the story of our lives. We spend more time in wilderness seasons than we want to, or that we think that we deserve. Even though, as we look back in retrospect, we see just how much transformation and formation happens in those seasons. But usually when we’re in those seasons all we want is out of the season. So, like anything that will show us the clear path out of the wilderness, the quickest, we just pretty much fall for it. Jesus is in the wilderness outside of Jericho. It is the desert. He is making His way eventually back to Nazareth. He’s a long way from Nazareth, like 70 miles. And he’ll have to climb out of the desert and into the transition and up into the lush Galilee. And the devil comes and tempts Jesus. It’s obviously a super famous Bible story. But as we’ve mentioned before when we’ve passed this territory, he’s coming to Jesus with an easy way out of the wilderness, an easy way to get what he seems to want, the fastest way, the pain…the most painless way to get what he wants. That’s kind of our default and we’ve probably learned a number of times that we can get into a deeper wilderness trying to find…take the fast way out of the one where in. The fastest way out of the wilderness, friends, at least in my experience is to learn the lesson the wilderness is teaching you. That changes the entire dynamic of the experience. And Jesus rejected this easier path. And, so, He walked back to Nazareth and the Bible says, that the evil one retreated and waited for another opportunity. That opportunity would come in Nazareth. Jesus entered the synagogue and announced Himself. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for He has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.” Now, of course, everybody’s around the synagogue, the famous Rabbi, the hometown boy who’s made it…making it big is back in town. And, so, Jesus announces that prophecy is being fulfilled but what they really want isn’t any of that. They want Him to perform a magic show. Like, they want Him to do some miracles and signs. They want to see a show. They don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear what Jesus is announcing. Like He’s announcing something huge in their Hebrew faith, the fulfillment of a prophecy and they just want Him to perform tricks. And eventually their provoked. Like, they’re provoked against Jesus, who has just had a showdown with the evil one in the desert and the evil one is waiting for an opportune time. And, so, Jesus comes and announces that He’s fulfilling prophecy and the people decide they should probably throw Him off a cliff in response. And that’s how the story goes. This kind of mob mentality escorts Jesus to this cliff and then He passes right through them and goes on His way. You see how Jesus deals with things? If you’re in the wilderness, and the easy way out is before you and you follow that path without discerning at all, without at least inviting God to show you whether or not the lesson of this wilderness has been learned. And not all wilderness journeys are sent to us by God. We navigate ourselves there quite readily. It seems to be like the one place that we know how to get to in our lives is the wilderness. But once we are there it is not purposeless. And sometimes the easy way out is not the easy way out. And it takes courage to stay one foot in front of the other marching through the wilderness toward the promise. That takes a whole lot more courage than taking the detour that promises an exit. If we keep going, we’ll get out of the wilderness. It will be lush and fertile, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to face the voices of rejection, the voices of ridicule, the voice of contempt and scorn, even the voice of hatred. What if we could just let that pass right through us? What if we could pass right through that and go on our way? We can if we accept things as they are and continue moving forward day by day step-by-step. And, so, let’s take these things to heart today, meditate upon them today, consider them in our lives today.


Jesus, we thank You. Thank You for the opportunity to do just that. We invite Your Holy Spirit to plant these words from the Scriptures into the soil of our lives today and help us to live into them. Help us to continue to watch. As we’re walking through the Scriptures, we’re walking with You. May we not miss anything that we need to see. Come Holy Spirit and lead us into all truth we pray. In Your precious and holy name, we ask. Amen.


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And that is all for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. First Peter 2:9. Please pray with me. Lord, my precious Savior it is your bronze slave, Treasured Possession speaking before you thanking you for my courageous sisters and brother who are saying it’s time to face the truth. They did not blame anyone. They did not make excuses for their sin. They just confessed and have repented and desire to be made whole. To have the root of pain removed so that they can operate in the fruit of the Spirit of love and self-control. Lord, you have said those who are forgiven much love much and you are looking for sisters and brothers who worship you in Spirit and truth. I lift these sisters up to you today Lord, the one who desires to be free of jealousy, the one who desires to be free of self-pity, and my brother also of courage who wants to get self-control over his eating and my sister who wants to be fray…free of binge eating. Father, I know you will never love us more today than you will in eternity. The work we have been asked to do is believe in your son Jesus Christ. And Lord relay all our burdens down today as we are called out of the darkness of rejection, self-pity, fear, abandonment and crimes perpetrated against our will. All curses spoken over us are made null and void in the cross of Christ. We receive the love of Jesus for us, the healing of our minds, will, and emotions, the healing of our bodies and say yes to be made a new creation in Christ. And it is in Jesus’ name we ask these things.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family today is March 14th. Michaela from Gloucester, I heard your prayer. It was yesterday or possibly on today’s podcast you said you were struggling. I just want you to know that I love it…I love your prayers. They always touch me on such a deep level and I’m always finding myself agreeing to them in the Spirit. So, Michaela I just want…I’m just asking God on your behalf today to lift you up. And I want you to know that you mean something to this community, if that helps. So, thank you Lord for Michaela. Thank you, Lord for the gift that you’ve given her of prayer. May that gift increase. May her hard times be made less and may she grow stronger through them with your help and by your grace. And then there was God’s Girl, all your anxiety. Lord I just lift up God’s Girl to You. My God, may her…may she find strength to push through that anxiety, strength in You Lord and may she also become stronger as she works through this latest attack or this latest whatever that’s gripping her. May she also become stronger as she works through it with You Lord. May she have eyes to see and ears to hear what You are showing her Lord, the truth of what You are showing her. May Your truth shine through. Hey…and His little Cherry, that description of that pink sunrise and how it made you think of Pink Paint was beautiful. Pink Paint you are loved. His little Cherry you are loved. Be blessed family. Amen.

Hey Daily Audio Bible family my name is Julian Miller and I am from Atlanta Georgia and I’m calling in today because I heard from a podcast a couple days ago from Veronica from Oklahoma or Oklahoma City. And I just want to say that my heart went out to you after hearing your voice and hearing your call for help. And I just want you to know that I feel for you and I’m praying for you. I’m praying that these impulses and these binges and this…this feeling that you feel like you can’t control or like you’re trapped, I just…I just ask that the Lord would continue to release you of that and that you would not fall into despair or feel like there’s no way out. I am a fitness coach here in Atlanta Georgia and I meet people all the time that are…feel like there over weight or in a situation where they can’t get back from it and it’s part of my job to reignite encouragement and life in them, to know that there is more life for them, that there is a future, there is a way to lose weight and to become more healthy. And I just hope that you’re not ashamed for calling in. I heard that in your voice, “like, I can’t believe that I’m saying this.” And I just want to say that we…you…you have a family here. It doesn’t matter what the problem in your life is, that you can always call in and ask for prayer. I love you sister. I’m continuing to pray…pray for you and lift you up. Please do not despair. Hope is on its way. God has so much for you. Release that to Him.

Hi Candace, this is Dorothy out in California. I just wanted to call and let you know that I’m so glad you’re calling in and I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s passing. You are very loved, and you are not alone. We are here for you, your Daily Audio Bible family. Keep calling in. We love you.

Hey guys this is Val from Vegas. I’m calling in because I…I made a promise that I was gonna call in on the 15th of every month. I’m in the hospital. I just got out of isolation. I have double pneumonia and I need your prayers. __ to ask it makes me feel so selfish when there’s so many other needs in the world but I could really use your prayers that the doctors will figure out how to treat me and that I can get out of here and that it can be a testimony and that God can get the glory. Honestly, I feel so defeated and I’m trying to understand and recognize that God loves me, but have you ever felt like he’s mad at you? Please pray that I can get out of the hospital soon.

Good morning. Blessings Flow here again. I also wanted to say, God’s girl in Canada, God bless you sister. I’m praying for you. Thank you so much for calling in. And I’m in agreement with you that anxiety and depression will not prevail in your life in the name Jesus. And that God will have God’s way in your life. I’m praying for you this morning and I just wanted to say, may the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face to shine upon you God’s girl and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon and give you peace. I’m praying for you also my sister called and with PCOS and was requesting prayer about losing 100 pounds. I’m so proud of you. You have nothing to be ashamed of. We’re in agreement with you. Nobody is looking down at you. No one is saying, “how could you call in with that. That’s so silly.” Yes, and amen. We are in agreement. We are proud of you. We’re cheering on. And I just thank you for your boldness to call in about that. This is Blessings Flow in Pennsylvania and I don’t know why I’m up at six something a.m. but many of you are on my heart and I know it’s…it’s not about me. It’s about the Lord and you and God’s love for us DAB family. And I’m so humbled just even in these last couple months to be a part of this family. God bless you. Blessings Flow in Pennsylvania.

Good morning DAB this is Judy I’m from Delaware. I just want to express my love and appreciation for all you who pray every day for everyone. I’d just like to see some extra special prayers for my family, that we are able to keep our love for one another together, that we are able to maintain our prayer life in the midst of all this turmoil. I’d just like to also see some special prayers to everyone who listens to DAB and brings forth prayers for the world every day. Brian thank you so much. Thank you to you and your family for all that you bring to the table for us every morning in spite of…I know there must be days where your heart is heavy as ours. But you still and enlighten us with the Bible, with the words. And I’m just so thankful to have you and to have a place where I can come and listen and know that there’s so many others listening with me. Thank you again. And everyone be blessed and be safe.