6/18/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 19:1-21, Acts 12:1-23, Psalm 136:1-26, Proverbs 17:14-15

Today is the 18th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible, I’m Brian, it is great to be here with you today as we move toward another weekend and finish up another week. So, let’s dive in, we’ve been reading from the New Living Translation this week. In the Old Testament we’re in the Book of 1 Kings and we’re getting to know this prophet who has come onto the scene named Elijah who has had a confrontation with the prophets of Baal and the prophets of Ashera and they’re, well, they’re dead, he’s still alive, fire has come from heaven, rain that has been withheld for years has now come back to the land. King Ahab is racing back towards Jezreel in the rain and Elijah is running faster that he can ride on his chariot. And that’s kind of where we’re at, Ahab is arriving back in Jezreel. He’s about to tell his wife, her name is Jezebel, that her prophets are no more. So, let’s pick up the story, 1 Kings chapter 19.


Okay, let’s talk about 1 Kings for a minute. Like we kind of recapped the story before we started reading so, there was this showdown and Elijah was involved and prophets of Baal were killed and rain came. So, Ahab the King tells his wife Jezebel that her prophets are dead and she sends a note to Elijah and this is like, I talk about this every single year we come by this territory, it’s so riveting to me, it’s so challenging to me. I just…it’s incredible. It’s incredible how human Elijah is in that moment. It’s like…so like us. He got a nasty a note and it was a threatening note that changed the complexion of his entire day. Actually, got him moving because the note brought up fear, that got him moving and he ran away. It’s like, how many times have we got a nasty text like that? Or a nasty post on social media like that? Until we’re obsessing about it, it’s in our every thought, it’s derailed our day, in fact it’s derailed our lives, at least temporarily and then we’re hiding and running. And this is Elijah, this is what he’s doing and this is right after fire has fallen from heaven consuming a sacrifice that brought the demise of the pagan prophets and restored the people’s hearts toward God and God unleashed the rain. So, remember Elijah is on top of Mount Carmel praying until there’s a cloud coming out of the ocean the size of a fist and this rain is released back upon the land. So, God has been moving mightily and powerfully through Elijah until he gets this nasty note. And we can do the same thing so often, we can see God moving mightily in so many ways in our lives until the nasty note shows up, the nasty post shows up. And then it’s just erased, is it so weird how that can happen. It’s just erased and we’re confused and we’re on the run. And this is Elijah’s story and he didn’t run a little way. Like, he’s in Jezreel and goes all the way to Beersheba which it’s a pretty…I think it’s probably 100 miles, pretty far on foot and then all the way to Mount Sinai which is like hundreds of miles out into the desert so he traveled a long way. Interesting that he would go to the mountain of God back to Mount Sinai, right? He, he has been very, very much shaken by this Jezebel thing. But, he had also been like, on the run and hiding during the famine and so he’s exhausted and he’s just crying out to God “I’m the only one left.” And so, for him to kind of go back to where the story begins and just seek, we can all kind of understand that. And we know this story now we just read it. God invites Elijah to come out and meet with Him on the mountain and this huge wind and God isn’t in that mighty powerful wind, He’s not in it. And there’s an earthquake and He’s not in it and there’s fire and He’s not in it. And then there’s this still small gentle whisper and that is God and He’s in it. And He asks Elijah just like He asks us sometimes “What are you doing here?, What are you doing here?”, Elijah’s like I’m the only one. And God’s like, go back the way you came, you have a couple of kings to anoint. You’re not the only one and you’re going to meet you’re…you’re replacement. You’re going to mentor Elisha up and then you can be done. You’ve asked to be done, then you can be done but for now you’re not the only one, go back the way you came, you have some kings to anoint. There’s just so much there for us to think about on our own path, on our own journey. How we go on the run, how God is not finished. How so often we run away and God is like, no, go back the way you came, or what are you doing here? And so, as we go into this weekend let’s carry this with us, let’s ponder, contemplate, invite God into these things.


And so, Father, that’s what we do, we invite You into this and into this story. Cause we can find ourselves into this story of Elijah on so many levels and so Holy Spirit come. Minster healing to us, minister that we’re not the only ones and we’re not finished. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Prayers and Encouragements:

Hi, this message is for Shinae from South Africa. I listened to your message today and I just felt moved to call in and share my story because so much sounded similar to yours. I don’t know how much it’s similar and this may not apply to you but I just felt moved to share. I…when I was in college I experienced crippling anxiety and depression as well and a lot of what you said resonated with me. I remember feeling like a ghost, like a shell of myself I just cried all the time. I was a professing Christian my whole life, read my bible, attended church every week, prayed every day and was just a slave to the anxiety and depression. And I would read my bible almost superstitiously hoping that just by reading comforting passages somehow magically the words would come true. And I was reading in Psalm 34 where it says The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. And as I read that I just felt some one asking me do you really believe that? And I stopped and thought about it and I thought well, no I don’t, He feels a million miles away, He does not feel close. I am the definition of the broken hearted. He does not feel close at all. But then I realized if I can’t hold onto this as true can I believe any of it. And so, I thought about it for a while and I finally decided, in faith, I said yes Lord, I believe you’re close even though I can’t feel you. In that moment my depression melted away, the anxiety was a battle that I fought over the years but it was at that moment that I truly gave my life to Christ before then I wanted Jesus to have a part of my life. I didn’t want him as the center of my life, I wanted to be in control I didn’t want Him in control and I hadn’t fully given myself to Him. And that…I’m so thankful for that trial because it’s what brought me to the Lord.

Hi DABers this is Emily in Seattle again. And this message and prayer is for Andrew and I just wanted to encourage you. I got saved when I was 20 and the first thing I did was try to find shows and broadcasts that keep me in touch with the word cause Psalms 1 says that those who are planted by…like trees planted by rivers living water will always thrive and when you listen to the Daily Audio Bible every day and seek and ask God for help then He always and He will make sure that you will go from glory to glory and grow up in Him. And I just wanted to encourage you to stay close to God, stay close to the Daily Audio Bible and be encouraged that we’re praying for you every day. And Lord Jesus I lift up Andrew to You right now and I ask You Lord to help him to find Christian communities like this one in his school, in his town, in his community where he can find some Christians who will give him encouragement, pray for him and we just ask you Lord that the word would come alive to him when he seeks Your face and he seeks Your word and that everything he does will prosper and succeed and that he will go from glory to glory as he partakes of Your grace and Your wisdom in the word and the Daily Audio Bible. In Jesus name we thank You Lord for Andrew, bless him today Lord. Make everything that he does a successful endeavor. In Jesus name we thank You for Andrew Lord. Hallelujah. Amen.

Hi everybody, this is Megan from Sydney, Australia and I’m calling today to ask for prayer. I’ve been listening for a long time, I love, love hearing your prayer requests and prayers and encouragements. I’ve been offered a pastoral role in my church in a different city, that’s really exciting. But I’m still praying about it and I would love if you would pray for me as well. I would be leaving a relationship probably behind and as well as work community, family and it’s a big ask and I just want to make sure that it’s what God has. Anyway, I love you all. Thank you, bye.

Hey family, this is Meleesa from Aborville, Alabama. It’s 4am on June 15th. I’m awake because I sometimes go in early to work. But I got a call a few minutes ago from my sister. She said there’s been a active shooter at a plant that’s right down the road from where I work. As of right now, 3 people are shot and I’m shook. I am shook. So, I need ya’ll to pray. I don’t know the situation yet. I’m pretty sure the road is probably blocked and I can’t get to work anyway but ya’ll we need the Lord. We are in perilous times. I know Jesus is coming back but I know it’s gonna get darker and darker before he does come back. So ya’ll pray for each other, love on each other. I love you Brian, I love you Jill. Thank you for this podcast. It is such a lifesaver. Congratulations China/Ben on baby Reagon. I hadn’t called in, been real busy but I want ya’ll to know that I love ya’ll and I pray for you all the time. Pray for us in my town. I love you family. Bye Bye.

Hello, good morning my DAB family. This is Tim Tickle from the Corn State. I am calling to ask for some prayer requests for my father. We just found out that his cancer has gotten to stage 4. And so just the stress on the family and my mother and my dad has been escalated as of lately. I know that all things work for God’s glory so we can count the wonderful deeds that he does for us. So, I know that everything is gonna be okay no matter which direction the Lord takes us. But if we can just be praying for my father, his name’s Jeff and be praying for my mom that’d be tight dudes. Alright, well I love each and every one of you. I’m praying for you all I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day. If you woke up this morning then today is a gift you opened your eyes, it’s a gift. You smell the air, it’s a gift. Things go wrong, things look dark but you know we’re alchemists and magicians given power from the Almighty to transform that darkness into a light for the whole world to see. I thank you all. God Bless you all and thank you for this wonderful, wonderful community. Have a wonderful day.

06/17/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 18:1-46, Acts 11:1-30, Psalms 135:1-21, Proverbs 17:12-13

Today is the 17th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is a joy and an honor and privilege to be here with you today. So excited., so excited that we get to be here around the Global Campfire, that there’s little safe place in the world that we can go to in our hearts and in our minds and release everything else that’s going on and just to have this one place that we can look forward to every day where we don’t have to answer all those texts and we don’t have to keep checking social and we don’t have to keep respond…like just a for a few minutes we can exhale, let God’s word to speak into our lives, informing us and leading us. And, so, let’s dive in. We’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. In the Old Testament we are working through the book of first Kings and we’ve we move through several of the different kings, kings of Israel which are the 10 tribes in the north, kings of Judah which are the tribes, the two tribes in the South, including Jerusalem. And we met a prophet. His name is Elijah, and he has forecast that God is upset, and the rains will not come. And, so, famine is upon the land. And we’ll pick up that story. First Kings chapter 18.


Okay. So, just to keep us connected to and centered in the stories that we are in in the old and new Testaments let’s…let’s kinda talk about them for second. In the Old Testament we met the prophet, Elijah. He seems to be quite powerful character. God is definitely speaking through him. He has stopped the rain and they searched everywhere and couldn’t find them. And, so there was a massive, massive showdown today on top of Mount Carmel. And to this very day there’s a monastery on the top of Mount Carmel that protects, preserves the traditional site of this kind of showdown between the prophets of Baal and Asherah and the prophets…of the prophet of God, the one, Elijah. What we learned from today’s reading is the wife of Ahab who is the king, his wife’s name is Jezebel and she’s a princess from another country and she’s been working pretty systematically to purge Israel of prophets of the true God, replacing them with her own prophets. And that’s been a very tedious thing. Now, after this showdown her prophets are gone and the people, their hearts have been reawakened to their covenantal relationship with God. They are turning back toward God. And this is happening in the north where the people have been led into idolatry since the breaking up of the kingdom. And, so, Elijah has quite a level of influence. And we’ll see about that. We’ll see about that influence going forward into tomorrow.

In the book of Acts we’re worst kind of still moving through this story where Peter gets some very confusing information…a confusing vision about clean and unclean and that…that that is beginning to shift, from a heavenly perspective that is beginning to shift. And then after he has that vision he goes into Cornelius’s house, which is a Roman soldier, a Gentile and the Holy Spirit falls upon them. They’re not even supposed to be communicating with each other. Like, the Jews and the Gentiles, they don’t mix. And, so, when the Holy Spirit falls upon these Gentiles after Peter’s vision, he’s able to take a step back and realize God is doing something new. We thought, like we had…like we thought we understood how this is supposed to go and what we’re supposed to major on what we’re supposed a minor on and how this all lines up theologically, but God has made a decision here and it flies in the face of what we thought we knew. But God has made a decision here. What are we supposed to do but step back and acknowledge that…that even though this flies in the face of what we thought we knew God is making this choice? And, so, he goes back to Jerusalem, and he is confronted about it and he tells a story and everybody realizes what he’s saying, like that this is a pivotal moment, that God is inviting the whole world into this kingdom as they believe in the Savior Jesus. And then we kinda complete that story and not really turn the page, but just kinda move forward and understand that the book of Acts tells us that the people who had fled after Steven’s persecution, they were…they fled all over. There…there was a dispersion of people all over the place and some of them went into Gentile territories, Gentile cities and began to…to speak about Jesus. And they mostly looked for the Jews, but not everybody did. And when people spoke to Gentiles the same Holy Spirit, the same thing that was happening among the Jews was happening among the Gentiles. And, so, this began to spread. And the last thing we knew Barnabas, he leaves from Jerusalem, and he verifies what Peter said and then he goes to Tarsus to find Saul and then they go back to Antioch, and this is a very, very Gentile city and…and they spent a whole year there developing the church in Antioch. This is the place where the…the term Christian began. And, so, that gives us some of the lay of…lay of the land of the early church as we’re moving through this history, but it…it also shows us, sort of this point, this point at which God made it clear that His intention was to restore all of humanity, that had always been His intention even way, way, way, way, way back with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, all of the events in Egypt, Moses, Joshua. God was setting a people unto Himself holy so that they could be a nation of priests to the world to tell the whole world the story and that became a very separatist thing. It got convoluted enough and isolated enough that when God came in the person of Jesus He wasn’t recognized. And, so, now God is moving through the power of his Holy Spirit and falling upon all who believe Jew or Gentile. Like He’s accomplishing what He set out to do in the first place, despite the obstacles that humans put in the way. And this story continues forward and we’re a part of that story. And what a joy to be here seeing how the story continues to develop and evolve in our own lifetimes.


Father, we thank You for letting us be a part of Your story at all. That we exist at all is such a gift, and that we can bear witness to what You are doing in this world is such a gift. And we spend so much of our time obsessing about anything but what You’re doing, but we’re here to bear witness. Our lives are changed because You have drawn us to Yourself and have invited us to participate in sharing the good news and inviting everyone into this story. And, so, as we continue to find our place in the story we ask that You continue to lead and guide us and how we invite others. Come Holy Spirit, we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

This message is for Sunshine from Queens. I just heard your message, and I heard the weariness in your voice when you were talking about being ostracized by your family and being by yourself. And I was like listening to my inner thoughts, but I want you to remember Jesus is a friend to the friendless, a father to the fatherless, a husband to the husbandless. You’ve got to hold on and you’ve got to believe that in your heart and in your mind. And I know it’s difficult when you’re out there walking that tightrope every day because it’s very exhausting to participate in…in the world, in your job, all of that when you’re walking that tightrope. It makes it very exhausting when you don’t have a net. However, you can come out like the Flying Wallenda’s who could walk a tightrope and it wouldn’t shake. They could balance. If you continue listening to the Daily Audio Bible, reading it, believing it, and listening to the Holy Spirit. Let…spend some time alone, which you do I know, but try to contact with the Holy Spirit because if you look back in your life, I’m sure you can…if you…if you really think about a see times where the comforter has comforted you or saved you in an instance and you maybe didn’t know what it was at the time. So, hold on…

Good morning DAB community this is Tierra from Texas. I first and foremost want to say thank you God for this day, that you’ve allowed us to be here and listen on this message and to hear the voices of our brothers and sisters on this day and to hear their prayers and their worries and concerns. I first want to again say thank you for this community for praying for me in my weariness. __ and it’s not perfect always but…but as of right now I’m, you know, I’m getting closer to God, and I’m being pulled back. So…and that, you know, a deep-down low mood I’m coming back up slowly. I was listening to today’s message on June 14th and Sunshine from Queens came on the call and immediately her voice really shined a light on some of the things that I’ve been trying hard to articulate. I just want to pray for her to have someone that she can truly trust, someone…God please send her someone that, you know, she can be vulnerable with, that she can be open with, that you can just protect her in her time of need and protect her from the enemy in her vulnerable state, in a state that many people can take advantage of. I just pray for guidance and love and peace in this moment and that from Texas all the way to Queens I just…I just send my love and my care and my support and my empathy to you because I felt you through this call. I’m running out of time but please know I’ll be praying with you immensely. God loves you, the body of Christ, Jesus loves you always, and you will shine light just like…just as bright as Jesus and He will help you shine. Thank you. Bye.

Hey Daily Audio Bible this is Morrison from California. It’s June 14th and I just heard the prayer request from the mom in Oklahoma with three kids who’s working from home. I was so moved by your prayer request. I really was moved by your humility and honesty in confessing that you are not able to be the mom that you want to be. And I just wanted to pray for you. So, Father I just wanna ask for Your comfort and Your grace to just wash over this woman as she comes two for community honestly. I pray that You would just give her such a reassurance that You are in charge of sanctifying her to become the woman and the mom and the daughter that You want her to be. I just pray for mercy and for grace and for peace. And I just pray that this time, though it seems difficult, would bring about such a deep intimacy between this woman and You, that she would lean on You for comfort and for strength and that You would just do a work in her family. God bless you. I am praying for you. You will be in my thoughts today. And I love you and the Lord sees you. And He is proud of how you’re trying and what you’re doing even now.

Hi DAB family my name is Dawn and I started listening back in January and this has just been amazing. And thank you Brian and thank you to all of you. I’m asking for prayer for my husband Mark. He…Father’s Day is coming this Sunday and our son committed suicide last August. He was 20 years old, no history of depression. We…we never saw this coming. It just really shook us up and we’re just still trying to cope and trying to understand exactly what happened. And he…he really did affect a lot of people. He had a lot of friends. And anyway, if you can just pray for my husband and especially just for Father’s Day being the first Father’s Day since he died. Please send some prayers for his brother too and just lift us up all with such a hard year. My husband’s a police officer and I’m a nurse and his brother Spencer is also a police officer. So, it’s just been a really trying year. So, thank you so much and God bless you all. And just thank you for all being a part of this.

Hi this is Bonnie from Richmond VA today is June 12th and I was listening to the prayer request from Shannon I think as she said she’s from South Africa. And it seems like there is misunderstanding going on between her and the family and she has…they have moved to the new place and she’s struggling there. I wanted to encourage you, Shannon. Seems like you are like my daughter. My daughter and I used to have so many conflicts and fights. She was trying to do some of the things that she liked, and I had some expectations. This is how it happens in the family. Parents have different expectations toward their children, and we sometimes forget that they are __ and they also have their own plans and interests or desires or goals. So, I would encourage you to continuously pray for your family so that God could help them to understand you, what you want to do as long as it is God’s…I mean inside of God, everything what you are doing is good. And if you could continuously pray for your family that they will be able to understand you. Just be strong. I’ll be praying for you. My daughter and I have a very good relation now. So, I hope you and your family will also be able to understand each other and we’ll have a good…


1 Kings 15:25-17:24, Acts 10:24-48, Psalm 134:1-3, Proverbs 17:9-11

Today is the 16th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian and it’s great to be here with you today as we do what we do every day, take the next step forward together and so let’s do that. We are working through the Book of 1 Kings now and we have kind of moved beyond Solomon and his son Rehoboam and Jeroboam and the dividing of the kingdoms. And so, we are definitely in a period now where there was once the kingdom of Israel there are now two kingdoms: Israel and Judah. So, we’re working through the different kings of both of those individual nations. 1 Kings chapter 15 through verse 25 through chapter 17 through verse 24.


Okay, so in the Book of Acts today Peter has gone to Cornelius’s house and if we remember this…this whole meeting began in our reading yesterday with Cornelius receiving this vision to send for Peter. Even as Peter is having a vision of his own where a sheet is coming down from…well he’s on the roof of the house and he’s essentially told that…well this sheet is full of unclean animals that are forbidden to eat and he’s told that he can and that he should. And so, he’s confused about this but it’s symbolic and it’s revealing something very, very, very, very profound. And so, Peter is told to go with these people who’ve gone to go get him and he goes and he enters the home of a gentile. Something they’re not supposed to do. Something that is loaded with all kind of complexities. The Jews felt marginalized by the Romans, the Jews felt they needed to be separated from the gentiles. In so many ways they felt like that those in the land, the Romans in the land that we occupying the land that they were the enemy. This is one of the reasons that they’re looking for a Messiah to defeat this enemy. And so, here’s Peter being told by the Holy Spirit to go and enter the home of a gentile. So, Peter’s gotten this vision that is rewiring things in his mind and then he’s instructed to go into the home of a gentile which is rewiring things in his mind and but he knows that God has sent him they have this discussion and Cornelius has his entire household waiting to hear what Peter’s got to say and Peter doesn’t even know why he’s there but he shares the good news about Jesus. And a profound thing occurs, they hear about this and the Holy Spirit descends upon them and they receive the Holy Spirit and they haven’t been baptized. In this moment, baptism is part of the conversion process. And so, the Holy Spirit has come onto these people who don’t really understand and Peter’s like…I mean the Holy Spirit has come upon these people is there any reason they shouldn’t be baptized. Because this is definitely tweaking with what they thought that they knew. It’s definitely tweaking their theology all together. This isn’t how it was supposed to go like, this isn’t how they had forecasted. And yet these gentiles come into the kingdom and what we witness in today’s reading is the first recorded gentiles coming into the kingdom. And this is a very, very big deal. It actually ultimately causes a split, a very, very large disagreement in the church that requires ultimately the very first church counsel where people get together and talk this out. What are the implications because previous to this those that who believed in Jesus were Jewish people who were not leaving Judaism and were not converting to something, they were following the Messiah and following his ways and they path that he set out before them and this was a Jewish thing. And so, the Jewish people had always been separatists they were set apart. The whole world wasn’t allowed in then all of a sudden, we see God acting. Like God making the…because the Holy Spirit is the only Spirit of God. So, the Holy Spirit came upon these gentile people who were hearing the good news. The Lord made the decision and that made everybody have to step back and go, this isn’t what we were expecting, this doesn’t jive with our expectations, this doesn’t jive with our theology, this doesn’t jive with our understanding of anything and yet we can’t deny what God is doing. Otherwise they put themselves in the position that the Pharisee’s were in according to…against Jesus. Remember, like Jesus flew in the face of what they thought that they knew and yet He absolute signs and wonders following Him to verify that what he was doing was of God and they still rejected Him. Now the church is about…well in the position to do the same thing. God has made a move: He has sent his Holy Spirit among these gentiles, He has spoken. They could reject that or they could embrace that God is doing a new thing in the world that they didn’t have a grid for. We’ll continue with this story going forward because ultimately Peter’s got to go back to the Jewish people that he’s in fellowship with, that he’s in leadership with and he’s got to tell this story. This isn’t gonna stay a secret. And so, it’s going to be told to people who are also not expecting to hear it and it’s gonna tweak their theology and their understanding. And so, it’s gonna cause a lot of discussion. And we’ll talk about that as we go forward. But it’s important for us to see because this is a profound shift in things, that God is doing a new thing in the world and everybody is invited to the story, to the party. A very big deal indeed. A very, like a big enough deal that I am going to guess that 99%, 98% of those listening right now including myself, were gentiles. This is the story that opened the door that would one day allow us to be graphed into the family of God and to be joined heirs with Jesus to the Kingdom of Heaven, pretty profound indeed.


So, thank You Father, thank You Father for Your word and for the way that it counsels us and instructs us, teaches us, opens our eyes. And we are grateful in particular for what we read of today in the Book of Acts where You clearly sent Your Holy Spirit upon people that, that that clearly wasn’t supposed to happen to. At least in the way that people understood it. And You changed things opening the door for we who are here today to be apart. And so, we’re humbled by that, we’re grateful, deeply grateful that You made a way where there was no way and You continue to make a way into the hearts of those that You love. So, as we meditate upon this today may we continue with an attitude of gratefulness and humility. We thank You for welcoming us into Your family. And we pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

06/15/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 14:1-15:24, Acts 10:1-23, Psalms 133:1-3, Proverbs 17:7-8

Today is the 15th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you. Welcome to the middle of the sixth month of the year. We’re crossing through the middle of the month, even as we’re here together moving through the Daily Audio Bible for today. So, I’m excited, excited we can be together, excited for the next step in the story. In the book of First Kings…well…we had this kingdom that we moved from Genesis all the way until just now, working toward this kingdom and now it’s been split into two. Now there are two kingdoms, the northern kingdom of Israel, whose king is Jeroboam and the southern kingdom of Judah whose king is Rehoboam, Solomon’s son. Jeroboam in the north has led 10 of the tribes into idolatry, which is never a good idea in the Bible. And, so, let’s take the next step forward and find out what happens next. First Kings chapters 14 verse 1 through 15 verse 24 today.


Okay. So, we have been transitioning in the book of First Kings and now we’re starting to get the lay of the land. Like, we…we’re…we we’re dealing with this next generation after Solomon so King Rehoboam and King Jeroboam, but as we can see now the book of Kings is about Kings. And, so, we’ll be moving through the different kings of both Israel and Judah. And, so, it’s important for us to just kind of keep track of which king is where. The kings of Israel are in the north, the 10 tribes of the north. The kings of Judah are in the South and that’s where Jerusalem is. And we’ll just notice the slide. And we can already see it. 10 of the tribes have entered into idolatry with…with Jeroboam’s kingship and there’s idolatry happening in Jerusalem. It’s just…there is this constant slide. And then…and then a reforming king eventually comes and for one generation things are restored to God but there’s this steady slide downward until it all falls apart, which will be a while from now and will take a while. It takes a while but this is where we are in the story.

And when we flip into the book of Acts, man this is monumental in the early church what’s happening today. And Peter’s having this vision on top of a roof. He’s in Joppa, which is…well…it’s basically modern-day Tel Aviv area. And, so, he’s there staying at the seashore with Simon the tanner and he has this vision. And in this vision, something like a sheet comes down with what would be considered unclean animals to eat. And Peter is instructed to eat these unclean animals. And he is super perplexed by it, super confused by it. His response in the trance or the vision is like, “I’ve never eaten anything unclean. I’ve never…I’ve never done that. That’s not what we do. And the response in this vision is that “what God has made clean is clean” basically, like God is making clean here. In other words, something’s shifting. Something’s shifting and meanwhile the people sent by Cornelius have arrived and something so profound indeed is shifting. So, Peter leaves to go back to Cornelius’s house and we will pick up that story tomorrow, but what’s happening here…and we’ll talk about it more tomorrow…but what’s happening here is so profound. It’s God doing a new thing in the world and this new thing that God is doing will ultimately turn the Jews against the followers of Jesus completely. Like they’ll be…they will distance themselves completely from the followers of Jesus over this new thing that God is doing in the world and we’ll talk about that tomorrow.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for all of these different stories. Sometimes we can get them in their completion. Sometimes we move through them over the course of a series of days and gives us an opportunity to think and meditate and just take all of it on board and just really really process and invite You to lead us into all truth. And, so, that’s where we are today in…in…the in between in the New Testament of a really really pivotal important story. And, so, as we think about that today and we begin to move forward tomorrow we invite Your Holy Spirit come lead us into all truth, lead us on the narrow path that leads to life, lead us deeper into Jesus, we ask. In His mighty name, we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hello this is Praying for God’s Tree. Tyke, praying for Tyke. Really could reflect on that story. My son also is about 30 and trying to find his way. And Lord I just pray for Tyke. Lord God I pray through these situations, the things in his life Lord, that you would draw him closer to you Lord God and you would show him Lord God that he needs to do Lord God to be successful. I pray for peace and strength over the family Lord. I pray that his dad would not be mad about the truck being recked Lord and I pray Father God that you would just supernaturally bless them Lord God with another vehicle Lord God. Lord I just pray your blessings Lord God. Father you say you shall supply all of our needs according to riches and glory according by Christ Jesus. And we just pray God you will just provide every need and that you move mightily on time and you would rapidly change him Lord God and do a work in him and that he will Lord God will just have prosperity in his life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hi, my DAB family this is Julie from Arizona. I’ve been listening for several years but don’t usually call in. I love the DAB. After listening to June 12th, I wanted to call in to pray for Tyle and Chane. Dear Lord, we know how frustrating it is to feel that the deck is stacked against us, and I lift up payers for Tyke, that you would bless him abundantly, give him favor Lord. He needs Your help right now. Also keep the love and understanding of his precious mom and dad. Lord we pray for Tyke. And for Chane Lord please help her to keep calling to us for love and support. Break the bonds of those expectations. We know expectations cause heartache. So, Lord please break those bonds. Help give her parents more understanding and love. Place a friend or a family member in her life that she can ask for help and support. Chane, I want you to know that I was that parent who had expectations and didn’t understand my daughter’s anxiety, but I did love and care for her. So, there is hope. My daughter has persevered and prevailed and is doing well. So, I pray that you would have the hope and the faith and the strength and the love and support that you need. So, Lord we just pray for Chane and Tyke in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This is Pam from Ohio. My husband and I were listening to the Daily Audio Bible on June 12th, and I heard a prayer request of Chane from South Africa. You are obviously in lots of pain and feel like your parents aren’t listening to you. I want you to know that you are valuable to us, to God, and I’m sure to your parents even though it doesn’t feel like it. I have spent many years in depression. I can tell you that it makes you think things that are not necessarily true. I came very close to suicide 20 years ago after the loss of my daughter and I really believe that everyone would be better off without me. I could not stop trying and I just felt I was being a burden to everybody. I took a chance and went to my doctor who was also a believer and he started me on medication that completely changed my life. I believe God sent me there and used that man to help me. And now I look back and I realize that I was not thinking clearly at all. My family definitely would not have been better off without me, and I would have missed out on so much joy. I’m guessing your parents would be so sad to know how bad you really feel. If you feel they won’t listen, be sure to find somebody who will and talk to them - a pastor, a friend, your doctor. Please get some help. It doesn’t matter if you have clinical depression or have depression of the body and mind. It all feels the same and it’s so destructive. Many years ago, in the middle of one of my darkest depressions my husband put a little note on our bathroom mirror that said “just like those friends carried the man to Jesus on a mat and lowered him through the roof of a building I’m doing that with you right now” and that meant so much to me I can’t even tell you. This community is doing that for you right now my friend. We’re taking you to Jesus for His touch. You are very loved.

We hear so many people weeping on here and it breaks my heart and if it breaks my heart then it certainly breaks the Lord’s heart. Here are some promises in the word for you who are weeping. Psalm 56 verse 8. You keep track of all my sorrows, You have collected all my tears in your bottle, You have you recorded each one in your book. Psalm 31 verse 5. Weeping may stay for a night but rejoicing comes in the morning. This may not mean a literal morning, but He will come through for you in Jesus’ name I pray. Genesis 16 verse 13. Hagar Speaking of God. “She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her. You are the God who sees me. I pray that you take these promises and hold on to Jesus. And may he bless you. Amen.

I’m Jonah and I’m Daniel
I’m Thomas, Job, Laban and Nathaniel
I am Peter, I am Paul
I’m Mephibosheth, Onesimus, David, and Saul
I’m all of the above yet I’m still uniquely me struggling every day to be the best that I can be
and just like those above mentioned men
full of power and purpose but still struggling within
every blade of grass is different
just like every leaf on every tree
you’re uniquely you like I’m uniquely me
yet in many ways we’re all the same
trying to get to heaven on the strength of Jesus his name
and every single one of us was created in God’s image
he gave us all a measure of faith and every day we have to scrimmage
fighting hard to do what’s right
surrounded by darkness seeking the light
and sometimes we’re weak and sometimes we’re strong
sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re wrong
but we still have to struggle every day to do what’s right
God’s word will strengthen us when we fight the good fight
all of us want to hear well done when we finish the race
that’s when we come to the realization that it’s only by grace
blessed assurance Jesus is mine
if we just hold on tightly to that one thought everything else will be fine

blind1016@gmail.com. Like to give a shout out to my brother Big Hearted Ben. I want to say happy birthday to my brother on your 7th birthday. And once again Brian and the Hardin family, thank you for this wonderful podcast for God’s Holy Spirit to flow. Keep it flowing y'all. Alright. Bye-bye.

06/14/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 12:20-13:34, Acts 9:26-43, Psalm 132:1-18, Proverbs 17:6

Today is the 14th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian, it’s great to be here with you today like it is every day as we dive into this brand-new work week and continue to take steps forward together in life and through the scriptures. So, let’s dive in we’re reading from the New Living Translation this week. 1 Kings chapter 12 verse 20 through 13 verse 34 today.


Okay, let’s talk about 1 Kings. What we read in 1 Kings today because imbedded in that narrative that of the story of the cursing of the alter today, ah something so, so deeply vital in our own lives. So, let’s just first of all catch ourselves up because we have two kings and they have very similar names. We have King Rehoboam and we have King Jeroboam so super easy when you got all these really interesting names to begin with to keep everything straight. So, Rehoboam is the son of King Solomon so the rightful heir to descend his father upon the throne. Jeroboam worked for King Solomon, he was over the labor forces. But there was a prophecy about him and then Solomon tried to kill and so he had to flee Egypt. He came back after Solomon died when all of the tribes got together to crown Rehoboam as the king of all the united tribes of Israel and a negotiation took place in witch Rehoboam was stern and essentially told the people that he was going to be a more difficult king than his father had been. And so, 10 of the tribes of Israel decided not to re-up basically. They abandoned Rehoboam and they abandoned the house of David instead turning to Jeroboam and crowning him king. So, Rehoboam eventually has to get back to Israel he is the king of Judah along with the tribe of Benjamin. And so, he is king in Jerusalem and that is a pretty important thing. He has that, what had been known among the people as their capital city. So, that’s an important thing that’s where the temple of God is. So, once the tension, I was gonna say dies down but it doesn’t die down but once the tension is manageable and it’s pretty clear that Rehoboam he plans to go to war and take back his kingdom and then there’s a prophecy not to fight with their relatives so they don’t. And so, there’s sort of an understanding there. Jeroboam who is king of Israel now the ten tribes known as the Kingdom of Israel he’s up in the north. And so, he got his own capital going and there establishing basically a whole new set of governance. And he realizes that if he sends people to worship in Jerusalem their going to eventually return to the house of David and that will be the end of Jeroboam’s kingship, he’ll be killed. So, he leads Israel into idolatry by putting temples in the southern boundary and in the northern boundary of his kingdom. And then he starts appointing priests, etc., etc. Now, it won’t be long before Jeroboam moves his capital from Shechem and a new city is built called Samaria and this becomes the area the region of Samaria and so there’s this new way of appointing priests, new ways of worship, new festivals being ordained and of course the golden calves. And so, the worship of the Lord as the people had understand it is now being modified in such a way that eventually these people are known as Samaritans. And they don’t worship the same as they do down in Jerusalem. And by the time we get to the first century to the time of Jesus’ ministry we see that coming out and so this is kind of where that begins and continues forward from there but a prophet and this is sort of the point of all this, a prophet from Judah is sent across a border to the southern temple, the one in Bethel. And he was given instructions go, curse the alter, don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t go back the same way that you came, get in, get out, do your job, be done with it. And that’s….that’s what’s happening. So we saw, I mean when you read it, we don’t need to re-read it, we saw Jeroboam his arm gets stuck out like there’s miraculous signs here, the alter is split in two. The king want’s this prophet to come back to the palace and he’s like I can’t gotta go home, can’t eat, can’t drink, gotta go home a different way. And so, that’s what’s happening but news of this spreads rapidly and another old prophet, like an actual prophet of God goes and finds this guy before he can get back across the border. And this is where it gets really important for us. Because the prophet that cursed the alter heard from God and was given specific leading, specific instructions, a specific thing, a mission that he was to accomplish and a way that he was to do it. Another prophet came to that prophet and essentially told him God told me to tell you that you don’t have to obey him any, like your missions accomplished you can come back to my house and eat and drink. And the prophet who was basically in the home stretch of his mission diverted from his mission because somebody told him “God told me to tell you, you don’t have to complete this in way that you were originally told.” That cost the prophet his life because in the end he had heard clearly and directly from God and he was clearly and directly being obedient to God’s commands until somebody came and falsely spoke on behalf of the Lord and this prophet believed it even though he had heard from God himself to the contrary. It is not uncommon, it is not uncommon for people to say I’m really sensing that the Lord is telling me to tell you X, Y and Z. That kind of stuff happens to me all the time but it is common enough and we often look for those kinds of signs or oracles or messages or words of knowledge. We look for them for direction and maybe clarity and maybe conformation and that’s not bad like that’s fine. But if God has already spoken and we are already in the middle of the mission maybe even on the home stretch and then somebody says God told me to tell you something contrary to what he’s already spoken to you. Let’s just, rather than me kind of me landing this, how about we just, if that happens and when that happens how about we remember this story in the Book of 1 Kings about this prophet who listened to that kind of counsel and let’s just remember how the story ended up because this story gives us that halfway and where it goes and I don’t think it goes where we want it to go. And so, at some point we have to start growing up enough to own our relationship with God and be responsible. Everything can’t be hearsay. Like you can’t be in your marriage through a third party only right like, maybe if you’re split up or whatever you’re communicating through a mediator of some sort but if you’re in marriage and there is this other person that just keeps coming and saying yeah this is what she wants and we’re never hearing it directly from her well, it’s gonna get sideways. It’s gonna get messed up and the stakes are so much different with the Lord, our creator. More than ever we need to hear his voice and obey it, more than ever we need to pay attention and not just listen to everybody who says God told me to tell you this.  


And so once again Father we come into Your presence asking for Your Holy Spirit to lead and guide our steps and that we would submit to your authority, that we would slow down and listen and not begin to move without clarity and not begin to search out clarity that is not from you. Come Holy Spirit. You said My sheep hear my voice, we are Your sheep. May we listen to Your voice and follow where You are leading. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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If you want to partner with the Daily Audio Bible well, first of all thank you humbly, truly and every possible word of gratitude that I know, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t do this together. Like, if weren’t doing this in community we wouldn’t be here and so thank you humbly for your partnership. There is a link on the homepage at dailyaudiobible.com if you’re using the Daily Audio Bible app you can press the Give button in the upper right-hand corner. Or the mailing address is P.O. Box 1996 Spring Hill, Tennessee, 37174.

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And that is it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

Prayers and Encouragement:

Hi my name is Peggy. I am a first-time caller and a 3-year listener. First of all, Brian Hardin and family, God bless you. Thank you for this community that you’ve built. You are storing up and abundance of treasures in heaven you enrich my life every single morning when I listen to the Daily Audio Bible. Now for Carmen, I heard Carmen’s call a few days ago about her son had passed away. Carmen, I prayed and I cried and I prayed all day. And I’ll tell you that the Holy Spirit put something on my heart and directed me to call you. So Carmen your boy touched the hearts of people who would have never heard about Jesus in the place that he was in and perhaps, perhaps that is why he was there. Carmen your faith and the faith of your phone call it’s there it’s strong. I hope that this somehow helps you, I don’t know why it’s so strong on my heart but I know that I was to call and let you know that your boy made a difference. So, I pray for you I lift you and your family up and I pray that God comforts you and gets you through this very difficult time and know that your beautiful boy is with Jesus. I loved when you said “I am not gonna see him for a long time” because your faith showed right in that sentence. Thank you. God bless each and every one of you and Brian again thank you.

Hi, this is Sunshine again because I want to shine like the Son of God. I forgot to say where I was from, I’m based in Queens though I travel but locally for work and what have you. But I’m really grateful for this…for hearing Brian. Brian, thank you to you and your family, I mean truly may God just rain upon those blessings just because you’ve been faithful to this and what you sow you have to reap. I…I need connection, I’m someone who’s really in desperate need of connection. I’ve been very isolated because of COVID to some extent. But it’s also because I’ve really been ostracized by much of my family. And in a way it’s been a good thing that they can’t hurt me as much as they used to because they haven’t been family to me. I love them but I really need people I can be connected to and people I can trust. And I honestly don’t know where to turn to anymore. And I’m trying to find a church and I’m trying to find people I can trust and people I can build community with but I was having such the hardest of heart even to listen to Daily Audio Bible. It’s my own issues but I was listening just because I decided I didn’t want to get behind and listening to the word of God was softening my heart enough that I was gonna be…

Good morning this is To Be A Blessing in California. It’s been a while since I’ve connected but I’m still listening and praying for those requests that come through. This morning I heard Deja’s request and wanted to let her know that I’m praying for you as you walk on this journey that God would just strengthen you and give you comfort and peace for you as well as your siblings. I’m also praying for the mother who found out that her son had passed away who had been living on the streets. I’m so sorry for your loss and just praying that God would strengthen and comfort you and your family during this time. I’m asking for prayer personally for the revealing that happened over this time of isolation during the pandemic, living alone, missing family, having a lot of grief take place with the loss of people in my life. As well as just knowing that it was very challenging to be alone during this time. So, asking that you would pray for me and the healing as we come out of this time of isolation. Also asking that you would lift me up in prayer as I believe God is leading me to a new job. I’m not exactly sure what that is but I am applying to different places and asking that you would join me in prayer. Lastly, I’m asking for prayer for a companion. I’ve been single, divorced for a long time. And while I do have friends I just think it would be nice to have someone that I could connect with and just get to know. So, if you would pray with me on that, that would be awesome. God bless each and every one of you.

Hi family this is Dawn Rising from Michigan and I’m here with my son Ashton. Hi. And we just had a prayer for all school children. I just hope all school children have a fun and safe summer so that they can be safe and have fun. And blessings over all teachers that they can use this time to rejuvenate, grow in their faith and just have peace as this has been a really hard year. I myself am a teacher and I’m rejoicing in the time that I get to spend with my family, rest and relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. So blessings on all children and all teachers and school personnel. I love you family. Bye.

Hi friends this is Veronica calling in from Oklahoma. Today is Friday, June 11th and I just wanted to call in and ask for prayer for my sanity. We have 3 children ages 7, 9 and 13. I work from home, it is summer and they are home with me all day while I work. And suffice it to say that things are rough. I’m trying to be the fun mom as much as I can be and I’m the screaming, yelling get out of my hair mom. I mean, I’m that kind of mom all the time, I feel like. But definitely right now with all three of them home all day. I can be fine, perfectly fine, having a great day and then I get attitude from my oldest and its snapping my fingers and I’m freaking out, crazy mom, psycho mom. So, I could just really use some prayers please this for patience and grace. Thanks family.

06/13/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 11:1-12:19, Acts 9:1-25, Psalms 131:1-3, Proverbs 17:4-5

Today is the 13th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is a joy and a privilege and an honor and all kinds of things that are really humbling to be here with you today as we do what we do every day, which is put 1 foot in front of the other and take a step. And we just keep doing that and before you know it, we’ve read the whole Bible together as well as lived a whole year of life together. And, so, it’s a joy to be able to do that, really. It’s a privilege that we live at the time that we do where this is even a possibility. And, so, as we reach out together and swing open the threshold and step into this brand-new shiny week that’s before us, let’s do it with a grateful heart. So, this week we’ll read from the New Living Translation. We’re stepping back into the book of first Kings and I’ve been mentioning, you know, we’re…we’re in the reign of Solomon and I’ve been saying like we’re…we’re kind of coasting along here on the mountain top. This is the apex of ancient Israel’s experience that comes to fruition under Solomon’s reign. And then there's…you sort of like reach the peak and then you slowly start going down the other side. And we have reached the peak and we have been at the peak for a couple days and we’re gonna start going down the other side and watch things begin…well…to slide. First Kings chapter 11 verse 1 through 12 verse 19 today.


Thank you, Father for your word. Thank you for this new week, shiny and sparkly and waiting to greet us moment by moment. Each moment a gift from your hand, each breath a gift of life. And we’re transitioning the Scriptures. Now we have this breaking apart of the kingdom of ancient Israel into two different kingdoms and all that we will learn through that drama. And then Saul, you appear to Saul who is absolutely convinced that if he could wipe the name of Jesus from the face of the earth you would be pleased with him. And, so, his heart was indeed after you and you came for him, introduced yourself and it changed…well…the reverberations of that meeting echo and reverberates until this very day. So, we’re thankful for that and we look forward all that you have to teach us through Saul who will soon enough become Paul. And, so, come Holy Spirit, as we ask so…so regularly because it’s such a regular thing that we need, to lead us into all truth. Let us not lean on our own understanding. Lead us on the pathways that lead to life we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hi family it’s Shannon from Texas and I’m calling again for prayer. I…I almost…if not for crying I could almost laugh at this attack that I’m having. I’m having migraines for weeks straight. I’m just…was going to trade in my car, was pre-approved and then mine broke down. It is like, I mean, it is like…there’s just not words to describe how it went down with mine breaking down and being towed and being fixed and then needing fix again and again and again and again and again and it just broke down again today…the whole…I’m not even going to claim what it is because I don’t want it to be that. It’s like…it affected the whole air conditioner and I’m in it right now with the baby and it’s hot. It’s almost like embarrassing. I just feel like I’m being attacked. And I know that I know that I know in my spirit it is because of my ministry because of what God is doing in my life. And, so, as much as I want to complain and hit the floor because of an attack that like just shows you how bad that…I’ve spent years with that I haven’t even talked to in years pretended he was reaching out to me to send my son money and I thought, “I don’t care. I’m a healed. I’m over it.” It’s like attacked me yesterday and it was just like bullets hitting my soul. I just…I don’t even have words add to describe how I feel right now but I’m just gonna to say, I’m just gonna count it all for glory and I’m not going to fall apart. I am just going to say this too shall pass, that the afflictions of the righteous are many but he delivers from us all and this is for a purpose and a greater plan. But please pray for me. Pray for my son who’s coming out of prison soon and that I just don’t fall apart because I can’t continue to have migraines like this.

Hey DAB fam this is Nate from North Carolina. I’ve been listening for probably 10 years off and on and first time calling. I wanted to call in response to the lady who in Canada who lost her son recently and also to the…the woman who called and mentioned that June is a hard month for her. Both of these messages really stuck out to me. I lost my brother Seth who was on the DAB Facebook page and the queer role quite a bit. He was struggling with mental illness. He actually ended his life in December of 2019, and it’s been a life altering event in both good and bad ways. The bad, obviously there’s lots of grief, there’s lots of healing, there are bad good days, there are lots of bad days. And those…those good days are happening more frequently than they were but there are lots of bad days. There are a lot of times where there’s confusion and disbelief at what has happened, just pain. But then there is also the good. My relationship with my sister has improved. Actually, really it has caused me to have value for those around me in a much deeper way, value for God in a deeper way. So, I just wanted to reach out to you all and say that it's…it’s gonna be hard for a long time but let this be a time of growth when you can see the opportunity arise. Also pray for my sister-in-law. She has exploded her life through bad decisions and I love her. I just want her restoration.

Good afternoon DAB family God bless you all. Carlo letos from Cali I’m praying for your coach in the name of Jesus. I am praying for healing in the name of Jesus. Rebecca from Michigan, you know, being bullied at work for most of your life. I am praying and the name of Jesus that no weapons formed against you will prosper in the name of Jesus. Matthew from Cali a first time caller I am believing, you know, that the Lord is going to point you to a home church and that you will be able to have the community that you are longing for that the God that we serve desires for you to have in the name of Jesus. Andrew, you know, first time 21 years old I just loved, you know, how you just stood up to what you want to do in the eyes of the Lord, you know, and you coming through and telling your girlfriend about the things that you have done and that you want to live for God, you know. And yes, all the dark things do come to light and I…I’m am so proud of you. God bless you in the name of Jesus and unbelieving and that mighty things are going to happen for you by God in the name of Jesus. Judy from Georgia. Yes, John 21, what’s that to me? Let’s follow Jesus. Amen. Emily from Minnesota. I am sorry for the loss of your son in the name of Jesus. I am praying for the comforter to be with you in the name of Jesus. Gwynne from Texas. You know, as you were, you know, calling in comforting Running Desperately to Jesus you too feel the loss of your son’s passing. I am sorry for your loss in the name of Jesus. I am believing that the Lord we serve is just going to comfort you in Jesus’ name. Matt from Washington you called in a couple weeks ago, you know, depression, suicidal thoughts, restoration of marriage. I am praying for you in the name of Jesus. And I am…you are not alone in Jesus’ name. We love you. Esther from Kissimmee.

This is Candace from Oregon giving my greetings to all of you and my love. I was out on my bike listening to both June 8th and June 9th podcasts and on the 8th a dear sister called in and prayed for all of us who are hoping for and…and also longing for a life partner to be in a marriage relationship serving the Lord Jesus Christ together. And I’ve definitely felt that ache in my heart. I got to be married for 41 years but then I’ve had for years as a widow. And I’ve had this longing too, but you know about half the time I’m just soaking in the beauty and grace and goodness of that relationship as a single person that I can have uniquely as a single person with Jesus. And it’s really wonderful. But then the other half of the time I’m really aching also for a life partner. And both situations can be wonderful or terrible, but it depends on turning ourselves over to the Lord. So, on the 9th Brian read from proverbs 16:33 a thing may be put to the decision of chance, but it comes about through the Lord. You can cast dies into your lap but the Lord…but it will be the Lord’s decision. And He’s got your back and He’s got your best interest in mind. So, look to Him and thank you so much sister for praying all of us who are in that situation.

06/12/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 9:1-10:29, Acts 8:14-40, Psalm 130:1-8, Proverbs 17:2-3

Today is the 12th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible, I’m Brian, it is awesome to be here with you today as we, man we’re approaching the middle of another month, we’re not there, no, I know, we got a few days. I just notice that when we get into that week and I start looking at the calendar and I’m like wow, this is, this is how it goes. We’re only a couple weeks away from the middle of the year already. And I for myself couldn’t be happier to be on any journey with anybody than this one with you. Ånd so, let’s take that next step forward. We’re reading from the Common English Bible this week. 1 Kings chapters 9 and 10. And just by way of reminder we are, we are reading the life of King Solomon. And we have reached this place where this is ancient Israel’s finest hour, at least as told in the scriptures. And so, let’s enjoy the peace and prosperity that’s happening here, it took centuries to reach this point and it just last’s so briefly. So, 1 Kings chapters 9 and 10.


Thank You Father for Your word. All that we are learning in Kings Solomon’s reign and observing in ancient Israel and all that we are learning and observing about the early birth of the church after Your ascension we thank You for these things from 1 Kings and Acts. We thank You for what’s spoken of in the Proverbs today, that You are the tester of the heart. You test the heart in the same way a crucible is a tester for silver and a furnace is for gold. And so, purify us God. Make our hearts true before You that we might have eyes to see and ears to hear and that we can completely participate in what You are doing in this world. We can assume our place in Your story. Come Holy Spirit we pray. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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If you want to partner with the Daily Audio Bible, you can do that at dailyaudiobible.com as well. If this mission to be a Global Campfire, an oasis in all of it, in the chaos, in the swirl of all of it, a place a safe place, a very safe place for us to exhale and to reorient ourselves and realign ourselves to the priorities of our lives as we follow God. If that makes a difference then thank you for your partnership. There’s a link on the homepage at dailyaudiobible.com, if you’re using the app you can press the Give button in the upper right-hand corner. Or the mailing address is P.O. Box 1996 Spring Hill, Tennessee, 37174.

And as always if you have a prayer request or encouragement you can hit the Hotline button in the app or you can dial 877-942-4253.

And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

Prayers and Encouragement:

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family this is Samuel. I’m calling from Nigeria and this is for Brian who is missing his mother on June 8th ___. Thank God for her life and thank God for you that you’re able to carry on the good work of the Daily Audio Bible family even after she has passed on. And many of us know what it means to have lost a loved one so I pray that God’s strength be with you, God’s grace would be upon you, He would continue to strengthen you and your entire family and He would give you grace even when you continue with the good works that she started and do more. In Jesus name. Amen. And I would also like to pray for the caller who called in for a nephew who had a neuro-blastoma in the cerebellum. I know that region and God’s hands is really with you. And it really pains me so much that that young boy has to go through with all that but we pray in the name of Jesus that come June 16th he would be found cancer free in the name of Jesus. God would strengthen him, God would strengthen his mother and his family. The good work that the Lord has started in him God would complete it in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus God would strengthen you too give the boy grace and he would become a testimony of God’s healing power and for his future in the name of Jesus I pray for every other Daily Audio Bible family member that God would be with you that are listening to that are not listening that God would be with them. God would carry your body, God would lift all of us, God would bless us. Thank you, Daily Audio Bible family, I’m glad to be a part of this family and this family is a blessing to me. God bless every one of you. Keep loving Jesus, keep walking in His ways and it will always come through for you. Amen.

Hey DABers it’s…calling in today to pray for so many of you. I listen almost every day and pray for so many of you, I’m on the east coast, my name is Charlie and I love this ministry, this podcast and all of you. I want to pray for Andrew who is a young man in college who realizes that he wants to follow God and commit his life to God and I just pray for Andrew that he will find a Christian group on campus, there’s so many where he can build new relationships and he can start studying the word of God and creating a community because the enemy loves to keep us in isolation. So Andrew, right now, in the name of Jesus I pray that He will bring you into a community of believers on campus, you and your girlfriend, so that you both can begin to build a foundation of faith and of studying the word of God and getting it on the inside of you so that you would become strong and realize that you are a child of the most high God and that you have the power and the authority to grow in faith and in love for the Lord God and for yourself and for other believers. I want to pray for Desperately Running to Jesus who is mourning the loss of her family members, so many people are mourning the loss of their children who’ve committed suicide, son’s who’ve died by motorcycle accidents and it’s…and family who’ve passed. Lord God, death is a natural part of life that’s so hard for us to accept sometimes. So, right now in the name of Jesus I pray for the healing balm of Gilead to flow out on every single person who is listening to this podcast and…and mourning the loss of a loved one. And God, I just pray that You would remind us that we are yoked to You and Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. I thank You that You are all mighty God and I commit our way to You and our path to You in Jesus name. Amen.

This is a message for Angie who called on the 9th of June. Talking about how you’ve got someone whose 28 and has found a new mum. And you’ve been an addict since he was 18 and you’ve been very close but he’s found this mother and she’s a Christian and you’re pleased about it but you’re clearly really upset understandably. I don’t know the ins-and-outs of the situation but you’ve must of called around about the day that we were listening to …Brian talked about Solomon asking for wisdom and then afterwards the two women come to him with their child both arguing that it’s their child and in the end the real mother is identified by the fact that she wants the best for the child and I just wanted to make sure that you realize that that’s you. Because you…you’ve accepted that he’s found this other woman even though it’s upsetting to you and in the end that’s how that woman got her child back by wanting the best for her son. So, I just wanted to make sure that you realized that that was you and that you’re doing the right thing by caring about your son more than yourself and to have faith because that’s how that woman got her son back. Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you knew that. God Bless.

Hi there Daily Audio Bible, my name is Shinu, I’m from South Africa. I’m calling in this morning because I need some prayer. I’ve been struggling a lot recently. We’ve moved recently me and my family to a new place and because of this pandemic and because of things that have happened in the last year I’m feeling quite stuck. And there’s a lot of things that I’ve been dealing with that I’ve been trying to deal with on my own and with God. There’s a lot of healing that needs to happen and I just don’t think my parents quite understand or care for that matter. And it’s been really hard because they have all these expectations of me and I try so hard to meet those expectations but I’m struggling with anxiety and depression. Not the clinical depression but the depression of the body and the mind. And I feel like there’s so much healing that I need to do and they…they can’t see it or they don’t care or whatever but it’s really hard and difficult trying to feel like I’m not a burden. Trying to feel like I’m not useless. Trying to feel like I’m just this ghost, roaming around my house. I feel so estranged from the people that I love and I really need prayer. Thank you.

Hello Daily Audio Bible this is God’s Tree for I have many branches and I’m trying hard to be rooted in the word of God. I called a few weeks back about my son going through a difficult time trying to find a job and trying to get a reliable car and everything. Well, me and my husband decided to pray over him this weekend and cover him cause he’s a good kid just has bad luck. And, this morning I just got a call from him, he’s driving his father’s truck trying to go for…to take a test for a job and lost control of the truck and crashed it and it caught on fire and total loss of the truck. And even though his father was not angry he was glad that he’s safe in my heart I’m afraid that my husband is gonna hate my son cause he keeps taking us a through monetarily. And I’m just asking that you would pray for my family and my relationship with my son and my husband. He’s a step-son to my husband but he…that’s the only daddy he knows. But it’s starting to cost us a lot of money to get him straight even though he’s a good kid. So, I ask that you just pray for him, his name is Tyke and that God would turn around his situation and that the enemy would stop attacking him and his luck would improve and his life would be better. He’s 30 years old and he wants to be stable and have a good life and I know that there are other people who have worse things going on in their lives but I just need prayer for my situation. I thank you all. God Bless you.

06/11/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 8:1-66, Acts 7:51-8:13, Psalms 129:1-8, Proverbs 17:1

Today is the 11th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you today as we press forward in our week toward the end of another one of our weeks together. I’m so grateful that we can share time. I’m so grateful that we’re…none of us are in this alone. And what a journey it is to travel through the Bible together. And, so, let’s dive in. We’re reading from the book of first Kings in our Old Testament reading. We’re reading from the Common English Bible this week. First Kings chapter 8.


Okay. So, it’s kind of a pivotal day here in Old and New Testaments. Important events that sort of shift and change things have occurred. So, in the book of first Kings it’s the temple. The temple is completed and dedicated and Solomon’s before his people and dedicating the temple and standing humbly before the Lord. And this is the pinnacle, and we don’t really get to stay at this pinnacle for very long before we start going down the other side of this story. And, so, this is a bit of an important day because, odd as it sounds, we’ve been working toward this day since we started the beginning of this year. And as I’ve mentioned before, especially since we met Abram who became Abraham. We’ve been following the story of that family and we will continue to follow the story of that family throughout the rest of the Bible because they become the children of Israel. And, so, now there is a temple in Jerusalem. There is a king of Israel. His name is Solomon and he is bringing them to their finest hour. And, so it’s like, let’s enjoy this moment because we’ll continue this story, it’s like we’ll continue the story of ancient Israel, certainly but we’ve been working like so long toward this promised land and toward the establishment of this people and this is where we are now. They are in for firm control of the promised land. The have a wise king who is standing before God in humility. His reputation for wisdom is known the world over. Peace is upon them, all around them on all sides. Prosperity is everywhere. People are sort of like living the dream at this point. But it just doesn’t last that long. So, let’s enjoy it.

When we turn into the book of Acts, we have reached the conclusion of Stevens testimony, which went on for a couple of days now where he recounted the story that we read from the beginning of the year. He was doing it at his own trial where he was accused. Basically, he needed to haul out his Hebrew credentials. And that’s what his testimony was, telling the story of his people of which he was one of them. But when he got to the last little bit of that story and connected Jesus to that story and then, you know, kind of indicted the religious leaders themselves in that story, like reverse accusation. They’re accusing him of one thing and then he’s kind of accusing back how that story came to its conclusion and they’re just livid right, grinding their teeth at him, rushing at him, dragging him out of the city. And we see the first person after Jesus’ death, the first person recorded in the Scriptures that died for their faith in Jesus Christ. This is the first person killed for their faith in Jesus. And I guess it’s fair to point out since it’s pointed out explicitly in the Scriptures that it's…it’s the religious leaders. It’s the religion, it’s the people who are over the people spiritually that have hauled Stephen and made these accusations and then condemned him and shrieked at him and drug him out of the city and a mob forms and then they stoned Stephen to death. It’s sort of the same story, same opposition that came against Jesus. It’s so ironic that it’s the religious leaders that are so against this move of God that simply can’t in any way fathom God doing a new thing that in any way He will replace any old thing in any possible scenario. And, so, they’re…they’re…they’re stoning Stephen and they’re very angry and they’re doing it in their rage, but they think they’re defending God. Like, it’s not like they just got murderous all of the sudden. It’s very possible that they got envious, but Stephen, he wasn’t that big of a deal. Like, there’s wasn’t a whole lot to envy there. There was definitely envy over Jesus. It’s…it’s…that’s explicit in the Scriptures too but in this scenario, they just want this to stop, and they want this news of a Messiah that suffered and has risen from the dead. They want this to go away. And the…the book of Acts goes into detail about Saul, Saul standing there holding the robe…the cloaks of those killing Stephen, approving of it, and then how he unleashed an assault on the church and was dragging people into prison and questioning them. And just his mission, he believed was on behalf and for God defending the name of God and His righteousness and His law. So, he begins to persecute the church. And that’s what we see happen after Stephen’s death. We’re just barely scratching the surface here in the book of Acts, but we see that when that happens, once Stephen was killed that caused people to…to break apart and to flee, to move into other regions, to move around, which only served to escalate the good news spread all around the region. So, Stephen dies and as a result the…the thing that they were trying to stamp out only moves more aggressively forward and more quickly. And this is how the church, and the church era is born - early believers under duress being pressured and marginalized by their fellow Hebrew people. Like, we don’t have a whole lot of news about Gentile…like we haven’t reached that part. We’re at the very beginning and this is a Hebrew centric thing, the faith in Jesus. It’s a Hebrew centric thing is it as it gets going. It becomes a Gentile centric thing over time once the Jews condemn following the Nazarene as a heresy, distancing themselves from…well…what becomes known as Christianity. And, so, that’s what we’re watching develop.


Father we thank You. As always, we thank You for these…these stories and these people that we get to know and how it all begins to fit together to tell a larger story. We are very, very grateful. And, so, even as we watch ancient Israel reach the mountaintop experience that they been working toward for so long, we thank You for that story. And we will continue to watch the story all the way through and find so many of the nuances of our own lives in it. We also thank You for the story that reveals the birth of the church and how our earliest brothers and sisters faced questions that were before them and the pressures and persecutions that were thrust upon them. Holy Spirit come. Help us to learn lessons that we need to know. We pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


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Of course, if you’re using the Daily Audio Bible app your holding home base in your hand there. So, all of these things can be accessed from either the web or the app, like the Community section where the Prayer Wall is, like the Daily Audio Bible Shop where there are resources for the journey, the journey through the Bible in a year in community. In fact, in the Daily Audio Bible Shop is an entire Global Campfire section of the Shop with all kinds of things just to accompany the journey to be there along the way to remind us that we’re doing this together, we’re doing this together in community. And, so, check that out.

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And that’s it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Heavenly Father Lord I just want to lift up that the lady who just came on on the 6th of June in regards to her son passing Lord. Father God I just pray that You would just continue to be her in her family’s strength. I pray Lord God that You watch over her heart Lord. Father God tend to her heart and to the whole family’s heart Lord. Father God, I also thank You that they were allowed, and You gave them the opportunity to spend the time they spent with their son and his heart wanting to go back to church and wanted to get close to You. So, Lord I just pray God Father that You would just lift them up, be with them, strengthen them. Help them oh God in this season of their grief. Oh God Father minister to their hearts God and know that their son have connected with You and now is with You. So Father God I just lift up her and her family. I lift up every day from…from henceforth that You would just continue to be with them. Show them that You love them. Give them what they need oh God. I lift him up in the mighty name of Jesus. Have Your way. Give them peace of God. Comfort them when they need Your comfort oh God Lord. And Father God, I pray You will send people around them who will also encourage them, lift them, Lord God, for a __, for a word, for song. Lord God I just pray oh God that their hope will continue to rest in You as they go through their daily days and their daily weeks. Father God in the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Hi DAB family this is Ashley from California and I just wanted to reach out and encourage those out there who are still experiencing the COVID pandemic and just still wrestling with the season of a lack of joy and feeling like that. I wanted to share with you Psalm 27 verses 13 and 14. And it says, “yet I am confident I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living. Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.” And everybody, I have had…I’ve had…I’ve had a rollercoaster over a year, and I can’t imagine what other circumstances are going on in your life, but I just want to encourage you from what it says in the scripture. It says when things look topsy turvy and is hard to keep leaning into God to keep our eyes on Him and to pray and lean in and He will offer that peace that surpasses understanding. So, I just want to encourage you. Just keep waiting, just keep praying, just keep going to God and he will help, and it will get better. Take care everybody. This is Ashley from California. I love you all. I’m praying for you all and have a blessed day. Bye.

Hi, DABbers, this is Kira from Denver. I just wanted to lift up Carmen from Canada. And…ahhh…Father God I come to You in prayer to Your throne of grace to find mercy and grace to help in time of need. Please strengthen Carmen and her family as they grieve the loss of her son. Help them to be comforted and know that You are God. And we don’t understand why these things happen in the way that they do but show her Your face God. Let Your love shine upon Carmen. Amen.

Good evening DABbers this is Running Desperately to Jesus also known as Staying Desperately connected to Jesus. I’m coming…coming to you very humble thanking you all for your prayers for standing in the gap for me. I heard every prayer that was sent straight up to God. So, I know He heard them. I thank you for your words of encouragement and for your asking God to give me joy in the month of June. My joy comes from hearing my brothers and sisters that I can go to whenever I need to have someone pray me through and that’s exactly what you did and that’s exactly what you’re doing is praying me through. I thank you again from the bottom my heart. I love you all. I wish I could see you personally, but your voice right now is sufficient because it’s a voice from God and I thank you. I thank him for this season, this season of putting you in my life. This season has been going on now for three years and I look forward to the season continuing on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you and I love every one of you. Thank you. Running Desperately to Jesus also Staying Desperately connected to Jesus.

Good morning DAB family it’s a beautiful morning in the UAE Abud Abi here I am. I am __ from South Africa Cape Town, a first-time caller but a longtime listener. Well man, thank you Brian for your way of breaking down the word to us and make it easy, make it simple in our busy days that we can just sit on our phones and hear the word of God. Man, I’m so moved by king Solomon’s. I always love reading his books because instead of asking of everything that other kings are searching and searching even today’s life but he asked for wisdom because without wisdom we are nothing in this world. So, Father God, we thank You for this beautiful word. We just want to pray over us Lord we just want to pray that prayer and ask for wisdom Lord, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Father You chose us to be Your sons and daughters. You chose us Lord to show this world Your love, to be an example of who You are. So, we pray for wisdom in the places where You have placed us. We believe Lord, You have placed us for a purpose, and we need Your wisdom every day. We need Your knowledge. We want to know deeper things of the heaven Lord. We don’t want to do things Lord according to our own understanding, but we search for that wisdom Lord Jesus Christ. We thank You for this beautiful family that we can come together Lord and pray and encourage each other and love each other. But we don’t want that to end only hear Lord, on these phones, on these mobile phones that we’re listening, but we want to do that Lord practically outside. We want to show that love to the world. We want to change the world Lord through Your love…


1 Kings 7:1-51, Acts 7:30-50, Psalm 128:1-6, Proverbs 16:31-33

Today is the 10th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian. It’s great to be here with you today as we continue our journey through this week, through this month, through this year through the bible and I’m excited for the fact that we are here and we can take the next step forward together as so let’s do that. We’re reading in the Old Testament from the Book of 1 Kings. We are reading about King Solomon at the moment and the building of the temple of God. And really all the development that King Solomon did during his reign. So today 1 Kings chapter 7.


Father we thank You for Your word and we thank You for all of the different facets and nuances of thousands of years that are laid before us in the lifetimes of those that have gone before us that we get to know and we get to look at and we get to observe. We get to see their choices and motivations of their hearts and where those paths lead. And so, even as we continue in the Book of Acts this review that is coming by way of testimony from Stephen, one of the early followers in Jerusalem, one of the early leaders, one of the 7 first deacons in the scriptures. As he’s been arrested and has been interrogated and is being accused he’s telling the story of his own Hebrew heritage. And as he does that we get a review of the territory that we’ve encountered. And so, as we read the testimony of Stephen help us to recall and remember things that you have planted in us along the way this year. And then even as we move toward the conclusion of Stephen’s testimony and prepare to meet Saul and somebody that we’re gonna get to know pretty well. We open our spirits, we open our hearts to your leadership God. To everything that you have to say, through everything that we’re reading now and then everything that…all the letters that we’ll read from this Pharisee Saul who will become Paul. We open our hearts to what You will teach us. Come Holy Spirit and lead us into all truth we pray. In the name of Jesus we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.  

Prayers and Encouragement:

Hello Daily Audio Bible family my name is Deja from North Carolina. I am a new member I was introduced to the Daily Audio Bible by a gentleman at work. I’m just asking for prayer and clarity and truth. I just found out at the age of 40 that my father is possibly not my father. I am currently waiting on DNA results from ancestry DNA and to be honest it’s a bit nerve racking. It’s just been a lot unfolding. I know that we’re in a season of uncovering so, everything that’s been done in the dark is coming to the light. So, anything that we have done and covered up it’s the time for revealing. And unfortunately, a lot in the last 3-4 months has been revealed about life, my life, my family life, my siblings. We’re really, really going thru so, just pray for us. I thank you all so very much. I love this community, listening to the prayers and the responses and Brian with the word, I mean, it’s amazing. It’s been life changing and it keeps me humble and stable through this situation. So, thank you so much in advance for your prayers. And just waiting and ya’ll please trust and agree with me that everything is gonna be okay. No matter what the results say. Thank you. Love you all.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible this is Steve from Albertville, Alabama. I ask that you lift up my cousins Brian and Donna. Donna has found out that she has a very aggressive terminal cancer and she has a goal. Her short-term goal and long-term goal is that she’s able to stay alive long enough to see her first grandchild which is 6 weeks from now. Just join me in prayer and lift up Donna as she goes through cemo and that she can complete her goal. She’s a Christian, she’s a believer, her husband is as well. And so, again I just ask that you join me in prayer and lift Donna and Brian up through these hard times. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

A good day to everybody. My name is, my moniker here is Blessed Amongst Women. Today is Sunday the 6th of June of 2021. I just finished listening to the message played yesterday the 5th of June. The message from a young man called Andrew a 21-year-old. Andrew I have to admit your message brought a rather wry smile to my face cause there’s nothing as humble as to listening to a young man or rather a younger person come to his God to lay himself bare and to admit to God that he cannot have his own free will. But I do quote, let it be known to you Andrew that please do not for one-minute think that you’re not alone. The struggle is eternal, the struggle has been from time in the ___ and it is universal. After all it is with the same caldron with the same humility that the Apostle Paul tells us in Romans 7:15: For that which I do I allow not, for what I would do that do I not but that what I hate to do, that I do. And then in 19 it goes on to say: For the good which I would I do not but to the evil which I would not, that I do. The point being, you are not alone Andrew. And my prayer for you is that you will always know to come before your God. Because it is better for us to be chastened by God…for it is better for us to repent than the be chastened by God. And I pray that in your walk with Him that He would never leave or forsake you.

Hello DAB community my name is Tiara and I’m from Houston, Texas and this is my first time, officially, calling. I’ve participated in the Community wall, and Prayer wall, but never done this before. So, I’ve felt inclined to do so because I’ve been a little weary, I’ve been kind of letting my negative thoughts and emotions kind of cripple me and it’s hard for me to put them into words, what I’m feeling and going through. And I don’t have friends and family who love ___ but sometimes I just get tired of burdening them with my emotions and so I just feel kind of alone and I know I’m not. So, I just know that I’m not the only one that’s feeling like this or ya know, I don’t know. I’m just asking for prayer in that aspect and if anyone else is going through this please know you’re not alone and we’re in this together, God willing. Thank you for listening and I pray you have a rest…a blessed Sunday evening.

Hello, this is Aaron from Vegas. It’s been a while since I reached out and touched everyone. It’s my tenth-year anniversary listening to the DAB and it’s been a blessing to my life. I want you guys to keep me in your thoughts and prayers; I’ve battled some legal issues and it’s been stressful but I know God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think. I also want to pray for the woman that called, she lives in a small town and her family runs a business and she’s having some marital issues and she has sons that work at the company and one left the company because he had a dispute with his father and she’s battling with her husband because she won’t take the son’s side…the husband’s side regarding the situation. And the affair that he had…the husband had and what not. Just want to lift them up. Father thank You so much for this family and I pray that Your will be done in their lives. I pray You would bless the husband to come back, change his mind, change his ways and raise him up Lord to be an example to his sons and to his wife and to his family. Bless him and keep him. We pray for the wife that she would be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Bless his sons as well and bless the business and keep them all well and keep them safe. We thank You for all the prayers that come through, we thank You for this wonderful podcast and this platform. Bless everyone that calls in and bless everyone that listens. We thank You for everything in Christ’s name we ask. Amen. God bless you. See you soon, talk to you soon. Take care. Bye Bye.

06/09/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Kings 5:1-6:38, Acts 7:1-29, Psalms 127:1-5, Proverbs 16:28-30

Today is the 9th day of June welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it is great to be here with you in the center of our week. And this is the first full week of the month of June, not that that matters but we’re in the middle of the first full week. I pay attention to these things because it’s day by day step-by-step. And, so, everything that marks the time, the forward progress is a good thing. And it’s good to be here with you did today around the Global Campfire as we take this next step forward. In the Old Testament we are reading from the book of First Kings and we’re just getting going. We’re…we’re working through the life and reign of King Solomon who is the son of King David. Solomon is leading Israel really to its finest hour. And that’s basically what we’re watching. It’s really interesting, because in Solomon’s reign, everything that we have been working toward this entire year reaches it’s…it…it’s mountaintop…it…it’s apex. And then in Solomon’s reign there’s a slide. Like, we reach the mountaintop and then we start going down the other side. But right now, we are working our way to that apex. Solomon has consolidated all his power. He’s got his government structure in place. His wisdom is becoming renowned all over the world. People are actually making Jerusalem a destination. Like, high profile powerful people are making Jerusalem a destination because they want to visit with this wise  King Solomon. And Solomon is going to build a permanent temple for God, something that his father David had wanted to do but wasn’t allowed to do. Solomon will be allowed to do that. And, so, let’s head in that direction. First Kings chapters 5 and 6 today.


Okay. So, in first Kings Solomon is now indeed building the temple. And we see how they’re gonna get the lumber and how it’s gonna be floated down the ocean and the exchange of payments and all of this. And, so, the temple, the temple of God is being built in Jerusalem, bringing with it a sense of national identity and spiritual identity. And we’ll continue with that story tomorrow.

In the book of Acts, we sort of began a story yesterday, just very very briefly and that story has spilled over into today’s reading in the form of a testimony. So, we remember that there were seven deacons that were appointed to more fairly distribute resources and food to…to widows. One of those men was named Stephen. Stephen was out doing his job but he was confronted by Jewish people from other regions and it kinda broke out into a fight. And then there were some accusations about Stephen’s commitment to his Jewishness and to his Jewish heritage. He is being associated with Jesus and one of the things about Jesus, one of the accusations against Jesus was that…well…first of all that he was a blasphemer but second of all that he was a lawbreaker, right? The…the…the laws of Moses were being broken or reinterpreted in a way that they didn’t accept. So, Stephen’s being accused and then he’s arrested. And, so, now what’s happening is Stephen is giving his testimony in his own defense. And what we should notice is that what Stephen is saying is basically a review of the story that we’ve read from the beginning of the year. He’s retracing the steps by retelling the origin story of the Hebrew people and by doing this he’s proving not only that he knows the story but that this is his own heritage. There’s some very very important things going on here. People who were following the Nazarene or “the way”, the way of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus indeed was crucified, and everybody knows that. There are still people following his teachings, though that truly did believe He was a good teacher and a good man and a prophet of God, and there are people who are following after the ways of Jesus, but at this point, at the origin, the beginning, the flashpoint of the church, this is very, very centered in the Hebrew culture. So, the Nazarenes teachings can theoretically be tolerated as long as they stay in the context of Judaism. And the earliest believers were Jews. Jesus was a Jew. Everyone who penned anything in the New Testament was also a Jew. And, I mean, there are generally scholarly disputes that have always been going on about authorship of certain books. And we can…we can point like to the book of Hebrews and go like, “well…you don’t know that. You can’t make that statement because we don’t know who the author of the book of Hebrews.” But, like the book of Hebrews is to Hebrews. So, it would be really hard for it to not have been written by a Jew because the whole context at all in that book is a Hebrew context. So, Stephen’s arrested and he’s being questioned and he’s…he’s choosing to show his Jewishness because as the church began it was coming from that context from that region from those people and outward into the world. And, so, you can follow this Rabbi Jesus, you can…can follow this person’s teachings as long as you obey the Mosaic law and follow the customs of Judaism. Jesus was accused. Stephen is being accused of not doing that. This will eventually come to a head. And we’ll get there soon enough, but it’s important to just realize it is a Hebrew context from which this story springs. We are mostly all Gentile people who believe in Jesus in the world today. Like vastly more Gentile than Jewish, and yet we can’t approach the good news without the Hebrew context, or it doesn’t make any sense. So with Stephen being arrested we see some early rumblings, some of the early unsettling reverberations of what is to come as this new thing that God is doing upon the earth through Jesus Christ begins to take hold, begins…well…begins to form and become a tsunami that spreads throughout all of the earth. We also have a really good opportunity, and I point this out every year when we get to the story of Stephen, we have a really good opportunity because his testimony is…is review of the stories that we have read. So, it gives us an opportunity to quickly go back and kind of catch-up to where we are. At the end of this…and I’ll bet most of you already know, at the end of this we’ll meet somebody who is around all this testimony and all that’s going on around Stephen. He is a zealous Pharisee, very devoutly attempting to become righteous before God by obeying the law and doing what he believes God is commanding and also defending God. He is a student of Gamaliel, and his name is Saul and he will eventually know…be known as the apostle Paul. But when we meet him, and we meet him in this story he wants nothing to do with Jesus. Actually, that’s not true. He does want something to do with Jesus. His mission is to blot out the name and memory of Jesus from the earth and from God’s people, the Jewish people. And, so, he wants to round up these followers of the Nazarene these people that, maybe they’re being tolerated by the greater community, but for Saul these are…these are heretics. These are people that are on the outer boundaries. They need to be rounded up and punished and silenced and this teaching of this person, Jesus, needs to go away. And, so, we’ll see that develop in the coming days.

And then lastly, let’s just look at the proverb again. It’s three sentences. Sentence number one: Destructive people produce conflict. So, I mean that’s ½ a sentence. That’s ½ a sentence but if we stop at that half a sentence and just go, “okay. When I am observing conflict in the world, the voice of wisdom instructs there is…there’s destructive people involved identifying that…just the knowledge of it is helpful but then the sentence is completed. So, “destructive people produce conflict. Gossip’s alienate close friends.” That last one is something that we probably already know, and it’s very destructive and causes conflict, right? So, gossip in this sentence is very dangerous. It causes destruction and conflict and alienates close friends. I mean, we can just take that one. In fact, let’s just take that one. If you want to go back and read the other two sentences, that’s Proverbs 16:28 through 30 today. Let’s just stay there. The things that we say, truly have power and truly need to be selected carefully.


Father, that is something we also know. We know this. It’s just hard to practice it, to do it consistently because how we respond to just about anything very much is affected by the emotional state that we’re in, what’s going on within us. And, so, how we respond to something usually is because of what button got pressed within us and that button is attached to all kinds of stuff inside of our psyches. And, so, we’re not always seek wisdom in the moment. And yet we can cultivate that, we can build that into our lives so that we think before we speak, before we gossip, before we alienate close friends, before we produce conflict, before we’re a destructive person. Come Holy Spirit into that we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey this is Matt from Eastern Washington I was just calling in again really quick just for prayer or encouragement for Becky in Texas. I was listening to the February 22nd podcast for Daily Audio Bible and you were talking about a blended family and just being exhausted and tired and, you know, your husband’s a first responder. You know, so I don’t know what’s kind of struggles you guys are going through but, you know, my wife and I are both first responders. We both work law enforcement. You know, I don’t know if your husband works law enforcement or EMS or as a firefighter but any…any one of those professions, you know, it…it takes a toll on people. So, anyways, Father god, You know I…I just want to lift Becky up to You and…and her family up to You and just pray that that You can help her, and that You can help them find some sort of where for healing in their marriage and to just restore Becky’s strength and…and that You can show her that having faith in You and…and seeking You for that strength can help get her through all this when she doesn’t think that she has anything left. Father God I…I just pray that You can help Becky’s husband, You know, see that she is exhausted and soften his heart and allow him to help her through these struggles and to reach out to help when he’s struggling. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Becky just look for God for that strength that’s all I’ve been able to do with my stuff. Bye.

Good morning DABC this is Vicki from Ohio I’m reaching out to Vincent from Connecticut this morning. His message really touched my heart. There are so many of us out here that are struggling to find our mate. We go through it so slow. The process is so slow, and healing takes time. I too cannot find a partner that wants to be with me. I always get excited at the beginning and get lots of promises and then I am left behind. God watches over us. He does heal us. It takes so long though sometimes. Vincent, I pray that you keep praying and asking God and that He will provide a woman for you that is deserving and loves you as you can love her. I pray this for everyone out there searching and hoping and desiring their ultimate soulmate through Christ. I pray for myself. I pray for Vincent, and I pray for each one of you out there looking. In Jesus’ name I pray. Be true to us dear Father and let Your will be done. Amen.

Hey family it’s Sparky from Texas. I wanted to take a minute to pray for Andrew who called in asking for prayer over… He’s 21 years old and I just wanted to take a minute to…to tell you that I remember being 21 years old and in the bowel of sin. I’m 35 now but the feelings that you’re feeling, it’s a pivotal moment in your life and you are in the right spot, and I wish that I would have been 21 years old listening to the Daily Audio Bible and listening to…listening to people pray for each other. You’ve got the world ahead of you. Keep your head in the word and look to God. And when it feels like there’s way too much sin in your life, we’ve just finished watching the perfect person and we’ve just finished watching the people closest to Him sin, including Peter. You’re in the right spot. Focus your life where you need to be, where you want to point and keep that part of your life pointed towards Jesus. Keep it here in prayer with people. I just wanted to give you encouragement. I pray with all of you. I love you. And you bring me to tears sometimes, but every prayer request I pray with every one of you. I hope you all have a blessed add weekend and a blessed week following up.

Today is June 4th this is Beth from Chicago. Today’s reading really touched my heart. I ask that you pray for my sons Tyler, Ryan, and Logan, that their heart may be opened and remove the hardening that has occurred through childhood, through rough times. And I ask that Lord God our Father come into their lives and touch them and help them believe. I am very thankful for this community, and I love you all and I wish you all blessings, peace, and joy. Thank you so much. This is such a beautiful start too every morning. God bless you. Amen.

Hi, my name is Angie from Colorado Springs calling. It’s my second time calling. Thank you guys for praying for me last month or maybe it was April. I’m still needing of prayer for confidence and clarity, depression, anxiety and happiness and laughter. I’ve been sober two years and in this time I have changed so much for the better and have a lot of goals set but in the meantime my son has pretty much not accepted me anymore as his mom. And I got into addiction when he was 18. Before that we were close as ever. He’s now 28 and we’ve been very close throughout this whole time of my life, but I just didn’t do the things I needed to do for him as a mom. So, he has a new mom in his late age which I’m grateful for because their Christians, they love him as far as I know. Anyways, I’m heartbroken. I'm…I'm…just heartbroken. So, he’s always been so close to me, and such a good son, and I’ve been a good mom believe it or not even through my hard times of addiction. Anyways, I just…I can’t find any pleasure in life anymore and it’s because I’m feeling like it’s a death losing a son that you love…