9/17/2023 DAB Transcript

Isaiah 25:1-28:13, Galatians 3:10-22, Psalm 61:1-8, Proverbs 23:17-18

Today is the 17th day of September, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is wonderful to be here with you today as we get to greet another one of our shiny, sparkly beginnings, a brand-new week out in front of us, that we get to walk into together and that we will make our mark on. We’ll tell the story of this week, it’ll be the…the story of our lives in this week all of our choices will add up to the week. Let’s choose wisely and a wise decision for us each and every day is to come back together around the Global Campfire and take another step forward and allow the Scriptures to speak into our lives. So, let’s do this, it’s a brand-new week, we’ll read from the Christian Standard Bible this week and we’re picking up our journey in the book of Isaiah, today chapter 25 verse 1 through 28 verse 13.


Father, we thank You for Your word. Once again, we thank You for a brand-new week that we have stepped into and now that we are here and have stepped into it, we need You. Holy Spirit, come and lead us, lead our steps, illuminate our path before us as we navigate this week, lead us as the psalmist said to a rock that is high above us. You have been a refuge for us, a strong tower in the face of the enemy. We will dwell in Your tent forever and take refuge under the shelter of Your wings. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Good morning, this is Helen in Durham, North Carolina. And, it’s been a while since I’ve called in. First, I just want to thank Brian, I just have been taught bits and pieces, just been wonderful, the learning from these podcasts, as well as, of course, being bathed in the Scripture. And I just also want to thank this community. I am always amazed at the depth of caring and love that I hear being poured out, as well as the great needs out there from everyone in the community. And, so I am finally voicing this request for prayer for my family. I am going to be visiting a grown son, father of our two grands, six hours a way in Pennsylvania. Along with the mother of these two and they are not yet married. And there’s a long history but I just want to ask because I feel the Lord has been keeping on, pushing me to at least be transparent. That my heart has continually been out to my son, his family, my other son as well, who are not walking with the Lord. And also, just knowing that God is the one who confronts and brings those to salvation. But, so my prayer of course, would be as I go that I will be a testimony of Jesus’s love to them and that one day I will see them responding to the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Hello, Daily Audio Bible, this is Sam from Spain, a missionary in Spain. And I would like to pray and rejoice with Chelsea for her beautiful son, Parker James. What a joy. A new life brings much happiness. And we have prayed for you before and now we rejoice with you and we pray that the Lord will give your son plenty of health and a heart to go after our very own Father. I also would like to pray for the man who’s going through a divorce and who’s court hearing on August 29th was a painful one for his wife. And I thank the Lord that he was guided to seek better counsel and to seek reconciliation. Please know that we’re praying for your marriage and your reconciliation and for your wife’s heart, as well as yours. And I would like to ask for prayers as I am in a position of leadership with ministry organization. And sometimes the weight of the responsibility and the care to carry out God’s principle in a leadership position, can be pretty difficult and conflicted. So, I ask for strength in the Lord for increased faith and for the Lord to open new roadways for the body of Christ. Thank you so much Daily Audio.

Liza, this is Linda from North Idaho. Today is September 13th and two days ago a multitude of people fasted and prayed for you. I know not everyone called in cause I almost didn’t either until I started hearing some of the calls of people saying that they had been fasting and praying for you and calling in and giving you their prayers. And we know our God is able, we know our God is willing, we know our God hates death and disease and brokenness. And we know that because he’s promised us eternity with wholeness and healing and no more tears and no more sorrow, no more suffering. In the meantime, we have earth, and we have life, and we have illness. But we have a community here, in the DAB community, to lift one another up. And what a joy it has been to listen to all my fellow DABers praying for you and fasting for you. And I thank the sister who called us to prayer to do that for you. And what’s most amazing thing is that even after that September 11th ended, I’ve still been thinking about you and praying when I put something in my mouth on the 12th. And today on the 13th and I trust that others are gonna be reminded also for the 14th and everyday thereafter to be lifting you in prayer before the throne. We thank You Jesus for what you are going to do with all of this. We trust you Lord. Help us to trust you even more. Amen.

Hi, this is Morgan from Texas. I’m calling on behalf for my mom. Yesterday, she had her mammogram, and the result was not good news. And so, this morning at 0900 she’ll have her biopsy to see what we need to do. The doctor says that there’s three that they discovered and so we’re praying that those three are false alarm or we’re praying for additional surgery at the moment. And so, be in prayers for my mom. I know she’s…she’s nervous, she’s scared and Lord, we just ask for peace, we ask for guidance with Your doctors and your nurses and then finally the surgery, if the surgery has come. Be in prayer for that. And also, be in prayer for my whole family, especially my youngest brother. He’s still young and so we’re praying for peace upon our family. Thank you so much, have a good day. Bye bye.