5/13/2023 DAB Chronological Transcription

2 Samuel 11-12, 1 Chronicles 20

Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible Chronological. Today is the 13th day of May, and I’m Jill, and we are winding this week down together as my week with you is coming to a close. And then I will hand you over to China, but not until we center ourselves around the Scriptures, which is what we do here every day. It’s the reason that the Daily Audio Bible and Daily Audio Bible Chronological and all of the other channels exists. So you make the Bible a part of our daily life to make it as accessible and convenient as possible so that every believer wouldn’t that be incredible if every believer was in the Word and had a regular relationship with the Bible? That wouldn’t be just a wonderful thing. We’re going to jump right into our reading today. We’re back in the story of Second Samuel, and we’re reading Second Samuel, chapters eleven and twelve. And then we’ll jump over to First Chronicles and we’ll read chapter 20. Today’s the last day in the New English translation, Second Samuel, chapter 11


It’s kind of a difficult story to process through today because we left the story of David just a few days ago with this very noble deed that he does by taking care of Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth. And we also have been on this journey with David when he was just a shepherd boy attending sheep in the field. And then he comes on this scene by slaying the giant Goliath, and then he has to flee from Saul. We see him corner Saul several different occasions, has the opportunity to do away with Saul, and does the noble thing into all of the other things that lead up to this event. And then we see the effects of a moment of weakness when his desires were fulfilled by watching a beautiful woman who was married to another man bathe and send for her. I want to just read from the god of your story today and summarize this so that we don’t miss the things that happened here. David plunged into a sordid affair with another man’s wife. Bathsheba slept with King David, though it’s debatable whether she had a choice and became pregnant. Her husband, Uriah the Hittite, was one of David’s most elite and trusted warriors. David attempted to cover up what he had done by bringing Uriah home from the battlefield so that he might enjoy union with his wife. But the plan didn’t work. Uriah’s faithfulness would not allow him the comforts of home and spouse while his brethren were at war. The affair itself would have been a scandalous humiliation for the king, but the actions he took to cover it up were even worse. He had Uriah sent back to the front lines with instructions that he be put in the most dangerous positions so that he might be killed in battle. And this is what happened. David had Uriah killed. David was confronted by the prophet Nathan over killing Uriah and taking Bathsheba for his wife. Nathan told David a story that enraged the king, who didn’t realize that he was a camouflaged version of his own story. When Nathan revealed the truth, David collapsed in repentance as the full gravity of what he’d done washed over him. Here’s the last thing that I would like to say about reading through this story, as we did today. We can read it from front to end, as we did today, and we could say, this is a beautiful story of redemption. David and Bathsheba do end up married, and yes, they lose a child that David is absolutely physically, mentally, emotionally distraught over losing. And then David and Bathsheba do end up having another son together. So to some degree, we could look at this and go, what a story of redemption. Let’s not miss the severity of the consequences of David’s actions. That has to be a part of this story, because other people were greatly affected by David giving into his sinful desire. And it’s important to recognize it here in this story, so that we can recognize it in our story. Not everything we do is out front for the world to see our sit on display. I think if we’re going to be real honest with each other here in this safe place, we can get real good at hiding what we don’t want other people to see. And God chose to expose David for what he did in secret. I don’t say that as a warning. I don’t say that as a threat. I am stating it as a detail, as a part of this story here today. And man redemption is beautiful. It is always the heart of God to redeem everything that was broken. And when we allow him to redeem things that are broken, he can, and he does.That does not mean that sometimes there’s not consequences still to our actions. And a consequence isn’t just God getting vengeance. God is God. If we let him be who he is, he’ll do whatever he chooses to. But a consequence is a result or an effect of an action or a condition. There are good consequences for good actions and there are bad consequences for bad actions. And sometimes we get just unbelievably blessed or lucky or whatever you want to call it, and a good consequence cancels out a bad action. Point being, this is a really important story where we cannot glaze over the repercussions of David’s actions. And they don’t stop here. We’re going to continue to see them in the story as David’s story continues and unfolds. But we pause here today and give thanks. 


Father, we thank you for your word. Thank you for how your word reads us as we read it. We thank you for that long, difficult look that we take every day in the mirror. And sometimes we see some really painful things necessary things to change, to become the men and the woman, the young men, the young women that you desire for us to be that would bring us in closer relationship, closer intimacy with you. And I pray as we read and hear these words today, Father, we come face to face with the consequences of our own actions that we have either missed or ignored or been too prideful and arrogant to even think we could be capable of such things. And maybe even hearing this, there’s some amends that we need to make in the stories of our own lives, choices that we’ve made that have affected other people, that we have either just missed or glazed over or been too prideful and arrogant to go to them and ask forgiveness. I pray, Holy Spirit, that you would bring those things up to our conscience, to our awareness, even now, knowing that you meet us with conviction, not condemnation, and that you meet us with love and compassion and kindness that leads us to repentance, ultimately leads us to your redemption. We’re so grateful for that today. Thank you for this week that we’ve had together and we consecrate next week to you, giving you full access, full permission to do that which you long to do in our hearts, in our minds, in our lives. We pray this all now in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


It’s been a complete joy to be able to be here with you this week. And I now leave you in the very gentle but strong and capable hands of my daughter, China as she leads you gracefully this week and I’ll see you as my now adult son, but little, little boy Christian used to say, I see it if I get back, I’m Jill. Until then, love one another.

Community Prayer Line:

Praise my soul the King of Heaven, to his feet thy tribute bring ransomed healed, restart forgiven who like Thee His praise shall sing praise Him, praise Him, praise Him, praise Him praise Thee everlasting. Hi dear DABC family, good morning. God bless you all. Hope you all having a blessed Sunday. This is Ronki calling from the UK. I called in last, was it Tuesday? To ask for prayers for my little sister who was due to have an operation to be the glory. Everything went well with the surgery. She was in ICU for one day. They discharged her to the ward. The following day she came out. She was discharged from the hospital on Thursday, so she only had two nights to stay in the hospital, which is only God’s doing. She’s in the hotel now and hopefully by next week she would return back home. So I thank you all for standing in the gap, for praying, for praising. And if I have a thousand tongues, it’s not enough to sing the praises of our God. Let’s hold on to his unfailing love. He is a good, good God and he would do exceedingly abundantly, far above all we can ever ask or think of. So for anybody standing, waiting, he is able to do more than we can think of and it would always come through for us all. In Jesus’s name, belated. Happy birthday to Regan. God bless you all. Bye.

Hello, everyone. This is CC from North Carolina. I’m just calling in because I have realized I’ve been getting more closer to God and I realized that the devil is really upset that he can’t get to me like he used to. So I feel like he’s been going after my husband the last two weeks. He has almost gotten ran over. He’s a postal worker and the people who have done it have been angry or just road rage. They’ve stopped and yelled. And I just feel that the enemy is just trying to get to me another way. So please everyone, pray for my husband while he is out work delivering the mail for everyone, because it’s just you never know in this world. Everything is so predictable and I would hate for something to happen to him on his route. So just give a little prayer for him that the enemy doesn’t try to manipulate others to get to him so he could get to me. And I hope to strengthen my relationship with the Lord even more, regardless of what the devil attempts to do. Thank you everyone, and I also pray for all of you in your time of blessing and in your time of need. God bless. Amen.

Hi everyone in the Chronological community, this is Joyfully Joe. I haven’t called in a while because I’ve just been sitting and resting in God’s grace and mercy and grieving over the loss of my pastor and I’ve just been being still and allowing God to minister to me. And I just thank you guys because you’ve been a part of that, all your prayers and your prayer request, jill and China, your Bible readings, and I just say thank you. But right now I want to pray. I had a little bump on my lip that turned out to be a four millimeter tumor and it’s cancer and I have to have another surgery and I just want to lift up everyone who is struggling with cancer right now. Lord Father God, first and foremost, Lord Father, we praise you, God, because you are the God who hears us, lord God, you care for us, Lord God, you listen. And even in our most lonely times, Lord God, you meet us, Lord God, when we search for you and when we seek you, Lord God. And I just pray for everyone struggling with cancer right now. Father. Give them peace and comfort and healing, Lord God, where healing is part of your will, Father, and, Lord God, I pray peace over them, Lord God, and as we walk this journey, Father, may we keep our eyes on you, Jesus, because you are worthy of all of our praise.In Jesus name, Amen.

Hello. My name is Freddie from California. I’m just calling to ask for prayer for me. Doctors discovered liquid around my heart recently, and I have other complications. I’ve been suffering for over 35 years. My breathing problem, my lungs are no good. My liver and my kidneys are just hanging in there. But just recently, I found out about the liquid in the heart, and it’s costing me not be able to breathe. And I’m just going to ask for prayer. Thank you.