3/19/2023 DAB Transcript

Numbers 28:16-29:40, Luke 3:23-38, Psalm 62:1-12, Proverbs 11:18-19

Today is the 19th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it is wonderful to be here with you today, as we move through this season of Lent and move toward Easter, out in front of us, yet and great today, a brand-new, shiny, sparkly week, out in front of us immediately, that we get to live and tell the story with. This week is like the blank paper, and we will write the story of our lives, at least for this week, upon that blank page out in front of us. And may we choose wisely, may we apply what we are learning in the Scriptures, each and every day, into the days and weeks of our lives. It’s a brand-new week, we will read from the New English Translation this week. And obviously, we’ll be picking up right where we left off yesterday, which leads us back into the Book of Numbers. And before this week is out, we will bring the book of Numbers to its conclusion and take a step forward into the next book, which happens to be called Deuteronomy. But we’ll talk about that we get there, which is a few days from now. We are squarely here, rounding the corner on the Book of Numbers. Today chapter 28 verse 16 through 29 verse 40.


Father, we thank You for the Scriptures in our lives, we thank You for the ability to…to be engaged with them every single day. We thank You for the time that You have allowed us to live in, where we can be knit together all over the world, literally on the same page, moving through the Scriptures, gathering around the Global Campfire and caring about each other and caring about each other’s stories. This would’ve been just a dream, it would’ve been an achievable dream, it would’ve been science-fiction just as a century or more ago. So, You have allowed us to be here taking steps forward together, all over the world, as You transform us by the renewing of our minds, and we are grateful. So, as we go into this week, we open ourselves, our hearts, our minds, our bodies to You, for Your service, for Your correction, for Your discipline, for Your blessing, for Your fathering. Lead us forward into truth, we pray. Lead us on the narrow path that leads to life. Lead us deeper into Jesus, we ask, in His precious name. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hey, DAB family, it’s His Sojourner here on the, today’s the 16th I believe. I wanna say the 16th, who’s knows. But I’ve just finished listening to the 14th of March and I just wanna say, hey. Like, I’m so excited to here China’s expecting another little baby and we are absolutely gonna be lifting her up in prayer. Lord, we thank You for opening her womb. We thank You for this pregnancy. We thank You for a safe delivery and that she’ll have all the resources she requires. Not just to deliver this baby, Lord, but also to continue doing the duties that she is doing, including doing DAB-Chronological and just blessing those around her, including the little baby Reagan. Well, who’s not really a baby any more at all, so I’m blessing her husband and the rest of her family and friends. And then I also wanted to, I didn’t remember the names, and I will do better moving forward but praying for the family, the mum and the dad, who will be picking up their son and heading to Minnesota. That’s very, very exciting. We pray they’ll be a peace over this household, that there will just be a union with them, the mom and the parents and the child. And I know he’s a grown man as well, but I just pray that there will just be a joy. A peace and a joy that radiant within the household. And that the parents would be able to have wisdom in terms of how to, how to support their son even as he makes the transition back into society. Also, want to pray for the last man who I believe was praying pertaining to his marriage. What a blessing that you are starting, you are even pre-marriage in prayer. I’m so grateful and encouraged by that as a single young woman. But I’m just praying that God would honor your prayers and that you and your future bride will be able to come together and know that you’re always working together, not against each other, right. You guys are coming together to glorify God. And while the wedding is super-duper important, we know that marriages it’s what’s most important, which will be way beyond the wedding day. So, we’re just praying that you all, everything pertaining to the wedding will be, will be sorted and that you guys would be able to grow and develop through this. Pray all these things in Jesus name. Bye for now. God bless.

Hello, Daily Audio Bible. My name is Hardy. I’m very nervous doing this. But one has to be brave when it comes to, to connecting to others. So, I just want to ask that the __ please pray for me. I am currently going through quite a lot at work. And I’ve tried so hard to find another opportunity because as a family, we also need this income. And I also want to help and support my family. So, I don’t want to just give up. Even though, daily, I have to deal with anxiety, stress, a toxic work environment. But I just, I’ve just been continuously praying to God. And He knows the path that He wants me to go down. And that I’m not there just for, just by a mistake. That I’m there for a reason. But I’ve also been applying continuously, daily, for an opportunity, which is not easy. Sorry, because I’m a foreigner, working in this country and they have a lot of rules and regulations about that. And I’ve also applied for permanent residency but that is still quite a while to go, till I get it. But I just pray that, I’m just asking for prayers that something opens up and that I continue to be strong during this hard period. Thank you everyone.

Hey, DAB family. I’m a first-time caller. I’ve been listening for years. But today I was listening to Christy’s prayer about her son in the psych ward. And God just reminded me when you prayed Christy, about how all the people in the Bible, that came to Jesus, so many of them got healed because of their faith. And your prayer was so faith filled. And even in, like Luke chapter 7 where the officer comes and he asks Jesus to heal his slave, the slave, the sick slave didn’t even come to Jesus. But the officer sent messengers to ask for him. And I believe that we can also do that. Like, it’s not just a Biblical thing, that doesn’t work nowadays. But it’s still works and it still a Biblical principal. So, just keep your faith. And then, we will also pray for your son and stand with you. But I really believe that he will meet Jesus and that he will get better. So, just keep your faith, don’t lose it. Hold onto hope. Know that Jesus hears you, know that He sees you and the Holy Spirit will guide you. And, yeah, I hope everyone has a good week. God bless.

Hi, DAB family, this is your sister Prisoner of Hope. I am lifting up Jonathan in the UK. Lord, his daughter and wife are in care under a section. They just need Your help; they need Your healing. He is taking care of children on his own and I pray that You would just provide for them and bring healing to them. I’m praying for Jersey from Texas. Lord, her daughter, Veronica, is pregnant and has been stressed with anxiety and depression. I pray that her husband would help her and that You would please remove this dark cloud that is following her about. I am praying for Micah who was super sick. Thank You that he is willing to stay with his mom until he finds a place in a sober house. I just pray that You would protect him from the enemy who is prowling around like a roaring lion, seeking to devour him. Please, I just ask that You would not let him ever return to alcohol again. I’m praying for Rebecca from Michigan. Your mom, WH, just needs a touch from God. I pray that You feel her spirit and please help Rebecca with her studies. I’m praying for Timika who’s afraid of physical therapy starting. Her rent situation has been tough because she’s been off work, she needs to come up with $700 dollars. Lord, she says You’ve provided with her, provided for her so many times in the past. I pray that You would send someone again just in time. And that You would just have Your hand all over this. I’m praying for Blessed Bill, your friend Geraldine received your medical information, Lord. Please, may Your hand be upon her and help her to have her iron levels be raised and give her doctors wisdom. I’m praying for Patrick in Chicago. He is going through something similar as Adriane and AJ and Chicago PA, thank you so much for your prayers. Lord, he doesn’t want to hear about God but we know that You don’t want him to perish. I ask You to call him and draw him into Your kingdom. Please, I’m begging You to send somebody to share the Gospel with him. That he would find it irresistible, and he will want to follow Jesus all the days of his life. We ask all of this in the beautiful name of Jesus.