10/16/2022 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 28:1-29:32, 1 Timothy 1:1-20, Psalm 86:1-17, Proverbs 25:17

Today is the 16th day of October, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it’s wonderful to be here with you, as we greet a brand-new, shiny, sparkly, week, step into it together and just stand here and look out over all that is to come. We can’t see, it’s not all fleshed out, it’s not all filled in. We’re gonna fill it in and how we fill it in, will be the story of our week and so let’s do it well, with honor, with integrity, with reverence and in lockstep with the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives. And it will be a beautiful week. So, let’s aim in that direction. We obviously are in a new week, but we’ll be picking up where we left off in the book of Jeremiah. When we get to the New Testament, we’re moving into some new territory. We’re continuing with some letters. These are going to be personal letters, known as the pastoral epistles and so we’ll be moving into first Timothy today and we’ll talk about that when we get there. But first, we’ll read from the Modern English Version this week, Jeremiah chapters 28 and 29.

Introduction to the Book of 1 Timothy:

Okay so, as we were talking about a few minutes ago, we’re moving into some new territory, as we move forward on our journey through the New Testament. And so, we are coming to a collection of three personal letters, that are known as the pastoral epistles. And these letters for centuries have been debated over among biblical…biblical scholars, whether or not, I mean, it’s not, there’s not a debate about whether this should belong in the New Testament, there’s not a debate about whether or not this is something that God wants us to hear and that is incorporated in the Bible for reason, and it’s not as if these were written in the name of Paul but have nothing to do with what Paul thought about and taught. But nevertheless, whether or not was the apostle Paul wrote these pastoral epistles, is a vigorous debate that is ongoing until today. And so, like those favoring the view that Paul did not write these letters, make that assumption by…by looking at these pastoral epistles and then looking at what’s being instructed as the structure of the church and church polity, how things are governed. And then determined that some of these structures, some of the way things are done in the emerging church, in the first century, came after Paul’s lifetime. And others point out that the language in the pastoral epistles, is very different than any of the other Paul-line corpus, any of the other letters from the apostle Paul. On the other hand, those scholars favoring the…the traditional view, that this is these are letters that the apostle wrote, they believe this because the letters authenticate themselves as from Paul and during church history, the early church fathers use these pastoral epistles. So, the Christian faith as an ongoing long-running relationship with the pastoral epistles, that continues until today, we’re about to read them. So, then acknowledging that the language is different in the pastoral epistles, it is assumed that it’s because they’re different kinds of letters, like these are personal letters, the other letters of Paul were sent to churches with the intention that they would be read in front of the entire congregation, as a message directly from Paul, to be dispersed among the congregation and not private personal letters. And that’s fair right, if we’re writing a letter that’s to be read in public, we’re probably gonna write it different than if we’re writing a personal letter to somebody that supposed to be private. Now these, first Timothy, second Timothy and Titus, which is where we’re navigating into now, are known as the pastoral epistles because they’re personal correspondence to, two pastors, Timothy and Titus, who were at that time caring directly for churches that had been established by the apostle Paul. Titus and Timothy had come up under the mentorship, the spiritual fatherhood of the apostle Paul and these churches need strong leaders who understood what Paul was teaching. So, Timothy and Titus were such pastors. And we’ll talk about Titus, when we get to Titus, but were at the letters to Timothy now. And so, Timothy literally grew up in the Lord under the leadership of the apostle Paul. And we met Timothy in the book of Acts. And from the book of Acts, we know that his mom’s name was Eunice and his grandmother’s name was Lois and they were from the city of Lystra, which is part of modern-day Turkey. And Paul introduced Timothy, to the faith, and then Timothy was a loyal follower of the apostle Paul, and they work close enough that Paul called him a son in the faith, a spiritual son and led him into church leadership. And Paul mentions Timothy and six of his other letters that are in the New Testament. Timothy often was like a stand-in for Paul. Paul would send Timothy to places to speak in his name and to give Paul a report on how the church was doing. But these pastoral epistles, 1st, 2nd Timothy and Titus, were reaching the end of Paul’s ministry actually. Actually the…the end of Paul’s life and Timothy was the pastor of the church in Ephesus. Paul writes to him as a father in the faith, as someone offering guidance and counsel to a man doing a very, very difficult job, which is the job of a pastor. And it helps us understand, like if Paul understands that his life is likely to come to an end and these may be some of the last things that he gets to say to Timothy, it shows us what he thought was most important to tell his son in the faith. And this is the letter that teaches us to fight the good fight of faith. So, with that we today begin, first Timothy chapter 1.


Father, we love You, thank You for bringing us into this brand-new week, thank You for bringing us through all the beginnings, of all the weeks that we’ve been able to encounter in our lifetime, especially in this year. Thank You for Your grace, thank You for your patience and kindness. Thank You for Your comfort and compassion. Thank You for Your correction and rebuke, thank You for continually Fathering us. Father us, in this new week. May we listen to Your voice and be humbled before You and not rebellious. Where you lead, is where we need to go, where You are, is with us always. May we be aware of Your leadership in our lives. We pray in the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

This is Patrick from Calgary Alberta, Canada. I just heard a prayer request from Jeremiah, God Gives Good Gifts and I can’t relate to my dad being in the penitentiary. But you know how you go back to your past and you remember, for me, it was being bullied unmercifully. I remember one time I had to clean up human feces in the urinal with a toothbrush. I was forced by some bullies to do it and otherwise, they would have beat me up even worse and it was the most humiliating thing that I’ve ever gone through. I can relate to pain and carrying that pain around for years and years and years. So, I’m just going to pray here for Jeremiah. I just pray Lord that You would release him from his pain, that You would release him from anger and resentment and judgment and blame and all the hurt that he’s been caring for 40+ years. And Lord, You can, You can, You can release him from that pain. So, I just pray Lord, that he can forgive his parents, he could just make a conscious choice to forgive. It’s not easy sometimes, but Lord, I just pray for a conscious choice, just to say, I’m going to forgive and bless them at the same time. So, I pray for Jeremiah, that You would bless him this day, wherever he is, in Jesus name.

Hey guys, it’s Beloved on the Beach, here in Southwest Florida. I am calling because I am tired and weary and exhausted. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here in Southwest Florida as I’m sure you all can imagine or are experiencing, along with me, if you are a fellow Floridians. But we moved our family here, just under three months ago from Boston and this is quite a welcome, but we are praising Jesus for our home. There’s minimal damage that can be fixed. And thankful to be here to serve the community here that desperately needs hope and light and supplies and Jesus. But all that to say, last night, our car, one of cars spontaneously lit up on fire in a Dollar Tree parking lot. We are down a car; total loss and I’m currently struggling with a migraine that I’ve had for almost 24 hours. Probably stress related. Part of the reason we moved down here was for my health and the migraines. So, it’s just been a really hard 24 hours. Me and the girls, just got reunited with my husband, Collin, just two nights ago. We were displaced from one-another during the hurricane and all. So, it’s just been hard, I don’t even have the words. We just need prayer, we need prayer, we need a renewing of strength for endurance. But Lord, we thank You and we praise You. And I thank you community for praying for us. I feel it already. Love you.

Hello, Jeremiah, God Gives Good Gifts. This is Joyfully Jo and I just want to lift you up right now in my prayer. Holy Father God, You know all things Lord God, and you hear our cries. Lord God, You see each tear that falls. Lord God, and not only do you see the tears, but You save them up in Your bottle, Lord God, and You remember, Lord God. And you are the God of all comfort, Lord Jesus, You, You are well acquainted with trauma, Lord God, with beatings and verbal abuse. Lord, Holy Spirit, we know that You comfort those in need, Lord God. And my brothers in need of Your comfort, Lord God. I pray as each tear that falls, each wave of emotion that crashes to the shore, Lord God, You would strengthen him and You would heal him. Lord God, You are the God of all healing, Lord. And that You would bring him to a new level of forgiveness, Lord Father. And he just wants to be a great dad to his 8-year-old, Lord God. Father, I just pray that You would reach beyond, I know I’m not the only one that’s gonna pray for him. So, I pray that You would reach well past our prayers, Lord God. Well past the words that can be said. An And You would comfort him, Lord God. And bring him to a place of peace. In Jesus name. Amen.
Take care brother. Praying for you.

Good evening family, it’s Soaring on Eagles Wings from Canada. The prayer requests on October 11th and 12th, some of them touched my heart so deeply. Abba Father, I want to bring them to Your attention. Easy Anna, and You know everything about the situation with the parolee that is living in her building and the abuse and everything you know. She now needs a lawyer to get her evicted. Might God, our Abba, I pray that You bring the right person into her path, to help her through this. And keep her safe from such toxic environment, and through it all, may she exhibit Jesus Christ to those two. And I pray for them, Lord, that You would turn them aside from what they’re doing. May they come to know Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord, their Deliverer. Consider the Lillies, oh Lord, You see her dog Daisey, he’s wetting the carpet so frequently. She herself has fallen and it’s seems like such a big mountain because her dog is losing her sight as well. You know what she needs, You know all. I pray God, that You help her to manage the situation in a way that is best for her and Daisey. God Gives Good Gifts, oh God, Abba Father, You know what he went through with abusive parents and the memories are causing him such pain. Oh God, heal his wounds, deliver him from all that memory that comes and taunts him. And he needs, he wants to forgive them, and the road to forgiveness is not always easy. But You’re holding his hand, walk with him through it, as we pray with …