10/8/2022 DAB Transcript

Jeremiah 10:1-11:23, Colossians 3:18-4:18, Psalm 78:56-72, Proverbs 24:28-29

Today is the eighth day of October, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it’s wonderful to be here together with you today, as we gather around the Global Campfire and move forward on our journey through, through the year together and through the Scriptures together. So, picking up where we left off yesterday, leads us back to the book of Jeremiah. We’ve been reading from the New International Version this week, and today Jeremiah chapters 10 and 11.


Thank You, Father, for Your word. Thank You for the Scriptures, for the gift that they are in our lives and the way that they transform us, the way that they confront what is hidden inside of us and comfort us through the seasons where we are suffering. In every way that we will pay attention to and allow, the Scriptures do mighty things in our lives, we are grateful that we have the opportunity to meet, every day, no matter where we are in the world, a place to meet around this Global Campfire and take the next step forward. And we are grateful for these steps, they are changing us and so we open ourselves Holy Spirit to You completely, nothing is off limits. Lead us into all truth. We pray, in the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hello DAB family, my name is unimportant but I’ve been here at the DAB since day one and early on, used to be one of the people behind the scenes. 30 years ago today, October 3rd, Brian was one of my groomsmen and Jill sang at my wedding. Today, also marks 53 weeks since my wife and I separated. Sometime ago, Brian and I went for a long drive, deep in the rolling hills of Tennessee where he encouraged me to call in a prayer request. Having been here since the beginning, that was one of the first things that I contemplated. However, my emotions were so extreme and blurry at that time, I could barely string together a single sentence without losing my composure. So, fast forward and here I am, with a belated request. I humbly ask that you, if you feel led to do so, please petition the Lord on my behalf that my marriage could be reconciled. And please lift up those other listeners, men and woman alike, who are also walking through this same valley. Pray for healing and softening of hearts. Pray they would have peace, pray they would have clarity, pray against pride. Pray they would be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. So, in the name of Jesus, thank you all for your time. Thank you DAB family.

Hi, my name is Rafael. Just want to say thank you to everybody out there, in the Daily Audio Bible world. I’m asking for prayers. I feel I have an addiction and it’s not any help with it. And the second thing is, I wish _ I lost her last February. I miss her. I don’t know what to do. I just really wish to be healed and to be reunited. I just thank you, if you all could pray for me.

Good morning, this is Taken With Love in Louisana. And I just wanna greet you all in Jesus’ name. I just got through listening to the October 4th podcast. And there was several of you that your prayer just really stuck out to me and the last one being Little Sharee from Canada. I just had to chuckle at how humorous our Lord is but in the midst of your prayer request, which was not funny, I certainly understand where you’re coming from. He is gonna do such a deeper work in you. And He did it me as you were explaining the prayer request. God is a wonderful God and He is gonna do something mighty with Mirna and with you and the bed bugs. In Jesus’ name. And for the first guy that called that named himself the Mountain is Higher than I, the first the immediate thought I had when you were asking for prayer, is for God to break every chain, break every chain Lord, off of this man. Why? Because You said You would. Because You said that’s what You came for. And there’s no mamsy pamsy in playing around with it anymore. Allow the Lord to break every chain, that means the links will no longer be hooked together. Why? Because you have children that are watching you. And do you want your children to follow in those footsteps? Heck no. You want them to follow in the admonition of the Lord. So, believe in the power that God can break every chain off of you. Believe in that.

Hi, this is my first time calling. I would like to go by Unashamed of the Gospel or Unashamed for short. I was calling to ask for prayer, as my wife is pregnant. We have had two still born babies and multiple miscarriages. So, it is very, very nerve racking going through another pregnancy. We have one child but so many failed pregnancies. Just praying for peace and praying for a successful pregnancy. I’d appreciate if you would pray along with me. Thanks so much for your prayers. This is Unashamed. Thanks, bye.

Good morning Daily Audio Bible family, today is October the 4th. My name is Betty, I’m Betty from Hamburg. I’ve called in a couple of times, usually about my son Nathan and again today is about Nathan. He is the one was catatonic back in July and spent, he spent two months in the hospital. He came home on September 19th and since being home has not been doing really well. So, it’s really taken a toll on him and the rest of the family. We’re trying to get more help for him today. So, today’s gonna be a…a tough day. We’re hoping he will accept more help. So, just pray for…for Nathan, for healing in his mind. And healing and restoration in his heart and soul. And that he will accept help. Thank you for your prayers. I love this family.

Hey DAB family, my name is Christy, I’m a NIC-U nurse from Central Valley, Cali. I’ve been a listener since 2010 and I feel so blessed by Brian and his family and this ministry over the years. I came to know about this ministry when I was a travel nurse and on my own. I’m no longer a travel nurse but still a nurse on my own and still a listener and supporter of this great ministry and family. More importantly, I have prayer request for a pastor in Heidelberg, Germany. He was in a bad car accident; his name is Keith. He is an induced coma and will be for two weeks. He has several skull fractures, was in brain surgery all night and also multiple spine fractures as well as other injuries. He was out alone, to get dinner for his family and hit a pole from sliding on a slick road and ended up in his own trunk. He’s from Bakersfield, California, has a wife and a young so there in Germany with him also. But please pray for his family as well. Thank you so much. Also, I’m battling a bad cold that I’ve had for over two weeks and if I could just have some prayer about that I would appreciate it. But I appreciate all of you so much. Thank you. Bye Bye.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family, this is People on the Water from Indiana. And I’m calling in today, first of all, to say that I love you. And second of all, I would like to tell you a story. Or tell you the story that’s going on right now. I am thankful for my depression, for my anxiety, for my outsourcing stress. I am grateful for the pain that I feel on a day-to-day basis. With relationships, with tensions rising, with political climate, etc just heating up and it’s just making me so overwhelmed that out of my abundance of stocks I turn to God in prayer and journaling and just singing. Yeah this voice can sing. I look to God in the midst of every big thing that’s going on right now that is affecting my life and yours, I turn to God and I’m able to find God. I’m thankful because it is nowhere like this on this other side of earth, I mean, on the other side of earth, that being heaven. We won’t have to fight to see God in this world. In fact, we will see God and we will not, we will always be with God in heaven. So, that is why today I am grateful and thankful that I have depression, that I have to have this going on in my flesh, fighting to see God. There will be a day when I don’t have to fight to see God. I won’t have to fight against my flesh, instead my spirit will be willing and my body will be willing and I will be able to sit and saturate in God’s presence. That being said, a prayer request. I am starting a men’s life group at my college of adults. I just would really like for you guys to help me out and l lift us up in prayer and have God discern and give me wisdom. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. Thank you. Amen.