9/8/2022 DAB Transcript

Isaiah 1:1-2:22, 2 Corinthians 10:1-18, Psalm 52:1-9, Proverbs 22:26-27

Today is the eighth day of September, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian, like I’ve been every day for going on 17 years. Every day here, I’m Brian. It’s great to be here with you today, as we continue our journey forward day-by-day, step-by-step, immersing ourselves in the Scriptures and allowing them to speak into our lives and forming the choices, the thoughts, the actions, that we take. Great to be here with you today and gather around this Global Campfire for the next step forward.

Introduction to the Book of Isaiah:

And yesterday, we concluded, in the Old Testament, the book of Song of Songs. Which means that we’re moving into some new territory today, completely different kind of territory than the Song of Songs. Today, we will begin the book of Isaiah, which is a prophetic book in the Old Testament, classified among a grouping of books known as the Major Prophets, so that would be Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel and Daniel. And the distinction of major prophets doesn’t mean more important voice, it has more to do with the scope of the material. So, like Isaiah, we’re gonna move into Isaiah today, but we’re gonna camp out in Isaiah for a while because it’s one of the longer books in the Bible, 66 chapters. So, the scope of the material, creates the distinction, major prophets. So, when we get to the minor prophets, we’ll see that they’re much shorter in scope and content. Some of the minor prophets, when we get to them, lots of them we’ll read through in one day, they’re that short. The name Isaiah means the Lord saves and Isaiah was a passionate Old Testament prophet. Isaiah is quoted in the New Testament often. Jesus quotes from Isaiah many times in the Gospels. In fact, Isaiah is the backdrop for Jesus announcing his ministry, “the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, He has anointed me, to bring good news to the poor. He sent me to proclaim that captives will be free, the blind will receive their sight, the oppressed will be set free at the time of the Lord’s favor has come.” Jesus announces that He’s fulfilling that prophecy in their ears. So, Isaiah is important. And here’s the thing about Isaiah amongst scholars, we have the book of Isaiah but many, many, many biblical scholars believe that there’s more than one voice in the book of Isaiah. Some think it may be, it’s a couple of different voices because the first half of Isaiah is full of a lot of judgment, a lot of calling out of things. The second half of Isaiah gets much more hopeful, a lot of beautiful promises of restoration. And then there are scholars that see even a couple more voices and can kind of make those distinctions. The truth is we don’t know whether this was a singular text at one time, that was created overtime, and so, it has different complexions or whether it was kind of begun by Isaiah and then the prophetic schools that were in existence at the time, that this tradition carried forward. These kinds of things are debated and hotly debated among biblical scholars all of the time, it’s part of our tradition, it’s always been going on, as we attempt to excavate and dig deeper and deeper to arrive at a more complete picture of what it is we’re reading and how it becomes actionable in our own lives. Nevertheless, it is believed that Isaiah lived somewhere around the second half of the eighth century BC, it appears that he was not like a peasant or commoner, that he comes from power of some sort or maybe part of an upper-class. He had access to kings. He had access to royalty, that’s not normal for a common person. And even though he lived over, he lived through the reins of many different kings, he was able to prophesy to them, so he had access, that’s not something that just a farmer from some backwater somewhere could just walk into Jerusalem and do this. The prophecies in Isaiah will cover the reins of five different kings: Hussiah, Jothem, Ahaz, Hezekiah and Manasseh. And then, there are Jewish and current Christian traditions that would tell us Isaiah was martyred, and in particular was martyred by being sawed in half and that this came at the order of King Manasseh. That…that tradition isn’t in the Scriptures. There is a small reference in the book of Hebrews that talk about different martyrs, some died by stoning, some were sawed in half, others were killed with the sword. That would be maybe as close as we could come to this tradition. And as I was saying just a couple minutes ago, this book has divisions in it, changes of tone and if we can split it in half, the first 39 chapters are discussing judgment, God’s judgment, very sobering stuff. And then chapters 40 through the end, really bring about God’s comfort and restoration, very, very hopeful part of the book. But as we read this, we should note that Isaiah doesn’t just show up on the scene because God had a bad day yesterday and then woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and starts being angry with the human race and He’s gonna cast things down and create judgment upon the earth. He is going to do those things but it’s because of what He’s seeing which really makes justice a major theme inside the book of Isaiah. And it’s…it’s not just like justice, it’s calling out and labeling injustice, that is not gonna work. He’s not building a people who oppress the widow and the orphan, He’s not creating a people that will dominate over and enslave other people, He’s is not building the people who take advantage in any way that they can. And these things are being called to the surface. And we see this very, very clearly in Isaiah, that the heart of the text is for the downtrodden. So, let’s remember that, that is the backdrop here going on as we read through this because when read through and it’s a book of prophecy, there’s plenty a metaphor, there’s plenty of symbolism and there’s plenty of allegory, it’s easy to check out and just get lost and think this is a prophecy to…to and ancient people, it has nothing to do with me. Just because it was from a prophet and God said it and so it’s in the Bible but doesn’t really mean anything to me today. Justice still means something today, how we interpret and enforce it. In fact, I guess it could be said that it’s…it’s a raging battle now, just like it’s always been, it gets politicized now, like it has always been, it gets murky and cloudy, like it’s always been. And so, if we look deep here, we can see things that have always been going on that are not supposed to be going on. So, let’s begin, Isaiah chapter 1 verse 1, through 2 verse 22 today.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we love You, we worship You and we are grateful for such a gift, such a tangible gift, something that we can turn to, no matter how foggy, murky or dark life can seem, as a tangible gift in the Scriptures. And we thank You for what they speak into our souls and how they challenge everything about us and how they transform us, as we obey them and surrender ourselves to You in utter dependence. Father, as we move into this new territory, into the prophets, come, Holy Spirit, lead us into all truth, this is our constant prayer. This is what we seek and what we desire, that we would know and understand and grow further and further as we are transformed into Your likeness. So, may we collaborate and cooperate with You in every way and not resist You in any way, we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hello my name is Patrick from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And I’m asking for prayer for my dad. His name is Bob, Bob Reef. He has been a pastor for 50+ years. He is 93 years old and he still preaches occasionally. But he’s doing pretty good for 93, he’s got pacemakers and a hearing aids. Still drives his own car, goes for walks on a daily basis and goes on the treadmill every morning. But he’s very lonely because my mother and his wife passed away from dementia last year and he’s just getting lonelier and lonelier. They’d been married, were married 62 years and he has a lot of regrets. He is still the only one from his generation, all the people he’s known, his cousins, parents, grandmas, grandpas, sisters, passed and he’s basically the only one left. And he’s just wondering what his purpose is. He spends most of the time in his home, doing nothing. He’s been a warrior for Christ and I just pray for my dad, that You’d give him a purpose. I just pray for that, I only need to pray for my dad. Again, his name is Bob and he’s just a real void to suddenly to find after 62 two years, he’s all alone. So, I love my dad very much and I just pray for miracle in his life right now. In Jesus name. Thank you.

Hello DAB family, this is Rachel in St. Louis. I called last week about my daughter Ella, suffering from anorexia. I just want to say passionately and humbly thank you so much for all the prayers. I’m a little behind. But I have heard your prayers from all over the world and here in the states and I am so touched and so humbled and so grateful because your prayers have been just wrapping my family in peace and comfort. My daughters had one week in the facility and she’s calm, and completing her meal plan. And I ask that you please just keep praying for her, cause she has a long road ahead. Help her continue to stay calm and understand the steps that she needs to take. And I also want to lift up Sarah the daughter of a mom who called in on behalf of Ella. I will walk with you and pray for Sarah. And I also want to pray for Hannah and John and Rachel in the UK because John has called for his daughter Hannah who also suffers from anorexia. And I’ve been praying alongside you and lifting up Hannah. These precious children, I rebuke this evil that comes against our children’s minds and how harmful it is and we are stronger and there are so many more with us then against us, we will defeat this evil together. Thank you, I love you. I’m humbled by your prayer, your prayers help given me faith and restore my hope and together we are going to move mountains and save our children. Dear Jesus save our precious children, we love you and we’re grateful. Thank you. Watch over Sarah and Hannah, Lord, thank you. Amen

Hey, this one goes out to Brian. This is Micah in Awe, in Kansas City, Missouri. I just wanted to say thank you for the message after today’s reading, September 5th reading and you we’re talking about looking at our lives and seeing who we’re living for, how we’re living. Yeah, I’m getting off track, like I’m focusing on money and things and my own joy and my own happiness and like not paying attention to other people anymore and other and the things of God. I listen to the word and I listen to sermons and every once in a while I listen to worship music. But I’m really getting off track. Today’s insight was great for me to hear. I need to start refocusing, reframing my life and get back focused on doing the work of God. and one thing that hit me is, whenever you’re talking about when we die. We can’t take anything with us, like was mentioned. But, so, I was thinking, whenever I go, I’m back to being in the humble mess that I was before God gave me all this stuff. Like I was a total mess before God change my life and He’s applied all these different things to me, He’s given me wisdom. I don’t know if I ever even asked for wisdom, but He’s given me so much just understanding of things, given me my monetary wealth and I stopped typing recently, just forget about it. And like, these things He’s given me, without Him, stripped away from me, I’m still this mess of a ridiculous person, that’s just irresponsible and just totally needy. Today, I remembered that without that, that’s how I’m gonna leave this earth, without that. I’m going back to the humble state, just me, not even clothing or whatever. Anyway, thank you Brian.

Good morning, Daily Audio Bible. My name is Jesus from beautiful South Florida, where I am today in this new month. I thank God for the devotional on September 5. It came across on the prayer request from a sister named Gina. I don’t know where she said she was from, I can’t mention it. I can’t pronounce it. I can pronounce the name of the Lord God. And she pray about her, her mate, her partner, doing time in prison. I want to talk and I want to pray for you for the life of your partner. I’m gonna ask God this morning to enhance your faith, to bring the Holy Spirit power over you, so that you may have understanding. You know we pray for the life of your partner, that he serves time for whatever he has done or whatever is going on in his life. But you have the power of God on your head. And the Holy Spirit will fill you with patience and that you would motivate him that he may find people to speak over them. That he may find ministry even there in jail. Just as Paul made it happen from prison walls, so can he. My sister, I ask that you support him, that you have faith and patience in the Lord. Trust in Christ in everything that you believe. That your hand, that your prayers would soothe and protect the life of your partner. And that he would come to peace and that everything would be said in his life. Whatever is meant to be, will be. And that you would have encouraging words for those who are in there with him. Sister Gina, may the Lord be with you. May the power that rose Christ from the grave, daily work within you.  

Hey Daily Audio Bible family, this is John no longer from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We’ve relocate and are currently up in York Beach, Maine. In the process of moving to Massachusetts but that is a story for another day. More importantly family, I’d really love for you to join me in prayer right now. We were just on our way into Portsmouth, New Hampshire, it’s kind of rainy here today. We decided to stop a do a little bit of shopping for my daughter Leah, who’s started up college, her first year as a freshman. And I bumped into a couple at a shoe store and they have learned that a fire just destroyed there home back in Medford, Massachusetts. Would you please join me in praying for Ben and for Nicole. A couple people that I just met in line at the shoe store I was at. Father God, thank You for the Daily Audio Bible family and thank you for the power of prayer, Father God. Thank You that you are a God that heals and a God that restores, Jesus. I ask Father, that You show yourself in a magnificent way, in a way that only you can, to bring comfort and wholeness to Nicole and to Ben and to their family. And Father, thank You in advance for putting around them and placing them in the hands of people that are gonna be resourceful to them, that are gonna contribute to their lives in a meaningful way. Lord Jesus, use this as an opportunity Father, to surround them with Christian people who can show them Your love and Your light God, to bring them closer to you, so that You can be a testimony for them one day Jesus down the road, I believe that with all my heart and I know that You’re able, more able Father God than any one, and anything. We love You Jesus, in your precious name I pray. Amen. Thank you so much family. Thanks for praying for Ben and Nicole.