7/24/2022 DAB Transcript

2 Chronicles 11:1-13:22, Romans 8:26-39, Psalm 18:37-50, Proverbs 19:27-29

Today is the 24th day of July, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian and it is a pleasure and an honor to be here with you today and a joy and a moment full of excitement to be here with you to greet a shiny, sparkly, new week. And we mark our weeks because there’s 52 of them that we get to move through each year and this is another beginning, and we remind ourselves we get 52 chances. Well, His mercies are new every morning so, we get a new chance every day, but it is nice to know the space of a week, we can create chaos or we can participate in Shalom. And that will manifest itself based on the way that we conduct ourselves this week. So, at the beginning of a brand-new week, we remember it’s in front of us. We may have made a mess last week, that doesn’t mean that has to continue now, we can begin the cleanup process now. And as we continue to move forward week by week by week, with a fresh start, we can remember we’re telling the story here, we’re walking with God and telling the story of our lives through the conversations that we have and the choices that we make. One of the best choices that we can make, is to allow the Scriptures to be a part of the conversation. So, it is wonderful to be around the Global Campfire today with you, as we take that next step forward. This week we will read from the Contemporary English Version and obviously we’ll pick up where we left off yesterday, and that leads us back into the book of second Chronicles. Yesterday, we kind of moved through that apex time of the height of Solomon’s reign and the quick demise of Israel itself. When…when 10 of the northern tribes rejected Solomon’s son Rehoboam to be their king. And so, now we are in a time where the monarchy is divided, the nation of Israel is now the nation of Israel which are the 10 tribes in the north and the kingdom of Judah, which also encompasses the holy city of Jerusalem in the south. Jeroboam is king in the north; Rehoboam is king in the South. And let’s pick up the story, second Chronicles chapters 11, 12 and 13 today.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for this brand-new week that we have entered together and as we acknowledged at the beginning, this is a time of gratefulness, it’s a fresh start. So, as we continue our journey through second Chronicles and through the letter to the Romans this week, as we get deeper and deeper into the letter to the Romans, quicken our hearts, awaken our minds and spirits that we may drink deeply from these truths, that describe our reality in You. Holy Spirit, come and lead us into all truth. We ask this so often but there isn’t a time we don’t need that and so come and reveal truth to us that we might walk in it. We pray this in the precious and mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hey, this is Tom from Lovett, Texas. I could sure use a lot of prayer. As probably with most people, life goes up and down. Right now, I’m in a down place a hard place. Health issues are going on that need some answers for. God’s done it before, I know He can do it again. So, if you pray that would be awesome. Thank you, I do enjoy the group here, the Daily Audio Bible family and hearing good things and prayer requests. And also thank You God for that. God bless you.
Father God, my name is Robert Giles and I pray Lord in Jesus Holy and Mighty name, God for those that are less fortunate in this world and don’t have the power of God to escape the pull of darkness. I pray God, as I work with the homeless God, many of whom suffer from addiction Lord, and mental health issues God. I pray for them God, that they would seek the light of the Lord God. I pray God for my job, Lord, that you would cover the walls Lord, with Your Holy Spirit God. That you would give me the power Lord, to continue to walk while I show the right way and leave a light.

Hello DAB family, I’m just going to label myself as Broken. I have two things, the first one is the hardest. My younger daughter has cut off all communication with me. Yesterday, I ran into someone who is a mutual friend and she said, your daughters okay. Which just brought all the up again. So, I really need prayer for that. Second, I was in a big accident four years ago. Lots of things were broken and I’m a concert organist and I play piano and big pipe organ for worship. But I haven’t been able to. My wrist was broken in that accident and I didn’t even know. So, I have a specialist appt and I dreamed last night that they said it was too late. But I don’t believe that. It can’t be too late for me. I place both things in God’s hands but I really need your prayers. Thank you so much, bye.

Good morning, everyone, my name is Womey and I want to be known as Standing on the Promises of God. I am a first-time caller. I have been listening to Daily Audio Bible for many years. I would like to use this opportunity to say a good thank you to Brian Hardin and his family. I pray that this ministry shall continue to touch lives in Jesus’ name. I would also like to pray for God’s children’s that are experiencing a relapse, a recurrence, a resurface of cancer of mental illness and whatsoever disease out there. I pray for you, Nathan, that’s the message was read, was played on the 16th of July. I also pray for you Travis; the message was played on the 13th of July. God, his name is El Roi, Travis, and He has seen your tears. He has wiped your tears away. So, God’s sees you. And I believe that whosoever the Son has set free, has been freed indeed. So, we believe for freedom of mind, for peace of mind, concerning your life, in Jesus’ name. I would also like to pray for Jeremiah whose message was played first on the 10th of May and then he left another message which was played on the 18th of July. Jeremiah, I want to just thank you for your follow-ups and say that you have inspired so many of us. And yes, I am a firm believer in taking a break from toxic relationships because one also needs healing. So, we thank God and God has healed you from every bitterness, rough, slander, malice according to Ephesians 4:31. So, go in God’s grace, travel well with you, God shall give you wisdom and strength and He shall help you to speak truthful and kind words to your parents. Thank you very much.