03/02/2020 DAB Transcript

Leviticus 25:47-27:13, Mark 10:32-52, Psalms 45:1-17, Proverbs 10:22

Today is the 2nd day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s great to be here with you today. I know I said goodbye from Jerusalem yesterday, but kind of saying goodbye from Jerusalem today too. I got looking at a calendar and was like, if there’s any flight delay whatsoever, like there’s no margin of error, if there’s anything I won’t be back, I won’t be back, I don’t know where I’ll be. So, I am reading this just to be wise…so, from Jerusalem. Though by the time you’re hearing this, well hopefully I’m sleeping right now and that we arrived back yesterday afternoon. But I’m gonna play it safe because we have never missed a day in…well this is the 15th year and that’s not gonna happen. So, we have one more day of reading from Jerusalem and it’s great to be here with you today. And we’re reading from the English Standard Version this week. And today, let’s remember like we’re getting lots of rules and regulations and laws and lots of instructions and craftsmanship, all kinds of stuff, a whole culture is being built, but we’re still at Mount Sinai. So, we’re still around this mountain where we’ve been since the children of Israel left Egypt. And, so, we’re still there, still hearing the giving of the law. So, today Leviticus chapter 25 verse 47 through 27 verse 13.


Okay. So, we went through the gospel of Matthew. We certainly went through the story of Jesus, you know, His arrest and trial and execution and resurrection. We read that and we’re moving into that territory now again in the gospel of Mark. And I just want to point this out again because it’s so poignant to our lives and so interesting in the Scriptures. So, like, let me just read a couple verses. “And they will mock him and spit on him and flog him and kill him and after three days He will rise.” And James and John, the sons of Zebedee, came up to Him and said to Him, “teacher, we want you to do whatever you ask of…whatever we ask of you.” And He said, “what do you want?” And they said, grant us to sit one at Your right and one at Your left hand in your glory.” Okay, what’s so fascinating is that Jesus is saying to His friends as He’s walking to Jerusalem where these things are gonna to take place that He’s going to die, that He’s going to be killed, that He’s going to be mocked and ridiculed, that He’s going to be spat on, that He’s going to be beaten, and that He’s going to get killed, that He’s going to be executed. And all they can think of to say in the gospel of Mark, like the next breath is James and John asking for seats at His right hand and His left. What’s poignant about this is that they are still…the they don’t understand, even though He’s telling them what’s going to happen. They’re looking for an earthly kingdom. Whatever Jesus is saying He’s saying. He talks in parables all the time. Sometimes He’s hard to understand. They’re thinking these things as they’re moving. And, so, they’re not completely tracking with what’s going on here. And, so, they’re expecting Jesus to go to Jerusalem and like the revolution is going to begin. And although that’s very true, it’s not in any way as they are expecting. God’s kingdom is a heavenly kingdom. It’s a kingdom that is here within us and among us. We…we talked about that at length going through Matthew because Matthew’s gospel captures Jesus revealing the kingdom of heaven basically more than…than the other gospels. So, we’ve been looking at this, but we still so often are looking for it with our senses, our five…like we’re looking for it to be upon this earth. Like where is the kingdom upon this earth? The kingdom upon this earth is everywhere you look if you have eyes to see. And if you feel like you can’t see it then go look in the mirror. So, let’s continue to pay attention to that because I mean, the word for our year, one of the words for our year, is “Vision”. And it’s not like that you can see, it’s that you have eyes to see. It’s that we actually don’t take this is a weird metaphor, but we actually go like, “I have to look differently. I have to look from within. I…I have to look for the goodness of God in the world.” And its growing everywhere. It’s holding back the darkness. We keep thinking like the darkness is overwhelming the world. And, yeah, it’s pretty rough out there, that’s never not been true. Like we’re reading texts from thousands of years ago in the Scriptures, and it was true then. Yes, the darkness is here. The light keeps the darkness from overwhelming us. And according to Jesus, we are the light of the world. So, let’s not miss it. Let’s not waste our lives waiting to die so we can graduate into this. Let’s understand that our lives are full of purpose because we are holding back the darkness. Let’s not…let’s not miss it because when Jesus was here, the Son of the Living God most high we missed it. Let’s not miss it anymore.


Jesus, we invite you into that and it…I mean we’ve asked so many times and we’re going to continue asking, give us eyes to see and ears to hear your kingdom. And we’re asking specifically, let us see it today as we move through this world doing our work having our interactions may we see goodness, may we see the goodness, may we see the light and know that we’re not alone, that we are part of holding back the darkness. We pray this in your mighty name. Amen.


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If you want to go one step deeper into these places, the Promise Land films are a fantastic resource for that as we continue our journey through the Bible. There is like 71 difference archaeological locations that we have identified and filmed over the years in the Promise Land films. And, so, all of the major places that we experience in the Bible you can experience and see visually from lots of different perspectives in the Promise Land films. So, that’s great.

And reminding you that…so we have to start talking right now like…but we’ll be coming back in 2021. And that trip is organized and planned and open for registration. It is indeed filling up fast. And, so, you can check that out at dailyaudiobible.com in the Initiatives section. Just look for Israel 2021 and you can get every detail that you would need to help you make that choice and discern if this is your time. Hope to see you in the land of the Bible next year.

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And that is it for today I should be somewhat conscious and able to read English words tomorrow. So, I love you I’m Brian and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning DAB family this is Lady of Victory is about 8:18 on Tuesday the 25th of February and I am a listening to Brian on 25th of February and my heart is overwhelmed…my heart is overwhelmed as I am listening to the prayers at the end. And I specifically want to reach out to Tina for her encouragement. She says she’s a first-time caller and a new listener as of January 1st and how she encouraged us to continue to pray for our adult children. And Tina I just wanted to say to you, you have no idea how you ministered because, you know, as believers sometimes we’re like, “God are you hearing us? Are we making a difference?” And my husband and I are really trying to seek out what God wants for us. God what do You want for the season? And I, you know, we are season believers. And, so, it’s not like we’re just like walking around aimlessly like, “where do You want us God?” But just in this season it’s like God where do You want us? What are You saying? And, so, for you to encourage us the way that you did was so powerful. And I just want to thank you so much. And, yes, you are going to be saved because your heart is ripe for it. And God has…God has been waiting on you all this time to get right where you are. And, so, all you have to do is say, “Lord I am a sinner and I need You in my heart, I need You in my life to take over my life and be Lord. And I surrender, I submit my will to Your will.” And right there, you’ll be saved. He said, when we confess with our mouth and believe in our hearts that He’s Lord then that’s it. And, so, I encourage you sister, do exactly that and thank you so much for your encouragement. We love you.

So, this is my first day listening to the Daily Audio Bible. It was definitely amazing and a great way to start my day. I want to thank Dana the one who told me about the app. I love listening to everyone at the end of each session. I feel a connection to everyone just through, you know, our faith and God and I just pray for all of you and that all your hardships and that everything works out for you. I just want to put a prayer request out there for my fiancé. We’re going through a rough time right now and everything’s been going well so far but I’m just praying for further blessings from God because I know He’s been watching over us during this time. But I just want to thank you guys for creating this app and this ministry. It’s truly amazing.

Hi Daily Audio Bible I love you guys and I am so blessed. I do ministry and everyone who prays, please pray for me. I’m in the hospital with a very bad infection. It’s the second time in the hospital in two months and it can get very discouraging. So please pray for me. Thank you. And please join in praying for everyone out there who’s afflicted with the coronavirus. I just pray that God would break through in the midst of this horrible epidemic. Okay. God bless you.

Hello beloved DABbers this is Chris from Michigan. During the February 22nd community prayer, we heard Daniel from Singapore seek prayers because of the Hunan virus, which we in the states call the coronavirus. Daniel said this is attacking churches almost as if it were from the evil one. So, please let’s all stop right now and pray together. Father God fill us with Your Holy Spirit as we pray. Lord, David prayed at Eranas threshing floor and You answered his prayer and stopped the plague on Israel. So, please hear our prayer. Lord we don’t have the authority of David over his people that we come in the name of him who has authority over us, Your son Jesus. We ask that You would stop this plaque wherever it is right now in the name of Jesus. We ask that those who have been exposed to the virus that will not fall ill nor will they pass it on to others. We ask that those who have fallen ill will be healed. We ask that the plague would be stopped in every nation on earth. We ask for this to happen today in the mighty name of Jesus. We praise You Father God for You’ve asked us to pray this prayer and You hear us as we pray. All glory be to Your name. Amen.

Hello DAB community I have never called in. I’ve been listening silently for a few years. I just want you to know that I do listen to the prayers and I tell everybody about it. I…I just called in because I was so personally touched by just hearing about the two boys that their mother passed away. I had been thinking about them and praying about them and carrying them in my heart just wondering if they’re okay, talking to my husband about it. And to hear them talk and let us know how they’re doing. I just cried and just thank God that they’re doing okay, and they just sound so beautiful on the line. I’m just so grateful and I hope and pray that they will continue to be all right. And the one legacy that their mom left them was a faith in God. That’s the best thing you can do for your child. And never give up on your children, never give up on anybody but especially your children. I…I….I’m so touched by that and how much God has given them joy and that they know that their mother is in a better place. That is…that is just…that…that made me…gave me peace. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Love you guys.

Good morning DAB family this is your brother Mark from beautiful Florida. I don’t think I’ve ever left my tag or moniker. I’ve often called and sang and prayed for people, but I’ve never left anything or acknowledged my existence. So, here I am this morning. I want to pray and challenge all those people out there that are calling in for our brother Harold. Harold, you have made such an impression and left such a mark in our community. I can only come to the conclusion that everybody who’s thrown their support in for you, for your run, needs to throw their support in and go and evangelize people. To me this this just shows that people are hungry to share the gospel right where they’re at. And, so, DABbers, I just want to challenge you to do that today. Go tell it on the mountain. Tell everybody. Uncover that gospel light you’re hiding and that you use just to crawl under the shell. Challenge yourself. Go talk to a couple people today right we you’re at. Pray for them. Tell them that Jesus loves them. It’s a fun thing to do and it makes you feel good too. And you’re doing your job for the Lord. As Jesus said, go forth and make disciples of all nations baptizing them and telling them what I told you in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost and low I’ll be with you always. He promises this. Don’t be afraid, He’s gonna be with us to the end of the age. DABbers I’ll talk to you soon, this is Mark from Florida.

Father God thank You so much for this new day and all of the opportunities before us and all the blessings You have in store for us this day. Help us Lord to grasp with open hands and also help us to recognize when we are at a crossroads when we do have a choice between the narrow path that leads to life and the easier wide path as well. Help us Lord to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow You. Lord, thank You for today and a reminder of what today is, Ash Wednesday. All go to one place. All are from the dust and to dust all return. One day Lord we will die unless You come before that, but anyway. But Lord it’s not left there for as in Adam all die so also in Christ shall all be made alive. Thank You, Lord that though we may die that is not the end because Christ came and redeemed us so that we might have life everlasting. And I pray Lord that You’d help us to remember that hope as we face the disappointments of life, as we face death, that You’d be with us Lord. Lord, I also want to pray for India at this time and pray for wisdom for the government and the authorities as the people are rioting. And we do Lord, we pray for peace and we pray for calm and we pray that love would reign, especially between the Hindu and the Muslim community. Please be at work Lord and please be protecting people and property in Jesus’ holy and precious name. Amen.