07/17/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Chronicles 24:1-26:11, Romans 4:1-12, Psalms 13:1-6, Proverbs 19:15-16

Today is the 17th day of July welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you today as we greet a brand-new shiny sparkly week, reset ourselves and take the next step forward together. And this week we will read from the English Standard Version. And our next step leads us back into the book of first Chronicles before spending some time in the letter to the Romans in the New Testament. But first, first Chronicles chapter 24 verse 1 through 26 verse 11.


Father, we thank you for your word and we thank you that we get to greet each brand-new week with you and with one another around the Global Campfire moving forward day by day and step-by-step. And, so, we look forward with great anticipation for all that is before us in this week, not only in our lives but in the Scriptures, and we pray that the Scriptures will spill over into our lives transforming the way that we do things. Day by day step-by-step week by week, month by month, we grow stronger and more awake and more aware. Continue this process and as we surrender and cooperate with you. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hello this is Iris from Sun City AZ I’m calling on behalf of the woman who called in today July 13th to say that her purse had been stolen. I was so blessed by her prayer for the thief who took her things, and I would like to pray for her as well as the thief and thank God for her. Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You for this woman who has Your grace and Your mercy in her heart and that…so that she can forgive this crime that was committed against her. Lord God I also prepare…I also pray for the woman or man or Young person who…who did this thing, the stealing of someone else’s property. Lord God, I pray that You would meet him or her, confront him or her. And Father I am praying even for the miracle that her items would be returned. Thank You, Lord in Jesus…

Hello Daily Audio Bible family this is Caleb from New Mexico first time ever calling. Just so thankful for this family and for the community. It’s…it’s extremely encouraging, and it’s gotten me through a lot especially lately. I was just calling for some prayer. I have come back in my walk with the Lord about over a year ago, born and raised in the church but I strayed away and during that time got married and had a son and then divorced and divorced of last year and realized that I walked away and I had to come back. And I’ve been working on myself and my walk with the Lord and my relationship with him and I love him dearly but just would like some prayer. Right now, I…I was in a very loving relationship. I’m a single father. I have my son the majority of the time and the relationship is put on hold because the Lord’s is telling us that we need to work on some things separately. I’m just battling discouragement and the enemy trying to put things in my head about I’m never going to be good enough and will always be alone. But I love her very much and I love the Lord and it’s really been nice to refocus on my walk with Him and just watching Him do what He does best and that show up and that darkest times. But thank you DAB family. I love you all. And thank you Brian, I hope you guys all have a blessed week.

Hi DAB it’s Belle from Colorado. Dear God, I’m praying for Matthew from the UK. He’s got a lot going on, from eye problems to rats to his wife being diagnosed with diabetes and more. I pray that You would please deliver him and his family from these things, that there would be healing, and their situation would improve in Jesus’ name. Amen. Bye.

Hey Daily Audio Bible it’s Doctor John from Jordan NY I’m gonna ask you to join me in prayer for a homeless man that I gave my couple granola bars to the other day. And he said God bless you and I asked God to bless him back. And he asked me to pray for him. His name is John. And, so, I’m going to ask you to join together with me in praying for John. Heavenly Father I thank You for the opportunity to pray for John. I thank You for his request to pray for him. Please provide for him whatever he needs. Please provide provision for shelter and for food and for clothing, whatever he needs Lord please provide for him and please do so miraculously so that he knows that this provision is from You and by Your hand. And I ask all of this in our Lord and savior Jesus’ name. Amen.