5/11/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 10:1-11:15, John 6:43-71, Psalm 107:1-43, Proverbs 15:1-3

Today is the 11th day of May, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian, it’s great to be here with you today as we continue…continue forward in the Scriptures, which leads us back into a pivotal book in the Old Testament. We’re reading the books of Samuel; we’re reading first Samuel right now. And Samuel is in the process of appointing Israel’s first king. That’s where you pick up the story. First Samuel 10 and 11, today.


Okay so, we have met Israel’s first king, King Saul. And there’s many fascinating things about King Saul, not the least of which is, that he was Israel’s first king and we saw that coronation. We say that everybody wasn’t on board until he took them into battle the first time, we watched all of that. But we also watched Samuel call forth the tribes to appoint a king and it gets really interesting here because, as he’s looking over the 12 tribes of Israel, it’s the tribe of Benjamin that was chosen and in the end Saul from Gibeah is chosen to be the king of Israel and that could be like well, whatever, that’s no big deal, but let’s go back to the Book of Judges. The last story that we read in Judges is of the annihilation of the tribe of Benjamin. We remember, all of the people came together at Mizpah and then went into battle against Gibeah, a city of the tribe of Benjamin. Now, there back at Mizpah anointing of Benjaminite, a person from a tribe that had been nearly wiped off the map all together, there were only 600 men left. It is from this tribe that came Israel’s first king, King Saul. Saul’s gonna teach us a lot. There’s a lot of ourselves that we’re going to see and a lot of things that Saul does because Saul is tremendously afraid of what people think of him. He is far more interested in what things look like, then in doing what is right and this is gonna cost him and it’s gonna cost the people. And it cost us when that’s our story. And we see the first clues of this at the ceremony to anoint him king because, you know, the tribe of Benjamin gets called forward and then the clan gets called forward, then the family gets called forward and then the person gets called forward and when Saul gets called forward, he can’t be found, he is hiding. He is hiding. They have to go find him to bring him to be coronated king. Samuel had told him he was the anointed one, much before that, in private. So, now this is all happening and Saul is to step into his destiny, his calling, his anointing. And he’s hiding. And that right there, is probably a lesson for some of us, even now, even as we’re just getting to know Saul, at least as a king. And so, let’s watch this story closely in the coming days, we have much to learn about ourselves, even as we learn about the times of ancient Israel.


So, Father, we invite You into that, often, when we feel like we’re supposed to step forward, we’re the ones that are hiding. Often, when there’s the destiny in front of us, but there’s also the risk and there’s also the danger, then we’re hiding. That obviously looks different for every single one of us based on the stories that we have told thus far in our lives. We don’t want that to be our story going forward, though. And so, Holy Spirit, come, into this, help us to consider the ways that we are hiding out from the very, very thing we are supposed to be stepping into. Come Jesus, we ask in Your precious name we pray. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Greetings to you, my DAB family, this is Walking in the Light in Tennessee. God is so good and He is so merciful and we get to depend on Him, His grace and His mercy. I’m calling with some prayer request, just been going through a storm, a terrible time of one issue, after another, after another. I’m not going to go into all of them, I’ll name a few. My, a tree hit the roof of my house, didn’t go, penetrate into the roof, but damaged still. My son, my oldest son, who is an alcoholic has come home to live with me and I’m working with the grace of the Lord and the help of the Lord, to restore him to wholeness and to health. My car, I had some kind of an issue and has gone to the dealership to be repaired, it’s now in the third week and they can’t get the part and, at least they say they can’t get the part, and so I’m having to rent a car. All of these are financially stressful. I lost one of my fathers in the ministry this past, over the last two weeks and it’s just been a very, very stressful time. I still have two other sons, great sons. One of them won’t visit the home as long as the other son is here. And then, of course, my younger son is in another city. So, I need your prayers, just feeling the stress of it all. I know that God is good. Love you all and ask that you would lift me up. Walking in the Light in Tennessee. And let my heart be encouraged as your hearts encouraged, in the precious name of Jesus. Love you all and God is still good. Amen, Amen, Amen.

Hello, is there anybody else out there who is a day behind on your Daily Audio Bible app? Every so often, I have to catch up. And that’s what I did this morning. Today is the 7th and yesterday was the 6th and that’s when we finished the Book of Ruth. Oh my goodness, what a gem. What a glorious, wonderful book. And that woman, Ruth, she was a woman after God’s own heart. I just get such a treat out of that meeting. I just wanted to say with tomorrow being Mother’s Day, for all of you young mamas out there, mine our grown and I have grandchildren now. I just want to tell you, hold on tight. Read God’s word. Trust in Him daily. Take those moments to be at His feet cause you need that strength. You are raising our future children and you want them to desire and to see you, to be like you, a woman of God. And when things get rough in the home, children are going crazy, the laundry is piling up, dishes in the sink, your husbands frustrated, remember, when it’s a whirlwind, a storm in your home, be the temperature. Calm it down. Be kind and loving and patient. I know it’s hard but just trust the Lord, be the temperature. And Jill and Brian, thank you, this is my 7th year reading and listening to the Daily Audio Bible, thank you so much for giving us this daily gift and yearly, continuous doing this. God Bless you all and Happy Mother’s Day mamas.

Good morning DAB family. This is year seven and this is your sister Ashley from California. And I was just coming to respond to a couple people from today. So, Richard the Radio Manager, God Bless you brother. I can relate to the overwhelming work situation and how the emotional life can be hard to return to the songs that give us hope and strength to move forward before. But, in Psalm 40 verse 3, God promises us to give us a new song. And I just want to encourage you brother, to keep leaning into Him, keep remembering His goodness. Your new song will be a light to others to see God’s goodness and trust Him. And I just also wanted to come on here and thank Victorious Soldier for that encouragement and hope. And I also wanted to thank Nurse Joy and you both encouraged my weary heart. You are both blessings. And tomorrow is Mother’s Day, here in the United States and so, I just wanted to come on here and wish all the moms a Happy Mother’s Day. Those that are hurting, those who are joyful and those who are longing to be mothers. God Bless you all and God will, God will provide if it is, in His perfect timing. So, I love you all. I am continually praying for you all. Thank you. Bye.

Hello DABers, Bubba D from Tennessee. May 7th, submitting another prayer request. Richard the Radio Station Manager, Father, lift up my brother asking that You would give him true Sabbath, true understanding of what it means to give all the cares to You. And he’s expressed that the burden has not been light, the yoke has not been easy. Father, I pray that You would help him to disconnect from a anything, everything, one day a week, just to reflect, just get centered back into that first Sabbath of Adam and Eve, no sin, nothing. Spending there day, realizing what’s really, truly means, the commandment resting in God, resting with God, walking with God, still creating things because the relationship is creative. Restoring life, just like Yushua, Jesus was doing on Sabbath days, restoring life. Father, I pray that Richard would just have that deep revelation from You, maybe even go through some the verses in the Bible about what it means to restore life, his own, in this case, Father. That he would realize that burnout is not Your will, but walking in restful communion with You and knowing the priorities is only 20% of what he does that actually when amount to 80% of things in his life that will matter most for him and his loved ones. In Jesus name we ask. Amen. God bless everyone.

This is John Ransom calling from Budapest with a message for David from the UK, who phoned in on 8th of May. David, my heart really goes out to you, to have your wife with a mental breakdown. And with all that collateral damage, all around the orbit of her life and your life, I can only imagine how distressing and absolutely dark, it has to be in so many moments. And yet, I just want to encourage you that the Lord is with you in every moment. You know, there’s a song that says that I could go down to the depths of the sea and You would still be there. You know, where there is light there is no darkness. I just want to encourage you, that He truly is with you and will not forsake you in this moment, that’s the first thing. And then, I would just like to pray for you right now and ask everyone listening to pray and give their Amen. Father God Abba, you know, You know what the situation is. You know the causes, You know the history, You know everything. I just ask that you would envelope David and his wife with Your peace, with Your love, with, give him hope in his heart, give him clarity in his mind, give him that peace which passes all understanding that we can only know if we set our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. I pray that You would just lavish him with resources, open doors of resources, people stepping forward to help him. And many, many different ways during his day, during the visits in the hospital, that you would strew love notes across his path, so that he could see in very personal way how close you are indeed, with to him or with him and his wife and we ask this in Jesus name. Be encouraged my brother and we just hope and pray for the healing of your wife. Amen.