05/07/2021 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 1:1-2:21, John 5:1-23, Psalms 105:37-45, Proverbs 14:28-29

Today is the 7th day of May welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it’s great to be here with you today on this 7th day of May. We concluded the book of Ruth yesterday. So, that means were heading into some new territory. And in the books of Samuel, we’ll begin to migrate out of the time of the judges and into the time of the monarchy.

Introduction to the book of First Samuel:

Samuel is the last judge of Israel. He’s also a prophet. He’s also a priest. He’s also monumental figure in the Bible, but he’s speaking with a voice as prophet, priest, this kind of voice speaking for God. This is something that the people were more accustomed to under Moses leadership. So, we’ll begin today, and we’ll begin just getting to know Samuel’s story. And then the story of his birth. And then before Samuel’s time is done, before we’ve finished the stories of Samuel, we’ll be lead all the way to Israel’s first monarch because it’s Samuel that will anoint king Saul. And then we will spend some time with Israel’s first king Saul, which will challenge us in a manner…in a number of ways to look at the parallels in our own lives, and then eventually we’ll meet David. And Samuel plays a role in David’s life as well. And then we’ll be kinda getting to know David a bit through his poetry and songs found in the book of Psalms. But we’ll get to know his life and his story, and his life and story will also teach us remarkable things about ourselves. So, there are two books of Samuel - first and second Samuel. And followed by that we will read first and second Kings. And this is a good time to just point out that there…originally there wasn’t first and second Samuel, first and second Kings. These were all grouped together as one text. So, eventually the…what we know as the Old Testament was translated into Greek and we call that the Septuagint, which was around the time of Jesus. Then the books were divided into four different parts. And these were known as the books of the kingdoms. Then later, the same Hebrew text, the Old Testament as we know it now was then translated into Latin. It was called the Vulgate and then these four texts became the books of the Kings. So, at this time then we’re looking at First Kings Second Kings Third Kings and Fourth Kings. So, First and Second Samuel, what we’re about to start reading was then known as First and Second Kings. You get it? Like, I know this is confusing. So, First and Second Samuel was at one time First and Second Kings and then there was a Third and Fourth Kings, which is now First and Second Kings. And, so, this all changed ultimately to what…what we are more familiar with, the books of Samuel and the books of Kings when the King James Bible was created in 1611. Unless we think that 1611 was so long ago, that’s like 400 years 400 and change years ago in a tradition that goes back thousands and thousands of years. But anyway, our Bible now reads First and Second Samuel and then First and Second Kings. And, so, that’s what we’ll be reading starting with First and Second Samuel here in about a few seconds. Let’s just remember the territory that we’ve come out of as we’ve come out of judges. Israel had no king. Everybody was doing what was right in their own eyes. That is the set of circumstances that Samuel enters into the story. He’s the last judge. But as we’ll see from his story, he is a prophet and he’s speaking directly for God and the people listen. And, so, with that we begin. First Samuel chapter 1 verse 1 through chapter 2 verse 21.


Father, we thank You for Your word and we thank You for this new…this new territory that we’re getting to settle into with the story of Samuel that will lead us to other stories of people that we need to get to know as we’re making our way through the Bible. And, so, thank You for Your word and for bringing us to this point. We’ve been traveling in a specific direction for so long that now we’re seen things unfold before us as the story of the ancient Hebrews in the promised land begins to flesh itself out. And, so, as we continue to move forward on this journey, we ask that You continue to help us see what we need to see, that our lives might be informed, that the paths that we choose are informed by the stories that are found in the Scriptures. Come Holy Spirit we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

[singing starts] When I look around at what the Lord offers, I begin to pray on the things that I see. I should keep my eyes on Jesus my savior He has promised every treasure to me. All that I need is my faith in Jesus. All that I need is my home above. All that I need is my Father’s mercy. All that I need is my Saviors love. [singing stops] That was Emily in the UK.

Hello Daily Audio Bible family, first-time caller. My name is Isaiah. I want to send an encouragement to the mother suffering from kidney failure with the 8-year-old son. My heart was breaking when I heard her voice asking for prayer and that really blew me away a0s well as everyone else I’m sure is. Her heart for other people. And I want to reach out and say that you have an entire family praying for you. We love you. And amidst all of these trials the fact that you can still praise God is an incredible testimony to the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. So, just want you to know that I’m praying for you and your son. God bless you and thank you for this incredible Daily Audio Bible app and this family. God bless you all.

Congratulations China and Ben and for your baby Reagan the Brave. It’s so awesome. Congratulations, grandma and grandpa, Jill, and little E. Just congratulations to all of you. And Brian, just such a blessing to have this baby upon us. Happy to hear the announcement. Isabel from Australia from Melbourne just congratulations you guys and praying for all you guys Daily Audio Bible. Love you’s all. Congratulations.

Hi, I’m calling…I’m calling for the father who was begging the Lord to reconnect with his daughters, with his children, one who is 20 and one who is 18 and that he has sorrow in his heart. He…he would like to reconnect with them and that the mother doesn’t let him reconnect. I just want to let you know that God hears you and you…you know…you've…it touched me to so deeply this love and pain that you feel. And I know that if it touches someone like me who’s in Paris and I have a dad whose sick right now and. you know. sometimes it’s not easy to connect with our parents. And, you know, I’m just going to pray for you now that the path is going to be opened for you. Father, Father sweet Father heavenly Father have mercy on us. Thank You. Thank You, Father for connecting us through technology and through beautiful people like Brian and his family, for gracing us with beautiful hearts. Father, I beg You to forgive our sins, forgive my sins please hear my voice. Please hear my plea for this father who has so much love to give to his daughters. And You alone can connect and repair time. Father sometimes the difficulties in life like illnesses can help families come together. Please use this illness, this diagnosis that his father has to…

Hey, my sweet DAB family this is Kingdom Seeker Daniel. Family, I wanted to reach out to my brother Norman. Double DABber Norman first-time caller from the East Coast of Pennsylvania. Oh, my beloved brother my heart goes out to you in a major way for both the cancer diagnosis as well as the trial and the challenge that you’re experiencing of not having had contact with your children with…which I so relate to, probably around the same timeframe particularly with my girls but maybe even longer. But I just wanted to encourage you to know that the Lord sees you, the Lord knows all about your struggle and he absolutely cares. And, so, I want you to just hold fast my friend, hold fast Norman. God knows and He cares. I don’t know exactly how He’s gonna move but I know He’s at work in the lives of your children. So, let me pray for you. Father I lift up Your son Norman. God, You see both the diagnosis of cancer and the separation and the heartache of not having contact with his children for at least 10 years. God, is there anything too hard for You? We know emphatically there is nothing You cannot do. Will You show up for Norman both in his health and in the relationship break? In the name of Jesus. Amen.

So, my name is Alexander Schultz I’m Annette Marie Allison’s son and I’ll have to say that I was in a jail cell in Telluride Co and I got sent a couple of books from Mr. Brian Hardin, one of them being Sneezing Jesus. And I recall reading his story in that book talking about how Brian had gotten stranded out in the middle of the desert and he ended up in this bar where he didn’t belong, and he ended up needing a ride from somebody. And this guy in this old beater truck gave him a ride and he’s talking trash on this truck and it ends up being the one that he rides in. And I’m in a jail cell laughing to myself as hard as I can on lock down. And people are wondering looking in my cell, “what’s going on?” And I’m here reading this story about Brian and this truck that he’s riding in with this guy who’s half drunk. And it just gave me…gave me a lot of encouragement right there, gave me… gave me a good an uplifting feeling to read that he had been through all this trouble and the person that he just probably didn’t even want to be beside ended up being the only man who would help him. I thought I’d share that though. I thought it was pretty funny.