9/15/2023 DAB Transcript pt3

According to Paul, those…those they need to end because we are a part of a new thing God is doing in this world. Jesus was the firstborn, and we are following Him into this new life. And in this kingdom, there isn’t a hierarchy. We are all one in Christ, we are all equal in Christ and…and that…that teaching that we would go, yes, we are all trying to live into that. That put Paul on a pretty tough situation because in many ways, this would make classical Judaism at his time obsolete. And so, he had incredible opposition over this belief and as we know he died for his beliefs. So, as we move forward in…in Galatians and for that matter, as we move forward in…in Paul’s letters, we’ll see Paul explaining that we are justified by faith in Christ alone, and that gives us true freedom that rules can never ever provide. But us having a bit of an understanding of the back story and the tensions that are going on, help us to understand these letters more intimately and apply them more succinctly into our own context.


And so, Jesus we invite You into that, as we continue this journey. Now the journey of the early church and the tensions and difficulties that were faced, and the victories and triumphs that were experienced, we thank You. We are reading the beginning of a story that we are currently writing our chapter in and You have allowed us to be here to look back, to look at where we are, and to imagine forward as we walk with You. Come, Holy Spirit, and lead us into all truth. We ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hello, my wonderful DABers. This is Chicago Peg. And recently encouraged to call in person, so to speak. It is just so good to hear our prayers and of course, lift each other up in praise reports and be encouraged and continue to encourage and lift each other up. Oh, praise God for DAB. And I’m encouraged today as I’m catching up on the community prayers. I heard the August 19th community prayer, I heard Libby in Texas. Oh, my sister. Libby, you touched my heart as I…I empathize when you called or we heard your call on the 19th of August, you said just that day you had found your husband Michael, your husband of 16 years, he had passed away during the night and you found him. Oh, Libby, my heart goes to you as I was with my husband years, a few years ago, as he passed. And my heart is right with you, Libby. And I immediately lifted you up and I lift you up now. Yes, I’ praying encouragement for you, Libby. We love you so much and I pray God’s strength and emotional healing and all the things that you are ask in prayer. And I lift you up. Whatever family you have, all the prayers of your heart that our Lord knows, we are with you Libby. And I pray with you, I pray for you. I lift you up and I pray God’s blessing over you. In Jesus name. Love you Libby.

Hello, this is Alissa, Worshiper of God. Today, is September 11th and I’m just calling in to add my prayers to those going up for Liza, who is challenged with a cancer diagnosis. So, let’s pray. Father, we just ask You to watch over Liza. Give her the time and the strength and the wisdom and the health that she needs to complete Your purposes for her life. And we just ask this in Jesus name. Amen. God bless everybody. Bye Bye.

Greetings DAB family, this is Abraham’s niece. I am a new listener; this is my 9th day, and I am hooked, I’m a superfan. This prayer is specifically for Jerry from Deluth. Jerry, brother, I just, I heard your voice for the first time on the September 9th community prayer call. And you mentioned that you finally read the death of porn. And I want you to know that I am so proud of you. And I’m very proud of you for being in the men’s cohort that you mentioned. I am an older millennial. So, my brothers and I, we grew up with the internet and each of us has struggled with porn. I’m grateful to God that I am two, over two years sober from pornography, from cannabis, from caffeine. And I really want you to feel my encouragement. It really, really takes something to have the intention and also to do the work to become sober from these things. God willing, maybe one day on a future prayer I’ll read you my recovery poem. And I just want you to know that my prayers are specifically for you, Jerry from Deluth. You’re not alone, men and women are really struggling with pornography, and it is reeking havoc. Not only in the millennial generation but in the generation prior and the generation after millennials. Even my own father. So, literally, so let me think, there are 6 people in my family, five out of six of us in two generations are struggling with it or have struggled with it. So, I’m very proud of you. The Bible says that when we confess our sins to one another, we will experience healing. So, I’m so excited for a healing.

Hi, beloved family. This is Prisoner of Hope. And I’m calling in to lift up some of our DABers who are dealing with marriage difficulties. I have Saved by His Grace in New England, your husband’s been emotionally abusive, and you’ve been separated relationally from him for two to three weeks and he’s been watching pornography, and you have communication issues. You have three adult daughters. You don’t want to break up this family. Also, a woman called in, you said your sister C has been in an abusive situation with Q. And she’s leaving him with three small children. And she needs her spirits lifted. I’m also lifting up Morning Lift. Your court was one of the most painful and sad days of your life. The judge gave you the best outcome, but you still want her heart to be softened. You want reconciliation with your beautiful wife. And I’m gonna be lifting you up as well. And then Diana from Florida, I heard your prayer. Your husband has been showing progress and has been intentional but then he goes back to old habits and becomes reclusive, and you feel alone in your marriage and feel like your husband doesn’t care about you. And these are just tough situations. Father, we lay these troubled marriages before You. We ask You to please revive their relationships, renew their love for one-another and help them to work through the differences they have with respect. And in the powerful name of Jesus, we ask that You would destroy the plans of the enemy concerning these relationships. Lord, their marriages are struggling, and they need Your help. They need Your strength to keep going, they need Your wisdom to know how to proceed. Lord, for the one person that is thinking about leaving and help them to love one another, the way You love. Lord, help them to forgive, heal and work on restoration. We know You are for marriages, Lord. And we ask that Your hand would be upon each of these people. In the precious name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.