6/3/2023 DAB Transcript

2 Samuel 20:14-21:22, Acts 1:1-26, Psalm 121:1-8, Proverbs 16:18

Today is the third day of June, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian and it is wonderful to be here with you today, as we gather, yet again, and take the next step forward, each and every day, a step forward leads us through the Scriptures. So, we have been working our way through the book of Second Samuel and the life and reign of King David. The…the ups and downs, the deep valleys, the things that have happened, his own son wanting to overthrow him and take it, take the kingdom over and kill his father. Absalom, of course, has died and we are continuing forward in the drama. Today, second Samuel chapter 20 verse 14 through 21 verse 22.

Introduction to the Book of Acts:

Okay, so, yesterday, we concluded the book of John, the Gospel of John, which concluded the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And so, we finished the territory in the New Testament, known as the Gospels, which brings us today to some brand-new territory and the beginning of a new era in the New Testament. The Book of Acts, that we’re stepping into today is kind of the story of what happens next. What happened after Jesus ascended to the Father. And Acts is part of a two-volume set, that might some a little confusing but the author of the Gospel of Luke, most scholars agree, is also the author of the Book of Acts. And so, Luke is the Gospel that tells about the story of Jesus life. And then Acts, is the story of what comes after: Luke, Acts. So, in some ways we can call this Second Luke. But as we dive in, we will see that the Book of Acts is leading us forward in the narrative and we will meet back up with somebody that we know pretty well, the Apostle Peter. And the Book of Acts will tell us of Peter’s transformation and his ministry. And then we will meet this Pharisee, a very devout, zealous Pharisee, who is desiring to do everything in his power and getting authorization to do everything in his power, to literally stamp out the memory of Jesus, to wipe his name from the earth. And then this Pharisee meets Jesus and it transforms his life in a radical way, so radical that it’s still transforming the world, until this day. This Pharisee, this zealous man, was named Saul and he would become the Apostle Paul. And so, we’ll spend latter part of the Book of Acts getting to know Paul and we’ll spend quite a bit of the rest of the time that we have together this year going through the Scriptures, alongside of Paul. His letters are the earliest documents that are preserved from the Christian era, and his letters make up the bulk of the rest of the New Testament. Not entirely, but good majority. And so, we’re…we’re moving into the territory now, we’re getting to know Paul and we’re gonna get to know him really well. We will also notice, in the Book of Acts, that there is a force, a power that fuels everything that comes next, and this is the Holy Spirit that Jesus had promised. And we’ll see nothing that happened next, nothing in the early church would’ve happened without the Spirit, the comfort, the Spirit of truth. And we should remember this while we’re reading through the Book of Acts because we are in the same era and it is the same Holy Spirit that is inviting us into collaboration on the same mission that we read about as we read in the Book of Acts. We’re just a bit later in the story. So we’re opening up the Book of Acts, but we’re also kind of turning the page into some new territory and may we drink deeply, as we see the formation of the church, as we learn of our spiritual ancestors, and at the Holy Spirit is working now, as then. And so, we begin. Acts chapter 1.


Father, we thank You for Your word. And we thank You for bringing us through another week together in Your word and even as we close this week and open a new chapter, open a new book in the Book of Acts, we look forward with great anticipation for all that we will learn and all that You will show us, as we learn and grow together and as…as these seeds are planted in the soil of our lives, may they be a harvest that is bountiful for Your kingdom. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I will be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Good day, my Daily Audio Bible Family. This is Aussie James. Just asking for some prayers. My wife and I are about to make our first trip back to Japan since COVID hit the world. And just asking for prayer for journey mercies. We are gonna be spending some time with her two brothers up there. And they still haven’t yet received Christ and we want to really be a good witness and testimony to him, to them. And you know, my wife was the first Christian in her family. And praise the Lord, both her parents received Christ before they passed away. And a couple of aunties and one of her uncles have received Christ. God has been doing a big work in her family. But the brothers are still yet to make that commitment. And we just pray that when we go up there, we’ll be a good witness to them. And also, we’ll be sensitive to where God might lead us next. Cause we feel we might move back to Japan in a couple years’ time. But we’re not sure exactly where God’s gonna have us. So, we’re gonna fluff out a few things while we’re out there. So, please, pray for us while we’re out there. Love you, Daily Audio Bible Family. Aussie James, signing out.

Hi, Daily Audio Bible Family, this is Shellie in Central California. I’m a few days behind. And I’d love to catch up and hear what other prayer requests have come in and what other things have developed. But I just feel like I should stop, while I’m driving, and call now in response to what I heard. So, a couple days back, weeks back, I heard a prayer request for Eve. And she had multiple miscarriages and a baby that was born and died. And my heart is just torn for her. We’ve had a miscarriage in our family story too. And so, I’ve just been praying for Eve, all along. And please, keep praying for her with me. And today, I was, I heard the prayer request from the mom with Our Little Girl and my heart is so much wrapped up in what you were saying too. I have a teenager dealing with mental health things and sometimes she sees things too. And it is super, super scary. And even though we know God is big and can come in the middle of all of this, or whatever it is or what’s causing it, be it spiritual or physiological or whatever. It’s just, it’s just hard and scary. And so, I pray along with you, and I will definitely be remembering her and looking forward to hearing what happens in your story as well. Love you guys and have lots to share of our own. And I was just gonna say …

Hello DABers, first time caller. This is Heart Broken in the state of California. I have a situation that needs to be lifted up in prayer. And it’s regarding a roommate that’s been with us for a very long, long time. Her name is Alice. My husband wants her out and he wanted to kick her out on Tuesday. But then she came, and she pleaded with me to see about staying an extra 30 days, so that she can get herself situated. It’s just that she’s had more than enough time and my husband already told her last month that she needed to go. This is troubling because, what’s even more heartbreaking is that she has a son who wants nothing to do with her. And this is even more heartbreaking for me. So, I feel really bad about this. Please pray for my roommate Alice. That a door will open for her, and she can get a place very quickly. And that she doesn’t have to worry about being homeless. I’m at a loss for words. I don’t know how to go about this. You are my best resource at the moment. I already called a friend, and I left her a message to help pray for this poor woman. She doesn’t really have any family. And just pray.

Hello DAB Family and my special friend Carol, you know who you are, who introduced me to DAB. I am six months post-op, losing an eye, a long list of injuries, including tibia, fibia, shattered ankle, broken nose, fractured rib from a car accident, getting hit by a truck. I just wanna say praise God, thank You. He got me this far. I’m walking again, I’ve got my prosthetic eye and God is good. I pray for everyone here. I would like to also ask for prayer for my cousin, my Godparents, my God-mom with dementia, my Godfather just got diagnosed today with cancer. He keeps falling, he’s 86. He’s got heart issues. My cousin is the only person that is taking care of them. My brother and sister have stepped up. I am 2000 miles away. It’s just a lot for my cousin, he recently retired and now he’s full-time taking care of mom and dad. And I’m just asking for prayer for him to come to the Lord. Leave everything on the doorstep. He will handle everything. I know without a doubt, He is in my life and re-directing my path to something wonderful. Thank you, DAB, thank you, everyone, thank you, Carol, if you hear this. I love you. Everyone stay strong. Special prayers have gone out for Junk-to-Treasure.