05/31/2023 DAB Transcript

2 Samuel 17:1-29, John 19:23-42, Psalms 119:129-152, Proverbs 16:12-13

Today is the 31st day of May welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian and it’s great to be here with you today as we bring to a close another one of our months together and we will finish strong and begin the next month. Tomorrow strong taking the next step or like we do every day. But here we are at the conclusion of five months together. Congratulations on that. So let’s step forward and take the next step together that will lead us back into the book of second Samuel, where we are continuing to work through and understand King David’s life, David is in a heap of distress at this point, his son Absalom is trying to take over the country overthrow his father take over the kingship and there is a battle brewing. So today second Samuel chapter 17.


Okay. So, in the life of King David today in second Samuel, we see that things are continuing to heat up. There is a battle brewing. The lines are being drawn and we see that David’s previous advisors are advising Absalom, David’s son who is trying to take over, and we see that Ahithophel’s advice, which was good advice according to the Scriptures, was not taken and Hushai who was loyal to David, his advice was taken. So, he was able to get word to David and eventually David was able to cross the Jordan River to safety for the time being. We’ll obviously continue…continue the drama as we continue the days forward.

And then as we end this month, the month of May in the gospel of John, the final gospel that we are just about done with we are faced with the crucifixion and the death of Jesus. And I’ve…we’ve already mentioned this. This is the last time we move through this story because we’re moving forward from John into the book of Acts and that begins the story of the church era. That begins everything that happens next. So, here we are, and Jesus is hanging suspended between heaven and earth nailed to a cross. Soldiers are throwing dice for his clothes. His mom is there and the disciple that Jesus loved, which we believe to be John. And Jesus takes care of his mom by assigning her to the disciple that he loved. And he took her into his home and took care of her. And, so, he took care of His mom. In the final moments of this agony, His agonized life that is literally pouring out of his body and dripping to the ground is also heroic to think of Mary the mother of Jesus, not willing to abandon her son. Even though that what …what she had to endure, what she had to see would’ve torn her heart into…I don’t know it’s like a million pieces. It would’ve been agony, which she…she didn’t leave Him and He didn’t leave her. And then today we reached those famous words, “it is finished” or it is accomplished. Jesus bowed His head and died. His heart stopped beating. He died. And of course the religious leaders who had organized all of this terribleness, Passover’s coming, and they…they gotta get to that celebration. Sabbath is coming. They gotta get these bodies off the cross before sundown because the Sabbath is coming in and its Passover and so they’re pretty concerned with all of this. So, the two thieves and legs are broken so that they would suffocate and die quicker. Jesus was already dead. So, just to be sure He was pierced. And we have Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus…Nic…Nicodemus, one of the members of the high Council approaching pilot getting the body of Jesus and laying it in an unused tomb. They were laying it in this unused tomb nearby where the crucifixion took place because of the…because of the Sabbath. Like, they were…it was a temporary thing. They were gonna put his body in this tomb, and then after the Sabbath is over they’d figure out …figure out what to do. It’s just that Jesus wasn't…He just needed it for a minute. Like He didn’t need it for that long. He wasn’t gonna to need a permanent final resting place. He was going to rise and that is the hope of the gospel. That is our hope. And as we begin the month of June tomorrow we are able to read of that hope and continue this story and read of the resurrection of Jesus. But now, as we end this month as we pass through this one last time we think back all the way to the first day of the year as we opened the gospel of Matthew and read the genealogy of Jesus, and about his birth, all the way until now we have been traveling each day through the Gospels walking alongside Jesus getting to know His personality and understand wat kind of a person He was and what He was trying to reveal to humanity. All of the miles that he walked through the dust with His friends imparting truth to them, teaching them how to have eyes to see and ears to hear. When we think about His kindness toward the children, His kindness toward the downtrodden and the misfits and the outcasts. And then we come back to this body hanging from across and we realize the injustice of it all. And then we realize the willingness to take the injustice upon Himself and remove sin from the world. This is why we have hope, and this is how we are supposed to live, in honor of this sacrifice. And, so, may we think today at some point, or maybe all day. May it linger with us today that we are standing here as we are today righteous before God, and it costs something and that cost was the sacrifice of Jesus. And may we have grateful and humble hearts.


Jesus, we thank You. And we’ve said this so many times. Thank You. And we’ve said so many times how thank You falls flat. It’s our lives lived in service and love in collaboration in the dance of life with You that is what You were after. And, so, we run to You. We trust You. We adore You. We worship You. And we ask that You lead us in the way that we should go, that we might have eyes to see and ears to hear, and that our lives may honor You in all that we do and think and say. We pray this in Your name. You make this all possible. Without You we can do nothing. And, so, we are grateful today that You have empowered us, forgiven us, and made us righteous. We pray this in Your name. Amen.


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