5/30/2023 DAB Transcript

2 Samuel 15:23-16:23, John 18:25-19:22, Psalm 119:113-128, Proverbs 16:10-11

Today is the 30th day of May, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is fantastic to be here with you today as we gather around the Global Campfire where everything is peaceful and serene, and we all have a place and we’ve gathered to take the next step forward together. And so, that’s exactly what we will do. Our next step leads us back into the book of Second Samuel. We are learning of the reign of King David. We have learned some of the darker passages of David’s reign and life, and some of the decisions that he’s made that have undermined his leadership and really undermined so much in his own family. So much so, that where we left off yesterday is that David’s son Absalom, has going to Hebron and is essentially gathering an army to overthrow his father, King David. David has heard the news and has…has decided to go back on the run. It’s something that he knows, he had to run for his life from King Saul and now it’s as if he has to run from his life from his own son. And so, David is leaving Jerusalem, with the anticipation that Absalom is coming to try to take over Jerusalem. And so, let’s pick up the story, Second Samuel chapter 15 verse 23 through 16 verse 23.


Okay, so, clearly in Second Samuel, the…the que by Absalom to overthrow his father, King David, is underway, and Absalom is in Jerusalem. And he has advisors and David has some people planted to try to give him information. While some of David’s advisors and people have gone over to Absalom and become loyal to him. Some of the advice to get the rest of the people on board with the fact that Absalom and David would not be reconciling and that there is a new king in town and his name is Absalom. The idea was to go to the concubines of David erect a tent, have sex with the concubines in front of everybody and that would let everybody know that there is no turning back. There will not be reconciliation between the king and his son. And so that’s what Absalom does. That’s kind of where we are. And we’ll continue the story tomorrow.

And then…then today in the Gospel of John, we have reached the point, the point that we have reached for the final time on our journey this year through the Scriptures, and that is the final retelling in the Gospel of John of Jesus arrest and trial and crucifixion. And that's…that’s where we leave things. Jesus has been nailed to a cross and we heard the venom coming from the people that were incited against Him, yelling that He be crucified away with Him. He is not our King, away with Him. We have no king but Caesar, crucify Him. That hatred and rage aimed at God, the creator of life. And we can watch Jesus go to the cross willingly and we can say, He just took all that, He didn’t retaliate against it at all. Yes, that is what He did. He took it upon Himself and took it to the cross. But lest we think that He didn’t retaliate, we would be mistaken. He retaliated by offering forgiveness to those who were killing Him and everyone else, including you, including me. And so, what looked like utter defeat, was victory and that mystery is something that we get to talk about when we get into the letters of the Apostle Paul, out in front of us yet. But we’re here, in this moment and Jesus has been nailed to the cross and we will not go through this story again. And so, let us allow it to be in our hearts today, something that we consider. And when we are pressed to retaliate today, may we remember what we’ve read, may we remember what Jesus did, and may we consider retaliating through forgiveness, a counterintuitive way of restoration that can be miraculous.


So, Jesus, we thank You, we thank You. What else can we say, we say we thank You for the cross, thank You for the work that You did, we thank You for the example that you set, we thank You for the rescue of our soul, we thank You for eternal life, we thank You for hope, we thank You for today, we thank You for the next breath. We can thank You, as long as we can think. But it all boils back down to just, thank You because it’s so much and so good and so overwhelming, and so beyond anything we can ever repay, that our lives hum with Your presence and that Your Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. It’s beyond comprehension, and so it really does boil down to thank You. May our lives give You honor, may we serve You well, may we make You proud today. We ask in Your name, by Your power, through Your authority, because without You, we can do nothing anyway. So, thank You, may we honor You today. We pray in Your name. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hey, DAB Family. This is your sister Ashlee from California. And it is Friday, May 26th 2023 and I, we just listened to Brian talk about Jesus’s last words. And in John 15 where it talks about abiding in the Lord. And Jesus calls us His friends and we, it talks about like, we shall be His friends by obeying Him. But I just wanna praise God and just say, what a friend we have in Jesus. He bares all of our sins, He wants to hear us, He wants us to turn our eyes upon Him. Because then the things of this world go strangely dim. But I also wanted to come on here because the prayer requests from today. Susan, the lady trusting in Jesus who is a brand new listener, who’s life is falling apart. Bridgett, Be Filled Bridgett, you guys, I am, I am coming off of a really hard night myself. Jackson, and I had to go to the hospital twice yesterday. And God is so good. But I just, I am praying for you all and I’m gonna pray, actually I’m gonna pray right now. I’m gonna say oh, dear Jesus, thank You so much for a new day. Thank You for sustaining us and I thank You for this community. I thank You that we are not alone and we can come together, that we’re never alone because You are our helper. And we know Lord, that Your promises are true and that we can stand upon them. And that You will help us to persevere, no matter what it looks like. It’s in Your name that we pray and we place our hope, Jesus. Amen. I love you, DAB Family. And I am praying with you and for you. Bye.

Hello, this is Kendall Weaver speaking from Los Angeles, California. I’ve been listening to Daily Audio Bible for about a year. This is my very first time speaking into the prayer and community prayer. And I just wanted to have a special prayer that I passed my life insurance exam tomorrow, which will be May 27th. And I also wanted to pray for, you know, just dealing with my autism that I have. I’ve heard of different people talking about mental illness and schizophrenia, stuff like that. Something that you definitely have to deal with on a daily basis. I just wanted to pray that I overcome my insecurities and that I become the man that God has called me to be. And that I also find a, you know, a Godly woman, one of these days, that she understands that I’m able to lead the family and lead her as well, as the Bible says to do. As it says, you know, love your wife as Christ loved the church. And all those things. So, just wanted to, you know, have my prayer request and hopefully it gets answered and hopefully things happen. Thank you.

Hey fam, it’s Spark from Texas. I’m a actually up here in New York, New York, as ya’ll would say. But we’re messing around, bear tracking and but anyway, how goes it? We’re listening to Daily right now and I just really wanted to put this out there. Like, I remember the first year I went through this and DAB. I listened to David and he was…he was somebody that just, I strove to be like. To have that energy, that passion, that…that good heart. And that’s, I loved it. I couldn’t get enough of it. And I’m sitting up here, my buddies are in there napping. And I got my headphones in out here and I got a day or two behind and I was like, nah, dudes I gotta step out and kind of do my thing, you know. And out here listening to the Bible, and I’m like, man, how much has my life changed in these years. No longer do I sit there and look at David as somebody that was terribly troubled but here I am. Here I am, doing well. And we don’t ever think we’re doing well but where we’re you at before you found God like David found God, and just fell in love with Him and said I can’t do anything without You. That’s how I feel, right now. But God. I love you.

Hello, DAB Family. This is Mark, the baby doctor from Dayton, Ohio. I wanted to call in and pray for few requests that really are weighing heavy on my heart. Susan from Canada, you said your son has had a very difficult cancer journey and a surgery has left him without some ribs and now a cough has causing him some extreme pain and I wanna pray for him, Lord Jesus. I wanna pray that this cough would be healed, in the name of Jesus right now. I give you Jeremiah 30:17 for I will restore health to you and your wounds, I will heal, declare the Lord. And I pray healing on those wounds and total restoration for him. Trusting in Jesus, oh my. I heard about your mom in Hospice and your sister with ovarian cancer. And now, what you are facing and yes, we are praying for both of those situations, for healing, for God’s presence. And for you, Trusting in Jesus, I give you Isaiah 46:4 I am he who will sustain you, I have made you and I will carry you. I will sustain you and I will rescue you. Trust in the Lord that He will be there as we continue to lift you up. And finally, I didn’t catch the name, but I believe a mother called in with a 8-year-old who might be battling some mental illness. And in the name of Jesus, I…I pray for that little girl, that her mind would be restored. And I give you Psalm 30, oh Lord my God, I cried out to You for help and You healed me. So, just cry out to the Lord with her for help and He will heal. In Jesus name. Thank you, all.

DAB Family, last November, I asked you for prayers for my wife, who was hospitalized with an aggressive abdominal infection. After two emergency surgeries and 72 days in the hospital, she was sent home with both an ileostomy and colostomy to recover. My praise today is that earlier this week, my wife underwent a planned surgery, to take down the ileostomy. I praise God for answered prayers. During this same period, my granddaughter was brought into this world at just under 24 weeks and weighing only 15 oz as a result of an emergency c section to save my daughters-in-law life. Little Win has thrived as a super preemie, until about a month ago. As her body has grown, her lungs have not been able to keep up. After a month of decline, little Win had to be intubated to give her lungs a chance to keep up and to better manage her blood gas levels. We have a, we’ve had thousands of prayer warriors praying for Little Win and I ask my DAB Family, to join me in praying for little Win today. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that the Holy Spirit would breathe life into Win’s delicate lungs so that they may thrive as the rest of her body has. Heavenly Father, be with both Win and her parents, through this very difficult time. Lord, it’s in Christ’s name we pray. Amen.