5/18/2023 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 22:1-23:29, John 10:1-21, Psalm 115:1-18, Proverbs 15:18-19

Today is the 18th day of May, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian, it is wonderful to be here with you today. It’s great to gather here around the Global Campfire and just be cozy and safe and allow the Scriptures to come into our lives as we open our hearts to them. What a wonderful thing that we get to do every day. So glad we can be together. And let’s dive in and take that next step forward and of course, that…that next step begins where we left off and that happens to be in the book of First Samuel right now, where we are continuing to watch the intertwining of King Saul’s life with David’s life. Saul wants David dead and that is intertwining their lives because David doesn’t want to be dead. And so, he’s on the run and having to grow up really fast. And we see sharp contrasts between these two men. So, let’s pick up the story. First Samuel chapters 22 and 23 today.


Okay so, as we continue the journey through First Samuel at this point now, it’s pretty clear. David is a fugitive, and he is literally on the run and the king and his army, the armies of Israel are trying to find him and kill him. So, if we can just step back for a second and put ourselves in David’s shoes for a moment, we can imagine the level of anxiety and disruption that he would be feeling. He was a shepherd. He was a shepherd boy and then he slew a giant and everything is tipped upside down since then for David, it’s been erratic. He’s had to grow up fast, he’s had to learn quick and now he’s literally like, he’s literally on the run moving from place to place to place to stay alive, as the king pursues him. Once again, Saul and David worship the same God, believe the same things, but are having very different experiences. David is learning that his only hope for survival is the hand of God and that is changing him from within, as we will see. Meanwhile what’s in Saul’s mind is not God, it’s David and all the stories he’s making up about David. And Saul is pretty much insane with paranoia, at this point. We saw this horrible story about the priest Ahimelech, who was summoned before the king for giving service to David. And Ahimelech, the priest of God, has his whole household of priests, 85 priests wearing their priestly garments. Like, this is a big deal. And Ahimelech’s just saying to the king, listen, we would never betray you. And why would, why would David do what you are accusing him of like, he’s one of your most trusted allies like, we’ve…we’ve sought God for him before. We’re not doing anything wrong here. But what ends up happening is that King Saul demands that the entire priestly family be killed by the edge of the sword. Like, what a horrible, what horrible scene, what a horrible way to die. And the servants of the king, they won’t strike down the priests, it’s Doeg, this person who witnessed David and Ahimelech speaking, that kills these people, it's…it’s madness. But this is what we’re supposed to see, these two paths, the path of Saul, the path of David that are intertwined, but are…but are going to end completely different. If we watch these paths, they’re telling us where the road goes. We’re watching this jealousy and envy grow into paranoia, grow into murderous insanity on the king’s part, while were watching David lose everything and just trying to hold onto his next breath, becoming stronger and stronger and stronger, as he depends more intensely on God for his survival.


So, Holy Spirit, come into this, as we continue to examine and learn of Saul and David. Help us to see their paths, their choices the road that they chose and where it ends up, and may we see these things in ourselves. We pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.


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And that’s it for today, I’m Brian, I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here, tomorrow.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hi, this is Anthony. I was supposed to have done this weeks ago, months ago. The Lord put it on my heart to reach out to the DAB Family and ask for prayers. I was hardheaded and I didn’t. Now, I find myself, after a few days in ICU, just getting out today to the interunit care unit, where I’ve been coughing blood and the doctors have no idea what it is. They can’t tell whether I have pneumonia, whether I have bleeding in my lungs or what. They did a procedure where they ran a scope up through my femoral artery, up into my lungs. But they couldn’t find anything. Well, they said all the procedures they are going to do. I know the answer is in our Father, Jehovah Raffa. I ask you to pray for me and pray that I get the healing that I need, so that I can go back home to my family and be a testimony. In any case, I love you. I’ve been listening to the DAB family since about the beginning, off and on. I’ve been a contributor for many years. I believe that this is life giving to me so, therefore, as Brian says, I step up. In any case, I love you all. I pray that your prayers are answered too.

Hi, to anyone who’s out there. I’ve been listening to Daily Audio Bible now for ten years and it has changed my life. The education, the wisdom that it has given me, it’s amazing. This morning, my wife and I were talking, and she said I changed in the last ten years. And she didn’t know what was wrong with me. My wife suffers from various diseases. Cancers, hereditary diseases, and I care for her, and she just rips me. She said I was everything under the sun, that I’ve changed, and I don’t know what to do. And she suffers with so many other addictions that she had gotten over. And I don’t know what to say. I pray for wisdom. I pray that our marriage would last. We have children, grandchildren. And it’s so true, we must be equally yoked, otherwise, it’s doomed for failure. I request that she come to church, and she looks at me as if she’s being possessed. Please pray for me all of you great people out there. Love, trust the Lord, for it’s by the Lord we are saved by our blood of Christ that is shed upon us, that sets us free. And yes, we are different, we are predestined and chosen to be the sons of God. I pray, in the name of Jesus. Amen. Thank you to all.

Hello, DAB Family. This is Priscillas Zacharius and it is May 16th, when I am calling. I’m just calling to ask for prayer for rain, for the area I live in. It’s wildfire season in Alberta. And I live in Norther Alberta, and it is crazy up here. There are fires everywhere and every other day we’re getting smoke from a fire from somewhere close by. My parents, right now, are on a fire watch and it’s, they live in the country. It’s kind of scary. If the wind turns the right way or the wrong way, then they could be, the fire would be coming toward them. And so, I just, yeah, I’m asking very much that you could pray for rain for our area. Because we really need it to stop the fires.

Hi, DAB Family, this is Kat in the UK. Just phoning in on my lunch hour to ask for prayer for my niece. So, my niece, Sydney, is 17 and recently diagnosed with endometriosis. This has left her in a lot of pain and unable to live life, really. She can’t go to college; she can’t go out to walk and enjoy the sunshine. She’s tired and she’s in pain all the time. There is a solution, however, which is surgery. But unfortunately, despite it being free in the UK, which is amazing, there’s quite a long wait. So, will you please pray that her pain would be gone. That she would be made whole and that she would be able to live life to the fullest and no longer miss out. Thank you, family. Love you. God Bless.

Today is May the 16th and I am out for a morning walk for the first time in a long time. This afternoon at 4 o’clock we go to memorial service to bury my son. He shot himself about a week ago now, and I’m pretty devastated. It is a celebration of his life today. He has friends from all over the country that have flown in. He’s 24, was in the process of finishing up a degree at college. The demons that have been taking him caught up with him. My family would appreciate prayers because the grief doesn’t end just because the service will today. And most of all, I ask prayers please, for the young people, the 20 something, those who have come of age and independence during the pandemic and are struggling to find their place in this broken world. There are many, many kids out there that are hurting. And I just, I hurt for them. Lord, lift them up. Keep them close and keep them safe. In Christ I pray. Amen.