5/16/2023 DAB Transcript

1 Samuel 18:5-19:24, John 8:31-59, Psalm 112:1-10, Proverbs 15:12-14

Today is the 16th day of May, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is wonderful to be here with you today as we gather and take the next step forward together, and that next step forward will lead us back into the book of First Samuel, where we are very much about to get to know David, and the intertwining of David and Saul’s lives, now that David has killed the giant in the Ellah Valley, a giant named Goliath. And now, David is famous overnight, celebrity, and he has a lot that he has to learn to deal with. And so, let’s pick up the story. First Samuel chapter 18 verse 5 through 19 verse 24 today.


Okay so, by this point now, in First Samuel we do see the intertwining of David’s life and Israel’s first king, King Saul’s life, and we see why David killed a giant. So, when they were going back through their celebration like, I mean anytime the king comes to a village, anytime a king comes through a town, everybody’s gonna assemble to get a glimpse of the king and it’ll be festive and jumping up and down like that that kind of pageantry still happens in this very day and age. If royalty from somewhere is visiting a village or a town, making an appearance, then there’s gonna be a throng of people. And so, this would’ve been true in ancient Israel. And so, Saul’s on this victory tour and people, the women are saying you know, Saul has killed his thousands and David has killed is tens of thousands. And Saul is…is put off by this, to say the least. He wants the glory to be upon himself, the spotlight to be upon himself. As insecure of a person that he is, doesn’t want anybody else getting this glory. And so, he’s jealous, he’s envious, he’s paranoid. So, we’ve been able to see what that looks like. Saul has tried to kill David with a spear, to pin him to the wall of the palace. And David, who’s not a skilled mercenary or soldier, has had to learn to be very, very quick footed and he was able to avoid that. And Saul then things okay, okay I’m just gonna keep sending him into battle, then I don’t have to touch him. Like, we’ll just, I’ll kill him by the Philistines. I’ll send him into situations where he is going to end up getting killed and then we can celebrate him as a dead hero, and then I can be the kind again. But David goes into battle and he’s successful everywhere that he goes. And so then, it’s like, the king has to be thinking, well maybe I need my enemies closer. And so, he invites David to marry his daughter. Of course, David’s poor from a poor family, he can’t meet the bride price but then he offers his second daughter, Michael and Michael loves David, but then David’s again like who am, you guys think this is a big deal to become the son-in-law of a king, but I have nothing and I’m from no family. Like I have no standing. And that’s when Saul’s like okay, well just bring me the foreskins of 100 Philistines. So, what he’s basically saying is, David you got a go kill 100 Philistines and bring back proof, proof that, that you got rid of them. And David’s probably not going to circumcise all these people, he’s just, you know, he’s coming back with a basket of…of…of things from the Philistine men, that will display that they’re no longer living and that their foreskins are there. And Saul’s thinking that David won’t make it, he’ll die. But David is doubly successful and comes back with 200 foreskins. So, David is successful and marries Michael. And then Saul wants to assassinate David and he wants Jonathan, who’s David’s best friend, in on it. Of course, we’ve already met Jonathan, and we know that his father, King Saul, was going to have him killed for eating honey when he was in battle and didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to. So, we know the story there. Jonathan won’t assassinate David. So, Saul attempts to assassinate him again by pinning him with the spear to the wall. And once again, David escapes and then the king sends his troops to David and Michael’s home, so that they can drag David out of the house and assassinate him. So, we are watching an enormous amount of envious paranoia and enormous amount of insecurity. We’re watching things, we are seeing and observing that things have gotten out of hand inside of Saul’s head. But then, when we look at David, and really David has every reason for his life to be coming apart at the seams. He’s got people all over the place watching him, he’s got people waiting to kill him. Like, he’s being thrown into these treacherous situations constantly. He has every reason to be mad about it. And in so many ways, it mimics some of the themes that we learned when we were moving through the story of Joseph. David has the world against him, it seems. He has really no hope to survive. He has one place to put his hope, utter and complete dependence upon God to stay alive. And David thrived, everywhere he was sent, into every situation that he was sent into, he thrived, and he was not trying to taunt back at the king. He wasn’t trying to get any sort of visibility. He wasn’t trying to climb any rungs of any ladders. He was trying to exist and be a good servant to the king and he was successful, even though all of the planning was to get him killed. We can look at both of these stories, Saul and David, and we can find ourselves in both of those men’s lives. We can probably find examples where we’ve been erratic enough to be both of those kinds of people on the same day. Sometimes we do shine, sometimes we do bring the truth and speak it, sometimes we do it in love. And then there’s other times that it looks like we’re not even who we are, we don’t even see the person in the mirror, it doesn’t even look familiar. Like, Saul and David both knew God, they both worshiped the same God. It’s just that the pathways that they we’re on with God were leading in different directions. Saul’s insecurity, his envy, his paranoia, his jealousy, was pulling him away from God and all of his focus and obsession was on this one person, David, that he thought, that he thought was a threat. David, on the other hand, had everyone against him, everything was a threat to him. If he could live through the day, it would be the grace of God, and David knew it. He knew that God was his only hope for survival, even though he didn’t understand why he was swirling around in all of these circumstances. He knew his only hope for survival was God. And we see that being poured out, as we read through the Psalms. So right now, we are watching two men, who both know God, who were on very different paths in their lives. And may we pay very close attention to where those pathways lead, because we need to know. Because those pathways still go to the same places.


And so, Heavenly Father, come into this, we pray as we continue this journey and observing Saul, and observing David, and learning much about ourselves and learning much about Your heart. We need to know where these roads go, and we need to know the road that we’re on and where it’s going. And so, we confess that we, we can make the best laid plans and we just don’t know the twists and turns. We must depend upon You, and we do. Lead us into all truth, lead us on the narrow path that leads to life, we ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Prayer and Encouragements:

Hello, Daily Audio Bible, it’s ___. I wish to simply pray for us. I pray God that You bless the Daily Audio Bible community. I pray that You give us strength to continue to live. Help us through our personal problems. I pray that You lead us, strengthen us through our individual challenges. That You help us to pray, that You bless us with great stillness and even greater faith in You. I pray that You give us faith. I pray that You give us to do Your will. Thank You God. I pray in the name of Jesus that You bless us. Amen.

Good evening, Daily Audio Bible Family, this is Blessed Assurance, calling at 652 on May, I think it’s the 11th, Friday. And I just wanted to call. I was sitting here praising God. I live in the Midwest, and we have a drought, and we have a beautiful thunderstorm rolling through. And the rain is glorious, I praise His holy name. We have been meeting as a community, praying for rain. We’ve just been praying that God would break this drought and tonight it’s such a beautiful blessing to see his provision over the land. And I just, I was sitting here praying and I thought, my DAB Family needs to hear this praise. Amen. Hallelujah. I love you all. Thank you very much. Love you. Bye Bye.

Hi, this is Pure Heart, from Tennessee. And I was calling to pray for James the Teacher. First thing I want to say to you, James, is that the Lord loves you immensely. And despite of, you feeling not your best because an error that you made. The word of God says we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. All, so that, that means you’re no different than any of the rest of us. But just to show His love for you, the prison of hope, I just thought it was amazing minister to what you had said, the very next call. And I want to say to you, James, that I am convinced neither death, nor life, nor angels or demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height, depth, or anything in all creation was able to separation from the love of God, that’s in Christ, Jesus. So, no matter what you are feeling about yourself, Jesus loves you. So, I’m gonna pray for you right now. Father God, I just pray for James. We bind that spirit of depression. And I pray that You would give him grace, concerning his job, Father God. That You would go before him and lose angels of God to just to minister to those that are speaking on his behalf. And I pray for his finances, during this time that he’s waiting and anticipating what’s gonna happen for his future. And I pray for his self-esteem to be lifted high above all, because …

Good morning, Daily Audio Bible Family. This is Ripka in Adda Sabbaba, Ethiopia. It’s May 13th. Yesterday I heard so many members of our community calling out in prayer for Junk to Treasure. And my heart is also breaking for you my sister and for your son and his family. It’s horrible, horrible loss. I also just cannot stop thinking about the man who shattered your family because of a moment of carelessness, being on his cellphone. I just think, if I were him, I would not be able to bear my life. And I pray that the Lord would have mercy on him and go and seek him out and find him. Lord, we pray for this perpetrator of tragedy of, as he feels Your, Your wrath heavy on him, that Lord, You would also remember mercy. Lord, I pray for any of us who may have been in a similar situation. In a moment of selfishness, carelessness, been on a cellphone, almost caused great harm, almost shattered someone else’s life. And just by Your grace, we were spared from being that kind of perpetrator. Lord, help us to be mindful of every action and the love and care we need to have for others. Lord, we pray for Your mercy. In Jesus name. Amen.

Hello Daily Audio Bible Family. This is a Fire calling from Central California. God bless each one of you in this community. Today, I’m calling specifically to wish all mothers, those who are seeking to be mothers, those who are already mothers, those who are grandmothers, those who are stepmothers, every kind. God bless each one of you. Happy Mother’s Day. God has given you a unique calling to be a mother. Because in you, you bring life into the world. Because of you, you are the first one who provide guidance, wisdom, and because of you, the world can be or is a better place. Mothers have been called to nurture and we, all of us, have gone through the hands of our mothers or grandmothers or whichever type of influence we have had from every mother figure. So, know that you have been given the greatest ministry on earth: to be a mother. We appreciate you; we love you. May God bless each one of you today. Happy Mother’s Day. Daily Audio Bible Family, there’s a Fire Calling from Central California. Make it a great day. Bye.