03/12/2023 DAB Transcript

Numbers 16:41-18:32, Mark 16:1-20, Psalms 55:1-23, Proverbs 11:7

Today is the 12th day of March welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian and it is wonderful to be here with you today as we greet a brand-new week. We throw open the threshold and get to walk into it together and we get to the other side of the threshold and look out over this vista that become this week and realize we’re at the beginning. It’s a fresh start and we can make of this week what we choose. And let us…let us choose wisdom. Let us choose to walk with God as we walk through this week. And one of the ways that we do that is come together around the Global Campfire and allow the Scriptures to continue to speak into our lives. And, so, let’s dive in. This week we will read from the New Revised Standard version, the updated edition. Numbers chapter 16 verse 41 through 18 verse 32.


Father, we thank you for your word and we thank you for this brand-new shiny week that we have stepped into together. And we thank you that it’s out in front of us and we thank you that we have a fresh start and that our thoughts, words, and deeds will tell the story of this week. And it is our desire that it be a love story, a love story walking with you and enjoying the week together. And, so, even as we conclude the gospel of Mark today and reach the halfway point in the Gospels, we invite your Holy Spirit to lead us as we move into the gospel of Luke and spend the remainder of the week in it. Lead us into all truth, we pray. In the mighty and precious name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hello everyone, it’s Soaring on Eagles Wings from Canada. Abba Father, I bring to You David from Kansas. You know everything about him, his brain injury which is now causing him anxiety and panic attacks and he’s also very involved in the church ministry. You see him. You understand what he’s going through. I pray that Your peace like a river will throw flow his body, that the panic attacks will cease in the name of Jesus the Christ, and he will continue to flourish in his church doing what You have called him to do. Here his prayer. Here our prayers for him and answer I pray. I also think of Tyler from Kentucky. Father he’s been released from jail. His marriage now isn’t going well because his wife wants out of it. Abba You’re the only one that can intervene in that relationship and restore the brokenness. O God speak to both of them individually and show them how they can turn things around. Speak to them collectively so that they are willing to reach out to each other and let not anything __. This marriage needs healing Lord. You are the one who ordained it. And, so, I pray that the marriage will be healed in the…

Good afternoon DAB community this is Wind and Water from Vancouver WA and I want to give a special shout out to Rosie AKA Great to be Free in Jesus. I really appreciate the way that you pray for all of our children and grandchildren and family members. Every time I hear you pray that’s your prayer and I’m so thankful for you doing that because that’s my deepest prayer, is for my family and for my children and for my grandchildren. And I just wanna echo that prayer with you and thank you for…for being so considerate of all of the children and grandchildren and families out there. Father, I thank You for Rose AKA Great to be Free and Jesus. I thank You for her heart. And Father I do also want to lift up our children and grandchildren and sisters and brothers and our entire families Father. I just pray for pure hearts, for humility, for…for them being drawn to You just because of who You are and for them to see that and to understand that and to realize that and to be drawn to that. Thank You, Father, so much for the word. Thank You for Brian and his family the minister so richly. Thank You for all of our brothers and sisters across the globe in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Good morning DAB family this is The Kept One this prayer is for Winnie. Winnie, I think you called in. You talked about your nephew losing his wife sometime back and he was left to raise three kids and…and raising these kids it seems like he has abandoned them. I think you said your niece, your sister, and your parents who are elderly have stepped in to try to take care of these three kids. And again it seems like he…even though he’s grieving it seems like he’s abandoned the kids. But I just wanted to lift up your family and lift up your nephew who lost his wife. Father God, in Your word You said in psalms 34:18 it says the Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Father. we lift up Winnies nephew Lord God. It sounds like his spirit has been crushed Lord God. It sounds like his wife was the heavy lifter in the family and now it seems like he has to carry that burden. Father help him carry that burden Lord God. In the process as he continues to grieve Father, I pray for Your mercy I pray for Your strength Lord God. I pray that You send the Comforter that You promised that You would send word God. So, I pray for his comfort right now Lord God. I pray that the family comes together. Strengthen the entire family Lord God to find a better way Lord God to take care of these kids, that they’ll rally together for the sake of the kids and keep it in mind that the nephew has lost his rib. This I pray in Your son Jesus’ name. Amen. Be blessed everyone.

Hi this is Delights in Me and I just wanna say to Manita from Lombard I so appreciate when you call. It’s been pretty neat to watch you grow in community with the DAB. I don’t think you were much of a caller before a couple of years ago, but I know you’ve listened for a really long time. But I know that you’ve been through a divorce and you are married to a pastor. I’m a pastor’s daughter and I just want to say even though you’re no longer the pastor’s wife you still have that calling. You still have that heart, you still have the gift of being a pastor’s wife, which is such an important role. And I encourage you to continue on with that. Here in our community, you…you have such a heart for the flock of the shepherd and you’re very comforting and soothing like a like a mom. So, I appreciate that, and I bless you. Keep calling. Love you. Bye.

Hi DAB family Renee Losove here, Reborn and Saved in French and AKA Kathleen in Illinois. I am calling in because I just listened on March 8th, and I’ve heard a prayer request from Winnie. Add Lord it just broke my heart. She said that her nephew had called in a while back about his…his wife who had died and he is raising two daughters and a…and another baby it sounds like. And it sounds like every…people in the family have stepped up, Winnie has stepped up and has the kids on weekends and her parents who are in their 80s are helping take care of the baby during the week and the…she had mentioned the children also basically sleeping…having no…no place to sleep or just sleeping on the couch and on the floor. This is…this is not…this is not acceptable is it family? We have to pray. Let’s pray right now about this family. Lord Jesus, I lift up Winnie to You. I thank You that she brought this to our attention, and I pray for her nephew, and I pray for these kids and for her. God bless her, her parents who are in their 80s who are trying to help. Oh, dear God…dear God I pray that this can be brought to the attention of a…of a local church that can help, that can…that there will be godly people who will step in and help this young man who has lost his wife, he was then evicted from his home. I mean how much…

Hi DAB family it’s rich from Exeter UK here calling in today after listening to the 7th of March episode to pray for David from Kansas who is…has suffered a head injury and has as a result panic attacks, and fear and anxiety. Lord Jesus, I lift David up to You and I pray that You’ll fill him with Your peace and Your love, Your deep Shalom. Father, in the uncertainty of what this head injury might result in we pray that You would bring healing into that situation Father God. We pray that You would heal his head, that You would make him whole again, physically well but also Father that You would fill him with Your love and Your peace. We pray particularly for those times when just at the head knowledge that You love him amongst the times of panic when he forgets all that Father. I pray that at that point he would experience Your deep Shalom, Your deep peace. We lift him up to You and thank You for him. Amen.