3/11/2023 DAB Transcript

Numbers 15:17-16:40, Mark 15:1-47, Psalm 54:1-7, Proverbs 11:5-6

Today is the 11th day of March, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian, it’s fantastic to be here with you today as we gather wherever we are, all over the earth, together in one place here at the Global Campfire, as we take the next step forward together. We have been working our way through the Book of Numbers, which is what we’ll…what we will return to today. The children of Israel and reached the precipice of entering into the Promised Land. Spies went into the land and came back with a report that essentially demoralized the people, who then rebelled. They have been sent back into the wilderness and we’ve discussed all of this over the last couple of days, as we encountered it. The children of Israel now, are in the wilderness a new generation is beginning to emerge. And so, we will see some things that are review because a new generation is emerging and is being taught what the expectations are as the people once again move toward the Promised Land. It’s just gonna take, it’s gonna take 40 years until the previous generation dies out. And so, off we go. We’re still working our way toward this Promised Land, and we are in the wilderness with the children of Israel. We’re reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week, which will be today. Numbers chapter 15 verse 17 through 16 verse 40.


Jesus, we love You and as we come to the story of Your crucifixion, Your trial, and death on our behalf in the Gospel of Mark, we take this moment to reflect upon it affect. In fact, Holy Spirit, we ask that You guide us to reflect upon it throughout this day, even as we continue to move through this…this season of repentance, that we know of as lent. May we take it to heart that You suffered tremendously on our behalf. That You loved us, even as You were being rejected by the ones that You love. We confess, we have rejected You in big and small ways over-and-over, repeatedly. And You have always come for us and welcomed us because like the people who were trying to destroy You, we don’t know what we’re doing any more than they did. Without Your Holy Spirit, we are wandering in the dark, completely unaware of what is happening. With the guidance of Your Holy Spirit, we realize the magnitude of what has happened in the world. With You coming to reveal that You are a Emmanuel, that God is with us and that there is no separation. We can enjoy fellowship, intimacy, friendship with You. So, we take these moments, as we encounter this story in the Gospel of Mark, to take the weightiness, to sit with it, to understand that sin leads to death. And that is what was supposed to be our story and You rescued us and we are eternally grateful. We will be grateful in a million years; we will be worshiping You for this in a billion years. We love You and we thank You and we pray this in Your name. Amen.


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Prayer and Encouragements:

Hey DAB fam, this is Beloved in Texas and I’ve got some news on Thursday, that was a little unexpected. I was having my daughter assessed with the school psychiatrist for a possible ADHD and it, turns out we’re not really in that but her main problem is major depressive disorder and she’s only 12. So, I just wanna lift up all of us mothers, who have children with mental illness. Father, I just thank You so much for Your word and for Your grace and for Your sovereignty. Lord, I ask that You give us grace and peace and a special kind of wisdom in discernment, when we’re trying to love our children who have mental illness. Father, it breaks my heart to know that my daughter has felt the way that I have felt, which in turn, helps me to understand a little bit of how much it breaks Your heart. And I just continue to ask for that peace, I ask for supernatural joy in our home. All of the homes, supernatural peace and joy in the home in which they’re people living with mental illness. I’m just gonna leave it at that, cause I don’t even know what else to pray. In Jesus name. Amen. I love you DAB fam. And we are, Sparky and I, and the girl’s dad, biological father, working as hard as we can with the recommendations that were given by the psychiatrist. And we’re gonna, we’re gonna see victory of this, in Jesus name.

Hey DAB family, it’s James the Teacher. Just taking a moment from my work day to reach out and pray for everyone who is financially hurting right now. Father God, I want to pray that You’ll give them, give us strength, courage, wisdom, understanding to face the situations that we’re in. Lord, the grace of understanding and insight to see where we have been doing things wrong. God, the courage to face issues that we know how to fix but we’re just scared. Provision for opportunities to bring in extra income when it’s truly necessary. You’re grace God, to do extra work where we don’t have the energy to do it. Your word and Your Spirit, pour into us to replenish us when we are already exhausted. God, and yes, justice, where we have been ripped off and oppressed, deceived, robbed. But Lord, at the bottom, at the top, around in all of it, let it be for Your glory, that we might be able to not just get but give to Your kingdom, to Your causes, to glorify You. We love You and we praise You. In Jesus name.

Hey guys, it’s Sparky. I just wanted to reach out there, I wanted to say, hey. It’s not a social club and you guys that don’t ring out about your problems, some of us that do, and we’ve gotten comfortable with ringing out. We have problems, ring them out. We all have struggles and trials, every day. We all sit there and go, my problems is not as big as theirs. I want you to ring them out. Let us pray for you. I’m ring them out cause I want somebody to pray for me. And I know what this family is. I guess I say this, because no problems are bigger than anybody else’s problems. You’re loved. And every problem it gonna be a giant problem as long as you follow Jesus. Because you have to react the right way. So, I’m implore you, ring out when you’re having your problems and let God’s church pray for you. I love you.

This is God’s Chosen from California. Brian, thank you so much for your reading today, March 6th on the blessings. You encouraged us to bless someone. I declare blessings over you, Brian, and your entire family. I declare blessings over all those who are behind the crew at the Daily Audio. I declare blessings over all the people of Asia, all the people of Africa, all the people of Europe, all the people of North America, all the people of South America, all the people of Australia, all the people of Antarctica. I declare as we listen to the words and the teaching and the seeds that Brian plants every day, may God, almighty, continue to shower His blessings upon us. May the Lord bless us and protect us. May the Lord make His face shine upon us and be gracious to us. May the Lord look upon us all with favor and grant us His peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you, Brian, for all that you do. May God continue to strengthen you and may He continue to bless you, above and beyond your imaginations. In Jesus name. Amen. [singing] The Lord bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you. Be gracious to you. The Lord turn His face towards to you and give you peace. Amen, Amen, Amen. Amen, Amen, Amen.

Hello, my DAB family, this is Jamie in New Jersey, Standing on the Word of God. I humbly ask you to please pray with me. Dear Father in Heaven, thank You for being the author and perfecter of our faith. Father, in our lives there are many changing seasons. We go from feeling joyful and close to You, to grieving and feeling like You are distant. We wrestle with our doubts and questions, wondering if You even hear us or if You’re even real. Our faith decreases when we look around us, not up to You and Your purpose. No Christian goes through this life without feeling weak in their faith, at times. But we all can take comfort in knowing You are our Emmanuel. You are with us in every season, whether good or bad. Thank You, that You’ve carried us through the uncertainty of deep waters, through the flames of trial, and through the pain of hard bosses. Please forgive us for giving to much time and attention to other things, for looking to other people before coming to You first. We choose to press in close to You today and keep You first in our hearts and lives. Without You, we would truly fail. But with You, there is great hope. When we are weak, help us to look to You and to hold on tight to the truth that You love us and want the best for us. We pray in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you for praying with me, my brothers and sisters. I love each and every one of you. Have a blessed night.

Hey DAB family, this is PA Chappy. I am calling because I just celebrated my one-year anniversary as a full-time pastor and God has just been really blessing the ministry that He has called me to. In fact, this past Sunday, we added 5 new members to our church. And that’s exciting. We would have had a couple more but the husband of the family that would be joining our church, still needs to be baptized. So, we’re gonna be baptizing him this summer and then, they’ll be joining the church as well. And it will be our first immersion baptism in probably decades at this church. So, I am really excited. I just wanted to call in and give praise to the Lord. When I first took over the church, became the pastor, there was about 60 people in attendance and we’re averaging about 90 people in attendance. When I first came to this church, it was one family with some kids. Now we have about four or five families with children. So, the church is just growing in ways that only God can receive the honor and glory for this. So, I just wanted to, again, thank you all for your prayers. When I called in about a year ago about this, and I ask that you continue praying for the church that I’m at. And again, this is PA Chappy. Thank you. This is my eighth year of listening to the DAB. God has brought me from the depths of despair, from where I was even considering suicide 8 years ago. To now, I’m a senior pastor of a church. And so, God is just so good. And I just want to give Him all honor and glory. Thank you.