2/5/2023 DAB Transcript

Exodus 21:22-23:13, Matthew 24:1-28, Psalm 29:1-11, Proverbs 7:6-23

Today is the fifth day of February, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian, it is great to be here with you today as we greet a…a shiny, sparkly week out in front of us. A busy week it will be indeed, for us, later this afternoon, and all through this evening and all night, we will be journeying to the land of the Bible, from the rolling hills of Tennessee, all the way over to Tel Aviv, where we will be preparing to begin our 2023 tour of the land of the Bible. And that will indeed, be a community experience. There will certainly be a couple of buses of us there, but we will be talking about what we’re doing and where we’re going and how we’re getting along and what’s up and posting pictures on social media, of what we’re doing and where we are. And then, later, about a week from now, we’ll have a live broadcast. Once we…once we make it to the Galilee, we’ll be doing that. So, we’ll be talking about all this stuff as we go. I’m just, I’ve got all these like jitters, you know, like am I forgetting something, do I have everything packed, am I ready because it’s not like you can just run down the street to the local whatever store to get what you need. So, thank you for your prayers. And we’re looking forward to that. But that’s not until later, and so, this is now, and let us take the next step forward in the Scriptures. We’ve got ourselves a brand-new week here, we’ll read from the EHV, the Evangelical Heritage Version this week. And of course, picking up right where we left off yesterday, Exodus chapter 21 verse 22, through 23 verse 13.


Father, we thank You for Your word. We thank You for this brand-new, shiny week. We thank You for resets, we thank You that Your and mercies are new every morning, and that every day is a reset. We thank You for Your kindness and Your patience with us, as we continue to grow and mature. And Father, as this week is a week of traveling, and…and…and immersing ourselves in the land of the Bible, we pray for all of those who will be boarding planes and traveling far, and we pray for ourselves. We have to do the same thing, tonight. So, Holy Spirit, come cover in and among us, over all of the details, over all of the logistics, over all of the moving parts, as we navigate to another part of the world and immerse ourselves in the places that the Bible happened. We ask that You would change us, that this would mark us, that this would change us, irreversibly that we would never see the Bible the same again. Come, Holy Spirit, we pray into all of these coming days. Whether we are in the land or whether we are there, virtually as a community together, make this an important part of our journey, an important part of our year, an important part of our understanding of the Scriptures. We pray in the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Good day, Daily Audio Bible community, my brothers and sisters. This is Kacey, the Single-Minded Plumber. I’m feeling inadequate, as a father. A lot of you guys know, when I first started listening and calling in, I was an alcoholic, my wife was an alcoholic. We were alcoholics for almost a decade raising children. And I was just hoping that some of you guys might help me pray to be a better father. Feeling lacking as a parent. And there is so much that I can’t do, that I can’t defend for the kids. I am just not good enough. But I know someone who is and I’m hoping you’ll ask the Lord if He could help me be a better parent. But I help, my brave boy Bradley, feel included in my family. And that my son Derek isn’t so mad a lot of the time, cause he sees me mad, lot of the time. And my daughters, Hannah and Heaven, don’t pursue gender dysphoria, cutting. Thank you, guys, I love you.

Good evening, this is Pray without Ceasing in Atlanta. Today is January 31st. I am finishing up the January 21st prayer and encouragement. I just wanted to reiterate for the others, who like me, missing and pray with and for the callers who cry and rejoice with the callers. And sometimes we just shake our heads because we have no words. We don’t’ always call in to let our family know that we are praying but we do call to God, the God of all possibility, on your behalf. And often we get to pray more than once when we hear someone else praying for you. So, I just wanted to let it be known that though you may not hear us, we are on the other side praying for you and thinking of you and caring about you and loving you from a distance. But we are here, we stand with Rosie, Great to be Free in Jesus, as she prays for the children. We stand with Sparky and Beloved as they pray for the parents. We pray for Duane, I mean, Duane from Wisconsin. And Valiant Val as she encourages us. We pray with Jonathan from Denver, as he prays for the students. So, we’re here, we’re not calling, we’re not, you know, recording, but we’re with you. Anonymous on Purpose, I’m with you. I’m praying for you. Amen. Love you guys.

I’m calling from Melbourne, Australia and I’d like to say, God bless you to all the DABers. Love listening to the word of God and hearing your testimonies and praying for the people who call. I’d like you to share with me please and pray for a Christian friend of mine who’s desperate at the moment. She’s a solo mum and the other day she walked into her garage and found her 28-year-old son ready to hang himself. He had a prepared noose. And she got there just in time. We really need prayer for her. Things are really quite desperate. I told her I was gonna ring you. She is a DABer herself. And so, I just know that with combined prayer it makes a difference. And God bless you all, thank you so much. The boy’s name is …

Hi, I’m calling to ask for prayer for my grandson Willem. He has autism, he’s non-verbal. He’s in the psychiatric hospital right now. But he’s going to start a new living situation on Friday, the 3rd of February. And I’m asking for prayer for God’s protection for his safety. For God to manifest His presence and His love to Willem. He’s not able to communicate well. And in this living situation isn’t successful, the next step is a facility two hours away. I love my grandson very much. I actually would like to have him here with me but that’s not a choice that’s available to me right now. So, please pray for Willem. I do pray for all of you every day. And I’m very thankful for the DAB. Thank you.

This is Road Toad. I was raised in a home where appearances were valued, where we never admitted to any wrongdoing, where we judged people of standards other than that of the Bible. Even though it is a Christian home. I struggle to overcome this, yet today. However, this weekend, my wife and I were in a public place. And I probably was not even consciously aware of what I was doing but looking at beautiful women. One of those women, saw me looking at her and looked at my wife and laughed. My wife is overweight. She’s a wonderful woman. She’s a Godly woman. I am the one who pails in her light. I regret this. I feel shamed this morning as I think about this and tell you. I struggle to not to even do this because, as I said, in our family, we didn’t want to admit, we ever done wrong. Don’t want to be looked at in that light. But I need prayer folks. And I listen to your prayers, and I listen to your words, and I know our nickname’s give us anonymity. So, would you pray for us please?