11/26/2022 DAB Transcript

Daniel 2:24-3:30, 1 Peter 4:7-5:14, Psalms 119:81-96, Proverbs 28:15-16

Today is the 26th day of November welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian it is wonderful to be here with you today as we bring another one of our weeks to a close. Today is my daughter China’s birthday. And, of course, China and my wife Jill are working their way through Daily Audio Bible Chronological, working through the Scriptures in chronological order. And, so, happy birthday China. It is certainly a heartwarming feeling inside to watch your daughter be born and be your little girl and grow up and start reading the Bible as a child and continue all the way through into adulthood and continue through into marriage and then having baby Reagan, our granddaughter and still be interested, intrigued, fascinated and growing in the Scriptures every day. And, so, can’t pass this day without saying happy birthday China. And, so, happy birthday China. You are a very loved girl, very very appreciated. And, so, with that…I’m not gonna sing happy birthday. So, with that out of the way…because I’m not not a very good singer. That’s my wife. She’s a very good singer, So, with that out of the way let’s dive in. And we’ve been reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week, which is what we’ll do today. And we’ll get going in the book of Daniel. Today we will read chapter 2 verse 24 through 3 verse 30.


Father, we thank You for Your word, and we thank You for another week that we have been able to spend together in Your word. And this is certainly a week of transition as we turn the corner and begin the festivities and the longing and the rejoicing for Your arrival and the celebration of Christmas. And, so, we love You and we thank You for walking us through this and bringing us to the threshold of another week. And we recognize by looking at the calendar that the weeks that remain are far fewer than the weeks that we have already moved through together. We thank You for that. We thank You for bringing us to this point and we thank You that You will bring us across the finish line strong and well. We recognize that if we want to begin next year well, we will finish this one well. And, so, thank You for being out in front of us, leading us, pulling us forward. And we pray a special blessing over China today on her birthday and we thank You for all that she has represented here in the Daily Audio Bible community for all of these years when she was just a little girl. And we thank You for her life and all that it represents. So, come Holy Spirit with Your blessing not only on China but on each of us as we continue to take the next step forward together. We pray this in the precious mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning, everyone. This is Eva from Brooklyn NY. This is my first year listening and first time calling. I thank the Lord for this wonderful ministry. Throughout my life I’ve had my shares of struggles like everyone else especially when there’s a death of a loved one but during this time God has come in like a flood to give strength, hope, faith, and a greater trust in the Lord. It has truly been a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

This is from junk to treasure. Send help Lord. Send help.

Hello, my DAB family this is Jamie in New Jersey standing on the word of God. I humbly ask you to please pray with me. Dear Father in heaven, as we approach Thanksgiving we pray for our families and loved ones. We ask for Your protection over them. Help us to love unconditionally as You would have us love one another. May You always preserve the bond that we have and may we always look forward to seeing each other when we have been apart. Grow our love so deep that it is able and willing to overcome and forgive at all times no matter the offense. We trust in Your mighty power to keep us safe from any form of evil. Father, wherever we have grown cold toward each other, rekindle our hearts and let us see each other as You see us. Heal our hearts and remove any hatred and or strife, bitterness, and unforgiveness. Restore the bonds that have been broken. We ask Your Holy Spirit to surround us with Your love. We ask You to always be at the center of our relationships. Enable our bonds with each other to be as a three cord strand in Your word that cannot easily be broken. Give us the strength to rely on each other and most importantly to rely on You. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. Thank you for praying along with me, my brothers and sisters. I love you all dearly. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. God bless you and have a good night.

Happy Thanksgiving DAB family this is Prisoner of Hope. I’m calling to pray for some of our DABbers. It is just coincidently Thanksgiving Day. And I wanted to pray for Treasure to Treasure. I think now, you changed…you changed your name from Junk to Treasure or something like that. I’ll get it. But you had said that your house is broken down, your car is broken down, you had this hip replacement that limits you and I just wanted to pray for you because you so faithfully pray for so many people including my family. And I…I also think Dwayne from Wisconsin who prayed for my family and my children who are far from the Lord. Lord, I pray for from Junk to Treasure. I just pray that You would just please continue to be her everything. Lord, I know she has all these broken things but she is rich in Jesus and there’s nothing to compare with that, so I thank You for that. I thank You for being a blessing in our life. Thank You for giving her a heart that is a heart after Your own and that wants to have a passion that a love for others who are in need. I also wanna pray for Anonymous on Purpose who said you don’t know how to love the Lord and you don’t know how to receive love from him. And I don’t know how to tell you…excuse me…to do that other than say just be still and know that he is God, know that he loves you. Just come to Him with a humble heart and just receive what He has for you. Don’t overthink it. Just let Him be a blessing to you and just breathe in His peace and His love and His mercy and His grace into your life. We just thank You in Jesus’ name. Amen.