11/21/2022 DAB Transcript

Ezekiel 42:1-43:27, James 5:1-20, Psalm 119:1-16, Proverbs 28:6-7

Today is the 21st day of November, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian. It is wonderful to be here with you around the Global Campfire as we continue day-by-day, step-by-step. This is that week, where at least in my life like, it’s Thanksgiving week in the United States. That doesn’t necessarily mean something to everybody all over the world, but it’s pretty major holiday here in the United States. And then that’s always on Thursday right. And then, the day after Thanksgiving is black Friday and it’s on, all the way on, the holiday season is upon us and so here we are. And I am especially grateful that we have the Global Campfire, that there is this kind of constant. This place that we can gather, this oasis of peace that we can come into and just allow the Scriptures to wash into our lives and kind of be together and at least have this place of serenity. Everything else can be a little bit chaotic, not that we want it that way, but things can be chaotic, but we at least have an oasis that we can come to each day and feast upon the Scriptures and enjoy the fact that we are not alone, that we are in this together with our brothers and sisters all over the world. So, it’s wonderful to be here at the Global Campfire with you today. And let’s do what we do, let’s take the next step forward together. The next step forward leads us back out into the book of Ezekiel. We’re reading from the Christian Standard Bible this week, Ezekiel chapters 42 and 43 today.


Okay so, we concluded the letter of James today. And I mentioned it’s unflinching and it is, I even said, it’s a butt kicker because it is, because it’s unflinching. And we could take that directness and you know, think like, it’s condemning or brings condemnation. Or we could say, James has been honest with us and actually James coming at this point in the year is profoundly helpful for us. In fact, I encourage you to go back and read James in its entirety, it will take you like 20 minutes. It’s not a superlong letter, maybe half an hour, if you’re just kind of going slow and really, really trying to digest what is…is being told to us. So many of these things apply to this season that we’re going into, even today, brothers and sisters do not complain about one another so that you will not be judged. That is the timely word, sometimes we can come around the Thanksgiving table and give thanks and then spend the rest of the day complaining about everything else in life and everybody else in life, but it was James who looked us in the face and said, look, you can burn your life down around you with the things that are coming out of your mouth. And this is true and it’s definitely true this time of year and so spending just a little bit more time in James with that in mind, like just okay, I’m gonna read through the letter of James again with the intent of getting advanced words for the season that I'm…that I’m going into, the season of the year that it is and make some decisions in advance. Because typically, in a chaotic season, it’s the stuff that comes up unexpectedly that we then respond to inappropriately, that then sets off all kinds of chain reactions that make all kinds of things a lot more difficult than they need to be.


And so, Father, we thank You for Your word. We confess our utter dependence upon You and need for You. We need You to help us do the right thing and we collaborate in that by paying attention and submitting ourselves, humbling ourselves before You, knowing that You will raise us up. But a very important thing that James teaches us is that we can say anything, how we live is actually the truth and that we can use our words to bring comfort, or we can use them for destruction, and we can even do that all on the same day. We can worship You from our lips and then curse one another from those same lips. And as James said this, this is not, like this is not how it’s supposed to be, this shouldn’t be happening. So, we’re paying attention and we’re taking heed and we need Your help to make corrections. Come Holy Spirit, we pray, lead us into all truth, we ask, in the name of Jesus, we ask expectantly, knowing that You want to help us with these things, that You desire our maturity, that You love it when we grow, that You look at us as Your children and You celebrate the little victories that we have a long way, as we celebrate our own children. Thank You for your kindness. Thank You for your patience, may we represent You well in this season, we ask. In Jesus name. Amen.


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Prayer and Encouragements:

Good morning Daily Audio Bible Family, this is Karen from Florida. So, thankful Loreli that you are okay from your experience on the I-95. I used to go to church with you and you were the one that introduced me to Daily Audio Bible Family, many years ago. I was reintroduced this year from another friend from our same fellowship. And I’m very grateful and I’m so grateful that you’re okay. God bless you sister. You are true woman of God. I would also like to request prayer for my daughter today and myself. I am visiting with her in Canada, right now. She just had my first grandson and I’m so grateful. His name is Nikolai. My daughter is not a believer. She walked away from the word years ago. And now her sinful life has created a wall between her and our Lord. I just ask that you keep my daughter, Richelle, in your prayers. And her husband James, who’s the father of this beautiful little boy. So much fear in her heart, yet she won’t turn to the Lord, who can set her free. So, I just ask for your prayers for Richelle and James and Nikolai, today. Thank you DAB Family. God bless every one of you today.

Hey DAB brother and sisters. This is Byron out in Florida. Calling for Shawn from London, England. Shawn, I heard your call, and I heard your heart breaking over how you have fallen into addiction again. And I wanna give you a word of encouragement brother. You’re disgusted with yourself, but God is not disgusted with you. You’re disappointed in yourself; God is not disappointed in you. Anything that you’ve done, that was a surprise or shock to you, not a surprise, not a shock to God. And He still sent His Son to die on the cross for you, He still extends His grace, His love, and His presence. None of it changed because none of it depended upon you. I encourage you brother, take the focus off of yourself and put it onto Christ. The day your called aired, right before, another lady called in and talked about a verse that was lined in her grandmothers Bible. I forget the verse, but the point was, God is good, glory to Him. Even in your situation now, Shawn, in the midst of your despair, look up. Look at Him, take your eyes off yourself, off your circumstances and put it on Christ. And give Him the glory that He deserves because He loves you in spite of you and wants you, in spite of your mistakes. His presence is there for you, right now, and there’s nothing standing in the way of it. Give Him praise, give Him glory and get to you moving forward, one step at a time. Love you brother.

Hi, family. I’m just calling to pray for Shawn Rodgers from the UK. He phoned on the 16th of November asking for prayer and deliverance from alcohol and drug abuse. I heard your prayer and then I’ve just been thinking about you and praying for you, this morning. And then I heard a message. And I just wanted to quote to you, Billy Graham. He once said, the closer you get to Christ, the more sinful you are going to feel. The fact that you are aware of your sin and feel guilty about it, is a sign of a spiritual life. Everyone who has ever seen a true reflection of God, is deeply convicted of his own sin. And I think that is such a important message for you Shawn. Yes, you are going through a very difficult time. And it can’t be easy, struggling and battling this type of alcohol and drug dependence or addiction. But just remember that, as you are getting closer to God, you are becoming more and more aware of your sin. And so, it’s a sign of a spiritual life. So, praise be to God. Continue listening to the word and continue growing in your faith and leaning on God, every day, no matter how many times you fall, just get back up again. Just remember that the devil wants you to think that you’re failing. When, in fact, you are succeeding, and you will succeed, and you will be delivered from this. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Hi, DAB Family, this is God’s Gal, Minnesota. And it is Wednesday, November 16th. I’m calling today, to pray for Shawn, I believe it’s Rodgers. Shawn, from London, England in the UK. And I heard his call-in request for prayer. He is struggling with alcohol and sometimes drugs but alcohol primarily. And he just can’t seem to quit, he said, on his own. It’s an addiction. And I’m not gonna offer any advice because I’m not a professional. But and I know you just want prayer Shawn, so, that’s what I’m gonna do, right now. DABers please join me at the campfire, and we’ll pray for Shawn, in London, England. Father God, You are all knowing, all powerful, omniscient. And we’re so glad that we have You in our lives. Across the pond, Lord, I ask for You to meet Shawn, right where he is. And lift him up Lord. Help him to conquer this disease of alcoholism in any way he can. If that means, help, or, however. Lord, give him Your Holy Spirit and a peace in him that directs him to the way he should go. Let him know that we are with him, and we love him, and that You love him, Father. And I thank You Lord for watching over Shawn. In Your Holy name Father. Amen. Signing off. This is God’s Gal, Minnesota. Goodbye, DABers.

This is Victorious Soldier calling to pray for Susan in Haiti and also Shawn, dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. Gracious Father, we just ask You to touch Susan in Haiti, we just ask You to work a miracle. Father, we just ask You to have Your way. We just ask You to open doors that no man can close and ask You to bless. I ask You to touch Shawn. Father, in the name of Jesus, he’s having problems with alcohol. Rebuke that…that demon of…of, we rebuke that demon inside him Lord. Rebuke that spider of desire and cast out the cobwebs of life in him. Father, in the name of Jesus, and You give him the strength. Father, in the name of Jesus, to say no to it. Father, in the name Jesus, as You cast out that spider. And Lord, give him the desires of his heart. Put his trust in You. Fill him with Your Holy Ghost and Your fire. In the mighty name of Jesus. And Lord, we’ll give You the glory. In Jesus name. Thank you DABers. Have a good day. Bye Bye.