11/12/2022 DAB Transcript

Ezekiel 24:1-26:21, Hebrews 11:1-16, Psalms 110:1-7, Proverbs 27:14

Today is the 12th day of November welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian and it’s great to be here with you. Oddly, this concludes our…it’s taken us 12 days but this will conclude our first full week in the month of November and we’ll continue our journey full speed ahead, which will lead us back to where we left off yesterday, and that happens to be back in the book of Ezekiel. Today we will read from the New English Translation, which is what we’ve been doing this week and we’ll read Ezekiel chapters 24, 25 and 26 today.


Father, we thank You for Your word. We thank You for another day to gather around it. We thank You for the presence of Your Holy Spirit leading us into all truth as we allow the Scriptures to seep down into our lives watering the soil of our hearts. And we thank You Father for a bountiful harvest in our lives, the fruit of the Spirit. May it be ever-growing within us, and may we share it freely with all that we encounter. We love You and we take this moment and make it a moment of gratitude. We love You. We thank You, we worship You, we trust You, and we pray these things in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning DAB family this is Saved by Grace in California. I’d just like to lift up that…the gentleman who came on and asked for prayer. It’s been a week and his wife, and his daughter has left him. And Father God I just lift up my brother to You Father and I just pray that he would see Your hand in this situation. Father, he says that he…his church…and he sounds like he’s a member Father but I just pray Lord that You will show him and be ever present in this situation for our brother. Comfort his heart Father God that’s grieving the loss right now Lord. I pray for restoration. I pray for Father God for a new relationship not amending of the old Father God, but I pray new total newness in this situation. I pray that they will put You first in their marriage and in the rearing of their child. I ask God that You would give him favor in the eyes of the wife Lord God and that there’ll be a forgivingness Father, that You would remove all resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness in this situation in the name of Jesus. And I pray that thy will be done forever in this…in his life Father God and in this situation and I thank You for the powerful testimony that this couple will have that will lead others Father God to trust in You and to rely on You in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Hey good morning Daily Audio Bible family this is John calling from Westminster MA I hope everyone is doing well. Today is the 9th of November and it’s the 313th day of the year, which is just mind boggling. Brian thank you so much for your commitment and loyalty to Jesus Christ and for your outpouring of love that is the love of Christ in your heart to everybody here in the community. We are great benefactors of the mighty work that God is doing in and through you and we’re entirely blessed that you and your family are so on fire for the Lord. And that fire continues to spread and we’re glad to be caught in it. We’re Catching Fire so thank you Brian. I wanted to call in today to pray for Prodigal Princess from Massachusetts. I heard your prayer request play on the 312th day of the year so the 8th of November and you were just talking about how you’re a child in the faith and that you are…you desire to become strong in the faith so that…you know right now you knew you need milk, but you know you do desire that you can have solid food. Sister, you are…you are on the right path and on the right track. You’ve got strongholds that are broken in Jesus’ name, chains that are of bound you that are broken in Jesus’ name. You’re a new child and a new creation. What had you held back in the past is projecting you propelling you forward into the future, and I can’t wait to hear your testimony. This is John from Massachusetts.

This is Hands to Heaven. Father God, I lift up the troubled ones to You to night. You know them Lord, the ones who are caught in the storms of life and are so busy bailing out the boat they haven’t had time for more than an SOS prayer. Each time they feel like they’ve made headway another wave of trials complications and difficulties swamps the boat and they’re once more struggling just to keep afloat. Strengthen the troubled ones, Lord. Help them to carry on knowing that You haven’t abandoned them but are right beside them encouraging them. Give them the faith to keep their eyes above the waves. Fill them with the assurance that storms always end, and many are followed by a rainbow, the promise that You will never break Your word, never forsake Your children, never send more than You can help us bear. And Lord when the waves cease, and the rain abates let the troubled ones turn to You and thanksgiving and praise and let them tell the others whose boats are still floundering in deep waters that You are faithful, and You are present in each moment. Let them share how You helped them through their problem into Your promises in Jesus’ name I pray. This is Hands to Heaven. God bless you all.

Good afternoon, everybody it is I, the Slow Boat. A young man called on November 1st. His first name is Jonathan and I think his last name is Santos or Lopez. I didn’t quite get it. Anyway, he asked for our prayers as he reaches his 20th birthday and he’s concerned about a job. He’s reaching a new stage in his life. Jonathan, I would like to praise you for two reasons. First, you took your courage in your hands and called us. Second, you are serious about moving on to your next stage. While I want you to have every success, that you get a great job that pays well that teaches you a lot, that if you go on in your education you get good grades in whatever courses you take and you finish them up with honors. The DAB is a family, and we welcome you. Stay in touch. Call if you need to. I am praying for you as you requested and happy birthday.