9/18/2022 DAB Transcript

Isaiah 28:14-30:11, Galatians 3:23-4:31, Psalm 62:1-12, Proverbs 23:19-21

Today is the 18th day of September, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian, it is wonderful to be here with you today, as we gather around the Global Campfire and greet a brand-new, shiny, sparkly week together. And I guess, probably 50/52 times, I recognize that we get to a new week and remind us, it’s out in front of us. This is that reset, it’s out in front of us. Many things may carry over from the previous week but how we deal with them in this week, is up to us. We get to make all the choices, we get to say all the words, we get to think all the thoughts. Thankfully we have the Scriptures here each and every day around this Global Campfire to inform those things and to lead and guide and direct and transform and shape us. So, brand-new week, throwing open the door, walking through it together and diving in. This week, we will read from the Christian Standard Bible. And picking up where we left off yesterday, will lead us back into the book of Isaiah, today, chapter 28 verse 14 through 30 verse 11.


Thank You, Father, for the Scriptures. Thank You, Father, for each other. Thank You, Lord, for allowing the Scriptures to wash over each and every one of us, into our stories, into our lives, into our plans. We are deeply grateful. Thank You for bringing us into this brand-new, shiny week. Father, we consecrate this week to You, we are here to be a living sacrifices available to You. So often, we are inviting You into our story and our agenda, asking You to make things happen for us that we are planning and we rarely come to You and say, what is Your plan for me for the day. May we live this week available to You. What is your plan for us this week? Rather than, what is our plan for You this week. Help us make that shift of orientation, which changes everything. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Lisa the Encourager, this is God’s Life Speaker. You are an encourager and, there were so many times I wanted to call in and just ask how you were but I didn’t want to hear the news that you gave us. I’m sure there were others like me that just recognized the void of your voice, but knew why you weren’t on this podcast and what a gift God gave you to be there, with your mom during this past time of her last days and to be there when she finally was in the arms of Jesus. So, thank you for encouraging us with hearing that your mom is now in the presence of Jesus. And thought that is wonderful for her, it kind of is wonderful for us to know but we just are such greedy people. We want our loved ones here with us. So, Lord, would You just be the encourager to our Encourager, Lisa. Lift her up, may her eyes look up to the mountains where her help can come from me. May she just praise You and recognize that when she is praising You and singing and worshiping You, that she’s right there with her mom, who gets to do it all the time. That we get to enter into that time of worship with those who are doing it full-time. So, Lord just surround her with other strong believers, surround her with the time of reflection and just knowing that in Your presence all is good. And we ask it in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Hi, this Pure Heart, from Tennessee. And I was just calling to pray for Lisa the Encourager. Hearing your message, knowing that you just lost your mom and still grieving, you still took the time out to encourage. So, yeah that’s an amazing gift from God, I’m sure. But I just wanted to do a little quick prayer for you. Father God, I just thank You for Lisa this morning. And I thank You that as she goes through her grief process, that she’ll know that You’re there with her. That You’re there to comfort her, keep her, to love her in the midnight hours. Father God, I just pray that you’ll continue to use that gift of encouragement to bless others through her and people may see the love of God in her and just be blessed. In Jesus name.

Hello, everybody. It’s God’s Smile here, I’m Peter. The nights are drawing aren’t they Peter? They are yes, middle of September, we don’t like this do we. October is coming and the clocks change, oh dear, dear, dear. But hey, be encouraged because Christmas is coming. Peter, go away with you, shu. I got a letter from Clarence Daniels and he wants to be remembered and he’s sends his love to the DAB family. And Bridge to Bride, I’d like to say hello to you too and I hope you got my little coloring I sent via Clarence’s letter. You should have it by now. If not, you’ve got something coming for you, lad. So, we’d like to pray for them all, wouldn’t we. We’d like to pray for the boys and we hope that Ellis is back in the fold very soon. And they can resume their studies all together and be a blessing to one another. Go on Peter, you take the prayer. Father, we do thank You that these guys, albeit in prison, incarcerated, do have the opportunity to be able to listen to the DAB by whatever means they’ve been given. And we thank You for that, we bless You Lord. And we pray that You would keep it going, keep them encouraged, build them up Lord. Give them strength for each new day. We thank You for their lives, Lord, and their contributions to the DAB. Father, would You anoint them, would you anoint them to reach out and touch the other men they’re sharing lives with. Would You give a wedding season, would You still hearts and minds, would You break down divisions. And times ticking away again, it goes to quick for us Peter. It does, well you speak too much. Ha ha. So, it’s kiss kiss from me and kiss kiss from me. Bye Bye, say goodbye Peter. Bye bye Peter. We have just done that, haven’t we.

Good morning, my daily DABers. This is Cecile from beautiful South Florida. I’m calling to answer a prayer request from a brother who called yesterday on the 12th, his name is Isaac from Sichuan, Canada. I think I got that right. Brother, another beautiful day and another blessed opportunity to be a vessel, to serve God, love God, to be Christ-like and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Acknowledging that we do have the Spirit of God inside of us and that we’re not put in this world to dwell on pain or sorrows or to rejoice. Rejoice according or regarding to any circumstance. Rejoice in the house of the Lord. The house of the Lord is in your heart. And I’m here to pray for you today. I to once passed through that. Brother, you asked to pray for whatever it is that is in our heart or whatever it is that you have prayed for in your request. And I wanted to pray for the whole you, brother. God, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father, Savior, Lord Jesus Christ, angels of heaven will take these prayers unto God’s presence. I’m calling today to pray for a brother who’s name is Isaac, he’s from Sichuan, Canada. You know his heart Lord. He needs your direction, he needs your wisdom. Holy Spirit, I pray that this moment You activate Yourself for our brother Isaac life. I ask for direction on his heart. I ask for discernment which is what David asked You, Lord. Discernment and understanding, Father. That he will know when it’s You. But to acknowledge that even those situations that it may seem like our trials, lets not give credit to the enemy but instead let’s ask God what He wants to teach us on the situations that we stand. Father, I ask that You give Isaac ….

Hello Daily Audio Bible family, this is People on the Water from Indiana. Calling in for two reasons, 1) to say that I love you still. Second, to call in for Isaac from Sichuan. Father God, I come to You in the day of Your son, Jesus Christ, through the power of Your Holy Spirit. I pray for Your son, my brother, Isaac. Give him confidence that he needs to speak his mind clearly. Whether that is through his sessions with a counselor, whether that is in a journal, or in a conversation with his friends. Which is what prayer is. I pray against any nerves, anything of the enemy, and right now for my brother I keep only the bond of peace. Father, I believe in You and I believe You will do wonderous works in Your sons life. Bless him abundantly but may he not bless himself. Watered down blessings with money. May he blessed in Your presence. In Your name, and the confirmation of Your son, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the innerworkings of his mind. Amen.