09/11/2022 DAB Transcript

Isaiah 8:1-9:21, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Psalms 55:1-23, Proverbs 23:4-5

Today is the 11th day of September welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian it’s wonderful to be here with you today as we greet a brand-new week a fresh start. And even as we begin this brand-new week, we will certainly pick up where we left off last week, which was yesterday. This week we will read from the New International Version and doing what we just said. Picking up where we left off will lead us into the book of Isaiah. Today chapters 8 and 9.


Father, we thank You for this brand-new week that we are stepping into. And we know that moment by moment we are being transformed, which also means week by week we are being transformed and year-by-year, month by month, all these little demarcations of time that we observe to give us a sense of movement and understanding and organization. But we come to the beginning of a new week and each week we realize it’s a brand-new week, it’s a fresh start. All that happened last week, although some of it may carry over into this week, that was then and this is now and the way we deal with things, if we reset ourselves, humble ourselves before You and walk on the narrow path that leads to life, we will be doing well. And, so, we thank You for this fresh start, a brand-new shiny sparkly new week. May we be aware of Your presence each moment listening for Your leadership in our lives we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Hey family this is Melissa from Albertville AL. Brian and Jill China and Ezekiel thank you for reading the word. Thank you, Victoria Soldier. Y’all I need prayer. I’ve been battling a nasty case of pneumonia and COVID. Haven’t called in but I need your prayers. I love you all very much. Y'all have a blessed day. Prayer changes things. I love y'all. Bye-bye.

Hi DAB family I’m a 1st time caller. I’ve been listening since January 1st of this year, and I have always just told myself that I would call in at some point when I really felt the Spirit led me to do so. I have been praying with all of you for all of you since I started listening and I’ve been so humbled and encouraged by this community. Silvia from South Texas, I have to tell you sister, thank you so much for calling in. Your request absolutely stopped me in my tracks today and I had tears just streaming down my face. It’s been a really really hard couple of days. My husband abuses alcohol and has for a long time. That’s something I’ve tried and tried and tried to help him to see. And he through pride and denial and I think shame will not admit that this is a problem and it’s really starting to affect our marriage and our kids are old enough now that they all know that their dad has got a problem pretty soon. And I just feel so…I feel so broken over it and just powerless. I only want is for him to realize that there is a problem and to seek help and to turn to Christ for strength. But he’s gotta see it first. So, Sylvia, I join you I pray I’m praying for you sister. And I just ask DAB family that you would be the faithful, the faithful that I know you are and join with me and…and Sylvia and just prayers for the family members living with last loved ones who love struggling with this terrible addiction. Thank you all.

Hi this is Chris in California again. I called in a while back asking for prayer for my marriage and my family. It’s gone from separation to…I received divorce paperwork over the weekend, Labor Day weekend. I just ask that you lift my family up, my three kids. It’s a difficult time. I ask that you lift up my wife. I’m thankful for those of you who have been praying for us and I just ask that you continue to lift us up and pray. I’m not sure what God wants to do through this, but I just want to be open to it and I just I really need prayer. Thank you everyone. God bless.

Hi this is New Envision Growth from New York, and this message is for Beloved in Texas AKA Sparky’s wife. I was listening to your message yesterday and literally as you were talking about your anxiety, I felt anxiety coming over myself. For me my triggers are like tunnels or like thick fog. So, as I was driving over this bridge it was nothing but clouds. You couldn’t see. It was foggy. And I could feel it coming on a little bit, like my chest starting to tighten and I’m hearing you talk about anxiety. And in that moment, I just said, and as simple as it is, I just said God is in the clouds. God is in the fog. It can’t hurt me because God loves me. And again, as simple as it is I just kept repeating it until I got over my bridge. And for you, you know, I don’t know what the triggers are that may bring on your anxiety. Maybe it’s the new job or the financial issues but even in that I would just say a simple prayer. Sometimes the words and the comfort of knowing that God is in everything can help. So, if you have to say God is at my job, my job can’t be overwhelming because God is in it and God loves me. God is in my finances and therefore my finances can’t hurt me because God loves me, and God is on my finance. Something simple but just keep repeating it. Hopefully it’ll help, just a little exercise just putting God in and over everything because we know if God is in it it’s good for us and he’s never gonna harm us. That’s it. Love you guys.