08/28/2022 DAB Transcript

Job 28:1-30:31, 2 Corinthians 2:12-17, Psalms 42:1-11, Proverbs 22:7

Today is the 28th day of August, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I’m Brian. Like every day it’s great to be here with you on this particular day, as we greet a shiny sparkly new week out in front of us, a bit of a transitional week. Before this week is finished, we will have…we will have flipped over into a brand-new month, which is a bit incredible. Where did August go? But here we are in the last week of August continuing our journey through the book of Job as we observe and listen to the conversations and even arguments and insulting arguments that are happening between Job and his friends over whether Job can be innocent and righteous. So, as we begin today Job will be speaking. And this week we will read from the English Standard Version. So, today Job 28, 29 and 30.


Father, we thank You for Your word and this brand-new week this reset that happens every seven days. We thank You for this reset. And as we look further into this week as it’s shiny and sparkly out in front of us, we see we will move into the month of September before this week is out. And, so, help us Father to finish well what we have started in August and to begin well the new month coming in a few days. May we be what the apostle Paul was talking about today in second Corinthians, the aroma of Christ. May just spill out of us because You are within us. Your goodness overflows. May the fruit of the Spirit be bountiful, that we might be a part of revealing what You are doing in this world. Holy Spirit come into this and lead us into this and lead us into all truth we pray. In the name of Jesus, we ask. Amen.

Community Prayer and Praise:

Good morning this is doctor Mac from Alexandria VA I’m calling to pray for the gentleman who called in this morning saying that he’s new to the app and that he has mental issues and that he has tingling in his face and he’s had lots of health challenges, lost a lot of weight, doesn’t have a church family, doesn’t have anything, lost a lot of weight and is thinking that life is not worth living. I’m so glad you’re here, so glad that you found us. Now you have a church family. Now you have us who would love on you and pray for you. And yes, your life is worth living. Remember that Christ died for you. He suffered and He died for you. You may not understand why you’re going through all you’re going through and it’s difficult. I can well imagine how difficult it must be for you. Keep calling. Keep __. Keep near us. We will love on you, and we will pray for you daily. So, now let me say a short prayer for you before time runs out. Father, in the name of Jesus we pray that You are the God of impossible. Now do impossible things for my brother. You keep him under Your care, and You will send him the help that he needs. Pray that Father You’ll touch his body now and Lord You will give him strength, courage to keep on trusting in You. Let him sense Your presence and Your…

This is Standing on the Promises of God calling from Lagos Nigeria and I’d like to pray for the following people. Chris, you called regarding yourself and your wife Jean of 26 years. I pray that every broken area of your life the Lord shall repair, and He shall…and He shall restore concerning you and your wife in Jesus’ name. I also pray for godly wisdom and counsel even at this time for you and your wife. We also thank God for Demetrius ex-wife, and we pray that God shall perfect all that concerns you Demetrius’s ex-wife in Jesus’ name. And you shall see God…you shall see God’s beauty even at this time of your life. Someone also said we should pray for teachers as children are going back to school. I also have young children; two young kids and I pray for our teachers who help to shape and mold the mind of young…of youngsters and leaders of tomorrow. We pray for stability, we pray for strength, we pray for __ in every ramification and your life. We also pray for patience concerning these teachers because it’s not easy. Children look justly for their attention almost all at the same time. And someone…Maurice Woodson called for pastor John Pittsburgh who lost his wife of 48 years and is going through his grieving process. We pray for him at this time, and I pray that the Holy Spirit will not leave you nor forsake you. We pray for the Holy Spirit to counsel you even at this grieving time and we pray that weeping may endure for the night but your joy will come in the morning. Thank you very much.

Hello this is Anonymous in Tulsa I’m sorry I haven’t called in a while, but I have been praying. I kind of missed all of July was very ill but that's…I’m not really calling about me and I’ve just been catching up on the prayers and we’ve had so many. But August 25th prayer list, the call ins there’s just so many and they’re so touching. And the gentleman that called to say his…he had no prayer family, no family basically or friends, but is very ill, lost a lot of weight, has anxiety, mental health issues, lost, you know…just nothing to look forward to. He summed up many of all of our…our concerns and prayers. And young man, I am praying so hard for you and…and everyone, that we all look for the best things that the Lord has to offer whether it’s a bird that lands on your windowsill or somebody that smiles at you with their eyes even though they’re wearing a mask. Whatever it is take the very best things in your daily life and enjoy them. Eat whatever it is that is the most nutritious for you and eat three times as much as that. Do whatever is best for you and know that you have many people praying. I’m praying all of our prayer lists requests…

Hi this is Anonymous from Tulsa again and I forgot to add this compliment to Gloria about her wanting to start this math lesson for the students that are starting school. And I think that is an awesome idea and I am praying for that to be totally successful because I know the Lord is working with you and I’m praying for that to continue and be not only wonderful for the students but a blessing to you as well. And thank you for sharing. Of course, you are included in the prayers for those in recovery. I am also a TBI person from over 25 years ago. And, so, we constantly are in recovery and in end of disease process because of TBI. So yes, ma'am, thank you for sharing that with us and I’m praying for you in that. You are a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing. May the Lord bless you and keep you and hold you in His ever-loving arms. In Jesus’ name. Amen.