07/29/2022 DAB Transcript

2 Chronicles 24:1-25:28, Romans 12:1-21, Psalms 22:19-31, Proverbs 20:8-10

Today is the 29th day of July welcome to the Daily Audio Bible I am Brian and it is wonderful to gather, come around the Global Campfire together, take the next step forward together and just be together as we move forward through this year. So, we have come together to take the next step forward in the Scriptures, and that next step forward is, of course, the next one after where we left off. And,so, we will go back into the book of second Chronicles and today read chapters 24 and 25.


Okay. What is the most sensible way to serve God? That is kind of an undercurrent question that sort of flows through my life. Like am I doing it right? How do you know if you’re doing it right? Where do you aim? How does this work. What is the most sensible way to do this? Paul takes a stab at actually answering that and going back to Romans 12 and really spending some time with it ourselves will be really really helpful because it’s kind of laid out. Paul says, “to offer your bodies to him as a living sacrifice, pure and pleasing, that’s the most sensible way to serve God.” And, so, for starters what does that even look like. From the perspective of Paul’s readers sacrifice is not an unusual concept. They’re very very familiar with animal sacrifice. And, so, understanding what a sacrifice is and what happens with a sacrifice is pretty clear to them. What Paul is suggesting is that they look at themselves that way, as a sacrifice, but as a living one. And, so, to practically look at this we understand that a sacrifice dies and yet a living sacrifice lives sacrificially. According to Paul this posture is the most sensible way to serve God. And, so, we shouldn’t blow by it. But Paul has a bunch of other things to say in the 12th chapter of Romans about what this looks like. For example, “don’t think you’re better than you really are" or “use good sense and measure yourself by the amount of faith that God is giving you” or “if you have gifting’s use them” or “in sincerity love one another.” Like, don’t fake love each other. Be sincere in your love for others. “Hate what is evil. Hold on to what is good. Love each other as brothers and sisters, and honor others more than you do yourself. Never give up. Eagerly follow the Holy Spirit and serve the Lord. Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying. Take care of God’s needy people and welcome strangers into your home. Ask God to bless everyone who mistreats you. Ask him to bless them and not to curse them. When others are happy be happy. When they’re sad, be sad with them. Be friendly, be hospitable with everyone. Don’t be proud and feel that you know more than others. Be friends with ordinary people. Try to earn the respect of others and do your best to live at peace with everybody. Don’t try to get even. Let God take care that. Revenge is the Lords. Don’t let evil defeat you but defeat evil with good.” These are all characteristics or postures of what it looks like to obey and be a living sacrifice before the Lord, and it’s worth kind of winding back and listening to this again or opening up the Bible and going to the 12th chapter of Romans, and just really pondering. Because we ponder some of these things and say, okay I feel as if I’m doing that with all of my heart, but this other thing is a real stronghold that gets me into trouble all of the time. Hind of moving through some of these characteristics allows us to see where there is work to be done and allows us to invite the Holy Spirit into that work as we live our lives as a living sacrifice. And, so, let’s spend some time here today contemplating meditating upon seeing how we may excel in one area, but really, really need to work on some other areas that are hurting people, or that we’re carrying around bitterness and won’t release people. And, so, we’re in bondage as well. There’s so much for us to think about today and as each one of us thinks about it it’s going to materialize in our lives different. Differently because we have different stories and different relationships, different occupations, different everything. But it will mean something to each one of us as we invite the Holy Spirit to give us clarity on what it looks like to live our lives as a living sacrifice.


Holy Spirit, we invite You into that. We need You here. We need You now. As we are contemplating these things reveal to us the places where we can be encouraged and need encouragement, reveal to us the places in which we need to focus and allow repentance to change us. Holy Spirit come into this, all of it. Transform us. Lead us into all truth. Lead us deeper into Jesus. And we pray this in His precious and holy name. Amen.


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And that is it for today. I’m Brian I love you and I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.

Community Prayer and Praise:

[singing starts] Happy birthday to ya. Happy birthday to ya. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to ya [inging stops]. Happy birthday Ezekiel. Oh my gosh brother. Dude you’re a decade. You’re getting old man. But with age comes wisdom. Man, you know what, I got a quick story to share with you Ezekiel. 10 years ago, your father was in the parking lot of the hospital asking us to pray because Jill was having some complications with your birth. And I remember falling to my knees and asking God to bless this birth but not only the birth to bless your life. May you always follow the Lord’s path Ezekiel. May you never stray from it. May all your days be blessed. And may you always stay in God’s word brother. Man, you encourage me so much. You have no idea. You’re little short 10 years on this earth has made such an impact on so many people brother. I said I wasn’t going to cry but you already know I’m a crier. Oh try it it’s detoxing. Anyway, brother I love you. Ezekiel you’re like my little nephew. I’ve been rolling with your dad for a long time and brother you just keep on rolling man. Keep doing what you’re doing. Happy birthday. Happy birthday.

Good morning everybody this is Joyfully Joe. It’s July 25th and I was just listening to my Daily Audio Bible. As a matter of fact, I listened to your exposition Brian I don’t know about four or five times. It was so beautiful to me, such a comfort. I love that passage of scripture. And right now in my life I am just seeking to praise God for his word, seeking to pour into myself God word because I’m in a really hard spot with my mom. I know I’ve told you guys this before. I hope you’re praying for me because I need it. She says…in her dementia she says really mean things to me. And I’m not crying about that because I’m on that road of forgiveness. And Hallelujah Jeremy, I’m just praising God for your good road that you went on. And but anyways this is my life right now. I love the way this psalm ends. Everything about it that you read and exposed Brian just hit my heart so beautifully and I thank you for it. Let my words and my thoughts be pleasing to you because you are my mighty rock and my protector. So beautiful. And I just pray DABbers that…or I ask you to pray for me that my words would be pleasing and kind to my mother regardless. In Jesus…

Hello Daily Audio Bible I’m just asking…I’m reaching out for some prayer regarding my child __.  Apparently, my child’s mother boyfriend who is raising my daughters and will not me see them and it’s just causing it's…it's…it’s causing lots of stress and pain and I chose to want to have the right attitude towards this young man who is…who is being the father for my kids. Just something I can’t do anything about at that moment. It’s in the courts but I need…need God to give me peace, to give me the right heart as I’m going towards anger and bitterness and that doesn’t help anything. So, I just pray that God will give me peace in the midst of this and also my relationship with my father. Sometimes I blame my father for a lot of things in my life and I just wanna have a good attitude and a good relationship with my father. I’m trying to move on in God’s will and this thing is like a dark cloud over my life and I just want peace. I want peace. Thank you, community. Thank you for your prayers.

Hi DABbers. So, this is __ from Ohio currently and a lady just called in and I was so encouraged. I’m so sorry I did not get your name, but you were talking about your three boys. And you said that God said, what if you just acted like your day was perfect, that your life was perfect? How would you act? In when she said that my spirit leapt. I am not kidding. I was like wow! And, you know, that’s called joy. Is that a revelation? It is for me. Wow! So, I just thank you for that dear sister. And wow has my whole perspective just shifted. Wow! I am full of joy. Things…things are perfect in the Lord. So, we just thank you God in Yeshua’s name. And then right after that…and man I didn’t get your name either. So sorry. But a man called and he’s singing I exalt thee. And I was like wow, I just feel so full of the spirit right now. That’s so awesome. And, so, I just want to say hi. I’m so encouraged. You know I don’t know if I can do any more encouraging but that really encouraged me those back-to-back messages. So, have a great day DABbers and be strong and encouraged in the Lord. Yeah…in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

This is Jersey Jane for Jesus. I was listening to the July 26th and heard Nate…I believe his name is Nate…call in for the first time. He’s fairly new to listening as I am. I only started in January. He was asking for prayer for his boss who fell off a roof and was in critical condition with broken ribs, spinal cord injury, other injuries. And Nate, I lift your boss and his family into the arms of Jesus, that Jesus blood will cover your boss and his family, will help to heal him, will give him the opportunity to have great faith and love. I just feel very badly for him because one moment he was well and working and the next, that split second where we can collapse. But our faith gets us through. Jesus is there. Hold onto His hand and His love. Have your faith. And Nate, I lift you up for asking for prayer for Him. And for all the DABbers, all of all of whom are there for other people, people they don’t know…