7/10/2022 DAB Transcript

1 Chronicles 9:1-10:14, Acts 27:21-44, Psalm 8:1-9, Proverbs 18:23-24

Today is the 10th day of July, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I am Brian. It is fantastic to be here with you today as we greet a shiny, sparkly, new week, out in front of us and move forward, further into and through these summer months here in the northern hemisphere. It’s nice and green and humid and warm here in the rolling hills of Tennessee. And it is great to be with you and I trust all is well, wherever you may be, on this beautiful, big, blue planet, that the Lord has given us to live on. So, obviously, as we begin this new week, we are going to pick up where we left off yesterday, because yesterday, was a different week and here we are. And so, that leads us back into the book of first Chronicles, as well as the book of Acts. Where we are, basically is, we’re coming to the end of some of the long, multi-chapter list of genealogy, a record of who the people are and where they had come from. Something that they need to remember. We are drawing to a close on those genealogies; very famous in the Bible because they last a bit of time. In the book of Acts, we left the apostle Paul in a hurricane level storm, out in the Mediterranean Sea and all hope has been lost. There is no possibility of rescue in that storm and they have given up hope that they can survive it. And so, we’ll pick up that story when we get to the book Acts. But first, we’ll read from the New Living Translation this week, first Chronicles chapters 9 and 10.


Father, we thank You for Your word, as we do every day, we thank You and are grateful for the Scriptures and how they touch every part of our lives. And so, we are grateful as we begin this new week, that we have another week to spend together. And we ask, Holy Spirit that You would come and hover among us, washing the Scriptures in, over us, as we find our place in this community around the Global Campfire. And that You would speak to us collectively about the way that we are to be as a people, as a body, but also speak to us individually, about the path that we are on, where it is leading. Come, Holy Spirit into all of this we pray and permeate this week, as we become more and more aware of Your constant presence in our lives. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer and Encouragements:

Hey Daily Audio Bible Family, this is Paula, the Child Advocate, from the LA area calling. I just heard Radiant Rachel’s prayer for Angel, who had the brain tumor that had spread throughout his body. And I wanted to thank you for your prayer, it was just beautiful. Sadly, I have to report that Angel passed away Sunday, July 3rd and his wife gave birth, the day before to a healthy baby boy. The baby’s name is Christian. Such joy, and yet such deep sadness. I just can’t fathom it for that poor woman. She’s a friend of my daughter’s, and we’ve been kind of been locked in walk with them through prayer and it’s been very difficult and we’re very, very saddened. I appreciate all your prayers for this dear woman, who’s gonna be raising her two boys now, seven years old and a newborn, without her husband by her side. Thank you, dear family, for all your prayers. I’m a long-time listener and I hear all your prayers and I pray for each of you. May God Bless you all. Thank you, Brian and Jill and little Ezekiel. Take good care family. I’m starting to appreciate live, every day, a little bit more. Bye for now.

Good morning, this is John Ransom calling from Budapest, here in Hungry. My heart is really full, it’s the day of the Long Walk and there have been some amazing things shared in the comments, beginning with the man who’s been in Hospice Care for several years. You know, hearing, hearing, hearing the word of God. That was so, so powerful. Andrea from Kentucky, thank you, in the name of Yeshua Hamishia, the Savior of the World, for that big, you know, power injection you gave everyone who is struggling. And then John, from Nigeria, to hear from you again, you know, I’m a long-term listener, a long-time listener and I prayed many times for you and your colleagues there in Africa and Nigeria. And Father, Abba, we lift Nigeria up right now and around the world and we ask You Lord to guide the coming elections into integrity. To expose and destroy corruption and lift the Nigerian people, especially the Nigerian Church up to a place of strength and purity and boldness, in the name of Jesus. And I was listening to everyone, and I sensed, in the spirit, I really just sensed Him moving within in me and just such a love for the DAB community and for Brian and Jill and the whole Fam Damly as I think you say in the United States. I just want you to know how loved you are. And just be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might and you know, fill yourself as, I can’t remember your name but the man from the Hospice said, you know put on praise music and you know, kick out Satan.

Hello, Daily Audio Bible, this is Sylvia from Texas. I am requesting emergency prayer for my granddaughter Demi and she’s listening to voices that at are telling her to kill herself, that’s she’s a worthless piece of paper, that she stops listening to the devil and start remembering that she is a precious child of God. Her name is Demi, she has struggled for years with drugs and alcohol. At the moment she is clean and sober. But the devil has been attacking her. In the name of Jesus, agree with me and we lift Demi up to the throne of God. In Jesus Holy name. Amen.

Hey DABers, the is Slave of Jesus in North Carolina. Alright, Holy Spirit let’s roll. I heard somebody else say that part, keep forgetting, pray it out loud, it’s like body building, body building, upper cut, upper cut. It’s an old video game for you, old people. Speaking of old, like me, old people, like me, I think we have a guy who’s said he’s only 35, or he’s 35. You youngin’. And he was worried that he’s too old. You know, Moses, did nothing until age 80, did nothing. He did nothing to 40 until he murdered somebody and then was run off and then hid for another 40 years on the pasture. But did nothing for the people of God, until he was 80 years old. So, we are never too old. Anyways, I’m supposed to call about there was people who were struggling, they’re the only believers in their family. I’ve been there with you. Hey, I’ve, first of all, I was a hard-core atheist. But I don’t think I ever told you guys the praise report. I think I used to pray for my wife all the time. God finally told me, you’re not gonna be the person to bring her to Christ. And I backed off. But about 5 years ago, just out of the blue, I was at church, sitting there by myself and I just kind of knew. You know, I heard from God, someday, your wife will be there next to you. Praising God. Now, that could be, on her death bed at the last minute. That could be one second, before she goes and meets God. But that’s the beauty of it, it doesn’t, it’s never too late. You’re never too old, it’s never too late. And the guy sitting next to Jesus, the criminals, they were the first one to see Jesus. Cause it is never too late to come to God. And I’m okay with that. That means I don’t have to preach to my wife anymore. Someday, she will get it and it doesn’t matter if it’s 50 years from now or 50 days from now. And so, I’m good, love ya’ll, have a great day.