6/26/2022 DAB Transcript

2 Kings 9:14-10:31, Acts 17:1-34, Psalm 144:1-15, Proverbs 17:27-28

Today is the 26th day of June, welcome to the Daily Audio Bible. I’m Brian, it’s great to be here with you, it’s always special as we greet a brand-new shiny sparkly week. And just realize that there is grace for this, it’s a brand-new start and there is so much for us to discover, so much life for us to live, as we walk in the presence of our Father, and he Father’s us through this life. And it’s great to be here with you, excited for this new week out in front of us. This week we will read from the Christian Standard Bible, and of course and pick up the story where we left off, which leads us back into the book of second Kings, today chapter 9 verse 14 through 10 verse 31.


Father, we thank You for Your word, it is the Scripture that draw us together in community and so we thank You, we wouldn’t be here without the Scriptures, they’re would be not point. So, we thank You for the Scriptures in our lives and what they mean to us. And we thank You for this brand-new week, that we get to live into the Scriptures, and we get to learn from and apply to our lives, what You are saying through the word of God. And so, we thank You for that that, we invite you into every aspect of this week. May we be awake and aware and walk with you in every respect as we tell the story of this week. Come Holy Spirit we pray, in the name of Jesus we ask. Amen.